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  1. I have a couple of theses left over from my rebuild in excellent condition if anyone is interested Alan
  2. Morning gents i listed some parts for tr2/3 on buy and sell, theses will be listed over weekend on ebay just a heads up, can take to stoneleigh alan
  3. Keep plodding on rebuilding the TR2 Might be ready when I’m 60⚙️
  4. alanwcoote


    Forgive me I don't do computers , but I do have a set of bumpers and overrides for sale on the bay placed by a pal of mine. Have tied to place add in buy and sell but failed due to incompitance So looking for £300 ish there in good nic rust free great example for rechrome Can get them to stoneleigh if firm interest please PM
  5. I guess the 4 is Keith and josh in the Sebring? To see that is a one off looking forward to it and seeing friends again Guy Please don't reply
  6. Had a good day at S & M Restoration other day and have the last little job done + oil change + mot + bought goodys . Just a heads up for one of the good guys, I'm sure there are others out there but I know where I will be going if I carnt sort it my self. Contented Patch
  7. Morning gents My 250 is the other car that John has done recently, some of you are aware the original job done approx a year ago had issues and I was not prepared to use the same shop again . John came along and was happy to take the job on, the car now looks as it should have done in the first place. Another happy customer. Niks car is still some way off completion , mine is on the road and I would be happy to for anyone to view, Johns details will shortly go up in the suppliers / links part of web site mean time PM me or phone for any info. Happy to try and help a good lad establish himself in business Patch
  8. Defoe put a new loom in. My 250 was done the same as yours a fire hazard of the highest proportions. By the time you have messed about with what you've got you would have been able to fit 2 looms If I can do it anyone can. Sparkey Patch.
  9. Very happy AGAIN. Grandpa Patch x 2

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    2. stuart


      Fun at your house then Al 2 sprogs and 3 spanners!

    3. alanwcoote


      It's been an interesting 4 weeks. 2 grand kids

      The births were the easy bit, having 3 spanners overnight was the challenge.

      Thanks for your thoughts

      Grumpa Patch

    4. Dave I O W

      Dave I O W

      Congratulations again Al all the best to the family your gonna have a happy Christmas see ya later

  10. Very happy! Grandpa Patch

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    2. Pogo



    3. openroad


      Hey patch,More congratulations,

    4. Dave I O W

      Dave I O W

      Congratulations Al all the best see ya later.


  11. I just hope he gets round ones ,else i sense more suspension woe,s My hero Patch
  12. On the shelf at R immers ( was last week ) cos i bought some. Tex type with a screw fitting on them. Patch
  13. We have insurance We have Tax We have MOT We have no interior We only have one seat We have no hood We got wet But you could,nt wipe the smile off my face. HAPPY PATCH
  14. Dont know if relevent but had issues with my 6 similar to this. Part of the cure was dizzy primary spring damaged and secondry stretched + dizzy main shaft worn. All referbed by Martin ( dizzy doc ) never looked back. Reflective Patch
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