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  1. Thanks Graham I have got the socket out but it is in bits and note easy to out back together with the internal spring and small ball bearing. I'm still trying! Rog
  2. Ah - right. I may be able to get the back off and see if I can repair it. Let me see Rog
  3. Hi I am in the process of putting my TR6 back together with a new loom. The ignition switch back has come off and although it will go back on I'm a bit worried it might just decide to drop off in use. My '6 is a 1971 car with the ignition switch/steering lock. The lock doesn't look like any in the Moss catalogue. The wires are fixed to the back of the switch on a white block (see photo) and the colours and positions don't seem to match the wiring diagrams I have. Is this a correct switch or has it been swapped at some point? Switch back Is there any way I can repair this in situ or is it scrap? Does anyone have a serviceable switch for sale? Any advice and/or help much appreciated. Rog
  4. The back part is fairly straight forward compared to the rest, but if I was you I'd replace the whole lot as mentioned above. In fact I am replacing the whole lot at the moment. It's not too difficult - I am enjoying it when I do get chance to do it. Rog
  5. I had the same problem so I made up a flat steel bar bracket that stretched between the two panels and screwed them with cockpit type screws with cups. I’m in the process of sorting the interior out and will probably try to screw this steel bracket to the gearbox tunnel whilst I’m in there to add to the strength. I will also be remaking the kidney panels out of sturdier plywood. I made my last ones that were OK but I only did them from hardboard. Rog
  6. Andrew Let me know if you don't get sorted, as I'm going to replace mine whilst the car is in bits for the loom replacement and other things. Rog
  7. Not sure what it gains from being there though. Strange.
  8. Hi Marco The spring was there inside the bracket and there was felt underneath it and top and bottom of the front bracket. The felt was very compressed so I’m replacing all that with a new and a new spring clip. Roger
  9. Thanks Ed So not really important from a position/fixing point of view? Roger
  10. Hi All I am in the process of replacing the loom on my TR6 and whilst in there I'm sorting out a few other bits. My steering column has always twisted slightly and it has been annoying me so I decided to replace all the felt and the clip on the brackets. Once I'd stripped it down I found an odd metal ring that fits round the column - see picture. It's approx 17mm wide x 2mm thick and goes around the column about 75% of the way. It is loose and moves round and forward and backward but not easily. I can't see this thing anywhere on the Moss website. Can anyone shed any light onto this about what it is/does and where it should go? Roger
  11. Hi Bob Nearly ready to install these now. Looking forward to seeing it all done. Roger
  12. Hi CP26309 Thanks for the message. The ones that are noted as early CP plates are correct as Derek mentions for cars from approx CP26989 to approx CP54500. As mentioned, before CP26988 they used what appears to be a TR5 plate. This is something that I have found out since listing the CP plates. As Derek says, there are a lot of variants for the TR6. The eBay listings will be updated to reflect this info. The TR5 ones on eBay were the closest that I had - they are in fact the same as some TR4A ones. Roger
  13. Pogo

    Out of order ?

    The use of your photo is one thing Bob - not sure about agreements etc - but I would say at the very least they should have asked permission (from you or TRAction). But surely another thing is that they are advertising something that isn't theirs? They are selling a unique product that is actually someone else's unique product. Rog
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