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  1. Paul, I think that it is LDU158F as in the photo. I also think that I read somewhere that it was not a real 5. the front indicators are from a 250? I am sure that others will know more. Cheers Tim
  2. Many thanks Tim. Good enough for me, will now leave the topic alone. Cheers, Tim
  3. Bill, the topic question is about standard od switch operation not how logic switches work. Tim
  4. Fully understand that Roger and that is how mine currently operates and happy with that. But ..... why does the handbook state the opposite? Thanks Tim
  5. Really basic question but could somebody tell me whether flicking the overdrive stalk up on a TR5/6 should engage or release the overdrive. Many thanks Tim
  6. As I hoped Stuart. Many thanks, Tim
  7. This is the other seal as Roger says. 7 metres needed in order to run continuously from top of windscreen round door apertures, around backlight and on to top of windscreen again. Tim
  8. Is this any help Greg? Tim
  9. Thanks Dave, that was my thought as well. TR Shop thought not though. Cheers Tim
  10. I have just renovated the original cover for the boot floor using the original metalwork with a new panel. My question is at the rear of the panel is a metal upstand, does this upstand butt up against the face of the fuel tank cover board or hook up underneath it and therefore go behind the panel? Many thanks, Tim
  11. Another one with a rubber seal across the rear! Tim
  12. Mine was in good nick so decided to leave it on and ask the paint shop to mask it. They removed it which left me to refit it! A very kind gentleman on the forum gave me some NOS clips but it was not easy to fit. Good luck!! Tim
  13. My 5 had wires on and I had them checked and rebuilt where required by Nick Mouat wire wheels near Andover. He replaced a few spokes stripped and repainted. Choice of powder coating or 2 pack. Small company, reasonable costing and on time. I was a happy customer. Tim
  14. You are correct John. Took it all off today and sealed the offending lower central stud with Hylomar Blue which as you say is blind. Will now fit the pump onto the studs using Hylomar with copper washers and nylocs also fitted new gaskets. Can’t do more than that! Thanks to all for advice. Tim
  15. For what it's worth here is another 'Royal Blue' on a 5! Tim
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