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  1. Hi Graham, PM sent, Cheers Conrad.
  2. openroad

    Panel/Door Gaps

    Hi Andy, it looks like your skills and perseverance have paid off. Well done Mate, Conrad.
  3. Hi All, I have a decent one of the above, I thought it would be a good idea to offer it to Members. It's not cheap, but an Original unmolested Part. Cheers Conrad.
  4. Hi Colin, I too have been plagued by scam emails etc. From the BST.....probably because I didn't tick the members only column. But of course that also limits the viewing public ! Glad you sorted it. Conrad.
  5. Just wondered if these were an interest , before hitting EBay with them. Cheers Conrad.
  6. Crikey Tom, is she driving ? Heheheh Conrad.
  7. Hi Colin, I don't have one on mine , but have seen one on a Tr5 previously. A rare Item indeed. Mine doesn't have a bleed Screw, it has Three separate Screw adjusters.. Apparently there was a factory call back , in the day, to sort out the Bleed situation, some people took advantage of it, others didn't. I am sure that someone will tell you the full story. Conrad.
  8. Hi Chicken !!! Have you Tried the Tr5 Registrar Roger Ferris.. Cheers Conrad.
  9. Hi Rich, give me a call re Ebay, when you have Holidayed..... I can shed some light on it.. Cheers Conrad.
  10. Graham, I have listened to Stuart, I think perhaps my English is confusing ! Conrad.
  11. Cheers Stuart, sound advice....I am getting conflicting messages on this one....I won't rush into it. Thankyou, Conrad.
  12. I am after a good Tr5 Rear Deck, not a Reproduction if at at possible please. Please pm me if you have such a thing going spare please. Thankyou, Conrad.
  13. Good Morning Rich, what great feedback you have had . Keep up the good work and the Quality and it will happen. "Build it and they will come " Having had my Autojumble Stall next you I do understand your Logistical Problems , just tone it down a couple of notches , get a van and a decent Gazebo, when funds allow, and life will be so much easier. Both at Stratford and Stoneleigh, you were continually busy, maybe not selling as much as you hoped, but making new friends and contacts. Slowly , slowly catchee Monkey, so they say !! Certainly don't give in , it's going to happen, just give it time. Great comments, great Forum, Conrad.
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