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  1. Hi Jim The tesco owned Esso branded sites sell Esso spec fuel also re Yesterday, I had a phone conversation with someone in the "Product Tech Team" at Shell UK in an attempt to discover the ethanol content of their VPower fuel. I was informed that it is "up to a maximum of 5%" but that this varies depending on the season. When I asked by how much and in which season was it at the lowest level, there was no clear response. The reply to asking whether it ever arrived at the forecourt with no ethanol was an emphatic "no". The Ethanol content doesn't change, their is a diffe
  2. Stuart. The only way to know is to chat to the manager of the site, they will know what terminal the deliveries for that site come from
  3. Looks like Esso have upped their game, their Super unleaded is now 99 ron. A nice brucey bonus is its also Ethanol free to if it been delivered from their own Terminals (Avonmouth Birmingham Hythe (Southampton) Purfleet and West London ) So pop a tiger in your tank
  4. Clarkey

    Door Cards

    Thanks Stuart, they were indeed stuck at the formed lines, its all come off with out a tear!!!!!!PHEW, I have some scrim foam to attach the back of the vinyl, so will check out the linked get me some staples
  5. Clarkey

    Door Cards

    I have for awhile had an issue with my drivers door window, so having sorted that I need to re do the door card as this is very warped as there was no weather curtain So I have decided to re make a new set of cards, main issue is staples, I have hand stapler but I can't find 3mm staples, Would any forumites have any ideas on what staples i need, I don't have an air supply so the pneumatic type isn't an option, looking forward to any guidance before I take the old door cards apart. Cheers
  6. Clarkey


    Hi John I too have electronic ignition with my ballast resistor by-passed I use a Petronic flame thrower coil 3.0 ohm, Ive had this fitted for over 5 years and have done a couple of trips to Le Mans , with no issues
  7. Hi Dave treated myself to some new wheels during lockdown .
  8. Well I have to say what great event this was 800 cars turned up and at only 4 pound per car its amazing value as well , It was nice to spend some time in the sun looking at some fantastic cars, a full range from modern to classics, its well worth visit It will be a place i visit in the future
  9. Try Neil Black https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Motor-Vehicle-Company/Platinum-Black-Transportation-Ltd-1359645204046427/
  10. Thanks for the heads up Charlie, if you have look on Instagram you can see what normally turns up
  11. I have just come across this https://www.wheelsonwednesday.co.uk Their last show/meeting is Sunday, Im going to give it a try, A friend of mine put me onto this who has been, as the sun is supposed to be out I thought I would take the 6 out and as they park classics and moderns in separate areas It will be nice to se what's there, From the pics I have seen that he has taken there is a real nice mix of cars. I hope to see some of you there . if not for this year sign up and pop to one next year ( not connected to the show in any way or the organisers)
  12. What a waste of my time that was 2 days gone, logic doesn’t work spoken with revingtons also a couple of prominent members lots of head scratching and still no joy pile of **** in the bin you go some time’s its better to leave well alone will be gone soon thank god
  13. So far this week, I've had the Rev counter out to replace the oil warning indicator that came out during the trip to the I.O.W.(years ago),Bit of a Bu@@er to remove, but job done. this afternoon im going to fit my Overdrive logic that I bought back in 2013 that I found in the garage last weekend
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