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  1. On anything i cared about, I would never paint over any rust if I could possibly help it. My method of choice is usually sand blasting. Ed
  2. Very good job, Jon. With a will there's a way. One less wing in the landfill. Ed
  3. If it works like my 74, and i believe it does, the low speed is accomplished by including a resistor in the path to the motor, while high speed is run direct. If the motor runs at the low switch setting, it implies that the resistor and motor are good. This just leaves the switch and the high-speed wire and it's connections. Ed
  4. Thanks, Bruce. That seems logical. A clarification, though--You say the jack was closed on the spare wing nut, so I'm assuming the spare is stowed outside up with the wing nut, then the jack is closed on the nut on top of the wheel? Or should the spare be outside down? Ed
  5. Thanks, Guys. I did run across some info indicating that the leather strap was to secure the tool roll. My strap is gone, so I can't try it, but I'm not sure it was long enough for the tool roll AND the jack and crank handle. Ed
  6. Coming up empty on this so far on a couple of other forums. It was suggested that I try closer to the source. Anyone here know? Ed
  7. I think the ring would help locate the outer column in the fore/aft direction. Ed
  8. Going from memory here, but I think I concluded that it was just a spacer between the mount and the ignition switch assembly. Ed
  9. The rev counter (tach) and speedo are essentially identical inside except that the tach lacks the odometer parts. I believe they all read slightly high when new (at least the speedos--not sure about the tachs), but tend to degrrade over time. Probably the magnets getting weak. The instruments can be adjusted and calibrated at home with some setup effort. Ed
  10. You can do one like this with just a drill press and a small tap.
  11. Maybe, but it sure looks and feels more like sand than scale. It also doesn't react to acids the way typical scale does. Ed
  12. I pulled this out of the water jacket of my block. It was blocking the drain. A commercial hot tank treatment didnt touch it, nor would any ordinary flush process. Consensus seems to be that it is casting sand, and is very common. Ed
  13. ed_h


    Yes--shouldn't be much much resistance at all. You can try a drop of light machine oil on the bronze bush to see if it helps. Ed
  14. ed_h

    Spring compressor

    Many of these are just made from found scrap. As noted, it is a fairly high stress application. Hardware store threaded rod may not be adequate. Mine was 1/2 inch UNC and it worked, but distorted the threads. If you must use hardware store rod, use at least 1/2 inch, preferably larger. Also, threaded couplers as Paul shows would be better than standard nuts. Ed
  15. ed_h

    Door gap dimensions

    It's common here in the US to use the paint mixing sticks that paint suppliers give out free with paint materials. Ed
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