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  1. A big thank you Peter, As suggested, I wired it up, everything worked but the switch was upside down, reversed the wires Every thing was in order Thanks again for the info Pink
  2. As Stuart has kindly stated tr6 standard 2 speed Pink
  3. Need help with this one, unfortunately I lost my wiper switch during work on the dashboard, can't believe how careless I was, I can't find it any were I baught a new one on e bay but can't seem to get it wired up corectly, looked back on the forum and have seen some of the sugestions for wireing up a repro switch but nothing works any sugestions please cheers
  4. Stuart spot on, my mentor with this sort of thing. Clay bar won't touch it What ever you do don't put the paper on your finger and try and rub it out, (its very tempting) Got to go on a small block you can get 1500 2000 2500 and 3000 grit When you get the hang of it it not a problem Pink x
  5. Very nicely written roger, with a little humer thrown in , I used three thin wires placed in shrink rap, and pulled the new wires up through the the chanell, (relay) Nightmare job as every thing had to be undone to achieve this, then the wire came of the horn ring, after every thing had been tightened So had to do it all again, to replace the horn cable, got there in the end, I wish I had replaced all of the wires to thin wires, as this would have allowed more room In the chanel, always a little nervous around the the stearing wheel as have had smoke coming from this
  6. Yes spot on charlie battery maintainer, made a small mounting bracket, small socket aprox 8 mm dia
  7. Hi, my handsome friends, I saw Mike's lights, and had to have them, a different take on it, I wanted to make it with no screws showing, I took the top and bottom chrome strips of, cut the frame and welded sections of angle into the frame, stretching and shrinking the frame to get a good fit to the car body, the lights are a tight fit. Light suports were made, and the strips re fixed, polished stainless steel finishers were fitted, the centre bar is stainless steel box section with the top taken of formed to fit the profile of the car, and highly polished, the gri
  8. Could not work it out why this plug and socket kept shorting out until I had a good look
  9. Hi, my handsome friends Part 2 of the overdrive switch Carrying on with the re wireing of the car, and getting to the overdrive switch, as expected there were 2 wires soldered on to the switch on an of switch, I looked at the switch to examine the condition, and realised there were 3 terminals, (1 not being used) I soldered a wire on to the spare terminal And the switch then becomes an on on switch, from the centre terminal, this then becomes a proper dip switch I can only presume this switch was in production on another car as indicators
  10. Reminds me of that song Neil, one wheel on my wagon and I'm still rolling along Pink x
  11. Could you use this https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/mobile/product/178/category/36 Pink
  12. Thank you for the reply's gentleman, Very impressed with the drawing Tony very impressive, going to have a go at that one Presently The set up is 86 switch 85 earth 87 to dip 87a to main 30 live feed to switch 87a is on rest I believe it is being fed by flash gets warm belive it is being fed by flash on light switch Thank you for replying Pink
  13. Hi my handsome friends, I am using the overdrive switch as a dip switch, (moved the overdrive switch on to the gearstick) through a relay, it works, but the relay stays warm even when the lights are of All the lights are on relays, can I use the overdrive switch direct as the voltage/amps will be low ? (I think) Or do I use a latching relay, or a flip flop, (don't no much about them ) Or is there some other easy way have looked this up on the forum, Thank you, Pink
  14. Hi my handsome friends, due to circumstances I am no longer flying the flag for the register on my island any more, (still a member) many clubs have come to the island and I have showed them hospitality, and advised on accommodation, etc, given them a trip around the island, Pointing out the history, i have had good feed back, and always enjoyed meeting people, I will still be available for this service, (independently) Pink
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