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  1. There has been a previous posting on here about the possible unsuitability of LED lamps in the ignition warning light, as the alternator needs an initial resistance (ie a conventional lamp) to make it charge. I have this afternoon changed back from a LED in that lamp to the original lamp and the problem of the ignition warning lamp not extinguishing until about 3000 rpm was instantly cured.
  2. I used Willow Triumph just along from Darlington on the A68 at Heighington for my 250 engine rebuild and am pleased with the result. He is close enough to you to go and have a chat. Should you need any more info pl PM me
  3. Coincidently my beloved had her first drive of the TR yesterday and complained that she couldn't engage reverse, I said just give it a good thump and in it goes, as I have been doing for the last 18 years....... Thank you for the above information-you're never too old to learn!
  4. I've had a CTEK XS3600 attached almost permanently onto my TR250 with a 75Ah battery for about 5 years now with no problems. Looking at the specification it appears to be more heavy duty and possibly more suitable. Hope the above info helps.
  5. Waxoyl on mine. It may not look pretty but it seems to work!
  6. Had the same problem on my 250. Resorted to slipping in a 25 thou feeler gauge between the top of the glovebox door & facia and carefully levered the door down whilst using the turned key as a handle. Permanent solution was to re-adjust the striker plate on the facia.
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