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  1. AarhusTr6

    Battery Earth Lead

    Thanks Waldi and Mike, also a useful article. Rich
  2. AarhusTr6

    Battery Earth Lead

    My leads a bit frayed. I can see its got to earthing points, one to chassis, one to engine. Can anybody advise if I should get same as I can see some with just a single earthing point. Thanks Rich
  3. AarhusTr6

    Black/white wire in left side engine bay

    Hi Waldi Also guessed screw was not correct! I think I will take it out and also have a good look the whole device. Rich
  4. AarhusTr6

    Black/white wire in left side engine bay

    Hi So maybe underneath the crew is the shuttle . . just did not want to go much further on this when I saw it. What a bodge job.
  5. AarhusTr6

    Black/white wire in left side engine bay

    Dear all So went to summerhouse where car is stored and removed bolt from PDWA and looked inside to see if the shuttle thing was installed inside, but was shocked to see a small screw instead (see picture). At this stage I thought 'phone a friend' before moving on.. I have tried uploading a picture but keep getting some -200 error - but the picture basically shows the inside from the top the PDWA with a small phillips screw jammed in. No idea what Po was up to but have found a few surprises on this car... Recommendations on next stage? Rich
  6. AarhusTr6

    Doorcard Fitting

    Hi Slapped in a few self tappers and never looked back and look great too. Got a few nice period looking ones from Woolies nr Peterborough. I constantly had the bloody clips popping out and me driving with a knee against the door as holes were work I guess over years. Rich
  7. AarhusTr6

    Replaceing door hinges

    Ok, so it seems its door off, makes sense. Thanks Stuart.
  8. AarhusTr6

    Best source for lamps?

    Hi for rear lamps, a new set of gaskets and the original lamp in dishwasher made a great difference! Suggest you also solder the earths on the lamp holders too. Rich
  9. AarhusTr6

    Replaceing door hinges

    Hi On a similar note, I have to replace my door check straps. One side still has the rivets but it looks very difficult to drill them out due to access. Any tips? Rich
  10. AarhusTr6

    Black/white wire in left side engine bay

    So like a rifle, open the breach and look inside... ! Rich
  11. AarhusTr6

    Black/white wire in left side engine bay

    Hi Stan, yes, I first had that idea too until checking wiring diagram where I can see its purple . Wonder what happened to my anti-run`wire? Rich
  12. AarhusTr6

    Black/white wire in left side engine bay

    Thanks Chris and Waldi Is there a quick and easy way to see if the shuttle is fitted or not? Rich
  13. AarhusTr6

    Seat Belts - Female Clip Length

    Update So I fitted 45 CM long Securon seatbelts this weekend. I found the L Clip on the floor makes a big difference and now the new arm is well clear from the seats. I am though a bit concerned on the fixings, the kit does not come with enough Nuts so I need to go buy some nylon lock nuts as I do not want anything shaking loose! Overall quite happy but the web belt is still does not get pulled 100% back in the roller when I exit the car, so I have to still do a bit of feeding of the web belt back into the drum. Thanks for the help, Rich
  14. AarhusTr6

    Black/white wire in left side engine bay

    Thanks Waldi The last bit I need is the connector which is out of stock, but think a spade connector across both pins works. Rich
  15. AarhusTr6

    Black/white wire in left side engine bay

    Thanks Ed So it seems I am missing the connector that goes on the wire, I cant find this listed anywhere, I guess I could improvise with two small female pins but would look ugly. If I do put the PDWA switch back in, do I also need to bleed the brakes? Rich

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