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  1. It’s time to get some miles on this thing. Three years, lots of grief,laughs,heart ache,smiles. Many thanks to all those special people for there help you know who you are Right here goes nothing Al
  2. Afternoon peeps With regard to seat adjustments on TR2 there is a long spring which connects the adjusting lever to the locking device. Does anyone have one of theses on there shelves or in there last resort tins, I carnt find it in parts book and I have half of mine missing. Al
  3. I have complete Lockheed axle hear for sale PM me if interested Al
  4. I’ve got one for sale, recently re chromed, 6 months ago never fitted and now surplus to requirements. If that’s any use to you. £100 Before it goes on eBay with other bits
  5. That’s been the problem. New reproduction ****. I’m all sorted now holes drilled, fittings fitted ready to be covered Many thanks for help Al
  6. Thanks Ian Ive sorted the bump stop on top left will do as you have with striker plate, I’ve got o e rod bkt and will try and gauge from your pic where to drill holes. Many thanks Al
  7. Morning Gentlemen Having an exciting morning drilling holes and preparing glove box area of dash prior to covering. Does anyone have any pictures or could possibly take some of all the fixings and position of holes on the lip of dash for a guide. Bump stop , Striker plate , Rod retaining bracket, glove box and anything I’ve missed. Big ask I know but would be very greatfull Many thanks Al
  8. Evening gents Your thoughts/options on weather to use correct fuel tap or different type of tap or not use one at all. My correct tap leaks and has run for less than an hour. Thanks Al
  9. Anyone help with tuning of carbs H4 Rebuilt as per book and double checked, front carb is sucking loads more than rear. How do I reduce suck to bring into line with rear carb? Do I increase rear carb to match front ?. How then do I get tick over to 700 ish , at moment it’s at 1600 mostly of front carb . Your thoughts gents Al
  10. Looking forward to having that argument with me
  11. Right gents Engine back in after second rebuild (long story ) and all ready to start. Questions; 1. Do I try to start on my own 2. Do I ask the wife to help me with the starting operation!!!!!!! 3. Do I just look at it for a few months until this frigging lock down is over. Your thoughts Al
  12. Just a heads up Ive just listed a pair rear wings on classified for those that don’t normally visit site
  13. I have a couple of theses left over from my rebuild in excellent condition if anyone is interested Alan
  14. Morning gents i listed some parts for tr2/3 on buy and sell, theses will be listed over weekend on ebay just a heads up, can take to stoneleigh alan
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