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  1. Beautiful paintwork!
  2. TRier

    TR6 Valve Collets

    Thanks Harvey, thats a bit of a bummer, personally I'd rather have them as intended. The way the collets sit in the single collar ones just looks insecure to me I must admit, they've been that way a long time so obviously its OK, just looks ropey. I wonder does it not matter then in practice that the exhaust valve can't rotate as originally intended?
  3. TRier

    TR6 Valve Collets

    Moss are showing them as available (the twin collars).
  4. TRier

    TR6 Valve Collets

    Old thread I know but by way of confirmation of how useful the forum is. I'm working on starting an early CP engine (TR5) which has been locked up for a very long time, have it freed up and rotating now but decided to strip the head and give it some attention. I noticed on disassembly that there were differences between the valve spring collet collars, didn't know why but great to see that its been addressed here, I note that somewhere back along the line the head had been reassembled with the collet collars randomly installed. Now changed to 2 piece on the exhaust and 1 piece on the inlet. G
  5. FWIW, I’ve used those expanding reamers Roger linked to and for pretty much the same reason you mentioned. I put new gudgeon pin bushings in a Landcruiser i overhauled the engine in, they were a nice fit until I pressed in the bushings then the pins were just tight. I used the reamer by hand and it took absolutely nothing to just make for a nice snug fit. The beauty with those adjustable reamers is they lend themselves well to getting them square, started with them adjusted slack and in very small bites adjusted them up until they take a tiny bite. They’re tapered so it’s not hard to do that.
  6. Hi John, did you fit the quaife LSD yourself or send them the diff?
  7. TRier

    A perfect day

    Well done, hope you enjoy it hugely.
  8. Yeah that was a good idea, I had similar thought, certainly no harm to have the cam sensor but not sure how much benefit sequential over batch is though. So what has your experience been with the EFI over mechanical in terms of power and efficiency? Niall
  9. Very best of luck with it Dan, I think that was a good decision, it’s going to be fun and engaging without the hardship. You’ll find this forum a great help with specifics when you get going.
  10. I haven’t done this with the body on although I’ve seen the aftermath and have done it with the body off. It’s possible but not great I would think, I think you’d make it mechanically sound in a basic way (depending on what the damage is) but it will be difficult to get it done really well and be sure of perfect alignment of the pins. I’d classify it as a make do for the time being repair, just an opinion.
  11. Very interesting, thanks. Sequential is likely only of much advantage at idle and lower throttle positions and you have covered that off with a kind of fuzzy logic solution around manifold pressure and the transition to TPS as feedback anyway. So, what’s the outcome? Any figures or feelings on power and consumption?
  12. I guess its very useful info in the wider EFI context anyway and John is knee deep in EFI right now!
  13. Don't want to hijack John Boyes thread here but are using that coil in a wasted spark config? AFR feedback in real time to the Megasquirt from the oxygen sensor? Quite interested in your experiences with that if you have time to elaborate a bit.
  14. Hi Dan, you've gotten some pretty good advice up there and all of it is correct, which is correct for you only you can know. I'm in the middle of a pretty challenging restoration of a 6, sometimes I regret not buying the best I could buy at the time and having something to drive and have fun with, I'm in a club and this register and when most of the guys are off having fun on the nice sunny days I'm in a shed welding or grinding. As I say sometimes that's a drag and I do think why did you not buy a decent car, so there is definitely a valid point there and I would say you probably wouldn't reg
  15. That is one seriously fresh and good looking car!
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