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  1. Serious - - fake plugs?? Richard
  2. Okay, thanks, but the boot and glovebox lights also still work, or is this a split off those? Richard
  3. Hi all I have carpet up and found these which I think is interior lights but the colours dont fit, car is a CC from 1970. The purple is always live. Any ideas please? Can see this on the wiring diagram Richard
  4. Hi I had several issues on my dash electrics, some tips from me to you all: Disconnect battery!!!! Have a tin to put your bits in! Remove driver seat .. this made access better and protected seat - takes 2 mins Start with speedo, put hand behind and remove the knurled knobs Remove bulbs to speedo Remove speedo cable Remove speedo dial, this gives access to rpm dial Remove rpm knurled knobs Remove wires etc Now at this point you can decide if you unscrew wooden dash, I did but you can get access to most from here if you have small hands! Also then you can remove and clean and test hazard switch Download and print the wiring diagram , so do your fault finding and photo and record as much detail as you can. My TR had a lot of recut wires, some wires not truly corresponding to wiring diagram and fitted with a differing hazard Check , clean and replace when necessary every connector, use a electric grease or similar on all connectors, make sure they are nice and tight and wont fall off when revving, hopefully this is it for 10 years plus so dont rush this time to do good maintenance. Also mine had loads of yukky old electric tape everywhere, remove, clean and use something better Consider bulb replacement, they degrade over time (i personally dont like LEDs on classics . . personal choice, like food and women :-)) Oil speedo and RPM cable, replace grommets on firewall Clean and check earth points . . they are connected to the bash on the knurled stems. Test all before refitting, I made some extension wires so that I could test hazards etc with dash out. Use some small zip ties, clean up inside when your happy on functionality Put dash in Put illumination bulbs back into RPM dial, the bulb should reach Put RPM dial in, then if you can lay under with a pillow and connect spades on stem which hold dial in, and add knurled knobs, dont forget earth cable. Then speedo cable and the two bottom bulbs (flasher and hi beam). I found laying down and having a decent flashlight really helped here Check the function, then do same on speedo, same process test and test . . and write as much down as you can - what seems obvious now wont be next year . . . . . all that you have learnt is now draining away! Hope this is of use and maybe others have additions.
  5. I have that awful CRACK sound on my passenger door. . . no idea why... Richard
  6. Sorry if I sounded inconsiderate...
  7. Hi I find that they do not offer regular RoyalMail, only fancy courier. Rich
  8. Hi For those who live outside of UK. do you have any thoughts on this? I ordered some not breakable parts from Moss, they came in an insane sized box and way too much packing, also cost was almost as much as part. This is generally an issue for me as today for example I needed a metal shaft, so not breakable, weight of about 80g and post was £15... item was £18 . . . also it was tracked which I am not caring about. Should I try to give this feedback or any other thoughts? It (the part) could have gone in a jiffy bag for £2 . . . Regards from Denmark Richard
  9. Like it - but I use a magnetic LED portable lamp, also gives additional flexibility and charges off a 12v outlet. Richard
  10. Alan Just notices, was the missus okay with car parts on living room carpet?! :-)
  11. Maybe a hard question to ask, Living in Viking land, I order from UK, so add 5-7 days. Weather is good here (ish) and lockdown not so strict so i'm thinking if I remove unit, then work, then order = less drive time. Should I just go order new bushes and a rod anyway - and do job as a one-er on a weekend as they are not that expensive? Richard
  12. thats a really nice job . . you should be proud!!
  13. Hi I have a wobbly clutch pedal and was considering doing a cleanup of the pedal box, renew bushes, replace main shaft (assume its worn) and clean and paint it. Is removing it terribly difficult? Any tips`? Richard
  14. I did exact same, put and electron one in whilst Martin overhauled by original. Martin also added an vacuum advance and did a re-curve, lovely job.
  15. Yes, was thinking of drain holes, but struggle on how this can be the case.
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