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  1. That's a nice tool, Marco. To deal with that angle, I left the spring pan detached from the lower A arms, and pulled the pan up with the compressor. By the time the pan got to its final position, it was well aligned with the A arms for attachment.
  2. Definitely do all of the checking and cleaning steps suggested, but realize that a conductor carrying current will heat up. If currents are largish and long term, heating can be enough to feel, even with large conductors. Ed
  3. ed_h

    Boot Lock Assy

    I probably would have used flathead rivets if I'd had them on hand. Ed
  4. ed_h

    Boot Lock Assy

    Richard-- There might be something here you can use: http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-85/TR6-85.html Ed
  5. May have already posted this. A '71 Triumph Daytona bought new by me in London in April, 1971. Recently restored.
  6. Looks vaguely like some motorcycle multiplate clutch tools I've seen. Triumph motorcycle, maybe? Ed
  7. Do you have some indication that it is indeed a Triumph tool?
  8. If everything is working properly, nothing in a brake servo will come in contact with brake fluid. Ed
  9. ed_h

    Door Locks

    You maybe should wait until you get new door seals. If the door has to compress the seals to latch, the seals will hold the latch against the pawl. I also found that by tweaking the flange the seal mounts to, you have some adjustment available. Ed
  10. POR15 instructions say you add second coat when first is "finger drag" dry. To me this means the paint will still bond well to itself when it is dry to the touch, but it still feels soft. For me, this took 2-3 hours, plenty of time to get a full coat on, even without a rotisserie. Ed
  11. ed_h


    You can also get or make torque multipliers for torque wrenches. They are just extensions. Doubling the length doubles the torque for the same force at the handle end. Ed
  12. ed_h

    1972 Front Grill

    Keith-- Maybe cut some strips of sheet metal and bend or have them bent lengthwise? Ed
  13. ed_h

    1972 Front Grill

    Keith-- There are some closeup pics of a 74 grille here: http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-86/TR6-86.html Ed
  14. I wouldnt think that factory tolerance was much tighter than 4 mm end to end. Bolting on the body may have an effect on it, too. I'll bet you could tweak that 4mm away if you wanted to. Ed
  15. Yes--the stock hose connector has an internal check valve. I verified it's operation when I did my servo. Ed
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