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    1971 TR6 (LHD US Spec), British guy living in Denmark. Also restoring a 1955 Vespa.

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  1. AarhusTr6

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    Hi John - - when you got yours done, could you feel much difference in the perfornance? Cheers, Rich
  2. AarhusTr6

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    Hi John - - where can I find a bit more on getting this gas flow done? I'm in Denmark and not many old British car tuners standing around :-)
  3. AarhusTr6

    Head ID

    My winter project is a head rebuild on mine which is a CF24358UF on it. I cant quite work out tho' the details of what head I have and maybe what to do when its at machine shop? Plan is full cleanup, new valve guides, cut for lead free otherwise its fix or upgrade whats best. I am tho always wanting more ooomph but am concerned on doing this without looking at the wider picture. Any tips`much appreciated but somebody a while back suggested this: The intake manifold flows better on this one. Also, the block has reccesess around the bore for better sealing (uses a different head gas
  4. Hi Kieth I am squinting my eyes and trying to picture it . . did you take pictures by chance?!!! Rich
  5. Hi . sounds good to me! So you swapped out the US Spec head for a high comp PI head - am I right? I have a slightly lovely . . but lack lustre US TR6 and would like a bit more ooomph. BTW I have a CF Engine but in a CC body! Rich
  6. Roger . . as always . . well spotted!!!
  7. He mentions that but then goes on he had no issue getting glass in last..
  8. Hi I am going through a similar winter project, ie top end re-build, how do I do the measuring spoken of? Richard
  9. For me, this job has been my biggest pain, then this video came out!!!
  10. Hi Confusingly on mine, my driver side is flush to window, the passenger side has about a finger gap from frame to window . . any ideas before I pull it apart? Rich
  11. Next time your cruisin' through Jutland PM me and we have a tyre kick and a cuppa! Richard
  12. So you're going to live in Bordeaux and restore a TR6..... well that really sounds like a most wonderful retirement plan!!!!
  13. I am guessing that it is some sort of courtesy bulb but I just cannot find where it would have been mounted
  14. I have a bulb in glove box which works... But no footwell light and I can't quite work out where it would go
  15. hi this just came with the car and I haven't been able to figure out where on earth it is for does anybody have any ideas all of the instruments seem to be lit up...and looking at the wiring of red and white it is clearly lumination but I just can't figure where it could be for
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