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    Current 1959 TR3A and restoration of 1968 TR5 underway.
    Previous 1968 TR5. Now residing in Weston super Mare.
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  1. I have a 5 with what I thought were original sun visors and mirror. The visors do pass the mirror, but I am now thinking that the mirror is incorrect. Would somebody be good enough to confirm or otherwise. Many thanks, Tim
  2. Can anybody tell me how to access the route. I understand that it doesn't go through Pimperne anymore. Many thanks, Tim
  3. Since ‘completing’ the 4 year restoration of my 5 I like many others had an horrendous hum from the rubber hose exiting the Moss Bosch type pump with pre filter, standard prv fitted on the chassis with pump in wheel arch. The noise could be heard about 20 yards away with the engine running! Read all sorts of remedies but decided to start with the simplest and cheapest options to see what happened. I decided to maximise the fuel flow from the tank, so bought a big bore exit union from tank to filter, from Carl at TR Trader. I binned all the banjos and replaced with appropriate straight or
  4. When is the Run and does it still stop in Pimperne, Dorset? Thanks, Tim
  5. Somebody took this image completely unknown to me and decided to use it on the front cover of their annual directory DCfB_Directory 2020_Cover.pdf A little cheeky really, Tim
  6. Pallet would probably do the job although a little on the small side. No need to support the wheel arches if the sills are good and door openings are braced. My contraption located tight inside the sills and the angled central pieces ran along the inside of the floor pans. Tim
  7. I could give you dimensions for this if you want. Tim
  8. What dilution is the acid? Cheers Tim
  9. EP Services have sorted this all out now. The pump and spindle were both fine. They have sleeved the pulley and all is good. All done under warranty without question, excellent service. More than can be said for Royal Mail. Sent the pump to EP on the first class signed for service at £16.85. It took over a week, no name requested and guessed name put on POD! They admit a problem and have given me 6 first class stamps as a goodwill gesture! Hey ho! Tim
  10. I believe that the intake should face the centre of the car. My car had the original sticker on it which from memory was blue/black/white. Best check all that though! Tim
  11. Hamish, what is the one on the extreme right? I assume a spare, but what size? Thanks, Tim
  12. Tim T


    My project car had wool carpets all of which were eaten by carpet moth so replaced with poly carpets from TRShop. Very happy with price and fit. Tim
  13. I did my royal blue restoration body colour all over except the sills which were Matt black. Tim
  14. Tim T

    Rear airflow

    I fitted a couple of those on a 5 in the late seventies. I think that it used to take out the shins of those passing close across the rear of the car. Tim
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