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  1. pinky

    Broken down ,

    Went and turned the spare into a permanent fix The flame thrower I am using is 3 ohm black in colour, what do you think Pink
  2. pinky

    Broken down ,

    Thank you for your replies, Thank you richard, you have been removed from my christmas list, seriously, new what the problem was nit much you could have done, would have been nice to say hello, Hi Mike, hows things good idea going to do that Hi jochem, never heard of that could you give me some more information please Hi nigel, think this could be the problem wrong coil , I will take a pick today and post it Thank you for your help gentleman Pink
  3. pinky

    Broken down ,

    Today I broke down, I went for a drive with tors, ice cream etc, driving progressively along the militarty road, all of a sudden car start running rough, then stops completely, Thought, cant believe this, just got back from Germany, 1200 miles, no probs, then this, so I had a check round and come to the conclusion it was the coil, baught a flame thrower a few years ago, sapose to be the dogs, only done about 6000 miles, so I was reluctant to find fault with it, I waited for it to cool down, still the car would not start, got it back home fitted an old coil and the car started and run without a problem, so much for flame throwers, so what shell I buy now? Pink Flame thrower
  4. pinky


    During my visit to the 50th anniversary in Germany, Laurence and myself noted that the tyres on some of the German cars were 15 years old plus, I always believed that they have a really difficult mot, some of the tyres were even cracked, I was amazed, Pink
  5. I love them, a/f halfords often come up on e bay, I think the secret is to use them to wind the nut on then use a normal spaner to finally tighten the nut What about open end ratchet spaner, there good
  6. Congratulations Neil your the man
  7. Hi matt sorry to hear your bad news, have you, just left the 50th anniversary, it could .be the pump valve or the drive dog, I would be inclined to get a truck to bring it home, and bite your lip, we have all been there pink
  8. pinky


    Hi brenda, my pleasure glad you enjoyed the trip, We are traveling up to Osnabruck over the next few days Pink
  9. pinky

    Fuel gauge

    Hi David, I believe I have sourced a gauge, if there is a problem I will let you no Thank you fir your kind offer, Pink
  10. pinky


    Yes, thank you, I'm meeting them there Pink
  11. Morning, anybody going this weekend, we leave tomorow, Pink
  12. I never thought of that, , I will have to change to cornflakes, no frosties, that should sort it Pink
  13. pinky

    Fuel gauge

    My friend Paul is in need of a fuel gauge, any one got one they could sale please Cheers pink
  14. Hi, I am having a problem on start up, the engine starts, but bangs cracks pops in the exaust pipe, When the engine warms this stops, I recon on to much air getting in some were, then when warm expands and stops Or could it be blocked jefs in the carb Running on webber's, and 123 unit  What do you think Thanks pink
  15. Hi, Baught a hazard warning light kit, e bay Got it to work, however the ristors in ithe circuit were getting very hot (why dous it need ristors) I put this down to 8 inicator bulbs flashing 2 front, 2 front side 2 rear and 2 rear side Could get one side to work ok but not both, without heat Thought about running to flasher units, any suggestions please, thanks pink
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