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  1. Many folks who paint their gearboxes, including me, do it mainly for the benefit of the restoration photos. Ed
  2. Internal threads can be cast, but it requires a complex and expensive mold that has hydraulic actuators that unscrew male parts of the mold. Molding of plastic bottle caps is related, but these are very course pitch, and much larger. I'm not sure the technique would even be practical for smaller fine threads. Zamak, aka Mazak or pot metal, is noticeably heavier than aluminum. It's usually easy to tell them apart by feel with a chunky part like the sealing block. For more complex shapes, a drop of muriatic acid will fizz on Zamak, but not on aluminum. Ed
  3. Evans appears to be essentially 100% glycol. There is no earthly reason for it to be as expensive as it is. Ed
  4. You can usually tell if the pump motor is actually spinning by sound or feeling for slight vibration. Ed
  5. There is good advantage to running a small vacuum in the crankcase. Reduced tendancy to leak, and better extraction of blowby gasses for less oil contamination. Ed
  6. As an expedient repair, get a 1/4 UNF bolt 1/4 inch longer than the original. Screw it in as normal and add a new nut below. Ed
  7. Since the cam turns two revolutions for every one of the crank, "180 degrees out" is indistinguishable from "0 degrres out", except for the timing mark. You will have to take this into account if you use the timing mark when you install the distributor. Ed
  8. Rocker tips can be reground. Ed
  9. Sadly, in situations like this, if all else fails, the last resort may be an exorcism. Ed
  10. ed_h

    TR6 Dashboard

    Period ads refer to it as walnut.
  11. I've had the pleasure of doing this twice. On the TR6: http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-62/TR6-62.html And on the GT6, which has the same or very similar or hinges. http://bullfire.net/GT6/GT6-40/GT6-40.html Both cars had one hinge with a broken pin, and the GT6 required bronze bushes, even with larger pins. Ed
  12. Yes, that's what it is. Many parts blow-ups don't show it. Ed
  13. Judging from anecdotal evidence over the years, some do this, and some don't, both with good results. It seems that it is less common on this (US) side of the Atlantic. Ed
  14. As Rob says, a single flasher can do both signals and hazard, but it will take some rewiring. There might be a way to re-use the stock hazard switch, but I haven't really looked at it. Ed
  15. I can't answer your question directly , but can offer some pics of my 74 column with steering lock. Some of the pics near the bottom of the page might help. http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-46/TR6-46.html Ed
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