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  1. Sorry, I pasted the wrong link. Here's the right one: http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-111/TR6-111.html ed
  2. I found those screws to be an odd size, at least here in the US. They are between a #1 and #2. Metric, maybe, but I couldnt find them here, and ended up refurbing the originals. To tighten up a wallowed hole in wood, you can glue a sliver of wood or a toothpick in the hole. Ed
  3. Andy-- Making new cages is not too bad a project. You could weld them on, but I had holes there, so riveted them on. http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-79/TR6-79.html Ed
  4. Andy-- Might be something here that can help: http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-79/TR6-79.html Ed
  5. Good question. I Locktighted an adaptor in there so it now takes a 1/4" pipe plug like all the other plugs. Ed
  6. Also called oval head, at least in the U.S. Ed
  7. I had my spokes plated in brushed chrome. I think they lightly sand or Scotchbright the nickle layer before the chrome. Ed
  8. "Fish paper" is vulcanized fiber, and looks and feels similar to the material used for those fiber washers. Fish paper is used as electrical insulation. I bought some a while back, but everything i saw online was a grey color. Ed
  9. The last two new shafts I bought had similar debris inside. Ed
  10. No, it's a factory plug. If you remove it, you'll find it threaded 3/4-16. Ed
  11. It's a brilliant idea, especially for areas that don't require much shaping. I think I'll borrow it. Ed
  12. ed_h

    Fitting Boot LEDs

    VERY nicely done!
  13. Alan covered it really well. I also had to weld up and redrill the clevis holes. Ed
  14. I've used This type of product, and it is trickier than implied, especially on small or thin parts, as mentioned. One issue is that the molten solder actually dissolves the aluminum, so thin sections can actually disappear. Ed
  15. Sounds more like soldering than welding. Ed
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