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  1. In my younger years I sung alot of barbershop music, I met a few people with stamers and they could sing like skylark I always had the problem listening to people with a stammer, it would start me of, Strange that, often I would end up apologiseing so they would not think I was taking the Michael
  2. pinky


    I wondered why there was a shortage of loo rolls, then my mum told e Some o e sneezes and 20 people **** them selfs Pink
  3. So I was working on the car and i sheared the top of my left hand ring finger of, the finger was between the kone shock, and the inbound edge of the trailing arm, No pain no blood, just the finger in the trailing arm, I covered the finger in Cling film, and put it in a bag of frozen chips, to see if they could stich it back on, phoned tors she was in waitrose, she picked me up And took me to the hospital, they thought it was amusing because my finger was in the bag of chips, tors told me she had been feeling strange at the hairdressers Going hot and then cold, while I was in the examination room with her, tors collapsed and had some sort of secher what a night mare it was, still we were in the right place, She cant drive anymore untill she gets it sorted out. I have got to go back and have the bone ground back and stitched on Monday, So was there a lesson learned, I dont take chances, I were protective glasses, and steel toe caps, I have worked for 66 years with my hands, was there a lesson learned, it dousnt take much to lose a finger, I was thinking about my mother who is 93, she has lung problems, and it was going through my mind how I could help her with the corona going round, (maybe a lack of consatration ) I only hope i dont lose my self confidence, and tors, long term is ok, A pissed of pink who has lost his dink,
  4. If the electric fuel pump switched of due to an accident, would the petrol still siphon out? Is there an electrical shut of valve that could be incorporated in the fuel line just after the pump ? I had the fuel pipe come away from the inline filter, pump was a phaset, luckly the car had just started up so the engine wasn't hot It shot fuel out like a garden hose, I was lucky , is there a presure switch that could turn the fuel of if the presure is reduced Looking at the fitting the petrol had sofented the plastic of the in line filter, I now have a glass filter Pink
  5. Hi I replaced the original heater with a squirrel fan, wich is three speed, I managed to fix the original switch head,onto the new switch now twist instead of pull but looks right Also rejiged the pipe work, so the hot air blows out of the side vents, top of the heater box I drilled a lot of 1/4 holes this allows air into the heater without opening the flap I keep the flap shut in the wet, dont want water getting down in the plenum, in the rain it works really well at demisting not for the faint hearted, Pink
  6. Hi , I sorted a couple of these switches, one for the three and one for the 6 they confused me to start with, ( dont take much) They Work differently than the 6 push the switch in and it is armed shake it and the switch release, switching of the pump, I often use the one in the 6 to switch the fuel pump of if I am playing around with the ignition, however cant do that with the new one, so i think i will put it in line with the original, it dous make a lot of sense fitting one, Cheers pink
  7. Thank you gentleman I will sling the original and fit a new one I'm not into originality Cheers pink
  8. Would these later inertia switches be seen as an upgrade to the standard tr6 standard inertia switch. Pink
  9. Thank you , and you are going to do it twice, x
  10. Nice one, aj maybe you could tak us all on trip x
  11. pinky

    New year

    Hi Rog, do you get high on a ham roll, I will remember that, when you come to the island , no more roaste's, ham roll for you Hi andrew, nice to see you full of it, need a pic of you in june flying through the air, (thinking about it you might need some bob hope to do that now ) Hi Steve, 56 is a lovely age to retire You will love it, I retired when I was 61, same fears as you, but I think every one has them
  12. Going to have to get things going, this coming year with ----- Sex, drugs, and rocken roll What do you recon xx Pink x
  13. I baught them from amazon, Fitted them to mx5 seats, lovly, A challenging job, no mean feat, Pink
  14. FlowerW Pneumatic Jack 3 Ton Triple Bag Air Jack Lifting Height 6.5-16Inch Inflatable Car Jack Lifter Pneumatic Air Jack 6600lbs Capacity Extremely Fast Lifting https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07X8XS42T/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_y5SZDbSTM4B4E I was thinking something like the above, I have got a rotisserie jig the above could go under the lifting points to push the arms up Also it looks a good bit of kit Pink
  15. Hi, my handsome spannering friends, Has anyone used, have a pneumatic car jack, thinking of getting one, Cheers pink
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