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  1. Yes, it's levelling. Levelling down. Levelling up would continue to supply the successful practice, while encouraging the laggards to.do better. This may be an academic discussion - Pfizer is reducing vaccine production, possibly, hopefully, to increase it later.
  2. I could not be more sorry, Suzeanne, that you have lost, for now, the relief from pain that a hip replacement can give, or that the medical services in your area lack the enterprise and forward thinking that have delivered this result for Lancaster & Morecambe. But in your disability, would you inflict that on anyone else? This area and I don't want any more than anyone else, but to be prevented from continuing the good work seems to me unjust to the people of L&M and insulting to the group practices whose good work is being negated. John
  3. So much for dePfeffel Johnson and the Gov's "levelling up"! The Lancaster Vaccination centre where I've been helping has been closed down, for next week at least. It will receive no, none, not any, shipments of vaccine. I am told that this has been taken to a very high admin level and there is a perceived "need to let everyone else catch up". This project, that had by the end of last week vaccuinated 40% of the over 80s and vulnerable in the area, and were dealing with the 70s and Community NHS workers this week, has become the victim of its own well-organised success. But rat
  4. I've ordered some "Durafix" aluminium welding rods, for a similiar job but yet to try them. See: https://www.durafixonline.com/gb/ No connection. John
  5. It just sat on my screen and refused to say that it was uploaded. I'd delete the extras but there's no 'delete' button.
  6. Quadruple post as wasn't loading properly. No delete button. Mods please edit?
  7. "All inof is in Spanish" No probs, Peter! Go to Google translate, paste the foreign language website URL in the box and label it with the appropriate language (Spanish). In the second make sure it says English and click on the 'go to' symbol (square with an arrow out of it) The webpage will be displayed in English. This works for text. It does not for diagram labels and other graphics text. EG "COVID-19 report in Andalusia Page prepared by the Ministry of Health and Families in collaboration with the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia, with the
  8. Peter, You should know better than to publish data with no comparison. And no dates! WHEN was D3 given to this population? What may we compare it with? I can only find a chart of total deaths in Spain, and only until September, and it exactly parallels your chart for cases, with less detahs as would be expected for a vulnerable population. Are you saying that the fall since Xmas is due to VitD? Show us the evidence! John
  9. Ricky's double hoops - back stay, yes. Diagonal, no. They will still be weak to a lateral impact. Linking the two hopps by a strut between their tops would contribute to lateral strength. JOhn
  10. That is extraordinary! Especially to see it, from a dry bed to overflowing on both sides. But what caused it? Summer, from the dress of bystanders, almost cloudless sky. Where did all that mud come from?
  11. Thnak you, Alan! You used NZ as an example, which might have been extended to Australia, Taiwan, Singapore etc, and of course, China! Many that have kept it at bay have been small islands - which makes the UK Gov's inept response all the more inexcusable. Gin
  12. Super6al, Even you don't seem to get it! This rule has been in force for years, and while we were in the EU was part of the control of 'our' borders! It has not changed, the EU has done nothing to 'take control', but is merely applying a rule it always has; revised 2019, previous version in force 2006 (IIRC). It applies to non-EU countries, and while we were in the EU we could ignore it. We are no longer and the EU has every right to apply it to UK residents coming into their territory, but the rule is nothing new .
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