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  1. Brilliant idea, Roger. If I have a tool in 2 or more sizes, it's always the one I need that is missing. With your solution, they would always be together. (Maybe both missing, but at least together.) Ed
  2. "Uprated" in this context usually just means stiffer. It can be accomplished by adjusting the valving, fitting different valves, or using heavier oil. Ed
  3. ed_h

    fuse size for electric fan

    Find or measure the current draw of the fan. Size the fuse at 50-100% over that. This assumes that the fan wiring is properly sized. The fuse protects the wiring. Ed
  4. ed_h

    Out of order ?

    I regularly find images from my web site (that I created and own) all over the Internet. Pinterest is one of the worst offenders. It's the Wild West out there. Ed
  5. ed_h

    Cancer risk from welding

    Good thing to know, but it's also good to appreciate the difference between occupational levels of exposure and those of a hobbyist. Here in the States, we often see scare pieces that cite OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) studies about this or that causing cancer. When you actually look at the study, the levels of exposure involved are usually vastly beyond anything an occasional tinkerer would see. Obviously, if you weld for a living, take it seriously.
  6. ed_h

    TR6 Sill Strip

    My factory original strips are also 54.5", about 3/4 shorter than the distance between the wheel wells. Ed
  7. ed_h

    Grinding Stone

    Yes, you really deed a die grinder. Carbide or even HSS burrs will remove metal pretty fast. Also, you can get abrasive cones made from wrapped sandpaper that are good for smoothing. Ed
  8. ed_h

    inside door handles

    I recall now that this is true. I had to shift one of the hole centers slightly before installing the Rivnuts. Ed
  9. ed_h

    inside door handles

    Yes, Rivnuts to mount TR4 pulls on TR6 doors. Ed
  10. Very nice execution on those seals, Marco. Ed
  11. ed_h

    Bonnet Insulation

    The stuff I used was described as follows: "Flame retardant, oil resistant blended Buna-N foam soft sheet, 1/4 inch thick" Ed
  12. ed_h

    Her first start

    Glad you got it sorted, Waldi. Ed
  13. ed_h

    LED Tubes

    "Color temperature" is maybe more important. it's the actual color of the light. Measured in degrees Kelvin. Ed
  14. ed_h

    LED Tubes

    It's really a matter of taste. For a living area, people usually prefer a warmer color, like 2700K or so. For a garage, something cooler (but higher color temp, go figure) might look fine.
  15. ed_h

    LED Tubes

    it can be a straight swap into a ballasted fluorescent fixture, but make sure you buy the right kind of tube. For some tubes you must remove the ballast and rewire. Ed

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