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  1. Yes, actually had the wrong ones, the ones I had on kind of narrowed on the middle, so ordered some new square ones Richard
  2. Well its so far seems to have no importance, and now I know how I fit the gaskets, which I am praying helps my over high idle!
  3. Hi George That makes sense, as I took the TBV off today and can see that holes channels to the TBV hole (which I am planning to blank off to help my high tickover). Any ideas what the other hole is? Richard
  4. Good morning so if I I look at the picture I attach I should cut some tin exactly to the shape of the gasket but close off all but the three screw holes?
  5. Could somebody please enlighten me on the purpose of these two holes which are on these 175 please? So not the four mounting holes but the other two which are opposite each other.. Secondly the gaskets ....if I put the gaskets on as shown in the picture with 2 x carbs, that then blocks one of the said holes?
  6. Hi George Thanks for replying. I read somewhere of a chap who used a coke can, does this sound okay to you? Issue I have is the actual screw, broke when I inserted a screwdriver into it, and a new TBV is 50 quid, so thought blank it of and also hope this brings my tickover down.
  7. Hi In an attempt to fix my high idle (long story) I broke the brass screw on the Throttle Bypass Valve, but I am reading many people blank them off. Can anyone, in simple steps, tell me how to do this please? Thanks, Richard
  8. Hi guys It just crumbled, or broke when I shoved a screw driver into it, when trying to figure why my tickover RPM was so high. Guess 50rs of polution and heat... Any tips on making a solid gasket? Richard
  9. Hi I broke the little brass screw, but after an hour of google, cant find a replacement for this in UK or EU land. Can anyone help? Thanks Rich
  10. BTW The car nearest the firewall, the screw broke on the TBV . . and I am struggling to find a replacement or should i blank them off? Thinking to do a test first before blanking to see what that does? Richard
  11. Hi all Been a while, car is a bit better after a lot of muddling but tic still at 1400 . I am now wondering, if maybe I did not tighten inlet manifold or other well enough, could this be an issue? Richard
  12. Hi All of the emmission stuff has gone and yes, put oil in dashpots.
  13. Hi there I struggle . . or rather dont want to belive that is possible as I spent a small fortune on having them rebuilt, and coming back like new from a specialist in Germany. I think this may be the approach, but this company, according to the TR Club of Germany are really top dollar. My timing I have, at idle, with a strobe light just in between the two II lines on the wheel, as I twist clockwise, it becomes higher in RPM but as said before, idle screws are totally out
  14. Hi Peter Dizzy is a recent rebuild from Distributor Doctor, but is the test to just plug it for a moment? Richard
  15. Hi guys thanks for all the advice but it's still is running really high and unfortunately I had to cancel the road trip. I plugged the hole as suggested by Poolboy and also put those spacers in . Connecting I have tried disconnecting linkage so that does not seem to be an issue and the choke levers are fully closed. I do not know if it is a red herring but it gets worse as the engine gets warmer and almost up points when it is hot racing away up to like 17 1800 RPM IIt's kind of ruining my summer plans Richard
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