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  1. Hi Nial The spoiler from Racetorations is 'hole free'!!! I think I will have to drill it which I must admit makes my stomach turn a bit... Rich
  2. That would be great Colin if you could! Thanks, Rich
  3. Hi all Received a lovely spoiler from Racetorations but cannot see any bolts or mounts etc for fitting. Has anyone fitted one of these before and can give me some tips or guidance? Thanks Rich
  4. Hi Kob I did not know you could do this, ie put an electronic pump onto some Stromburgs. Is this a common practice? Rich
  5. Hi George I do not have a auxiliary rocker oil feed - its seems this is an extra add-on? I have a T pipe coming off the ricker and to the carbs, the carbon cannister is gone. I will check the airflow from the rocker cover to the T pipe/s. Thanks Rich
  6. Hi It is. without a doubt a scam. I looked into some of the source and a lot is copied from other sites. Keep away Rich
  7. Hi Harlequin I must admit, I do not fully understand all the checks you refer to... may I politely ask for a more simplified check? Excuse my ignorance! Rich
  8. Hi Waldi So compression tell will tell me if its rings or valve guides? Rich
  9. Hi all Went for a blast today . . and a symptom was seen. I was pushing it a bit hard, but nothing crazy and when decelerating fast I got quite a bit of blue coming out of the exhaust. I did not see this on going up gears. Does this give any clues? Still need to do compression test. Rich
  10. Hi all I am using Millers Oils, happy with it so far. So the general consensus is keep it going as to address it, is a big cost with a lot of off-road time. Must admit not the answer I expected and appreciate the help as I know what I am like, before I know it, its in a specialist workshop costing £££/€€€€ and then mission creep comes in when I add this, add that :-) Rich
  11. Hi all I don't want to overdo the task and start stripping the engine so ask advice. I use too much oil, I cant give accurate measurements but I seem to be constantly adding. Now my plugs are a bit dark but I am unsure if the mix is a bit rich, and there is not clouds of blue coming out of the back. Also its not leaking oil, just the usual TR territory marking! Now my plan of attack was first to do a compression test, do other more knowledgeable persons agree with this as a first start in the root cause? Thanks Rich
  12. Hi I just had mine done and tyre needs to be on for best accuracy. Find a really good place, mine were not initially done well and I had a shake at 50-60. This good & knowledgeable place did the balancing, drove and then adjusted again. also he swapped some wheels around to get the best wheels to the front. Difference was incredible. Rich
  13. hi Peter It has no loop so guess its regular seat belt material Rich
  14. Thanks . . the thought makes me shudder. . . I got taught how to fix hole in a sock during my Army training days maybe this can help a bit! Rich
  15. Thanks Rob Yes, they are US running lights. Good point on the bi-metalic relay. wiring wise I was thinking of adding an extra parallel loop to both sides from the indicators. Question, do the UK versions have no bulb in them? Rich
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