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  1. Hi Nobbyc, Thanks a lot for the pirctures. I am just a Little confused as it seems that you only have a diagonal shoulder belt. No waistbelt ? Cheers Oliver
  2. Hi there, Please allow to click myself into this post. I am in the process of evaluating the retrofit of seat belt Options as well. I will of course opt for a 3 Point solution but am a little concerned about the installation of the top Fixing Point. For a flexible System, I think it would further be rather difficult to align the roll to this top Fixing Point. It would be very helpul if some pictures of Installation examples could be posted. Happy for any input! Regards Oliver
  3. Thanks Peter, this is the input I was looking for. Were they original standard for a certain peridod ?
  4. Hi There, improving some "correct for the periode" Tasks on my TR, I think I have to kick out the Bosch headlights on my TR2 ... Well, the Standard Lucas would do it but I somehow like the Tripod type. I am just not sure ,for which year/model they were correct ? Pictures Show them on several cars (early TR2 s to 3As... Any input on tripods history and purpose very welcome. regards Oliver
  5. I mean the blue control light inside the speedo -is this what you are refering to with " warning light " Oliver
  6. When I have bought my car, it had 185 (80) 15 tyres installed. They look "impressive" on a TR2 but I decided to go back to the original size . Actually almost original, as I have decided to go for 185 -70- 15 Dunlops. Still all right for me, as 185-17 do have the same diameter and rolling circumference as the original 165x80. So, wider but original rolling circumference (185x0,7 = 130 <-> 165x80=132). Now I realized, that the speedo is not inidicating correctly. I therfore conclude, that someone has adjusted it to be in line with the 185 (x80 = 148) Diameter fitted earlier So now finally my question: How can the speedo be adusted to the tire size ? Are there different speddo drive configurations availabe ? Input welcome Cheers Oliver
  7. Hi There, After ordering the wrong type the 4th time now.... Can anyone advice the correct bulb type for the high beam control light - it is not a BA7s I know for sure Thanks Oliver
  8. Hi There, Could anybody advice on the glove box flap support rod assembly: Position of the bracket that holdes the support rod inside the box. Pirctures welcome Thanks for any Input before I start Drilling the wholes in teh new box Regards Oliver
  9. Hi Tony, Hi Applegreen (which by the way in my opinion is a great color for a TR2) Many thanks for the welcome. As the car has always been registered with a temporary plate only, it still has to pass the TÜV (German MOT). I have just learned, that the red taillights with integrated indicators and the single center stop light are not an issue for cars before 1970 - (This makes me happy as I actually expected some push back on this). I am not sure about the TÜVs opinion on white front indicators with orange bulbs- and may just exchange them as soon as I have passed the MOT . Anyhow, I agree that they look great. By the way, here Comes the first stupid question: How does the original back of the glove box flap look like ? Is it painted in car Color ? Cheers Oliver
  10. Hi There, I am a TR-newbie from Germany and thought it may be polite to introduce myself first before starting to ask stupid questions here in this forum ... My name is Oliver and I live in the very south of Germany (Lake of Constance) . I am into car and motorcycle restauration for quite some years now, however vehicles of British provenience were limited to a Series 2 Land Rover for a long time. This has recently changed and a neat 1955 TR2 has joined the family now. The car came back from the US some 20 years ago, has undergone a thorough but chewy restoration over pretty much the same period of time by the previous owner (who now finally gave up and decided to sell it). The car is in decent shape, however a lot of smaller tasks remain to be finished. A perfect “shut down period project” …. I am looking forward to participate in this excellent forum and sincerely hope to meet one or the other of you in person at some classic car show or swap meet in the UK in the near future… Kind regards Oliver
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