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  1. Tim T


    I have used Broadspeed in the past. As has been said, spec the car, get the quote then walk into main dealership and ask them to match it. Saved about £5000 on previous best dealer price on an Audi A6. When you spec the car it is done on the Audi website and if you do go through with the deal you collect from an Audi main dealer. Win win! The other thing that can 'save' money is to take out personal finance with Audi for example and then they will often make a substantial contribution to the car. My son did this got £5000 contribution towards the car. Signed the forms took the finance, collected the car, drove home, phoned Audi finance and cancelled the finance. All totally legit, but do just check the small print first! I did it with a used Audi A3. Tim
  2. The gearbox and overdrive on my 5 was done by Overdrive Repair Services as recommended by many. The car had not run for 40 years and the bill including collection/delivery of the box and vat was £1200. Tim
  3. Not really technical but.. Does anybody know why the wire wheel spinners supplied by various well known companies carry what appears to me to be the Triumph motorcycle logo as below? Many thanks, Tim
  4. CHT is Coventry Hood and Tonneau Company. Very pleased with mine. Atb Tim
  5. Alan rebuilt my original one. Very helpful and thorough. Definitely recommend his services. Tim
  6. Found another one up the road on a 4a. Tim
  7. This has pockets in the same place. The inner lining was also beige and then stained black. Thanks, Tim
  8. Have just received the replacement Surrey top which looks good. However there is no seal on the rear of it as there was on the one which I took off. Is this correct? Many thanks, Tim
  9. Make sure that you specify wiring for an ammeter if you want one and put it in writing!! Tim
  10. Excellent, that is the answer that I was hoping for. Do you still get a good seal across the indents on the screen capping? Thanks, Tim
  11. So, to summarise, if I'm wanting to use the original hard top I am compelled to have the original Surrey top fixing system ie tucking it under an original Surrey windscreen capping. If I want the adapted soft top fixing method for the Surrey top then I have to have the original soft top windscreen capping and can't use the hard top. thanks, Tim
  12. I'm still dithering and unsure of fitting combinations!!! If I opt for keeping the original soft top windscreen capping on the 5, combined with the front rail from a soft top for the Surrey top, can I still fit the original hard top? I hope that makes sense! Thanks, Tim
  13. I imagine that back in the day the harvesting of tobacco and sugar cane was probably carried out by slaves. So at some point although not directly involved with slavery many people would be benefitting from slavery indirectly. Today we have cheap goods from all over the world, cheap labour from Eastern Europe, are these not further examples of modern slavery. Victorian times we had child labour, children going up chimneys etc. It is how things are at any single point in time and as has been said hopefully we learn and make things better. Tim
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