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  1. Here's another, I think: Just had an email, from one, "Scott Wilson: "Greetings John, I hope this message finds you well and safe. I'm not sure if I got the correct address. Jim Turner gave me your contact information, he's a member of the British Car Club Of America. I'm looking to buy an European classic car such as British, German or Italian. Jim thinks you may have or know about a one for sale. Actually, I'm restoring my Dad's 1982 Ferrari GTB. I'll consider any condition. Please let me know, I'll not be wasting your time. Sincerely, Scott
  2. Gosh, yes, Rob! Doh! In my enthusiasm to introduce some factual argument in place of opinion I let my enthusiasm run away. Thank you for the gentle correction! John
  3. The OE TR6 caliper has two pistons with a Diameter of 2.125" and a total area of 6.68 sq insthe Wildwoods have four of 1.62in diameter, or total10.18sq jns. This is a 50% increase and needs to be matched by a similar increase in Master cylinder diameter, else you will have press much harder for the same braking. JohnD
  4. Stephen, I'm in Lancs (Lancaster) but at moment in Lunnun for the weekend. PM me and maybe I can help? John
  5. But Oz has always fancied the "Ute"! There was even a Herald Ute version, just for Australia!
  6. Eh? Your message garbled, please resend.
  7. Please see the source, Waldi: https://wintoncentre.maths.cam.ac.uk/news/communicating-potential-benefits-and-harms-astra-zeneca-covid-19-vaccine/ There MAY be a tendency for women to suffer this more than men, but the numbers are too small to be sure. So the Winton Centre didn't discriminate, and only refers to 'people'. John
  8. Yes, little jim, those incidence figures are so small that the differences are meaningless. The 'interesting' feature is that those - SOME of those! - in the vaccinated group share the thrombocytopaenia (low blood platelet count) finding with the similar blood-clotting complication of heparin treatment. But successful treatment of the vaccine-related complication has included things that don't work in the heparin-related one, so maybe they are not as similar as they seem. John
  9. Does this help, ntc? This graphic compares the risk against the benefit at different ages. Because the young people suffer so little risk from Covid, the benefit of vaccinatiion is much less, so that the balance is in favour of avoiding OAZ. The graphic is from Cambridge’s Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication. John
  10. Thnak you, Marx! And thank you Hamish! Your points are well made,and I now understand, but I would maintain that my anchors are within the +/- 20 degrees from the vetical allowed in the diagram! John
  11. A US friend pointed me to the Wiki page about Kas. That he has such a page shows the esteem he had, and contains more details of his professional and personal life than I ever knew. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kas_Kastner#Triumph Marx, I don't expect to even try again in 2021, but maybe 2022? See you there!
  12. I planned to take my car to the Kastner Cup last year. He was too ill to attend, and Covid stopped me. Because my car is dark, British Racing Green, and I have the original dark veneer wood dash, I fixed a plateto the dash for him to inscribe hs "Good to race". It will never have his approval now. John
  13. I don't understand what you mean, Marx! As you will know, safety equipment is inspected before every race, and the scrutineers have never commented as you just did! Maybe the photo doesn't make it clear. The crutch belts go inside my thighs up to the buckle, just below my waist. In a forward impact they would grip me by the groins and completely prevent forward movement, or 'submarining'. But of course, anyone buying the harness from me can fit the anchor points where they wish! JOhn
  14. Posting my selection of official documents on Covid having been well received, perhpas this may also be of interest, and use to you. The NHS has long had a "Yellow card" scheme, by which it can collect reports of "Adverse Drug Reactions" (ADRs), because as has been said, every medicine has side effects. The same scheme has been collecting reports of the side effects of Covid vaccine. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions/coronavirus-vaccine-summary-of-yellow-card-reporting The understanding of such side effects develops as we
  15. Your "work" being what, Sir? My race car is road legal and I drive it on the highway. But when it's got racing numbers, lots of stickers, all the gear (and some idea!) It is just bit like a flag that says "Coppers, look at this!". So I drive rather carefully. Only been stopped once, and the Officer then said " I had one of those? Do you really race it???"
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