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  1. FlowerW Pneumatic Jack 3 Ton Triple Bag Air Jack Lifting Height 6.5-16Inch Inflatable Car Jack Lifter Pneumatic Air Jack 6600lbs Capacity Extremely Fast Lifting https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07X8XS42T/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_y5SZDbSTM4B4E I was thinking something like the above, I have got a rotisserie jig the above could go under the lifting points to push the arms up Also it looks a good bit of kit Pink
  2. Hi, my handsome spannering friends, Has anyone used, have a pneumatic car jack, thinking of getting one, Cheers pink
  3. Thank you roger, You always come up with a good idea, as for using it to cross the solent, they might think I am an illegal Xx
  4. Hi my friends , Baught the wheel remover from Amazon, used it today and I must say , nice bit of kit , Had to change a track rod end on a freelander 1, for my son josh , easy pessey Link KS Tools 160.0250 Commercial vehicle wheel lifter, 250kg https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007XUH6F2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ggjUDbS2162PH
  5. I can lift the wheels however it puts a lot of stress on the body, plus I got 2 slip disc, thay are ok at the moment, fingers crossed , the 18in wheels on the 350z Convinced me to do somthing about it, I have baught a wheel lift comes tomorow, I will report back how I get on with it Pink
  6. That's a really nice one john, about 150 on amazon,
  7. That's a really nice one john, about 150 on amazon,
  8. Found this tool recon it will do the job Sealey TH002 Tyre & Wheel Handling Dolly 127kg Capacity £57.82
  9. Your the man Mick, a proper engineer, that will do the job, Thanks pink
  10. I dont think the missus would like one of the above on the drive The nissan 350z wheels 18ins wide come in at about 30lbs to heavy for an olden like me, I tried the ramp, still struggled The wheel jack is a good one, but expensive, Going to have to make one
  11. Hi not talking about when you are on the road, never carry a spare, just a can seal, When you are at home, doing general work on the motor, Pink
  12. Has anybody devised a way of changing a wheel without breaking your back, Is there a tool The 350z has huge wheels and they are very heavy, my back cant take it , Any suggestion, I was thinking about, making something, an exstesion on a trolley jack that you can put the wheel on and pump it up, Cheers pink
  13. Very debatable subject, and a subject that is very misunderstood, (condensation) Air borne moisture is your problem, this comes from the floor and walls, especially from the floor junction, Many garages are of a single skin construction, badly insulated, etc,etc If you are continuously drawing moisture you have a problem, garage needs work, floor and wall resin products, I would go for a humidity stat fan, this would turn on when the humidity goes up, a small heater to make the moisture airborne , this should help and it is a cheap solution I do use a dehumidifier, when the car is wet, if the garage is close to the house fit it out with radiators Pink
  14. Hi mick, He really is a nice bloke to Pink
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