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    • DIYBOSSCAT  »  stuart

      Hi Stuart,
      sorry to bother you, just looking at posts fitting a soft top and webbing. How does the webbing fit on the front header bar?  Iv'e seen a video/you tube where the chap rivets it from the top, I reckon it would be better if the webbing went over the header and rivets underneath. Think it would give a bit more support for the top and also more clearance for the handles. Is there a correct way?  I have bought 3.5 metre's of seat belt webbing off Ebay and my wife has sewn the ends over to create a pocket for the pins.
      · 0 replies
    • CP26309

      3rd owner of CP26309 it had just 16,000 miles on the clock when I bought it in July 1972. It's never been restored just maintained. But repainted once in 1988 in the original 19 white cellulose, I just managed to stop the painter spraying the windscreen surround black, so that's still in original paint. 
      · 0 replies
    • mikesloan  »  boxofbits

      About 4 years ago you mentioned overhauling a Lucas control box when I was struggling with starting problems on my TR4. I'm now back inmtrouble with faulty control boxes (either no charge or no control) and fed up with buying rubbish repro ones. I have two genuine Lucas ones that need attention. Can you help, please?
      · 0 replies
    • Robert Sackley

      To avoid having to remove the spare wheel to check the pressure simply fit a tyre valve extension. This can be brought up through the spokes or other hole in the wheel and the pressure gauge applied as usual. These extensions, commonly used on commercial vehicles fitted with double rear tyres, can be obtained from HGV tyre depots or online by searching 'tyre vale extension'. Just make sure that you get one of sufficient length.
      · 0 replies
    • 70tr6pi

      Greeting Gentlemen,
      Can anyone tell me the order when installing a Bosch fuel pump and filter on a TR6?  Does the fuel from the tank enters the pump first, then into the filter and than into the PRV? Or is it fuel filter first and than the pump, than PRV?
      If it is the pump first, do I need to place small fuel filter ahead of the pump?
      Much thanks to you all.
      · 1 reply
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