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  1. We did - well, not that well, but respectably! This was 2008. The driving standards of other teams then so deterred the Triumph Drivers that I could never get another team together!
  2. This just appeared on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133558404638?fbclid=IwAR0Ygx5DhSFC7DnMZeIuMDkQdFM8ts5qZKxT4gg6mvxgjTpQaghjHNC7-Qs It's an auction, all proceeds to the British Legion Poppy Fund, so get bidding!
  3. John shows us a male spherical, that would take a tube between it and it's pair. A female spherical would take a length of rid (stop sniggering at the back!). Mine's off the car at present - I'll try to find it and post a pic.
  4. Another way to make this is with a pair of small spherical bearings, with opposing threads in the neck. A lengh of rod betyween, appropriately threaded and with a nut welded in the middle, and Voila!
  5. I was surprised to read that the OE bridge piece was made of 'pot metal', which I always associated with cheap model cars or trim. So I went to find out. I measured the volume of a spare bridge piece, by dropping it into a container of water and abstracting water to return the level to the original. It has a volume of 40mls, and weighs 245grams, so has a density of 6.125gms/cm^3. This is three times the density of any aluminium alloy, but much less than steel. According to the Wiki, the density of Zamak is 6.6, but as "Pot metal" is not a specific alloy, I think the case is pr
  6. I'm watching the 2030 Birkett, live from Silverstone: https://www.facebook.com/453515148341364/videos/770746843780178/ The oldest model in the entry is the VW Beetle, which is fairly old, but next would be ?Toyota MR2? Despite the blurb speaking of teams of Midgets, or A30s, that is history now. Oh, for the days 30 years ago, when there were Bentleys and 750 Trophy (Austin 7 based) cars, as well as several Triumph teams! There was an attempt to hold a version for classics, but sad to say it folded for lack of entries. O Tempora, O Mores! Certainly entrants take the Birkett
  7. IC's study is not one of vaccine effectiveness, nor age related infectiveness, but a dosing finding study, to illuminate epidemiology. Given the far greater lethality of Covid on the aged, it would be unethical to include us. And if there is a "non-drug" cure for TB I'm sure that India would love to know about it.
  8. "New Scientist" (24/10 2020)has always been my favourite science review journal and now it's go-to for Covid news. The latest issue is full of interest, which is bit like saying I'm a turkey, watching the calendar in December. First, anyone want to be a hero? Imperial College will start to infect volunteers with Covid in January, not to treat them, but in a dose-finding study. All our discussions about spread are hampered by having no knowledge of how much virus is needed to start an infection. We didn't even know how much spit was spread by singing, or playing instruments,
  9. If sump bolts, especially those in the alloy bridge, strip their threads, then they have been overtightened, no doubt by the DPO. The same abuse 'bells' the bolt holes in the sump flange, by crushing the gasket material around them. Thereafter, it's impossible to compress the line of the gasket, as the metal gets in the way, and so leaks continue. It's necessary to straight-edge your flange and dress back the belling on a suitable stake. And then observe the correct torque on these bolts, 16-18 lbs-ft, when 'hand tight' is about 12 lbs-ft. John
  10. You know that there is no lomger that thing called an "RTA", a Road Traffic Accident? Accident happen by chance, without a cause. They are now "RTI"s, Incidents! The driver involved in your incident, Paul, was the one who forgot the hand brake!
  11. Quibble, I know, but that's not an "Enhancer", that improves quality, it's a "stabilser" that keeps it the same!
  12. I beg to disagree with the last bit, the "venturi effect", while agreeing strongly with the upsloping hose from block to tank. Flow below the engine bay is extremely turbulent, so any venturi effect will be transient and minimal. I've posted a pic of my setup before so I won't again. Catch tank on bulkhead, small K&N filter on T, between rocker and tank, seperate upsloping hose from block. Small visible steam effluent from filter on cold days, NO oil in the tank, ever! John
  13. Tom, please expalin your layout? Looks to me as if you have a T-connector that links together the rocker cover vent, AND the rear air filter housing to the PCV, which is mounted on the centre Weber intake manifold, which will suck in rocker cover gas and air from the filter. Since the filter will flow vastly more air than the crankcase, I would expect far more of that tahn gas, and since Weber manifolds are not linked by pressure balance tubes, your Nos.3 & 4 bores wil be getting a lot more air than the others. Have you compensated for that in way you have set the middle Weber?
  14. A crankcase breather should slope up to the catch tank, else all condensation runs down into it. That's the disadvantage of a rocketcover vent, you can't get the tank high enough.
  15. Many seem to consider that a 'fuel enhancer' (enhancing what?) is like Popeye's spinach, producing a magical performance improvement. Additives can be hepful, but you need to know what you are doing, not sprinkling fairy dust. "5 star" was 100 octane, and modern fuels like BP Ultimate or Shell V-Power are rated at 99 octane. But what does that mean? Absolutely nothing about 'performance'; it refers to the tendency of the fuel to knock, pre-ignite, in the face of increased compression ratio, and the ratio of iso-octane, a hydrocarbon that has a high resistance to knock, to heptane,
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