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    Mgb Roadster V8...Tr5 Conifer on the Road.. TR5 White being Restored Properly !, now allowed to move forward , after Sandm Triumph ruined it !!

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  1. Hi Adrian Have you contacted the Club's Registrations Officer. Undoubtedly the way to go Conrad.
  2. Good Morning Eli, apart from shade or a cover, no real solutions from me, Except , just keep going to work , make plenty of money and by the time you retire , you can afford to make the faded paintwork beautiful again !! Conrad.
  3. At a guess that Italian Sevice , means give it a good thrashing u til it starts behaving !!!
  4. Heheheh, just noticed a Jack Russel nestled in there too. Nice one. Conrad.
  5. You need to keep your head warm too Eli. ! Lovely clear road and sunshine. Conrad.
  6. I am North of Nottingham, yes, I think I did hear something strange. Conrad.
  7. Morning Dave (trumpy) I too have some injectors without nibs on. Neil Ferguson assured me that these are not broken ones , and just as effective as the nibbed ones. Just thought I would add that bit of information. Cheers, Conrad.
  8. Brilliant Patch, great Job you do.. What do mean....got to do the wife next !!! Conrad.
  9. So sad, totally agree with you chaps... Had a good innings. Conrad.
  10. Waiting with Baited Breath !!!! Hopefully solves a problem.... Cheers, Conrad.
  11. Sounds like fun Eli, might depend on the actual driver ! Good luck, Conrad.
  12. Well Done Wales ........and Scotland, good game despite the weather ! I can't believe that the French Full Back didn't just kick the ball out when the Clock was in the red ! Scotland's Gain.... England can only Improve , hopefully !! Conrad.
  13. Answer him Martin, what's the worse that can happen !!!! I don't know how they gain from scamming, unless you hand over money , bank details etc Have fun , Conrad.
  14. Hi Niall, It's Daylight Robbery, but apparently legal ! I will ask down at the Post Office, whether Royal Mail is standing true, their counterparts Parcelforce definitely charge the extras. Top of the Morning to you Mate. Conrad.
  15. Agreed Phil, similar has also happened to me with Parcelforce, VAT and Administrative charges. They are raking it in, just like common crooks that have thought up a scam.!! How long this will go on for, who knows, love that Brexit thing ! Cheers Conrad.
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