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    Mgb Roadster V8...Tr5 Conifer on the Road. Tr6 Damson, Restoration under way. TR5 White , now alowed to move forward , after Sandm Triumph ruined it !!

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  1. Good the chat Justin, I hope I can get you sorted. Nice looking Garage you have there.....and thanks for the Storm Warning ! Cheers Conrad.
  2. Thought I recognised that Registration Number !! Well done Poirot and Co. Conrad.
  3. Thanks Chris, I enjoyed That , great to see a Tr on the programme, and a very humble and worthy recipient. As we know they basically did a full rebuild , so a Conservative £50K for the professionals to do ? Cheers Conrad.
  4. There is a big European Market for LHD cars, it probably wouldn't pay you to change at this stage. Depends how long you are thinking of keeping it for. Conrad.
  5. Hi Tim , I used the Stanpart Original Parts Book to great effect, when rebuilding, great indexes and information. You have done well to find that anomaly, shows to what extent you are going to, it has to be done ! Keep up the good work, Cheers Conrad.
  6. Hi Mark, maybe you should have given us the story in the initial post, although it wouldn't change my mind , I have dealt with Neil for years. Did you send your injectors to him , registered or signed for post ? If so you would have all the proof you need for a PayPal refund. Cheers Conrad.
  7. Agreed , been very happy with his work.. Conrad.
  8. Hi Eli, there is a set on EBay at the moment. Not sure where , but it's there. Cheers Conrad.
  9. Hi Mark , you could try Four Trax Automotive in Desborough. I haven't used them personally, but know several members that have and I am sure they would be quite happy to talk to you about their experiences. All good so I here. Some may have heard of them as the Company that took over many of the the TRs that were ........."Bodged by Sandmtriumph, Lincolnshire." Although the members had to pay Again to have their cars finished, Four Trax did do a good and sympathetic Job for them. Cheers Conrad.
  10. A very well described Trip, to the point and Exciting too. The sort of thing we all did when we were boys in similar cars, well done Eli. Have fun, Conrad. Ps. Did she forgive you ?
  11. Pm now sent Chris, with Picture. Cheers Conrad
  12. Hi Chris , I reckonI have the lens for you. Cheers Conrad.
  13. Bangers and Cash , is one of the better Classic Car Programmes on TV. It shows real life as it is happening, and is good for our Classic Car Market. Sadly other shows, although entertaining in some ways, are not true to life , but strangely are good for the Classic Car Market. Thumbs up for the Boys and Girl's in Yorkshire. Cheers Conrad.
  14. Hi Mike, PM sent re Manuals etc. Cheers Conrad
  15. Hi Mark , did you get sorted. I reckon I have one knocking about if you are still looking. Cheers Conrad.
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