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    Mgb Roadster V8...Tr5 conifer,Tr5 signal red(recently(now sold)Next two restorations under way!

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  1. openroad

    CP Injection Parts For Sale.

    Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I still have some CP Throttle Bodies, Lucas Pumps and Metering Units for Refurb, and some already done . Also one or two nicely blasted and painted , ready to fit Plenum Chambers and Rubbers to Manifold. Have a pleasant Sunday, Conrad.
  2. openroad

    Size of tubing for front overider stay

    Hi Jeff, and another welcome to the Forum, If interested I reckon i have a pair of original ones, If you would like to make your own, I can measure and photo for you Alternatively they are available. Cheers Conrad.
  3. openroad

    CP Injection Parts For Sale.

    Hi Mike, so I understand....all in hand, Thankyou anyway. Cheers Conrad.
  4. openroad

    CP Injection Parts For Sale.

    Hi All, I have some Used CP Throttle Bodies , Metering Units, Distributor Plinths and Drives. Injectors.. PRV etc, all for some Refurb. Also Air Box and Plenum Chamber and Plenum Rubbers. Lucas Fuel Pump. Please send PM or whatever , if you are Changing over to Injection , or back to Injection and are in need for exchange items . Also have Original 516816 Cylinder Head., for Tr5 and Tr6 and the Tr250 Conversion. Cheers Conrad.
  5. openroad

    TR4 dash vents

    Hi Graham, I have tried to send you a PM, says you can't receive !! Cheers Conrad.
  6. openroad

    It’s Back

    Hi Paul, sounds like you have got a result there, plenty of fun to be had, but salty roads looming, roll on the Spring. Cheers, Conrad.
  7. openroad

    TR4A engine oil leak - just purchased

    Hi Melvin, Good to hear good stories about the professional TR Companies, where did your come from ? If they haven't offered any Help ? !! Conrad.
  8. openroad

    Thoughts/ advice

    Hi Chris, There are often TR250 Projects turning up these days, and I presume that you are in the UK and going to be driving the car. So conversion would be far more convenient for you. Yes for resale you have the European market if you keep it LHD. Sounds like you are converting anyway, there is no real stigma for converted Imported cars, maybe a little on resale, but no more so than straying from say the Original Colour. Bets of luck, Conrad.
  9. openroad

    I've Been Robbed

    Good old Fashioned Banter, cant be bad ! I am surprised too , that you haven't been banned Roger . Have fun refitting, the little Rod ! Conrad.
  10. openroad

    Seat Locking Mechanism

    Hi Bob, Pm sent re the parts. Cheers Conrad.
  11. openroad

    Used bumper pricing

    Hi Gareth, I have just sold one to a member . It's a straight Tr6 later cp, front bumper. None available new at the moment. I haven't sold a complete rear, but I would guess at £150 ish....straight and no real dents , may have rust but will dismantle and rechrome well Hope this helps, Conrad. Pm sent.
  12. openroad

    Wanted: front bumper

    Its a boxed in bracket one, which began in later cp , so i understand. Conrad.
  13. openroad

    Wanted: front bumper

    Glad be of help mate... Conrad.
  14. Drove up into Derbyshire today, after a cuppa at TR Enterprises. Beautiful day, probably the last for a while so tucked the 5 up , maybe for a while sadly . Conrad.
  15. openroad

    New member

    Looking like it was a comprehensive restoration. Lucky you ! Cheers Conrad.

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