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  1. Well body tub nearly stripped a few broken bolts to drill out remove harness and air vent see pics of body tub rust. ok not blasted but not looking a total basket looked solid 28 years ago but seems to have gone in both rear sills/floors a liitle on the rear valance and bulkhead a small hole which will be bigger once blasted ??? bump stop broke through so guessing just needs capping off again i have i think NOS inner and outer sills in the loft thinking of getting a price for a professional job or might take the plunge myself ???? david
  2. Chassis on ebay seems ok and at £900 thought it would be gone by now i am getting my chassis repaired on a jig anyone have any knowledge of it no info on the description just curious david
  3. Richard i was thinking of a long tube plugged one end and several holes drilled everywhere then sticking it on the end of the gun and firing waxoyl down slowly dragging it bak and forth hope it works i will do it in the garage first to view the spray pattern david
  4. Thanks Pete its been a long time coming but underway and body nearly stripped plan for body lift off is Oct 10th will post more pics soon David
  5. Steve all arrived thanks keep me informed for a TR5 unit cheers david
  6. Hi Neil my stuff is normally subsea (Norsok 501 system 7) with nothing to chip it its around 500-600 microns but chips easy, thought this POR15 or the epoxymastic would be easy to apply and cheaper david
  7. cheers Richard look forward to some pics david
  8. This is interesting POR15 I will be at the chassis paint stage later on if the chassis goes off for repair then i guess it will be shotblast and primed when it comes back can i paint this stuff straight on and does it need a top coat to seal or just two coats of the same (bit like offshore stuff) it states use metal prep to dissolve rust and give a zinc phos undercoat for better adhesion, i could get the chassis repairer to do this i was thinking about galvanising the chassis then painting but for the miles etc the rebuilt car will do it will out live me so this DIY wi
  9. very nice i see a few minor mods
  10. Tracking is also out on my head as i have bald patches there
  11. Peter you are correct, these are from a Californian 6 rebuild i did back in the 90s my 5 wheels are sitting in boxes at the back of the garage David
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