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    Mgb Roadster V8...Tr5 Conifer on the Road. Tr6 Damson, Restoration under way. TR5 White , now alowed to move forward , after Sandm Triumph ruined it !!

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  1. Happy Birthday Clem, Glad to know that you will remember this one , as the day you tested my rebuilt engine on your test rig.!! I suggest that you do that then settle into a nice bottle of wine etc. Have a great day, Conrad.
  2. Hamish, It had the tiniest 12v Battery, got him on his way though.. New Format a bit weird, half the page taken up with other stuff !! Conrad.
  3. Rescue mission on the A1 nr Newark. !! Conrad.
  4. Hi Pete, i may be able to help you with a body tub.... Pm Sent. Cheers, Conrad
  5. Lucky Car and Lucky you, i say ! Great Game is Golf !! Conrad.
  6. Nick's the man, like Chris says, he imported the machine from the States, and makes perfect reproductions from he right type of Brass, with the Correct Font. Conrad.
  7. Met a Mate in his Moggy 1000, had a coffee and a laugh, and then back home, a good 2 hours drive. I am the one with the red Mask ...... Simple stuff ! Conrad.
  8. Thankyou Mark, great to hear that. Happy Motoring, Conrad.
  9. Good to hear that you are now restoring your 5 , its such a great car once done. ! Ebay is what i call an evil necessity ! Can make you laugh and can make you cry ! Happy bidding, Cheers, Conrad.
  10. Morning Dave, A bit of Patina is a good thing, but obviously a good rear view is important. A good Glass man would make a new mirror, but you woukd have to measure it accurately! I have asked a mate who has a glass company, but havent done it yet. I bid on ebay too, then forgot to watch it, a cold beer or two got in the way !! Conrad.
  11. Sensible comments thankyou.....i was thinking on the same lines myself, but the lure of the show is the devil whispering in my ear.!! I too think that the attendance would be down and it wasnt great last year, before all this happened. Thankyou for the replies. Conrad.
  12. Hello All, i have had notification from the Organisers of the above Event, re Booking Stand. The date is the 25th October 2020. I am wondering about the general feeling is about attending, obviously we havent had anything for a while and we do need to have some fun ! They tell me that it will be more spread out, bigger ailes and more entrances and exits. Conrad.
  13. Tom and Family, Such sad news this morning, so many great and lovely things have been said about your Mum and Dad, all of it ringing true in my ears. All the best, Conrad.
  14. So sorry to hear this terrible news, always loved talking to Alex, a real man and to Diane his stalward . Please pas on my best, Conrad.
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