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    Mgb Roadster V8...Tr5 Conifer on the Road.. TR5 White being Restored Properly !, now allowed to move forward , after Sandm Triumph ruined it !!

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  1. If i remember rightly, the yellow on sold for about 20K, heavy money , and the not sure on the other one. So at the time there was heavy bidding, to get to that figure. If you look at the previous owner on the yellow car docs, the rumours are that it still belongs to him, i wonder if he is a Register Member. No doubt he had some serious words about it. I am not just stirring because I was a victim of Sandm, i have got over that, but am still concerned for other people, who are in the trap and falling into it. Conrad.
  2. Aaah Thankyou Stuart, it's a first for me , i am a windscreen support bracket Virgin ! So I do have just one if anyone is looking for one. Cheers, Conrad.
  3. I have a feeling that someone was looking for one of these. Conrad.
  4. What a great Idea and Gesture Pete, you have put that seed into my head. I have a large number of "smalls" , as the American Pickers call them. They should be on cars . I will wait until you are done with your stuff, and then make a similar gesture. I hope you don't mind me copying such a wonderfully Idea. Good on you, Conrad.
  5. Hi Michael , i was agreeing with you on the Exhaust Manifold , didn't you see that ? And was just saying that the original post was asking about the Inlet Manifold! If I have that wrong , then I apologise, Conrad
  6. I too use this method on Heavy Metal Parts, But Richard actually started the the Thread asking about the Inlet Manifold ! Same method could also be used. Have fun, Conrad,
  7. Hey Stef, looks like you are having Fun as usual. And great weather too. Cheers, Conrad.
  8. Thankyou for your input Gentlemen, And I have the answer too. Brilliant . That Covid thing can't stop the Register Forum Juggernaut !! Cheers, Conrad.
  9. If it helps anyone , as a regular stand holder , i haven't been contacted re the date change or asked to book anything . This isn't because they are not organised , but purely because of the uncertainty of whether the Show actually takes place . So while Covid rages throughout the Country , it's not difficult to guess that this uncertainty will continue ! Alot of us are champing at the bit to get out and do something, but until normality returns, we have to be Patient. The Organisers of Beaulieu International Autojumble have Pencilled in the Spring and September Events,
  10. Just wondered if this was fitted to TRs, Saloons ? Not a great picture , but shows what's needed ! Cheers, Conrad.
  11. That's me knackered then, i was under the impression that when it changed from CP to CR , the SwitchPlinth set up and ignition position changed. Obviously other stuff too. Conrad.
  12. openroad


    Definitely NOT going out with you in the Snow !! Have fun Tom, i bet it's a dream come true. Conrad.
  13. Cp Switch has 5 holes Dave, the ignition switch is in the Switch Plinth , second from the right next to the choke, which is nearest to you, presumably it's RHD. Cheers, Conrad.
  14. Morning Chaps, Hotel is booked , just in case it does happen. But Stand space isn't booked , hasn't even been talked about ! Sadly I too can't see it happening, i hate to be a doubter, just being realistic ! See you in the New Year , Maybe.... Conrad.
  15. Nice one Hamish, and a Happy Christmas to you too. And all Members. Conrad,
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