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  1. Phil, All sorted eventually. Everything appeared in order so I replaced the gasket, torqued the head and drove the car. Retorqued after 500 miles.No more smoke, but still moisture in oil filler, traces of CO in radiator and small amount of emulsion. Removed the head again and everything still looked OK, fitted another new gasket but this time with new studs and nuts, torqued and retorqued - job done! ... and has been fine ever since! Tim
  2. ... and this is what Evans waterless coolant and a blown head gasket looks like! There were drops of moisture on the inside of the oil filler cap and emulsion inside the radiator cap. Tim
  3. Well mine are 4mm and 15mm diameters. Tim
  4. Is mine not an original bonnet then? Tim
  5. Do these help Graham? I believe it to be an original 5 bonnet. Cheers Tim
  6. Thanks Tom. I think that I will look at Stuart's suggestions as the supplier is not far from me. Thanks both Tim
  7. I have recently bought part no 610633 from Moss. This is the seal for the rear screen of a Surrey top to the rear deck. It would appear to be woefully inadequate. My frame is an original alloy one and I am thinking that what has been supplied is for a fibreglass one. The rebate in the rubber seal is far too thin to locate on to the alloy frame. So any suggestions gratefully received as usual. Thanks, Tim
  8. This works well. Just make sure that you get the correct size ball! Tim
  9. I have just had the engine on my 5 completely rebuilt by Jerry at Enginuity in Acton. Was built to a 'standard' spec and included sourcing a rare long back crank. I found their service, advice, patience and back up excellent. Price and leadtime were good as well. Tim
  10. Tim T

    Help - Cosmic alloys?

    Good choice of wheel! I had them on my 5 back in the 70s/80s. Good luck trying to find them. All three of the cars in the image, taken at Donnington, are still on the road I belive. Certainly both of the 5s. Tim
  11. Tim T

    Boot seal

    Many thanks for all replies. Will go with Stuart's recommendation and get the Woolies one. Are there any other pieces of advice regarding the other main seals ie under the windscreen frame or rear frame for Surrey top. Many thanks Tim
  12. Tim T

    Boot seal

    Any views on the best source for the rubber seal around the boot aperture please. Many thanks, Tim
  13. Final update then. Took Stuart's advice and left the issue alone. Whilst rolling the chassis back and forth during the day to create a bit more space I noticed that the issue had resolved itself giving a clearance of about 3mm on each side. Moral being be patient and don't panic too soon! Thanks, Tim
  14. Many thanks for your comments Waldi and Roger. Having had a further chat with Stuart I think that I am going to ignore to issue until the car is fully loaded and see if it changes, then investigate further. What is odd is that the only new elements in the set up are the bushes, springs, shocks and top ball joint, trunnions and vertical links are all Stanpart originals. Many thanks for your time and interest. Tim
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