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  1. Ok - - so some git of a PO basically painted over it!!!
  2. Hi So I edited my picture a bit. Should I drill out the bit in the blue circle and the red circle should that be filed flat? Richard
  3. Bump . . I also need the same, and have tried so many places to no avail!
  4. Hi - -so your saying the volcano build up around it - is just paint and build up??
  5. I have an excuse to go back to man cave for some more pics . . can always grab a snifter when there I guess (being as cold as it is..!)
  6. Hi Mike This is not a today job, but a one day job so if you find the manual one time I'd much appreciate it, Richard
  7. Hi Ed Yes, the gap between the dimples is approx 9cm. So my logic is 9cm of travel BUT the other slider allows further. I am a bit confused today!
  8. Does this help? Looks like old rivet bit is still on body
  9. I am presently cleaning up and restoring my seat runners but have got a bit stuck on one thing. Please take a look at my photograph and you will see that the small rollers have little studs which allows the roller to move approximately nine centimetres. however if you look at the latch holes that is much greater than 9 cm so how does this work? logic to me on this side it can only move a maximum of 9 cm but on the one opposite slider I can move it much further??
  10. Hi Mike, no, its a garage I rent about a few Km from my apartment so not heated at all, but I did see this occur when driving and it was a chilly day or chilly evening. When I looked at my dials on my car yesterday in the garage, I could see the speedo especially was quite steamed up. Heated garage . . oh what a luxurious thought! Richard
  11. Hi I notice on cold days my speedo and rev counter steams up or mists up, assume its damp getting in and maybe needs new gaskets etc. Is this a send-away job or can an semi-skilled like me attempt to do? Richard
  12. So can we bring back a thanks button? Some people have recently just replied to one of my comments and even found link for a supplier in Denmark for me . . and its just polite to say thankyou else we fill the foum with hundreds of thankyou posts or come across as a bunch of grumpies!. Roger???
  13. Thanks for all the replies. For some reason I am having a mental blank on this - - I am an engineer and can do most, but for some reason I am suffering mentally here! I will pop to man cave a photo what I have on the car. I have a cheap rivet tool by the way,
  14. Hi Roger thank you for replying yes looks like the rivets I have bought. But I'm being really thick and just do not get it.... The strips I have a really skinny about 5 cm wide
  15. Hi all please excuse my thickness the very thin metal strip on my 1970 is needing to be refitted and I just don't understand how it is fitted back to the car. I ordered some rivets from moss and they just look like rivets with big fat heads on and I just don't understand it! Richard
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