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  1. Hi all is this a tr wing vent ,a friend has this and can't remember what it is. any help would be most appreciated. Nick
  2. Hi all could some one advise the best place to sit while watching ,we have been given tickets for all stands but any help would be most appreciated. sorry to hijack the thread. Nick
  3. Took the blue 4a out for a drive , first time it's been driven since 2017 ,I couldn't stop smiling these Trs are great. N
  4. had17462

    paint choice

    Hi guys yes powder blue ,blue hood fitted by Ray at tr improvements ,blue interior . Nick
  5. had17462

    paint choice

    Mine was originally white , I remember posting the very same question in 2006 when I bought it ,managed to pull it out from the corner of the garage last week ,still looks great in my opinion. Nick
  6. Hi all I am fitting a vw header tank which has two exit pipes the lower one will go to the thermostat housing which will have a pipe exiting it for the said pipe, then the radiator overflow pipe will go to the top of the header tank, anyone else done a closed system please advise. regards Nick
  7. had17462


    Dealer most probably got it on SOR as the owners wants say £45k ,no risk to the dealer only costs would be cleaning &advertising,many dealers do this ,nothing wrong with it though ,if it doesn't sell then maybe a deal will be done between themselves. Nick
  8. Best to fit the Nissan conversion , hope you get it sorted. Nick
  9. Hi, you might not be a policeman but from what you have gleaned from driving behind that tr ,you should apply . Nick
  10. Great looking car ,absolutely lovely. Nick
  11. 24-36 months anything can happen in that time maybe ask the question nearer the time ,maybe 12 mths in advance so you can book it in etc,there's a lot of very good engine builders which charge a lot less than the TR speacilists. Good luck with it though. regards Nick
  12. I've found my old original radiator so I will fit this and report back ,thanks again. Nick
  13. Thanks guys ,I thought I had air in the system but I drove 20 plus miles and the hoses wasn't pressurised but will again Nick
  14. Pete I think Steve means the holes if you look carefully they are slightly slotted , they go as the picture suggests I believe. Nick
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