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    1966 TR4A, 1963 TR4 & Audi TT @ present. In the past modified & tuned Mini, MG Midget, Mini 1275 GT, Cortina 1600E, Golf GTI X 2, MGB GT, Mini - Cooper, Porsche 911 X 3, Golf R32, MGC GT, Abarth Fiat 500 & various 4 X 4 work vehicles.

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  1. Green Spark Plug company. Usually quite good for spares but when I quoted the item you suggested on EBay they said it would not fit! I will try the one from Intermotor. If it fitted yours it should fit mine!
  2. Hi Roger, Just been in touch with Green SP & they say that switch does not fit a Tr4/4A! I am now a little confused! Moss do a metal one 13H3735X & Rimmers only do the plastic thing 134529. Can you give me the part number & supplier of the metal unit you have successfully fitted? Regards.
  3. My Tr4 has the mechanical switch fitted as my 4A so the previous owner must have done the modification. On that basis I assume the better quality metal switch will fit either car.
  4. Just a thought Roger. Does that switch fit all TR4 as well as TR4A? Didn't they change the switch type during TR4 production?
  5. A similar business, Thornley Kelham here in Gloucestershire, are usually looking for similar people.
  6. Exactly what I was going to buy tomorrow Roger! It was just that I had a spare tatty plastic switch in the spares box & needed to fit it quickly in order to do the drive out! A new quality item will be fitted ASAP.
  7. Pay the extra & go for the quality Timken bearing from a proper bearing supplier. If we keep buying this cheap rubbish we will get what we deserve. Just replaced today yet another stop light switch supplied by Moss which lasted a couple of months! Just junk! I bought my Timken bearings a couple of years ago from Bearing- King in Sheffield @ £48.
  8. Are there any plans for a similar design window sticker?
  9. Sorry Mick & Roger! We are talking about the same good stuff!
  10. Classic oils of Bicester do a good 20/50 with the correct amount of ZDDP. Good friendly Company. I have gone to their oil from Millers as it was getting silly price wise. No difference in pressure or amount used.
  11. Both cars were the products of a disintegrating or disintegrated British motor industry & both as awful as each other in my opinion, so it matters not!
  12. monty

    Car Security

    I myself always have favoured the spike anti theft system! Car seat only recognises the owners rear end & on failure to said recognition a metal spike rises up through the seat! Perhaps also best to have the wife's rear also on the recognition list!
  13. Nice photos Tim. Interestingly you have a TR5 rear valence. I have the same on my TR4 fitted by the previous owner & with a reversing lamp on the near side & a red fog lamp on the offside. A good modification & mine & yours the only 4's I have seen fitted! I guess there must be more.
  14. Recently had a tip on Rainex from a Motorsport friend. Put on a good application & if possible leave on overnight or a long while before polishing off. More fife time apparently.
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