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  1. Pogo

    Out of order ?

    The use of your photo is one thing Bob - not sure about agreements etc - but I would say at the very least they should have asked permission (from you or TRAction). But surely another thing is that they are advertising something that isn't theirs? They are selling a unique product that is actually someone else's unique product. Rog
  2. Pogo

    Out of order ?

    Bob I'd be sending them a strongly worded letter if I was you. Roger
  3. Pogo

    CJ Autos Mini Tilting Car Lift

    Hi Ian I have one of the CJ Autos lifts and it works very well. I have used it on the TR6 and the TR2. On both I also use their small drive on ramps to lift the car slightly (about 2 inches) before putting the 3in1 lift under the car. I think I use the middle size for the TRs, but you do get all three widths. Great bit of kit and I would rcomend it. I used it to change the exhaust on the ‘6 and the tilting part made that really easy. It is very heavy and moving it round can be difficult - I use it mostly on my drive but that really because you can’t swing a cat (nor should you try) around in my garage! To be clear and transparent, I do some work for CJ Autos, but I did buy the lift independently and would buy it again. Thanks Roger
  4. Pogo

    Thank you

    Well done Andrew - it's looking great. Roger
  5. Pogo


    Hi Paul I got mine done for my TR6 a few years ago from a local locksmith. They had them in stock and matched my original exactly. I would have though any decent local locksmith would have them in stock or at least be able to source them pretty quickly. Sounds like you're sorted now, but if you need contact info for my place, let me know (although I am not that local any more - I'm sure I could get them for you). Rog
  6. Work . . . again. The '2 has pretty much been my daily driver since May. Getting a bit cold on the way in and back home again now though. Had to put the hood up yesterday - early morning rain! Roger
  7. Pogo

    vote for Jabbeke TR2

    Absolutely - Congratulations! Roger
  8. Pogo

    New member

    Welcome - and enjoy! Roger
  9. Pogo

    Getting an ignition key cut

    Hi I’ve has keys cut to fit car locks in the past. I can’t remember which lock it was now (or whether it was one of my TRs or my Jag) but I got it done at my local (at the time) locksmiths. Roger
  10. Pogo

    TR250 Progress

  11. Pogo

    Important day today - 50 years old

    I will also join you in your celebrations. Cheers! Roger
  12. Pogo

    New MOT

    So true, and I get the same question and give the same answer - it is finished! Rog
  13. Pogo

    New MOT

    Ha! I still think of that occasionally Don. Makes me laugh every time. The MOT guy said I should keep it as it is, but another customer came in as it was finishing and couldn't believe I wasn't doing something with it! Still splitting opinion. Rog
  14. Pogo

    New MOT

    I did think that may be the case but thought better than argue with him as I've never used him before! . . . and if it had failed I would have brought it home and sorted it before trying again. Don't need to do that now! Rog

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