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  1. Hi Jonathan I'd try that. It's easy to do and check without too much upheaval. Lovely car by the way. I didn't get chance to chat to you about it on Saturday. Roger
  2. Hi Rich This is exactly what I did when I rewired my '6 recently with a brand new loom. It came with wires for the rear side lights to connect to the outer marker lenses (orange in my case). I made up short green/red and green/white wires to use them as indicators (like it was before my new loom). I used bullet connectors so didn't have to butcher the loom, and like Rob said insulate the red wires that you don't use. Rog
  3. Excellent. Nothing like a bit of encouragement and something to aim for to concentrate the mind! Well done. Rog
  4. Some of these issues are very similar to a problem I had a few years ago (on my way to TRchaeology) that was simply no breather hole in a new (to me) petrol filler cap. Tthe car ran really well for a time and then started to run really roughly. Stop for a while messing with things and it started again (obviously the tank pressure had gone down). Had the AA out and replaced plugs, plug leads and distributor cap. Car ran OK again. Drove from Cheshire down to Salisbury with no major issues. I found it by chance when I stopped to fill up and when I opened the filler cap there was a wooshing sound. From then on I left the filler cap slightly open and had no further issues. Changed the seal on the filler cap on my return home and all was well. Worth a look. Good luck Rog
  5. Pogo

    Rear indicator query

    Thanks Gordon - but you wouldn't know which car to come in!
  6. Pogo

    Rear indicator query

    Thanks All I've just pieced back together the old loom and it appears that a PO has cut the indicator wires and added bullet connectors and a double black block (does that make sense?). It looks quite neat. I've got the old bulbs and holders so I'll set about doing it. Shouldn't be too difficult. Looking at the comments above maybe Triumph added the repeaters at the start of the CR Series and some people with CP Series did the conversion. Rog
  7. Pogo

    Rear indicator query

    Hi Waldi The US version had red side markers and they were set to light with the side lights. UK and Europe (I think) had amber side lenses but my query is whether they should light with the indicators. It seems not. Thanks Rog
  8. Pogo

    Rear indicator query

    Right - thanks Pete. That’s what I as beginning to think. Rog
  9. Hi Folks So, my new loom is in and working. No bangs, explosions or smoke . . . so far! I have a couple of small things to rectify, but otherwise all good. One thing I need to ask is this. On the rear lights (UK), should the side repeater indicators have a bulb in them? The reason I ask is that my old loom had extra wires for this (that look like they were added later, not part of the loom), but my new loom doesn't have these, although it does have extra normal rear light (red) wires (as if for US version). Just wondered whether for the UK there was no bulbs in the side markers. I have emailed Autosparks to ask the question too. Thanks Rog
  10. Pogo

    TR6 alternator wiring

    Thanks Peter That is my old set up. The new loom has a plastic sheathed spade terminal and I will tape it up now I know it's not required. Rog
  11. Pogo

    TR6 alternator wiring

    Thanks for the info Gents. The diagram for the 1971 TR6 doesn't show the brown wire (but there is a brown/red one), so I think I'll leave it unconnected like it was on my original wiring. Seems odd to just have a wire unconnected. Rog
  12. Hi All I am still rewiring my TR6 (yes - still!). I have a query. My old wiring had a thin brown wire that was cut off (no connector and not wired to anything), near the alternator. I told Autosparks this when I ordered my new loom (sent them the above picture) and the new loom also has a thin brown wire but it has a spade terminal on it. It seems that the other end goes to the connector block on the inner wing. The alternator wiring has been beefed up (as recommended by Autosparks) and I have replaced the Ammenter with a Voltmeter So - my question is - where does this wire go? Any help much appreciated. Thanks Rog
  13. Hi Gordon Missed this post - I've only just seen it. I'll definitely come one day! See you soon. Rog
  14. I'll look out for it! Rog
  15. Oh, yes he does! But it's still in my old garage waiting to be brought over to my new house.
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