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    Mgb Roadster V8...Tr5 Conifer on the Road.. TR5 White being Restored Properly !, now allowed to move forward , after Sandm Triumph ruined it !!

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  1. Immediately our local garage was inundated, and now has no fuel....moranic behaviour by so called intelligent people. Conrad.
  2. Hello All , I have a TR3A for sale in the Classifieds, its well down the list so not easily seen. Its also on Ebay if you wish to look on there. So i thought i would post on this Forum just to give Everyone a chance of seeing it. , if anyone is interested please contact me by PM , or other means. Its an American Car and a full Restoration Restoration Project, never been messed with , needs a good home. Managed to add some pictures. Conrad Hunt.
  3. Hi Martin. So Sorry to see this , i know both cars as you know, this hits home !! All the best, Conrad.
  4. The best Type Phil... Conrad
  5. Traders ticket mate, so covers the weekend.....
  6. Hi All , i have a spare Traders Ticket if anyone is thinking of going. Its this coming weekend. Just £15 to include postage, but really needs posting today , to get to you. Cheers Conrad..
  7. Many happy returns Mick, Cheers, Conrad.
  8. Looks like we have been infiltrated...
  9. Hi Ralph, if you have one of each in each hand , you can feel the weight difference, the Font is Different also. Although a decent enough copy, the finish is different. And stories of the enamel melting off in hot sunshine ! So if you dont want originality and quality, then the Repro ones are adequate. And cheaper ! Just my take on them. And Yes , Badgecraft did take a while but the quality is great, and yes not cheap either, but you gets what you pay for !! Cheers, Conrad.
  10. Yes me too, they did the front and rear. Conrad.
  11. Hi Alan , Try Pamela David Enamels, Badgecraft in Devon. Cheers Conrad
  12. Hi George, sporting a very becoming beard i see., sorry not to see you at Malvern. If you can party with 30 somethings , you can party with anyone !! Onwards and upwards, Conrad.
  13. I saw it, did three fly pasts , absolutely brilliant.... A bonus, as i was flagging ! Conrad.
  14. Have a great day Mate, must be warm in that Garage ! Cheers, Conrad.
  15. I enjoyed the video Hamish , certainly looks steeper cominig back down. What great fun. I went to Shelsey Walsh for the Triumph Marque day, some years ago. What a great place it is. Conrad.
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