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    Current 1959 TR3A and restoration of 1968 TR5 underway.
    Previous 1968 TR5. Now residing in Weston super Mare.
    1970 Triumph Vitesse Mk2 convertible.

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  1. Tim T

    53 today!

    … and what was the speedo reading, as a matter of interest!
  2. Here’s a curved ball then, Van der Graaf Generator, very much a minority band, started in 1967 and still filling the smaller venues today with three of the 4 original members and performing new material rather than relying on the back catalogue. Filled the London Palladium in February with great reviews and all over 74! Stable mates of Lindisfarne and Genesis on the Famous Charisma label. Tim
  3. ...a 1962 badge awaiting a bit of tlc. Tim
  4. Surely two for that to happen!
  5. … and the blue one about £30,000 above estimate!? Tim
  6. Well, I had non-original wheel boxes on the 5 with original Trico arms etc and all was fine. Then somebody nicked one arm and I now have 2 Tex repros fitted without the screws and again all seems fine. I think that Alan Turner recommended LandRover wheel boxes off eBay but would need to check that. Tim
  7. Dan, I finished my first restoration in April 2021 and it was just something that I had always wanted to do. It was immensely satisfying, and just as good when finished and you get to drive your work. The first thing that I did was to make sure that I had a team of people on board who were prepared to do all the bits that I couldn’t do, mainly welding and spraying. Other services like gearbox rebuild etc went off to specialists recommended by the great people on this forum. One tool that is absolutely essential is a camera! I took thousands of photos and I still never had the pe
  8. Harry/Roger I don't doubt what you both say but at the moment I just want to get another drivers side wiper arm and blade to match the cranked original. If you have replaced your originals I don't suppose that you still have them, for a fee ? Thanks again, Tim
  9. Thanks Harry. I think that I will try the simple route first, as you say sounds a lot of work! Cheers, Tim
  10. Where did you get the upgraded ones from Harry?
  11. Roger/Chris, Many thanks for views. Will certainly try the silicon blades, just awaiting a call from Carl at TR Trader to see if he has a good original arm before addressing your suggestions. Cheers, Tim
  12. Took the 5 out this evening. Got back into it to return home, started to rain and lo and behold drivers wiper arm has disappeared. Can’t have fallen off and who would steal it? Anyway I need to replace it so any advice on where to buy one from would be very welcome. This missing one was an original. Are repros any good? Many thanks Tim
  13. Tim T

    TR6 For Sale

    Oh yes! Thanks Brian.
  14. Tim T

    TR6 For Sale

    Why can’t I see this ad on the classified section? Tim
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