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  1. Like this? Nothing to do with me - just found it on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUTOTEES-RETRO-CLASSIC-CAR-T-SHIRT-FOR-TRIUMPH-TR6-ENTHUSIASTS/153442188569?hash=item23b9ddfd19:g:32EAAOSweQBZngAZ
  2. Excellent - that's what I thought, but thanks for confirming Bob. Rog
  3. Hi All I have an early TR2 steering wheel that someone is interested in. It is stamped with 2053 on the back so I assume that is week 20 of 1953. Am I right? My question though is do all the standard sidescreen steering wheels fit the rigid and split steering columns from TR2 right up to the end of TR3A production? Any help or guidance appreciated. I have two more sidescreen steering wheels if anyone is interested - I'll be putting them in the classified soon. Thanks Rog
  4. aleda

    Hi Pogo - I am after a TR4A commission plate and read a 2007 post of yours when I googled commission plates.

    Do you make them up? It needs to be as per original design and it looks like you did a lot of research to ensure this.

    Look forward to hearing back


    1. Pogo


      Hi Christine. I do have 2 TR4A style commission plates - see photo attached. On the photo there are some marks - that is just the protective film on it. That is removed and the finish is a lovely flat black. I sell them on eBay for £15, but to forum people I do them for £12. I don't stamp them, but I have a local guy who does them for me if requested. He charges £25 to stamp them with your details - I can't offer a discount on that as that's what I have to pay him. He will require a photo of your V5 with your address on it (front) and p2 with the car details. Also a photo of a recent utility bill in your name with the same address on it. If you have your old commission plate a photo of that too. I would send you a photo of the stamped plate before any payment needs to be made. Payment via bank transfer of PayPal using 'friends and family'. Delivery to UK is free. If you need any more information, let me know. My email is roger@hinds5.co.uk - that's the best way to get in touch. Thanks. Roger


  5. Thanks for the input All. Excellent forum as always!
  6. Thanks Roger - that's what I thought. Not a great diagram on any of the parts sites. Roger
  7. Hi Folks I'm in the process of getting rid of all my surplus TR parts. I've found this part in a box of bits I got from somewhere. I think (stand to be corrected) that it's a coupling for the TR2 split steering column. Am I right? Any help or guidance welcome so I can list it correctly. It's approx 72mm long x 26mm diameter (outside) and 20mm inside diameter. Thanks Rog
  8. Hi Pogo

    Thanks ..that would be great colinatr6@gmail.com

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    2. Pogo


      Hi Colin. I sent an email with photos and more info. Not sure if you've received it.

    3. Colin A TR6

      Colin A TR6

      Received thanks ...busy past few days ... just picking this up again today

    4. Pogo


      No problem. I'll be eBaying anything that you don't want, but I'm in nor immediate rush.


  9. It looks like they are not currently available from Moss. I have a set of black ones with a full set of screws and a chrome set without screws. I'll go and dig them out to see what condition they are in and work out a price for you if you are interested. Roger
  10. Happy birthday Jonathan. Hope you had a great day. Cheers! Roger
  11. Happy birthday Richard. A little late, but I hope you've had a great day. Roger
  12. Happy birthday Malcolm. Good to chat to you yesterday. Cheers Roger
  13. Pogo


    Richard I'd be surprised if anyone would try/be able to locate a car just using a postcode - unless you gave the house number too. There must be a good few houses with that particular post code. Plus - how do they know you've got a car too. I'm selling lots of sidescreen bits on eBay and I haven't got a TR2 any more - that's why I'm selling the spares. As Ian says though - to be safe I'd try to secure the car more and ask neighbours to keep an eye out. Roger
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