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  1. Will send you a PM Conrad. Thanks, Tim
  2. My 3A in total isolation! Tim
  3. Thanks Conrad. It is only the fixing pillar that needs to be intact but whatever you have will I'm sure will do the job. I have just been confined to my shed for 14 days which shouldn't be too much of an imposition. Look forward to hearing from you, take care, Tim
  4. Have just started to fit lights to the 5 and have noticed that the female thread that receives the screw that retains the red lens on the bulb holder (517337) is missing. Does anybody have this part in any condition assuming the female thread bit is reusable. I would be very grateful if someone could help. I know that repros are available, but that is plan B if i can't rescue the original. Can send a photo if I have not explained this well. Thanks again, Tim
  5. How about buying the new bottle and keeping your used tea bags in it for a few weeks! Tim
  6. When I applied the heat it did reduce the coarseness of the wrinkle/crackle. Tim
  7. I think that unless you know what plastic the bottle is made of, you may end up with a very strange shaped bottle. Gets very hot in the dishwasher although the bottle is meant to contain very hot water. I did try Coca Cola in the washer bottle and got a small improvement but the expansion bottle is far worse due to the rusty water from the radiator. Vinegar? Very dilute phosphoric acid is strong coke? Tim
  8. Well I hope to get a suggestion Rich because I have exactly the same issue. Atb Tim
  9. The underside of my 5 was done in raptor which is basically a tintable stone chip as far as I am aware. Good stuff though. I have recently used the VHT Wrinkle plus and got a result although the wrinkles were quite course. Watched Fuzz's video thinking that this will show me where I went wrong. I followed the instructions on the can. Thoroughly cleaned the plenum, sprayed 3 relatively heavy coats at 5 minute intervals, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Finally applied heat via a heat gun into the plenum. Fuzz applied one coat and said ' job done'!! Alan Turner did my wiper motor and got a fantastic result. Much trial and error required I think. Tim
  10. No Ian, you misunderstood me. They put it on the floor and walked on it! Not sure they could read. Tim
  11. Not exactly an advert for a TR, but nearly. Found this when we moved into our first house in 1980. It was under the carpet acting as underlay as was the practice then and of course I just could not throw it away. Tim
  12. 'Coward of the county' had an interested storyline! Have a listen. Tim
  13. As you say everybody expects suppliers/businesses to get it right all the time but this is not realistic. I have always thought that you judge a business on how they deal with the issue when something goes wrong as it will from time to time. Often putting a problem right earns a lot of gold stars more so than getting it right first time. ... another Tim!
  14. Thanks Stuart. Shouldn't have doubted myself, as that is where I first put it! Cheers, Tim
  15. ... or to put it another way, is his correct? Tim
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