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  1. Sad to say, ICU transfers were a way of life in the NHS. Never enough beds, often major surgery that required one post-op. had to be postponed.
  2. Quote, "But as for the politicians and Royalty comment . . . .I'm not sure that there is any real evidence to support the position." No? Do you not read the papers, listen to the radio, watchTV, John? The infection, confirmed by testing of Johnson, Hancock, and Cumming (a minister or as good as, if that's not a nonsequitor) and Charlie the Plant-talker has been widely reported, as has that of other parliamentarians who have fallen ill. But testing, for NHS staff, with the highest exposure and viruis load, and greatest risk? Non-existent! Quote, "There seems to be a general tendency to berate the govt for the lack of testing being undertaken" Damn right there is! Who else was and is ableto take early and effective action? Groups of NHS workers have had to appeal for crowdfunding, for the gods sake, to buy their own PPE! Quote, "Does it do any good to continually groan on about it? My guess is; probably not." But if it ensures that this Tory party, negligent of the country's safety and that of its heroic NHS staff, never, ever gets back into power, I shall sleep well in my grave. Quote, "From the man (whoever he is) pressing the 'testing' GO button, it takes time to put into practice" Oh, for the gods sake, why state the bleeding obvious, that they didn't make a decision, any decision until it was forced on them by the rapid advance of the disease, when early action could have saved lives. You have read that at least two NHS consultnats have already died of CV19? Why go on? John, your post only seeks to excuse the current government from criticism that is not only fair, but wholly justified. The response, from the NHS, industry and the country has been exemplary, but thanks to the Gov's wilful neglect and delay, has been a forced necessity and we shall see if it is enough.
  3. Colin, just click on "Unread content", top right.
  4. Germany may, but the UK has NO idea how many people have CV19, as NO ONE is being tested, except politicians and royalty. Not the NHS employees, like Daughter and Son-in-Law, both consultants and sorely needed, who have just had to spend a fortnight at home because junior had a cold. Because the Tory Gov sat on their hands while the viral threat grew, and only when it was palpably obvious what was needed "Worked night and day" (yeah, sure) to secure not only testing kits but even the PPE that could protect health staff! Will the way that their actions have killed at least two NHS consultants and the health of hundreds of thousands of others be remembered at the next Election? I doubt it.
  5. Thank you, PJ , I am corrected. Your method renders as rediculously large numbers anyway!
  6. Gosh, yes! It's bigger than a googolplex, 10 x 10^100
  7. Same as when I did it as for an Enigma. Factorial 41, 31, 29, 26, and 23, and 43, 47, 51, 53, 59, as per RobH's description of the size of each wheel. I didn't get as far as adding the two extra wheels! Even Google's computing power ran out! The two sets came to 2.5 x 10^163 and 1 x 10^248 (the '^' symbol is used to indicate a power, like 2 squared, 2^2, in typescript, where resetting to a superscript character isn't possible) And because it's a power, adding them together is the same as multiplying. OK, one set of digits was 2.5 and the other 1, but for a number as large as this, the digits are insignificant!
  8. Evenn ignoring the complexities of Either/Or, the first quintet of wheels gives 2.5 x 10^163 possibilities! Combining only the next four gets 1 x10^248 (Google can't cut any more!) , so in excess of 10^400 possibilities. That would do it! PS 4Mal, no wonder we won the war - the Nazis must have been deafened!
  9. Factorial 26 x 12. (twelve rotors on a Lorenz) 'factorial' is written " ! " so 26 x 25 x 24 x 23 and so on, x 12. Or 26! x 12 = 5 x 10^27 (27 noughts after the '5') but that is out by many, many orders of magnitude. Number of atoms in the universe is about 10^80 (80 noughts after the 10)
  10. We've not heard of any run on loo rolls from other European countries. I know that Brits are obsessed with their bowels - any other reaosn why there was sucha stampede?
  11. I was thinking more of what something like this might do, between Preston and Manchester:
  12. All the attributions of "Cock and Bull" to competing pubs are conjecture. There seems to me to be another origin. "A load of old cock" is used to describe 'fake news', and while that is attributed to "Cock and Bull", more likely it comes from "Poppycock" with the same meaning, which is derived from the Dutch "pappekak" for, er, a soft bowel motion. And "bull" or "bulling" is the military term for both devoted attention to detail in the polishing and cleaning of uniform, and to obsessive and unnecessary ritual in military procedures. So in line with "stuff and nonsense", "cock and bull" is another binomial phrase that is used to denigrate something.
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