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    1966 TR4A, 1963 TR4 & Audi TT @ present. In the past modified & tuned Mini, MG Midget, Mini 1275 GT, Cortina 1600E, Golf GTI X 2, MGB GT, Mini - Cooper, Porsche 911 X 3, Golf R32, MGC GT, Abarth Fiat 500 & various 4 X 4 work vehicles.

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  1. Yes Andy I agree that does not look great for SAH as they had a good reputation for 'performance' items in the good old days of Triumph!
  2. Thanks for that Chris, will search out Jet Ultra unless I visit Yorkshire & Humber, Teeside or Scotland in the TR, all of which are unlikely. I am avoiding Esso in Gloucestershire as the 97 Synergy stuff is marked E5 already. Cheers.
  3. So they are just misleading their customers! The previously quoted Esso website stated that Synergy Supreme 97 contains no ethanol unless it is obtained in Devon, Cornwall, Teeside or Scotland. In Cirencester that Supreme 97 is marked E5. To me that is confusing & misleading! Sorry.
  4. They are lying with regard to Cirencester area! See my previous post on August 4th! Esso Synergy 97 labelled E5!
  5. Even if only for the afternoon tea Rog!
  6. No it's my friends Jodel Sicile. We have had may adventures with it including a weekend in Germany a few years ago. Lovely little vintage aircraft.
  7. The Royal hotel in Ventnor is our favourite place to stay or eat. A little pricey perhaps but well worth it.
  8. My wiper stopped a few months ago. Took the motor out, bench tested & it was fine. Thought it would then be the wheel boxes & the nightmare of getting to them but it turned out to be the rack was full of congealed grease. Rack out, cleaned & re-greased. Not sure what grease my repairer used but they restore & service many top classic cars as well as TR's so I am sure they used good stuff.
  9. A year or so ago I was forced to stop my Tesco email address because they decided to stop the business. I had to change to gmail & it as a nightmare notifying contacts etc etc. Tesco showed no concern or help whatsoever.
  10. Tim, might be a bit too far but Blockley Tyres in Glocestershire can properly balance centre wheels ( wires or alloys). Speak to Lee if you choose them.
  11. Penrite Gear 40 for gearbox/overdrive. Millers EP GL4 80/90W for the rear axle. Exactly what I have used for years in 2 cars with no problems.
  12. monty


    Heard from my MOT tester the other week that the proposal to check tyre age in UK is coming. Anything over 10 years old will fail.
  13. Stopped at an Esso garage near Cirencester yesterday & all the petrol pumps including the Synergy 97 were marked E5! First time I have noticed this marking in UK & I can assure you that Cirencester is nowhere near Devon, Cornwall, Teeside or Scotland! I think Esso's attitude regarding not putting out a list online smacks of misleading information! Wouldn't believe a word they say!
  14. I agree Chris. Once a year I get an MOT @ my classic friendly local garage, he does all the grease points @ the same time, checks the gearbox & axle levels & I wander underneath with my Waxoyl can! He often charges only for the MOT!
  15. Whatever you decide Ian, all the best.
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