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  1. I never thought of that, , I will have to change to cornflakes, no frosties, that should sort it Pink
  2. pinky

    Fuel gauge

    My friend Paul is in need of a fuel gauge, any one got one they could sale please Cheers pink
  3. Hi, I am having a problem on start up, the engine starts, but bangs cracks pops in the exaust pipe, When the engine warms this stops, I recon on to much air getting in some were, then when warm expands and stops Or could it be blocked jefs in the carb Running on webber's, and 123 unit  What do you think Thanks pink
  4. Hi, Baught a hazard warning light kit, e bay Got it to work, however the ristors in ithe circuit were getting very hot (why dous it need ristors) I put this down to 8 inicator bulbs flashing 2 front, 2 front side 2 rear and 2 rear side Could get one side to work ok but not both, without heat Thought about running to flasher units, any suggestions please, thanks pink
  5. pinky

    Seat belts

    Thanks Mike, for your reply, I have baught these now from the tr London shop, and they seem to be ok My originals are completly different,
  6. pinky

    Seat belts

    Morning my handsome friends, My seat belt has a broken return mechanism, on further inspection, it was noted that the plastic return drive has snapped, They are securon seat belts , any suggestions what to use, or have I had bad luck with these, They need to be the type that can work at an angle, Cheers pink
  7. Why not invest in small compressor, air tools are really cheap, safer, faster, lighter and have good torque Talking about getting tangled I was using a mop on paint work had the lock on, it picked the elelectric cable up, pulled the socket of the wall and the cable Of the wall, finally the plug came out of the socket, made me shake a bit. Pink
  8. I'm using a 60 amp, there al HD lights so once they are lit the power drops of, so I believe
  9. https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/59666-bloody-dehumidifier/&tab=comments#comment-499147 Have a look at this The machine in question still works a treat Pink
  10. Got the idea of Mike put my own touch to them just finished the job, Pink
  11. I always use a tank resin, used it many a time on old motor bikes, it is the way to go, you can buy a kit to do it, did the 6 10 years ago due to rust in the system, also means the original tank lines up when treated, and it saves money, pink
  12. Thanks John for replying, I will bare that in mind Pink
  13. pinky

    Mac nibbler

    Hi John, its air driven, I'm after the correct size punch, there are many different ones Pink
  14. pinky

    Mac nibbler

    Thanks for the reply rob, I don't no if it is the right one, however thay want 54 dollers delivery Pink
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