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  1. Thank you for your birthday greetings, went out for a drive/walk and an ice cream with, tors, Pink
  2. Hi Bob, Well after what you wrote on the fist thread bob I w ent down the garage and wired it up, as you recommended,worked a treat, (thank you) The unit I baught is for a landrover how ever will work on the 6 I contacted the company and asked, they are also listed on the revington website I always find it difficult to get my head round it, as it is often back to front, live to the bolb then to the component then to earth Thanks Bob pink
  3. Hope you are all well, having the jab tomorow morning, a little early as tors is working in covid ward, Anyway fitted a new fuel tank extra large one, fitting a new fuel sender,got a new sender kit from caerbont automotive tb9006/kit A low fuel lamp can be fitted with this unit, got it wired up, worked OK but burnt out the the voltage regulator The bulb I was using was a small 12v led, can't find 10v bulbs/leds, any advise please, thank you Pink
  4. A question, Generally do people leave there brake shield of to allow more cooling Keep save pink
  5. I have an old fuel gauge and been having a play with it, i found the 2 holes in in the back of the gauge, The slots are in the iner frame of the gauge,so as you twist the driver it moves the frame, it is very hit and miss Definitely want to put some lube in the hole, trying to get it between the plates, very small amount as it could mess up the inside Pink
  6. Top man dave Well what a cracking bit of information going to have to try that Cheers pink
  7. Hi, I have got caught out with the fuel gauge a couple of times, When empty the gauge is showing 1/4 full, when full it takes a long to time for the gauge to start falling, The tank is empty, so I moved the float with a hook, this seems to work OK, can you adjust the float in situ i belive the float needs to be pulled up slightly to allow the arm to fall down further Or does it need replacing , it isn't the voltage regulator as it has been replaced, Thank you , (stay save) pink
  8. I had a moter bike tank that had a leak, when I was an apprentice, the welder put his lighter outside the filler And lit it , it went pop with a flash, then he brased the seam, job done, Not something I would do Pink
  9. any ideas on these pics, They come of a tr4a you can see One hasn't got the thread for a cap Any ideas on this, cheers pink
  10. Thank you Peter for your help, so to conclude I am going to use the 3b flywheel, (30lbs, 90 teeth removable starter ring) drilled for tr6 clutch, the flywheel weight reduced to 20lbs Just a thought, could I use a tr6 flywheel, redrilled to fit the crank, have a spare one of them (just a thought) Cheers pink
  11. As suggested previously, I contacted eureka triumph, unfortunately his father has just passed away, who used to sort out all 2, 3,4s, so things have been difficult for them Pink
  12. I am a little lost re tr3 tr3b tr4 tr4a flywheel First thanks to mick for his help I have a tr3b engine that I am turning into a fast road, (hopefully) The tr3b flywheel weighs 30lbs approximately, has seperate ring gear with 90 teeth I want to use a tr6 clutch with a suitable flywheel I believe I have to have a tr4a flywheel The engine is going over to Saunders enginering for balancing crack detection etc, So can I lighten the tr3b flywheel and get it re-drilled for a tr6 clutch, Might have a chance to buy a standard tr4a flywheel, but cant seem to
  13. Hi Gas anybody got a tr4a flywheel for sale please Thank pink
  14. pinky


    Has anybody got a tr4a flywheel for sale please Cheers pink
  15. There is a set measurment the plunger should protrude,it is in the manual or one of them, I have had some fun in the past with this problem nothing To do with discs fluid etc plunger and tipping valve, can be a faulty product,
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