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  1. Oooh need to make some big stands cheers dave
  2. Hi Dave engine and gbox is out was going to lift then go forward and position alongside for inspection ready for going to the blasters david
  3. Hi as it says what weight am i looking at for a bare body tub can two people lift it or will i need the crane seem to remember lifting my brothers TR6 back in the eighties but i am not twenty something anymore thanks david
  4. my long term ownership and now under rebuild
  5. The one i had to sell shame it was all sorted
  6. Alright Clarkey how its going the car is looking very sharp very nice indeed dave
  7. Ok cheers everyone I will hold on to everything until I get things sorted thanks again david
  8. Hi Neil I trust you and yours are well is that due to the ease of removal and fitting I remember, having to pull the whole plastic bush out if there was a problem David
  9. Found a load of push in type injectors do you think they are worth £10 each for refurb i am fitting the screw type to my 5 rebuild any advice welcome David
  10. no 4 first photo 18 on the second not sure where i was for the first one did someone mention drink ??? hahaha as there is nothing this year should be a good turnout for next year not sure where things were at Stratford look forward to meeting up again david
  11. Roy Thats where I read it in the TRaction I thought it was here got two people to go to now thanks david
  12. cheers Stuart removed everything then couldnt figure it out then boom it slides and out the slots doh cheers dave
  13. Just found a laycock clutch plate and thought i read someone got it refurbed but cannot find the thread after searching what is it about laycock clutches against a new borg and beck from Moss revington etc etc any advice link to the thread thanks david
  14. Hi so who restores or re veeneers these to the original satin finish i will have the same issue around the switches is not as good as the rest david
  15. cheers Conrad well beer is important especially after bidding on ebay i think people get carried away on ebay and you find yourself bidding a fortune i stop at the point that i think what its worth, the wife said just keep going i once put her in charge of a tr5 badge bid as i was travelling back home i managed to stop her at £275 she said she was going to to bid £400 ahhhhhhhhhhhh, in 1976 an original TR6 cost my brother £725 hahahaha thought £16 for one was great but i was at work and lost track of time keep me informed on the glass PS found my plenum chamber for the
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