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  1. I fitted a Delco 6 Electronic Distributor as a temporary measure whilst I was going to send my D22 lucas of to the Dist Doctor. Thing is, its running so well I am unsure on what gains I can get by sending off my old 22D...! Rich
  2. :-) Well the door cards have a few screws rather than those spring clips so taking that off is not the issue . . but . . the door handles. . oh no . . . .I need a drink...
  3. there are three jobs on a TR6 I REALLY struggle with: first is the pin on door handles. Second is the outer rubber on the window Third is the inner felt strip on the window. I have, with enormous amounts of blasphemy managed no1 and no2. No3 looks at me . . menacingly, mockingly and teasingly and as its vacation time I have decided again to take on the assault, or as Shakey would say, once more into the breach... So door cards are fitted and and the outer rubbers, plus I have every clip going. Please, any suggestions on making this task that bit easier? Thanks Rich
  4. A most helpful member made my day and helped me source some originals! Maybe I am being OCD . . but I spent a day polishing and rebuilding my cluster which is all original Lucas and the thought of fitting new non Lucas lenses for some reason bothered me!!! Maybe I need to see a shrink... Rich
  5. Hi So the summary is, this is built for expansion of additional power elements right? If so, I will use it for faggy, USB, etc. Rich
  6. Yes Correct, rear side indicators. I have never been able to find a pair on ebay. Rich
  7. Hi Does anyone have a recommendation for speakers (regular size?) Nice work Trevor, doing same here soon Rich
  8. Hi Hope Ok to post on this forum, I am a member but cant seem to post in classifieds. Does anyone have side amber lenses laying around in their garage? Would prefer originals to replace my Red US ones. cheers Rich
  9. Thanks So was not used for anything and was there for expansion purposes? Rich
  10. hi Please see picture. Was thinking of utilising as a power source for USB, ciggy lighter etc but was unsure what it originally was. I will fuse of course. Thanks Rich
  11. Hi Did a clean up of back lights and one holder was in bits so bought a couple for the usual suspect purveyors. If I was to say; 1 = **** and 5 = decent, the quality of the holders was about 1.5. The material was poor, fitting was awkward and I was waiting for one of the prongs to snap and I literally forced it in. For those who know the acronym, they were CCC. Guess I buy used off eBay and clean up next time. Rich
  12. hi Angus Welcome aboard! You car has quite a lot of mods on it, and maybe hard to say why its so thirsty. Can you guess on what your getting per litre/km? Rich
  13. Hi Bruce Not sure what a run out is... In my bad Danish and his not too bad English I got it that the wheels were not 100% round, so a few whacks in pot-holes over the years have made an impact so he put the lesser-round ones on the back! He also said wheels are OK even if not 'round' and if the car was a Ferrari then OK, maybe consider this an issue but not for a 70s Triumph. He also made extra effort to get balancing 100% (test drove and re-did one wheel) and the result I have found is excellent. Rich
  14. Hi A solution to an issue I wanted to share. On importing the car I got new tyres, locally fitted at what I though was an OK mechanic shop. I have driven the TR about 2 years now and has always, at about 60 get steering wheel shake. Suspecting more worse, I was about to go for a big job but thought to put car, one more time into a Danish equivalent of QuickFit (Superdæk!). The guy behind the counter was super enthusiastic to get his hands on a classic and did all four wheels, took great car in balancing and decided to put two wheels which had some imperfections to the back. Result is its like a new front end has been fitted with no shake and much firmer handling! Not sure what the moral of the story is, maybe something on the lines of do not always trust previous work combined with sometimes the simple ideas are the best solution. Rich
  15. Hi, Thanks for tips. I really do not fancy pulling rear wing off. Rich
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