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  1. ed_h

    Wing sealant

    This stuff is made for applications like this. It does not harden. I used it on my TR6. Ed
  2. Not sure it matters, Waldi, but just as a thought, do you think water would drain out better if it were reversed? Ed
  3. Never used Bondarust, but I have used POR15 quite a bit, though I'd rather use a good 2 part epoxy if I can. POR is moisture cured, so once the paint is exposed to the air, it starts to cure. A drop of water (like sweat) in the tin can ruin it. Re-opening the tin can be a problem since the paint is also an excellent adhesive. Using some plastic wrap under the lid can help. I have stored half-cans for a few weeks successfully, but it's a bit of a cr*p-shoot. Ed
  4. ed_h


    Bringing it back a little closer to on-topic. Ed
  5. ed_h

    Finally painted

    That's a beaut, Waldi. It's home stretch now. Ed
  6. That's true--seals do need a little lube to last. The outer seal will run dry and maybe fail quickly. Then the bearing's seal will be the only seal. Ed
  7. Check out this link: http://www.74tr6.com/pdfs/Differential.pdf Ed
  8. Good solution. Now you have a double oil seal there. I wish I'd thought of that. Ed
  9. There are also O rings on the shaft for the manual primer lever. I've never seen these in any kit. Ed
  10. If that bearing fits otherwise, I think I'd remove the seal facing the inside of the gearbox. Ed
  11. In the maybe dozen whole or partial panels I've bought, almost all required reshaping, some minor, some fairly major. The only panel that went on essentially untouched was the rear valance for the TR6. Ed
  12. You could easily find kits that included that seal a few years ago. Today, the only one I found costs way more than buying a pump. Ed
  13. ed_h

    Rear wing seal

    I leaded that joint. Since it is welded, I didn't think I could use sealer the same way as for the wings. Ed
  14. ed_h

    Rear wing seal

    This is a 3M strip caulk, applied before the wings were hung. The wing flanges compress it to a very good seal. The excess sealer that is extruded out of the joint is then removed, and the remaining sealer tooled to just below the surface. The sealer does not harden.
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