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  1. alanwcoote


    Morning Gents i have to say I’ve been honoured recently to have been contacted by Santa. He asked me to request this forum group to see if anyone may have a complete Phoenix exhaust system that they would be prepared to part with, if you have could you please forward info and I will forward to my new friend who can then make another individual very happy. Al
  2. First wax done happy with that, busy day though got the wife to do next .
  3. This does confuse me. I also had leaks from same area on my 2, so spoke to burlen and found out about the updated viton kit since purchased sorted done. Now why do suppliers continue to supply not fit for purpose cork seal kits ? More important why are people trying to save pennies on multiple use of o rings and different washers when the correct kit is available . Quote:you have to buy the whole thing and it’s quite expensive, Bloody hell guys your talking about £25 k + cars and spending what £50 on item that keeps petrol away from your sparking electrics. Al
  4. Afternoon Gents Ive searched though parts book and tech book and am unable to identify theses. Must be OE where fitted Your help would be appreciated
  5. Thanks for your input guys very interesting Cars not mine but owner will be pleased with response , we will keep you updated Al
  6. Afternoon gents Well let the fun begin, a couple pics of bare chassis. Any thoughts and has anyone seen anything like the suspension upgrade/downgrade as shown. Al
  7. Agree with Bob Those side screens are aftermarket AMCO American ones,the same as the ones I have for sale on bring and buy Regards Al
  8. Food for thought there guys many thanks. The woolies option will be my starting point, would be interesting to know what the pro trimmers use thinking about cars that may have had theses items used as well: XK Jags , Healeys , Frog eyes , mini etc
  9. Morning Gents Could you please help . I’m looking for part number 602064 x2 door pull end finisher, apparently no longer available. What are people using and where from is the question Thanks Al
  10. All ok so far mick Your help and input was outstanding and I’m forever greatfull
  11. It’s time to get some miles on this thing. Three years, lots of grief,laughs,heart ache,smiles. Many thanks to all those special people for there help you know who you are Right here goes nothing Al
  12. Afternoon peeps With regard to seat adjustments on TR2 there is a long spring which connects the adjusting lever to the locking device. Does anyone have one of theses on there shelves or in there last resort tins, I carnt find it in parts book and I have half of mine missing. Al
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