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  1. pinky

    Peddle rubbers

    I seem to replace my peddle rubbers far to often I believe the rubber is poor quality, anybody no were you can get good quality rubbers from Cheers pink
  2. Thank you for your birthday greetings, means a'lot Pink xx
  3. pinky

    Gearbox suport

    Having to reinstall the gearbox soon, I thought i would check the fittings etc, it was noted that the rubber has come a drift from the rear gearbox Support, it seems that they get oil on them and they part company from the steel bracket, is there an upgraded version,,has anybody got an answer to this Regards pink
  4. Hi sue, just want to wish you merry Christmas to the both of you, 


    Did send an e mail to Roger , however I haven't had a reply 

    Pink & tors xxx

    1. SuzanneH


      Pinky, I have sent you a personal message


  5. Just picked up on this Hamish thank you for the info Pink
  6. Thank you for your reply, I understand, however I can see through the hole, probably a weakness from the drill cutting in close to the casting Cant explain why this has happened when I'm haveing the problem, all gears are working and the overdrive Cheers pink
  7. No , I belive somthing inside has tried to escape, There was about half the amount of oil left ,
  8. Thank you for your reply's I am at home now, long day yesterday aa recovery This morning have got under the car drained the oil,and removed overdrive filter no metal, However found a hole in the overdrive box
  9. Sad news, broke down this evening 170 miles from the iow, been to the Isle of man, festival of motoring had a great time, broke down on the way home, managed to get to the hottel, the aa are picking me up in the morning so got it all sorted Symptoms are 1st gear ok reverse gear ok 2nd 3rd and 4th work but sounds like----- when we were kids putting a card on a peg and letting the card rub on thr spokes Any sugestions will be gratefully recieved cheers pink
  10. Hi John baught these plugs really good has reduced the fouling of the plugs Thank you for your advise
  11. Yes, your right drd (sorry don't no your name,) There is nothing wrong with the set up car goes like hell I was warned when the car went on the rolling Road to keep the refs above 2000 However easer said than done, all I am trying to do is improve the time that the plugs clear Cheers pink
  12. Hi hawk have you got a spec number for the bosch triple please Cheers pink
  13. I missed this Andrew, lovely pics, bet bev is looking down proud, proud proud xxxx
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