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    1966 TR4A, 1963 TR4 & Audi TT @ present. In the past modified & tuned Mini, MG Midget, Mini 1275 GT, Cortina 1600E, Golf GTI X 2, MGB GT, Mini - Cooper, Porsche 911 X 3, Golf R32, MGC GT, Abarth Fiat 500 & various 4 X 4 work vehicles.

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  1. monty


    My 4 has pretty well the same spec (no limited slip diff) & must be close to that condition & without the wire wheels (nice genuine Minilites) & I would probably sell in the region of £45k, so if anybody wants to talk about it then ? Doubt whether they will get near £53k!
  2. monty


    I would love to know what the dealer gave the previous owner for it!
  3. I bought in late March a E24 Varta Blu Dynamic 70 AH (069 071 072) from Tanya @ £75 inc delivery.
  4. Where is the best place to purchase a new rack if required and/or wheel boxes? I would rather pay a bit more for quality than cheap copies. Are the Moss items ok?
  5. This poor quality issue raises its ugly head yet again! How on earth do we know what is good and what is not. Probably will find cheap rubbish when I get my wiper wheel boxes out. Not so critical as rear hubs but still a pain after such low mileages.
  6. Thanks for that Roger, I guessed it was going to be a tedious & awkward job! Will probably have to be a specialist as my back irritation will prevent me crawling around under the dash etc! More expense!
  7. I may have a problem with a seized wiper wheel box. Can somebody tell me the procedure for replacement of one or both on a TR4? It looks to be a very difficult job involving removal of fascia/dash panel/instrument etc? Many thanks.
  8. Tr4 & TR4A 22/24 front & 24/26 rear is what I generally use whatever the tyres.
  9. Thanks to all for the comments & advice. Have just ordered 2 TTrac's from Camskill @ just under £77 including delivery. £30 to fit & properly balance (centre lock wheels) @ Blockley tyres later. At my rate of use should last years!
  10. People seem to be mentioning the T Trac as a general useable acceptable tyre except for this sidewall issue which I still do not see or understand. Covering 2000 miles or less a year my tyres get old rather than worn so cannot see the sense of spending a lot as long as the tyre type is good.
  11. I think as long as the Ttrac works well it seems pointless to spend a lot more when with the low mileage I drive, my tyres get old before they wear out! Anybody got a photo of this grim sidewall?
  12. What's grim about it & is it safe & sensible to still have another make (Firestones with similar tread pattern) on the front?
  13. I am about to change rear tyres on the 4A but unsure whether to mix the brands. I have had Firestone 195/65 R15 on the car & they have been very good, lasting well with good grip. Vredestein have been mentioned a lot lately so should I replace with Firestones to match the make with the fronts or change the rears to Vredestein?
  14. I got some longer studs from TR Enterprises a while ago.
  15. It is correct Tim. To be sure I contacted ORS & they confirmed the workshop manual is incorrect along with the Triumph parts catalogue!
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