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  1. Late? No probs, Tom! Everyone should have a Halfords card! JOhn
  2. Bevan, Full marks for your diagnostics! As you found, low pressure at the injectors, but why? "All injection components refurbished by Neil Ferguson" Including original pump? Is it still capable of producing >100psi? Consider a pressure gauge in the fuel line, either a direct one in the engine bay, or an electric on the dash. And why "VPSE"? Millers say, "An all-in-one fuel treatment providing ethanol protection, lead replacement and octane improvement endorsed by the FBHVC." Your Pi system has been "refurbished" so if with ethanol resistant rubber, no need for the first, you have unleaded valve seats, so no need for the second, and Shell V-power is 99 octane, so unless you have an enormous CR, no need for the third. John
  3. What a good idea, Alan! One I have contemplated for long. But next year, I am invited(!) to enter the Kastner Cup! That is rather bigger project than getting to Angouleme, and I'm presently looking at several options for shipping the car. But it's far to go, for a long weekend in Ohio, and I'd like to make it an "awfully big adventure" by collecting my car in the port of entry and driving to Ohio. No problem, the car is road legal and I've driven it to Le Mans, twice. But the show stopper to date is that I cannot find an insurer who will provide short-term cover for a non-US resident, driving his own car! So I'll be grateful if anyone can suggest a broker or insurer who will do this! John
  4. Thank you Tom, for your constructive comments. But the Regs for the St.Mary's say: "1) RACE ELIGIBILITY The race is open to the following classification and categorisation of cars, as defined by Articles 2 and 3 of Appendix K: Period E – cars built between 1/1/1947 and 31/12/1961 Period F – cars built between 1/1/1962 and 31/12/1965." I'll admit, my car was built in 1970, but the model was first made in 1962. That is the usual criterion for eligability. Goodwood may insist on the former but did not mention it. They also require an HTP, which I do not have but would work towards, if that had been mentioned. There is no mention in the Regs of 'competing in period at Goodwood'. John PS Sorry, thread diversion not intended. I'll shut up now.
  5. Humble? Why should I be humble? I have nothing to be humble about. I write and ask if my Vitesse might race, say it's the only one racing in the UK (AFAIK), offer to provide all and any details they require and may I please be invited? I fully realise that I can't 'invite myself', this is an invitation race. Should I have concocted my letter in other, more obseqious terms, signed "Your obedient servant"? I wasn't arrogant, I was straightforward. If anything my dismissal was arrogant. If the race was full, they could have said so. If they wanted more detail, they could have asked. If, as I expect, they have many request of this sort, they could say so and suggest I ask again the next year, offer me some hope. But no, 'No, thank you'. They were polite! John
  6. Surely brass nuts too malleable? John
  7. Well, some of them are definitely not seized! Others, tighten first, then ease off, reversing the direction briefly every turn, like driving a tap. There you are releasing swarf, here, corrosion. Lubricate as suggested while you do it, and if the nuts beging to squeal, STOP!, go back, relubricate and use more cautious easing. The squeal indicates seizing, which can snap the stud. And replace with Bronze nuts. so avoid future seizing. John
  8. Malcolm (?) If you have an electric pump, then an impact cut out is advisable. There is a type that is fitted to many moderns, from MINIs to Maseratis, available used from eBay, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FIESTA-2003-MK6-1-2-PETROL-3-DOOR-ENGINE-FUEL-PUMP-CUT-OFF-SWITCH-BUTTON-OF/174014042206?hash=item28840b905e:g:b4IAAOSwY3BdaA88 There are two types, with two and three leads, the latter lights a diode on the dsh to tell you that the switch has activated. You don't need to crash, a strong vibration, eg mounting a kerb, can do so, it's useful to know! Always buy one WITH the connector to the loom, which makes wirinh it in much simpler. JOhn
  9. If you go to their store, they want "proof of trade" so a letterhead with your 'company' on it might do, easy enough to make up on your wordprocessor. Or, you can be more honest and apply on line at https://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/MyAccountTradeCardApplicationView?catalogId=10151&cm_re=tradecarddesk-_-button+2-_-register&langId=-1&storeId=10001&krypto=4QyIUG0U9LelH%2FypI9hn%2B%2FaaSiLQX7qbQufP5wgyLGFU1j%2BAJqfrCV2cOIEV%2BRFQa4Sx%2FH30AgSZdIGaqXQ0H6YP9ASneCP%2F02B2sObAJMg%3D all they want is your name and address, and for you to "describe your trade" from a drop down menu. "Mechanic" does it! Not everything at Halfords qualifies, only motor trade items, not bikes, radios etc, but still worthwhile as Nigel and others say. John
  10. Since mine is, ASFAIK, the only Vitesse racing in the UK, I asked to enter the St.Mary's Trophy, for 60-66 production saloons. I was told 'No thank you'. Goodwood can get stuffed. John
  11. It's a convention of engine design that the mean piston speed should not exceed 20 meters/sec unless exotic materials or special preparations are used. This value is a surrogate for the piston acceleration, which is a much more complex calculation. The mean piston speed of the two engines at 6000rpm may be calculated, EG: At 6000rpm, the piston travels from top to bottom of the bore in half a revolution: Duration of stroke = 60/6000 x 2seconds = 0.005 seconds For the 2L engine, mean speed of piston = stroke disance/stroke duration (in seconds) = 76/0.005 =15200mm/s =15.2m/s 2L, 76mm stroke RPM Mean speed in meters/sec 6000 15.2 7000 17.7 7500 19.0 2.5L, 95mm stroke 6000 19.0 6500 20.84 Thus it becoms obvious why the 2.5L engine becomes unreliable at a speed at least 1000rpm lower than the 2L. John
  12. If you wnet to Stafford, no wonder you were disappointed!
  13. I bow to your exploratory expertise! The Oz outback definitely qualifies as 'wilderness'! J.
  14. Clearly, to me anyway, part of the negotiation between the Clubs was to hold the weekend on 'neutral' ground. That puts Malvern out of the question. Correct me if I'm wrong, and with the confidnece of a jont meet behing us, Malvern could come into the frame, maybe. John
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