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    Current 1959 TR3A and restoration of 1968 TR5 underway.
    Previous 1968 TR5. Now residing in Weston super Mare.
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  1. Hi Tim, just wanted to offer huge thanks for recommending Enginuity, they are the only ones (I tried many!) who had a bearing cap saved me £110 over my only other alternative. Mike.

    1. Tim T

      Tim T

      No problem Mike. This forum is a very valuable resource from which I have benefitted enormously so it is good to know I have been able to help somebody else. Enginuity rebuild my engine and were excellent from all points of view. 

      All the best


  2. Thanks Stuart. Etch primer plus satin black? Tim
  3. I am about to try to refurbish the grille on my 5. The aluminium elements will clean up well but the matt/satin black paint needs respraying. Can somebody advise me as to whether this can be a rattle can job and if so what primer would be the best to use. Being aluminium am I wasting my time trying a DIY solution and would a pro soluton be better? Any views gratefully received. Many thanks, Tim
  4. I used a heat gun and then cleaned off the residue using Tar and Glue remover. Worked very well. Tim
  5. I needed one for my rebuild due to knackered crankshaft. Gerry at Enginuity in London came up trumps with a replacement longback crank and bearing cap. Tim
  6. Thanks Denis. Job done now at 2.5 inches and 6 inches. Cheers Tim
  7. Thanks Stuart. This image would appear to agree with the measurements given in the bulletin. Cheers, Tim
  8. Many thanks all. Derek, Your info looks pretty definitive by dimensions ie 2.5 inches and 6 inches, although the position on the sketch looks a little random! Will use these dims. Thanks again. Tim
  9. Dave, I agree. I am looking for the original Winguard dimensions please. Tim
  10. Would somebody be kind enough to let me have dimensions for the position of the drivers door mirror on a TR5 please. Many thanks, Tim
  11. Tim T


    When I had my first TR5 back in the late 70s I had an original Stanpart Parts list ring binder and I think that it had an index listing all other vehicles that used the same part against each part number. I remember going up to the scrappie and looking for either Atlas or Commer vans. That list must be out there somewhere. Conrad - you must have it as I sold it with the car and you ended up with the car albeit 30 years later!!!!!!! Tim
  12. Phil, All sorted eventually. Everything appeared in order so I replaced the gasket, torqued the head and drove the car. Retorqued after 500 miles.No more smoke, but still moisture in oil filler, traces of CO in radiator and small amount of emulsion. Removed the head again and everything still looked OK, fitted another new gasket but this time with new studs and nuts, torqued and retorqued - job done! ... and has been fine ever since! Tim
  13. ... and this is what Evans waterless coolant and a blown head gasket looks like! There were drops of moisture on the inside of the oil filler cap and emulsion inside the radiator cap. Tim
  14. Well mine are 4mm and 15mm diameters. Tim
  15. Is mine not an original bonnet then? Tim
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