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  1. Thanks. It sounds a good product. I’ll look into it. I haven’t heard of that website before. Very useful. Thanks for the introduction.
  2. Thanks. I just Shell or BP (not Esso). Seems to be fine. I’ll don’t think I’ll worry about an enhancer.
  3. Thanks, Tom. My PI is set up and tuned professionally, so I was surprised when someone suggested an enhancer was needed.
  4. Hello, I fill up with premium unleaded, but someone mentioned that I should also add a fuel enhancer. I just wondered if other members do this, and if so which product is recommended. Thank you
  5. Tippers does a great range of classic and retro plates
  6. Well done, Steve. Magenta looks fantastic. Have fun.
  7. Hello, Thanks for your photos. That red rear looks intimidating! Interesting how changing the colour of the reg plates on your car changes the look. To me the yellow looks youthful, while the black looks smart and serious. I think over time I’ll end up getting both sets and change them according to my mood. Thank you for correcting me about historic tax class. yes that is what I meant to write.
  8. Good luck with the restoration. Are you keeping the colour?
  9. Steve, is the vehicle registered in the heritage class with dvla? That’s the clincher.
  10. Thank you, Bri. I agree. My car has the flat modern acrylic plates, which don’t look right
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