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  1. I made my own, from a spare oil pressure gauge and a length of Aeroquip hose. But you need to damp the gauge, else the pump pressure oscillation will wobble the needle off! A restrictor in the hose connector, a disc of copper with a tiny hole in the middle, does it. JOhn
  2. After 50 years its far from unusual if the OE engine has been replaced! And look at the "trim code" on the commission plate. That may give a colour code. See: https://rimmerbros.com/content--name-Triumph-Paint-Chart
  3. Would you use other fifty year old safety kit? J.
  4. I can't recall how mine is wired. I worked out which was which on the bench, with a couple of lamps, knocking it against the bench until one went out and the other lit. If anyone wants, I can go and write it down! If you get one, if at all possible get the connector to the loom as well, with the wires cut off long. The pins in the switch are not ordinary spade connectors, and it's much easier to wire it in this way. JOhn
  5. Didn't go on last year's, but the route is strange: Ravenglass to Scarborough, fine, butb then on to Bicester? Surely near the 'centre of England' the furthest from any shore?
  6. Me too. There is a second version with three wires, that will light a lamp on the dash to tell you thatit has triggered. Useful if the "engine failure" you have just suffered is only due to mounting a kerb. Won't happen parking but might at speed! JOhn
  7. Solidworks, the CAD programme, has a 3D aero add-on. Kevo junior has imaged well the vortex there is behind most cars. The ideal with least drag, is a teardrop shape, with a long pointed tail, but it was Herr Doktor Professor Kamm who showed that cutting that off, leaving a flat 'transom' back end did not make drag significantly worse, as the vortex is so powerful that it approximates to a solid body, and th rest of the flow goes over it. The TR6 back side is just such a transom, or Kamm tail. This menas that anything in the vortex recirculates, and this can include exhaust fumes. But the vortex on one side rotates in the opposite direction to the other side, so that exatraction tends to be from the centre. It may be that gases from an exhaust pipe in the centre, not to the side, will be removed more quickly, and not access the boot. JOhn
  8. Two days ago, I was coughing like a too-rich Triumph. Today, I'm better! No cough, and feeling fine. How are you, Roger?
  9. Pauling was NINETY THREE when he died! But apologies for taking your name in vain! John
  10. Ah, that was Linus Pauling. Brilliant chemist, Nobel prize winner (Twice! For Chemistry and Peace), and advocate of VitC as a cure-all. It's a strange mixture! Himself took 3gms VitC a day (you need less than 100milligrams) to prevent colds, and believed that megadoses could also relieve heart disease, brain injury in children and even cancer. His eminence led to large trials of VitC in cancer, all of which were negative. Luckily (for us and PeterC) megadoses of VitC are not toxic - you just pee it out! - so no harm done, except to some blameless coal tar feedstock. JOhn
  11. Thank you, Suzeanne! AaaaaaaaaaaaChoo! John
  12. Roger, My sympathy, as I share your symptoms! I attribute my infection to visiting the Tribe over Xmas/NY - two families, four grandkids - and being infected with bugs from two cities different to mine. Just getting over it now! My sister had the same problem and now swears by "Eschecaria" extract - but that's the E in E.Coli, the bowel bug, so that can't be right. I'll ask agsin !
  13. I have a six cylinder engine that I bought without a head and with rain water in the bores. I managed to free it up - it was seized - by leaving a mixture of oil and white spirit in the bores, and trying to turn it, both ways, every day. Eventually, over a month, it freed up, and I have it running in my engine rig, without a rebuild. I wouldn't use it ina car without one though! In my ignorance of TR4 engines, I gladly endorse Roger's advice, not to try to turn it, but take it apart. But a soak in something penetrating now might help remove the pistons later. What are other's favourite 'freeing-up mixtures"? In the US, half and half acetone and ATF is favourite (or favorite). John
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