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  1. No , I belive somthing inside has tried to escape, There was about half the amount of oil left ,
  2. Thank you for your reply's I am at home now, long day yesterday aa recovery This morning have got under the car drained the oil,and removed overdrive filter no metal, However found a hole in the overdrive box
  3. Sad news, broke down this evening 170 miles from the iow, been to the Isle of man, festival of motoring had a great time, broke down on the way home, managed to get to the hottel, the aa are picking me up in the morning so got it all sorted Symptoms are 1st gear ok reverse gear ok 2nd 3rd and 4th work but sounds like----- when we were kids putting a card on a peg and letting the card rub on thr spokes Any sugestions will be gratefully recieved cheers pink
  4. Hi John baught these plugs really good has reduced the fouling of the plugs Thank you for your advise
  5. Could you put me down for one please steave, Cheers pink
  6. Yes, your right drd (sorry don't no your name,) There is nothing wrong with the set up car goes like hell I was warned when the car went on the rolling Road to keep the refs above 2000 However easer said than done, all I am trying to do is improve the time that the plugs clear Cheers pink
  7. Hi hawk have you got a spec number for the bosch triple please Cheers pink
  8. I missed this Andrew, lovely pics, bet bev is looking down proud, proud proud xxxx
  9. Hi my handsome friends An old chestnut i no, my apoligies, I am running webers, wild cam ligtened fly wheel, (fast road engine) Car runs well over 2, 000 rpm, in traffic below 2000rpm the plugs start to foul up, resulting in banging missing etc, they clear when I get going, Dificult on the iow short journeys, I use the gear box to keep the revs up to prevent fouling, is there a plug that would help with this I am running ngk 7 presently thank you Pink
  10. pinky

    Door stays

    I am calling the two sections of metal, running parallel with the stay, tangs,
  11. Hi Mick, best of luck, I washed the pipes through with brake cleaner and then blew them out an air line
  12. pinky

    Door stays

    I baught new door stays as I noticed one of the tangs had broken, what a night mare, no problem fitting them , however they were like butter, just bent when the tang hit the lift/lock bar, the tang filled really easily, so the conclusion is that they have had no heat treatment, The originalls had stanpart stamped on them, I put the broken one on the passenger door and the passenger door on the drivers side I recon I could re-rivet them if any one has old ones that has broken I would like to buy them please Pink
  13. Old chestnut this one, I love silicone brake fluid, been in there 6 years, never touched it, however when I fitted it i did a really good clean of internal pipes, replacment of rubbers etc I believe dot 1, 2 or 3 are like a thread release capillary action draws it down the thread , no leaks on your system come back, in 2 weeks oil leaking, paint destroyed, sick feeling in the belly Pink x
  14. A big thank you Peter, As suggested, I wired it up, everything worked but the switch was upside down, reversed the wires Every thing was in order Thanks again for the info Pink
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