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  1. Glad you had a good trip round the island, sorry I could not entertain you the call of bulie auto jumble was to much, all them spares Pink
  2. I dont think this belgium news affects us, only in belgium, custom cars , heavily modified cars, not classic cars, this news came through a belgium garage, Might be made up, Pink
  3. I understand that custom/kit, cars are being banned in belgium, when the mot's runs out , eu directive Other eu countries to follow, any body no anymore information about this, Cheers pink
  4. pinky

    Horn fuse blowing

    You are right, however on that fuse line is the lights etc open it up and have a look, that's what probably,is shorting out and blowing the fuse Pink
  5. pinky

    Horn fuse blowing

    It normally shorts out top section of the stearing coloum, as you move the stearing wheel it shorts out blowing the fuse, I have had smoke coming out of mine, I would lower the fuse, It became such a problem I used thinner cables on relays this allowed a permanent fix, Hope this helps , pink
  6. Thank you gentleman, the lady who hit me has cashed me out, what a bit of luck, lots of things to do I September so, a cover.up
  7. I went to see my son this afternoon he has a property on the beach with a garden veranda over the beach , below is a pathway this pathway has locked gates, the tide is comeing in fast, and is up against the sea wall , a family comes around the point, mum and dad and three young children one in a push chair, in a panick, realising the danger the father pushes his wife up the sea wall And passes the kids up, they cant get out (path on the wall) because of the locked gates, so we had to walk around and unlock the gates to let them out, could have been nasty, The sea is so dangerous Any way I settle back down for a chat and a cupa, the next min a lady next door comes round, and said is that your blue car out the front, i have just reversed in to it, I should have stayed in bed Her are the pics I felt sick I really did, any was at least she had the decency to tell me, So a little game, how much is it goi g to put it right Pink
  8. Morning, my apoligies for not replying earlier, andy has just told me about the post, Clubs that come over to the island, I normally send brochours etc about the island and and organize a trip, Taking in places that are not normally on the tourist route I'm retired, so can normally fit in with peoples needs Please contact me direct, I will send you my phone number, Kind regards pink
  9. Love the write up Pete, a lot of helpful information I have an alloy sump, baught it second hand, never been a problem, apart from a slight leak from the drain plug, I no alot of people are going to disagree, but I always use silicone to fit the sump, also on the thread of the bolts, (and any item that requires a gasket, ) I use flat washers, lightly bolt it down, when the silicon has gone of I torque it down, I no people believe it could break of internally, and block an oil feed, but this dousnt happen as silicon is really difficult to remove, I learnt this from an old biker, who helped me with the restoration of old british bikes were there is a lot of movement in the casing, Just my thoughts pink
  10. Hi, every time I go out in the modern I am always putting the wipers on, instead of the indicators, drives me mad Classic cars indicators on the right, moders indicators on the left, Any one else have this problem Pink, or is it just me being a numpty
  11. pinky


    Hi Johannes, thank you for your reply, what about modifications are they aloud , Hi hawk , think you have got that wrong, no way I would run tyres that were over 10 years old the rubber goes hard espeshially in the sun, risk to your live and others Cheers pink
  12. Hi Neil, your right it should adjust, but even when fully adjusted it still isn't enough, There is also a measurement Pink
  13. I have had this problem, blodey annoying, I cured it by putting a couple of washers between the servo and the master cylinder (were it bolts on ) Thicknes of washers, Approx 1/8 of an inch, this allowed more play for the tipet valve to operate , Pink
  14. pinky

    Broken down ,

    Went and turned the spare into a permanent fix The flame thrower I am using is 3 ohm black in colour, what do you think Pink
  15. pinky

    Broken down ,

    Thank you for your replies, Thank you richard, you have been removed from my christmas list, seriously, new what the problem was nit much you could have done, would have been nice to say hello, Hi Mike, hows things good idea going to do that Hi jochem, never heard of that could you give me some more information please Hi nigel, think this could be the problem wrong coil , I will take a pick today and post it Thank you for your help gentleman Pink
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