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  1. openroad

    Moving my car in the garage with dollies?

    Hi Ron, makes life very easy, very manoeverable....perfect for small spaces. Conrad.
  2. openroad

    TR 4Cylinder Block Required

    Hi Geoff, Pm sent re your Engine Block request. Conrad.
  3. openroad

    TR6 Gauges Wanted

    Hi Mark, I have a full set of CP gauges. Conrad,
  4. openroad

    Triumph Tr parts at Stoneleigh

    Hi Steve , I have sent you a PM... Cheers Conrad.
  5. openroad

    free tax?

    Just being friendly ....I'll get my coat ! It's cold out. Conrad.
  6. I have one of these available , with the holes perfectly drilled already. If anyone is contemplating doing this , maybe I have the answer for you. I have seen Trailers and even small caravans being TR towed, maybe a little unusual, but I am sure I will be corrected if not ! Cheers Conrad.
  7. openroad

    free tax?

    Pete , as you probably know by now, You go online ,just like you do for your modern car .But when taxing your TR it will show up as Historic Vehicle, you go through the process, but no money passes hands. Have fun, Conrad.
  8. openroad

    Triumph Tr parts at Stoneleigh

    Hi Richard, I will have a look and see if i have a suitable Overider. The point of the post wasn't for all and sundry to drop parts off and for me to sell for them !! Thankyou for the message, Conrad.
  9. If you are going to the Triumph Spares day at Stoneleigh on the 10th February, please come and visit us. Hall 3 Stand 570/571b. Three Register Members have joined forces to sell some of our spare parts. It has been pointed out to me that posts on this part of the Forum go to all, so a wider audience ! If you want anything in particular, please message me , I can bring it along for you. Or alternatively just come and have a look and see . Conrad.
  10. She looks great, was this one on the stand at the NEC Graham ? Conrad.
  11. openroad

    TR4 Rear Bumper Required

    Hi Rob, Pm sent, I am in Notts, but going to Stoneleigh. Cheers Conrad.
  12. openroad

    CP Injection Parts For Sale.

    Good day all, I will be taking a sample of these injection parts to The Triumph Spares day at Stoneleigh, I have had some good responses. So if you are going , please come and have a look, I am in Hall 3 . Stand Number 570/571 B. Cheers Conrad.
  13. openroad

    free tax?

    Well done , you Old Bugger....Now you have the frustrating part of waiting for Better Weather and no salt on the roads, before you can shake her down properly. Look forward to seeing her resplendent with age related plates fitted. All the best, Conrad.
  14. openroad

    New Lid

    Looking good Ian, a bit of elbow grease often pays dividends ! Conrad.
  15. openroad

    H frame foam - filler?

    I see that you also fitted the MGB Chrome Gearstick surround. Makes a neat job, not sure if i would do it , but that's just me....I think it looks good. Cheers Conrad.

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