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  1. Hi all Sunday success! Here is some info, for those needing to do this. 1. Under the metal bar, put some sticky back rubber, to stop scratching of the hood cover or rivets to body 2. Issue I had was head on rivet was too big for female part of popper, so I filed it down, until the flange on the head fitted inside the popper. This is important! 3. The rivet head goes through the female popper, through hood material, through metal bar, through other side of hood material then is topped off with a correct fitting washer 4. The rivet gun I had, the head is too big
  2. Interesting and entertaining show on a TR6
  3. Thanks so much, Peter is on overtime presently and hardly has time to get to the phone so did not want to burden him more as I am just so pleased he got my work done! Richard
  4. thanks Bill . . feel a bit silly now! Richard
  5. Hi guy Peter Burgess has redone my cyl head from my US 74. Below is what he did, but a few of them, I am not so sure what it is exactly. I am not ever doubting Peters work but he is so busy and this is just my ignorance and curiosity at work here. Its the ones with the ?? on the end I am a bit unsure of, can someone explain this please? Head stripped, acid dipped then hot washed, gritblasted, inlet and exhaust ports ported, bronze guides fitted and ex seat inserts, seats cut at three angle, ?? combustion chambers and valve throats modified. ??
  6. hi I have my tunnel off presently. When re-fitting, despite reading several forums I cant figure how it fixed to the bulkhead or firewall. PO only fitted it or bolted it to the floor. It is plastic has no pre-drilling at front and no rubber at front either. Appreciate advice Richard
  7. Hi Three bodge jobs so far. I think I found long rivets, and filed the head a bit so they fit inside the cup. Also think my rivet squeezer or guns nozzle is too wide, maybe I try with some small waster in between the nozzle and the rivet. Thanks Richard
  8. Think I get it, seems I need a very long and thin rivet, which my local DiY store does not seem to have
  9. Hi What happens here is the tax is charged when you get the delivery, which I am okay with BUT, the issue is the handler charges you a €15/16 handling cost, so if I need a small part then thats an issue. I was writing with a guy who sells TR and British parts via eBay and when I spoke to him, he was livid (ie really mad) as his EU business has literally dried up, and I think he was a 1 man band garage/store guy. Unfortunately I cannot see it resolving as EU see UK as a 3rd country and outside of the club, also they probably dont really want to see the UK succeed so some of the rules I
  10. Hi I'd really appreciate some step by step on this please. I have the bar off (part 4 in the pic) from the hood and need to now re-affix it, but for the life of me cant figure out how I rivet the poppers on (part 9). What size rivet do I need, and is part 11 just a bit of rubber to stop scratching? Also is any glue needed from part 4 to the canvas hood? Thanks in advance Richard
  11. Oh no, decisions decisions! Mines a 1970 CC Richard
  12. Thanks Mike, Its because I saw a few pics of how some people had piping on the B part too. Richard
  13. Hi all Can somebody be so good as to tell me where the piper fits on the inner quarter panels? Is it on along the door part or is it also the top part? I try to explain my question in the picture, so is piping only on A or is it A and B? Rich
  14. Hi I'm removing the standard airbox and really like the K&N filters but my budget is about half on what the K&Ns costs, ie £100 each. These seem to be the K&Ns most fit over the pond on the carb cars, but wondered if anyone saw some nice cheaper ones?
  15. Hi Putting back together floor carpets. The door sill caprpets, you sill see in one picture, the carpet, with vinyl edging. I am fine with the bit going to the back of the car, but am confused on how it works going to the footwell. If you look in one picture, I wrote "what do you do here?". PO just twisted in, but I was thinking a cut in the vinyl is needed? Also in the footwell., the wiring loom goes up. does the carpet just get some spray adhesive and it goes to the end of footwell`? Thanks for help. PS - ., . I put these strips in washing machine, cool was . . wow wh
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