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  1. Hi Jim, I played at Kingsholm in the days of Blakeway, John Fidler and his mates, I was playing for Nottingham at the time in the eighties,, I scored the first try of the game and was booed by the Shed......we ended up losing after a good battle. Conrad.
  2. Hi Jim, I am pleased that you have resolved the problem, I bet the people that are refurbing your metering unit, don't have any problems ! My post office are so used to me now, I have even got them interested in Triumphs ! And they ask with great pleasure about what it is, especially if it's an odd shaped parcel.... I see that you are a Rugby Union Man, I have just returned from Sunday Morning Training, it was hot work ! Have fun, Conrad.
  3. Like the boys say, it's just a car part that's all they need to know, It's not a battery or fluids, which is the stock question. Wrap it well and send it on its way, I think insurance on basic post is up to £50. If it's over two kilograms when packed, it's more expensive to send but you get up to £100 insurance as basic and a signature. Cheers, Conrad.
  4. Morning All, I have Listed on the BST , the above Exhaust. For those that don't Venture to the Classifieds. These are not available any more , as far as I know. Great looking Exhaust in Black Paint, Good Weight to each Piece. Quite Exotic, maybe just what you were looking for, or didn't know you were looking for !! Conrad.
  5. Hi Rich, I may have some , if you PM me , we can swap email addresses, and I can send pics . Need to find them first ! Cheers, Conrad.
  6. Hi George, looks fabulous, even some artistic pictures creeping in !! Keep on having a great time. Conrad.
  7. Looks like Andrew and Roger are having a great time, that's what the cars are for boys. Conrad.
  8. Hi Matt, I have one that I can send pics etc.... Will have to email them to you, as I fail to send pics on here or anywhere else on this forum..!! Sent you a pm Conrad
  9. openroad


    Hi Salec, I have these and can send you pics and price if you wish. Conrad.
  10. Hi Dave, it was quite amazing, a mate gave me the best driving route through Snowdonia, but I went a bit wrong and ended up on this one track Road, sheer drops and great scenery. I have clocked where the road is , if anyone else wants to give it a go !! Conrad. Drive home from Abersoch was 5.5 hours, 250 miles in the pouring rain, roof up naturally and some water coming in at times !! It was an Adventure in itself....
  11. openroad

    TR5 or 250

    Hi Ian, I may be able to help....please contact me Do you know how to open a private message on here. Cheers, Conrad.
  12. This is it, I draped it over my hood , in order to see it better. Cheers, Conrad.
  13. Drove from Notts to Abersoch this morning...250 miles Roof down, cool start and Sunshine Finish....what more does a man need..
  14. Thought I would put it here before EBay etc. It's Black and nice stored condition. This is brand new, it's been in storage , and I think the only reason that it wasn't fitted, was that one of the Rear lift the dot clips has pulled through. I can send pics etc, to email if you are interested. Conrad.
  15. Hi Keith, those pics are a great help to you, but as you say , you still have to get the bends , and the the straights to be straight. Have you got someone local that could lend you an Original steel set as templates. I did mine that way and was pretty pleased with the results. Cheers, Conrad.
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