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  1. Hi Mick, Correct, I have the a breathing oil filler cap installed. I have cleaned it today to make sure is not plugged... I think there must be an overpressure in an open system as there is no suction from anywhere . You only have depressure with a closed system to my understanding.... With the compression being perfect on all cylinders, I do not have an explanation why the crankcase pressure should be higher than normal.... Should I suspect the snorkel to mayeb not have the vertical baffle plate in the wall ?
  2. Hi All, Thanks for the feedback. I do have the oil level at 1/2 I do still have installed the org oil filter (may fit the can conversion kit with the next oil change). But I am quite condident, that the oil is coming of the vent snorkel. It only drops max 1h after parking. Wiping the puddle away will do it .... until the next ride. Cheers Oliver
  3. Hi All, I do have an open crankcase vent on my TR2 (TR4A engine). After a drive, I do have a little oil puddle building up under the car under the vent hose. I have measured the cumbustion pressures which are all well around 11 bar, so no reason for concern. So my question: how much oil would be considered to be normal with an open vent ? Any recommendation for modification optimization? I may think about retrofitting a closed system ....? Input welcome! Thanks Cheers Oliver
  4. Would such wedges (offered at ebay) enable fitting TR 3 sidescreens to a TR2 cast mount?
  5. Hi Ralph, I think this would be my preference as well if I could find a used pair in good condition. Just ran into a zipper model which seems to be original but with odd fastener holes at the bottom ... Neither Tenax not lift the dot ? Cheers Oliver
  6. Hi Ralph, I think this would be my preference as well if I could find a used pair in good condition. Just ran into a zipper model which seems to be original but with odd fastener holes at the bottom ... Neither Tenax not lift the dot ? Cheers Oliver
  7. Hi, Thanks for the feedback. The lower part is not attached to the upper directly? So just sewn into a Vinyl pocket? Has anybody pictures of this version available that I could share with my saddlery? How is the plexi screen fitted and held into position ( as there is no rail...? Input very welcome Oliver
  8. Hi All, Its me again with „sidescreen puzzles“: I have decided to pursue the recommended approach of finding replacements instead of bolting on the AMCOs: I do have two options however am wondering how access to the car (TR 2 without outside door handles) can be possible.Option one seems to be original but without zipper and rigid screen. Option two are obviously the remaining of an original TR 2 screen. It is a two piece version and I am wondering if the lower part is flexible and can be flipped in order to reach into the car...? Input welcome... Cheers Oliver
  9. After putting the handle project aside for a while, I want to give it another try. Still wondering about correct position. Attached pics show it centered to the glove box. The pics provided above seem to have it moved to the inside ? .... What is correct?
  10. Thanks to all. Unfortunately, I do not have the holes in the wooden blocks as they were replaced during restoration. If the screens are really not original, I will rather look for some before drilling the holes.....
  11. Hi Bob, Thanks for the input. Makes perfect sense to me. Considering the adjustments needed from the inside after closing the door, I do further understand, that the screens may not be used too often :-) Ref Your comment „.... not the standard ones...“, what do you mean? I am not sure about the aluminum support rods but the screens are most likely the originals from 1955 (USA reimport) what do you think? Cheers Oliver
  12. Hi All, I am in the process of assembling the sidescreen slide-in mounts and the side screens. The pictures show, how it looks like, if attached with tape. Before drilling the holes in the interior for the mount assembly, I appreciated feedback/confirmation: my doubts: 1) inside few:The front mount seems to be an inch too low- is the correct pos at the very top same as the rear ? (If so, the rod is too long and would have to be reduced in length) 2) Outside few: does the screen go below the roof part or on top. If below, its nice and tight but how should it slide there automat
  13. Successfully installed today considering all of your input! Thanks a lot to all of you. Cheers Oliver
  14. @Drewmotty: Thanks, this input will help. Will try immediately
  15. This is the answer I have been afraid of ... If I did replace, I most likely would go for a canvas type. Still shy of the investment especially as being used not too often... nevertheless, input on the rod positions would be appreciated
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