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  1. Hi All of the emmission stuff has gone and yes, put oil in dashpots.
  2. Hi there I struggle . . or rather dont want to belive that is possible as I spent a small fortune on having them rebuilt, and coming back like new from a specialist in Germany. I think this may be the approach, but this company, according to the TR Club of Germany are really top dollar. My timing I have, at idle, with a strobe light just in between the two II lines on the wheel, as I twist clockwise, it becomes higher in RPM but as said before, idle screws are totally out
  3. Hi Peter Dizzy is a recent rebuild from Distributor Doctor, but is the test to just plug it for a moment? Richard
  4. Hi guys thanks for all the advice but it's still is running really high and unfortunately I had to cancel the road trip. I plugged the hole as suggested by Poolboy and also put those spacers in . Connecting I have tried disconnecting linkage so that does not seem to be an issue and the choke levers are fully closed. I do not know if it is a red herring but it gets worse as the engine gets warmer and almost up points when it is hot racing away up to like 17 1800 RPM IIt's kind of ruining my summer plans Richard
  5. Hi I am struggling to find these vibration spacers, Moss only have 1. Does anyone know what material they are so I could try to make them? Richard So annoyed I mis-layed or did not see these missing
  6. Thanks guys Learnt so much, also that the insulators did not come back with the carbs, I thought I had new ones and now need to try find some before my roadtrip which I hoped for in 6 days . . oh man . . if I have to ship from UK, then its a delayed roadtrip. or Is that a bodge too far to use multiple gaskets? Thanks all, Richard
  7. And you are probably the leading authority on TR6 carbs :-) Still say I am famous! Serious, thanks so much, I will give feedback
  8. I am famous! The first person in years to have left off the fat gaskets! :-)
  9. So this could be the underlying issue. . .
  10. I have those. . .in my garage I am embarrassed to say . . So BA77 and BA78 (is this for heat protection?)
  11. John I so much appreciate the help, but am being fick . . can you advise or explain what part you mean, on disconnect the small throttle rod - is this a part of the linkage?
  12. Please excuse the grimaced mug shot . . but yes, front car has a vent which I have overlooked! Dizzy advance goes from the top of the rear carb, so should I plug this and see that occurs?
  13. Hi Ken The engine is a 74, so guess carbs are too. Also I am 99% sure there is not nipple on the underside of the carbs. Thanks, and getting a bit desperate to be honest as was hoping for a roadtrip to Germany in 2 weeks but I not keep to do this with this underlying issue. Richard
  14. Dear all Can we assume, maybe that the bypass valve is not the issue? Went for a city drive and its just annoying and uncomfortable to sit at a traffic light at 1500 RMP .. is there anything else I can do? I hoped for a roadtrip in 2 weeks but this problem is putting me off Richard
  15. Morning all So I plugged the pipes from the manifold, ie to brake and the rocker and no difference. Getting a bit frustrasted now. I am concerned on a hot day, in traffic of too much heat, plus it is just too high (1400) so annoying. Richard
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