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  1. Your English is darn sight better than my Dutch!
  2. Goto TDC on the firing stroke (both valves closed) Remove all the plug leads from the dizzy cap. Turn the dizzy as described above. Note which plug the rotor is pointing to. Install No.1 lead on that terminal, and the others in firing order. NB! Dizzy goes clockwise! Micro adjust the ignition timing, either statically (workshop manual) or dynamically with a strobe light. Voila! Good luck! John
  3. Yes and it's spot on. You given me a god idea, Waldi! I was using a spirit level, but a water level, tube almost filled with water, the level of the water at each end always on a horizontal line! John
  4. No reflection on you, at all, Don, and if you can explain, in detail, how Seafoam works, then you are not a quack! John
  5. Waldi, If I have mentioned it before, forgive me. But the nature of Triumph cam shafts allows a very simple method of timing the cam, without the need for degrees or protractors. It's called "Equal Lift on Overlap' (ELoO). The usual way of doing this requires at least on and preferably two dial gauges, are costly. But recently, I came upon an simpler variant of ELoO. Read about it, and see my link to my original ELoO posting, at https://sideways-technologies.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/9639-a-new-method-of-cam-timing/#comment-134285 Good luck with it! John
  6. Like "Marvel Mystery Oil" , in America, "Seafoam" appears to be better than bread presented in individual slices. For any, absolutely any, engine problem. Bit like WD40. It is more usual that remedies that are presented as cure-all nostrums are the reverse, the province of know-nothing quacks! John
  7. Anyone going the long way around? To visit Reims-Gueux's extraordinary pits and grandstand,preserved by chance, and Les Amis du Circuit de Gueux. Who deserve your support if you do! John
  8. Thank you, Rob! Then the correct mode of operation for the early gauge, that you describe so clearly, would indicate no working connection to Richard's sensor? Or, another fault that causes no current in the signal coil so 'straight to full'? John
  9. Richard, the gauge works by the sensor in the tank varying resistance. The more in the tank the less the resistance. So "straight to full" sounds like a short circuit in your wiring. It's a good way of checking gauge function, but any short circuit could be a fire risk. I can't comment on TR 3/4 wiring colours, but very much worth a check! John
  10. Gosh, I'm amazed! "Mimser" is almost a Googleplex, in that it almost doesn't appear on a Google search. I fact, it only gets 5000 hits, most of which cheat by being sites that will find a Scrabble word from the letters in mimser. But it has been used, on the Honest John site, where it is correctly defined as "a slow, unaware, obstructive driver", and the claim made that it was coined by no less than Bill Boddy of MotorSport magazine. https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=68443 It has a good etymological background - 'mimsy" - which is no doubt were Lewis Carroll got h
  11. I'm going, in my TRansit. But I'll be at Tertres Rouge.
  12. No sign of burnt through, or even any melting of the pistons you show. A melted piston would cause a smoke screen behind your car. I know, I've been there. Excessive blowby is the reason for your oil loss. The cause? You had a cracked head? Block damage? Certainly you have poorly sealing piston rings.
  13. It was Club Triumph, but anyway, posted! John And now I see you had been there already!
  14. May I, please, giving you a credit? I won't be parading - I'm going to CLM in the TRansit - and anyway, the last time I did, it was so crowded with mimsers that it wasn't worth it. But lots are and they need to know what it's really like! John
  15. WoW! Thanks, Hamish! Post that on TSSC? Someone there was asking the other day, did they really need a helmet for the parade laps! John
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