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  1. i was told if they dont give a chart showing the flow test then how do you know its ok i got a graph with mine and from there i could work out the cam etc for my old 6 the guy who did mine was great but no longer around so i might just clean it up it ran really well before i took it off the road in std form david
  2. we have booked so will see you there if not the IWE before David
  3. Hi Roger ok will do or Charlie can reply to this thread ???? for everyone ??? are you going ?? cheers David
  4. Hi as it says is it on now covid has demised is it the usual first weekend of Sept (2nd 3rd 4th) ???? thanks david
  5. dblenk


    Pete see my post below this one TR% rebuild started David
  6. dblenk


    Hey peter i am catching up hahahahaha
  7. Well after work and other things getting in the way (wembley etc) the chassis is back and the bits i am months behind but hey no rush really need to order all the new parts now and start building it looks very shiney thought the original finish was a bit more dull
  8. yea blasted and zinc primed £250 here will go back after repairs for local blasted more zinc priming then black paint but hey ho shame a bit far for me David
  9. Waldi just a bit south near Durham you can stay at Lumley Castle it has its own ghost ??? check it out David
  10. Andy Fantastic maybe one day i will see mine cheers david
  11. new chassis blasted and zinc etched ready for welding trailing arms diff strength kit etc old (chassis underneath)
  12. got some old ones TRGB said they would rebuild them as they have had problems with new ones cheers david
  13. Hi a bit of history instead of me asking where to get things done a spreadsheet and sent it off to see what prices i would get, the company asked for the chassis number and year to ensure the correct parts (dont worry i have known the guy for years and its one of the major suppliers) got the log book and its states first registered in 1969 however just noticed the date is stamped 1972 which was 3 years 10 months when the first name appeared did it take this long to sell it ????? what do you think David
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