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  1. "If you share DNA with someone", the result can be joyous or disastrous, depending on the circumstances........
  2. Ian, Good luck, and I shall look for any advice you can get on tree programmes. Family History can be fascinating, and the Internet Age has made it all the more so. My great-grandfather left us a "Family Notes, detailing his life in the middle of the 19th century. I'm transcribing it into Word, as the old exercise book is falling apart. Recently I came to a passage where he describes a visit to his mother's sister and her husband in a Worcestershire village. I found the village's webpage, and there a copy of an invoice from Uncle John's business: Dated
  3. The driver (?) of the 40 on the right, standing while others fettle, has the same stance as Carl Swanson by Kastner's Candy Box Vitesse! Expand the pic above to see what I mean.
  4. As Baz said, when you're that old, don't buy green bananas.
  5. Reviving this thread, I have a very similar problem. Can't post links. All that pears is a text heading for the page I wanted to link to. EG: Home (tr-register.co.uk) This should be, as it says, the Home front page for the TR Register, which I can link to, if I type it out in full, by hand: https://www.tr-register.co.uk But the usual method of copy and paste doesn't work. The above didn't find a solution. can anyone suggest one, please? I should say that I have this problem only on this site! John
  6. Running on must be one of the most common complaints! A search here finds nearly 1300 posts, not including this thread, dating back twenty years! Again, for some reason I cannot post a link, but go the 'Search' button and use "running on", in quotes to search with. It's such a common complaint that a special page might be worthwhile, listing all the found causes and their cures! John
  7. Educate us, please, Roger? Why use one test and not the other? I imagine that's what he had available.
  8. Andy, Have a look at the video I linked to above. That Aussie's complete business seems to be repairing similar kit for the construction industry. Not cranks, but hydraulic cylinders and pistons. He uses much more modern kit, but the same craftsmanship. John
  9. Absolutely agree with the above comments on craftsmanship. That he uses a piece of old cardboard to protect his sandaled toes while welding is pathetic (in the pity sense). You might enjoy comparing with these videos that use rather different tools, but not contrasting as they display the same craftsmanship. Made by Kurtis of Cutting Edge Engineering (or rather by Mrs. Kurtis), he's a laconic, dryly humourous Aussie. A pair of his recent videos show his good diagnostic skill as well. First video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpMD48wb3_s John
  10. NZ has sent a Naval ship with a desalination plant that can provide 70,000L a day. Sounds a lot, may not go far among 100,000 people, but well done Kiwis! The Tongans have been clearing the airport runways of ash with bucket, spade, wheelbarrows and brooms, so that relief planes can land.
  11. Well done, Marco! I hope your wife appreciates the artistry!
  12. What a good analogy! VERY expensive, shortened professional life, eccentric in appearance but full of hot air, and never there when they are expected.
  13. Footage now emerging from Tonga: Tonga: new footage shows aftermath of volcano eruption and tsunami - YouTube Has something been changed on the board? I've copied the URL of that report from YouTube and pasted it above - but it just appears as a line of text, not a link or a playable video! If you go to YouTube and search for that title you will see it. Dramatic satellite view of the explosion, the tsunami coming ashore and the aftermath on Tonga, with local journalists reporting. John
  14. Bonnet scoop. Yes, I've fitted one over the carb air intake. Looks purposeful but discrete, IMHO.
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