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  1. had17462


    Ron what alternator have you bought ,I am only asking as I bought one of the little Japanese ones for another car and it was doing what yours is doing and couldn't be used . Nick
  2. had17462

    How much for a full body respray on 5?

    Graham when the man can build light weight e types out of sheets of alliminium painting isn't a problem ,but unfortunately he's now retiring ,he did a lot of work for one of the big boys in Essex and I was lucky to have met him. Nick
  3. had17462

    How much for a full body respray on 5?

    The last one I had painted inside and out with me fitting the glass dash etc was £5k no vat ,the trouble is when they strip the paint off you are going to find the previous bodges etc that's why most places don't give a definite price, if you have the space and can use some basic tools take it apart ,i am sure the Essex boys would be willing to help . another option get it rubbed down repaired where needed ,masked up and have a fresh coat of paint it will look great . Nick
  4. had17462


    I had the tunnel off so it was easy ,u should be able to do from underneath. Nick
  5. had17462

    Body panels

    I thought it wasn't to bad when you think how old it is. but cracking job well done. Nick
  6. had17462

    TR4A Metal Facia Panel Assembly

    The air vents are a different shape ,but if you have all the bits I can't see it being a problem, I actually put a tr6 dash in my 4a as that's what I had in the spares bin., no ashtray in the top dash pod though. Nick
  7. had17462


    John I had the same problem, behind your speedo angle drive you will see a coloured cog ,they have different amount of teeth hence the different ratios the speedo reads, I phoned overdrive services and he sold me the right one ,only about a tenner worth a try . Nick. just seen you are in Oz but I am sure they would post one out.
  8. Dave I believe the front end is different ,engine mounts from memory Nick
  9. had17462

    TR4A Wiper Wheel Boxes Refit

    Best ones to buy are from the eBay seller from stansted UK made superb . Nick
  10. had17462

    Water pump testing

    Pete it was put on a rolling road and set up lovely starts and drives great ,until I got stuck in traffic it got really hot and I turned it off but the engine kept going for a few seconds. Nick
  11. had17462

    Rollover Jigs

    Richard what area are you based? Nick
  12. had17462

    Water pump testing

    Pete tr5 cylinder head /cam, fully balanced lightened flywheel . Nick
  13. had17462

    Water pump testing

    Thx guys, heater is new I will flush it tomorrow and see what the water looks like . Nick
  14. had17462

    Water pump testing

    John I do have an over ride switch ,will put some miles on the car and try a engine flush to see if anything improves. Nick
  15. had17462

    Water pump testing

    Engine was chemically cleaned, the rad is new ,an alloy one unfortunately but it came with the restoration project, the heater is an uprated one and new,John I think you are right about the thermo switch but that's where it is. Nick

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