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  1. pinky

    Mac nibbler

    Hi John, its air driven, I'm after the correct size punch, there are many different ones Pink
  2. pinky

    Mac nibbler

    Thanks for the reply rob, I don't no if it is the right one, however thay want 54 dollers delivery Pink
  3. pinky

    Mac nibbler

    Hi my friends, anybody got any idea were to get replacment punch's for my mac nibbler Looked every were Thanks pink
  4. pinky

    Gearbox parts

    Hi, can anybody advise were the best place to buy these parts please Thank you Pink Parts for TR Gearbox No. GR345857 syncro cones x 4 mainshaft bearing (M12KV3 - Hoffman) x 1 mainshaft circlip and cup washer 3 rd gear front of tail shaft + 2 nd gear brass bush Gaskets: top cover, rear cover to gearbox overdrive to rear cover front layshaft gasket on plate front main shaft seal and gasket clutch operating arm/shaft and fork + securing bolt for fork sump bolt for gearbox - same as level bolt
  5. I hope this doesn't upset anybody putting this item on the 6 forum, just wanted to get it out were it would be seen I have a full set of pipes and manifold, good condition, stainless steel, no jubilee fittings, for sale, can deliver to the triumph and mg day in February 250 pounds
  6. pinky


    I love a good sound system, I have 9 speakers concealed in the 6 Alpine head, Amplifier, had to do structural changes, to accomodate the speakers took me ages, but I am really pleased with it Pink
  7. pinky

    VUX's MX5 Seats

    They look great, and you will feel the benefit when you drive 300 to 400 miles a day Can't believe the negative response to fitting them, I can only presume they have a very fat ause to soften the ride on original seats Pink x
  8. Hi my friends, doing car boots , I came across, a box of weld rods these are great for making door pins Measure the original pin, cut the rod with a hacksaw blade the same length, cut half way through the rod, push the rod through the handle, bend it back, snap it of, Job done Send me a self adressed envelope and I will send you 3 rods , free, Pink
  9. pinky

    Some bodywork advise please

    Hi Andrew, What a story, good read, took a lot of self discipline to stick to a project like that, 10 out of 10 and a star Pink
  10. pinky

    Gas struts, for boot and bonnet

    Hi nigel, Love it, does it work well with luggage on the top Pink
  11. pinky

    Gas struts, for boot and bonnet

    Hi nigel, your the man could you show us some pics please Pink
  12. pinky

    Gas struts, for boot and bonnet

    Hi niall, tr6 How's things with you Hi Pete, there must be some one who has done this mod Pink
  13. As the title, Has any one fitted gas struts to the bonnet or boot lid Cheers Pink
  14. pinky

    Smoking '6

    Hi rog, hope things are good with you I have had smoke comeing out of the steering column, The wires were chafing I rewired it using relays this reduced the amps allowing the use of thinner wire Pink
  15. pinky

    Satnav mounting. Has anyone thought...

    This is what fitted a flexible arm with a modified ball fitting Can be folded away when not required

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