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  1. Hi All this was back in 2010 in the end due to time i fitted the chrom pulls and never got round to changing them Sold the car a few years back concentrating on my 5 now david
  2. HI Peter i am in Sunderland as you can see i have a long way to go till i get to that point just looking at issues at the moment whats missing etc etc cheers david
  3. yeah was thinking of making a threaded bush and loctiting them in david
  4. Hi not needing to sort yet but i remember in the eighties i fitted a surrey top and drilled the bushes out to suit the surrey studs (as you do when young) however i seem to remember these being a ally / white metal stuff Question can they be replaced easily seen they are a rivnut in the moss on line catalogue ? cheers david
  5. good to here 16 cars it is always a good meeting and the weather was good shame i missed out but there is always next week david
  6. Hi Roger two convoys sounds a good turn out how many signed on dave
  7. Roger something has cropped up so looks dodgy to make it this year only missed two since 1986, i am always in a modern car anyway haha hope plenty turn up to get it like the 80s and 90s i remember 120 cars signed on one year (yes my 5 was a regular then), with hairpins to navigate and a shear drop to the lake plus hard knott and wrynose great scenery well worth supporting this event see you next time david
  8. thought they were fitted to a 5 as an after market ??? i have both manifolds so was fitting the bolt unit to my 5 when it comes round to it ?? david
  9. Hi yeah saw that its a screw connection think i am sorted now david
  10. Roger trying to get up for Sunday depending on what i can book as i have left it late (wife now deciding lets go not in May when i asked) there are some delightful B&B's for £600 a night put boutique on the name i remember one place when the kids had bunk beds now it has a jacuzzi etc see you there dave
  11. Lakes tour 2019 is it split over the weekend 30, 31 and 1 sept or is it 6,7,8 sept dav
  12. Ok harry I will pm you when I get back home jus t away at the moment david
  13. Hi All its been an interesting few years and things now settling down the house is finished and the garage just have packing boxes to clear So after 26 years will this be the year i certainly hope so Looking for a metering unit with the push on bit for the bleed i have a screwed unit, i posted in the swop shop but nothing yet not bothered about condition as i will need to get it sorted along with the rest of the car haha see below let me know if you have one kicking around cheers david
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