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  2. Saw Stuarts pic of his system and I copied it this way. Using 8mm Rivnuts which fit through the hole at the rear of the front inner wing, and a piece of washing machine "Fill" tube. (Pack of Rivets in 2nd pic.) Then another Rivnut at the outer end, it makes for a neat job. I didn't want to start bending the tubes to prevent water ingress from the front wheel, so I put a plate over the 2 pipes, doesn't look too bad either. The rubber tube is just a tight fit through the hole.
  3. My favourite but replicas are 6" rims only and v expensive. Check out GC360 Enterprises Ltd and their ebay entry for the price of one wheel. Tim
  4. Good deduction Alan +1 Mick Richards
  5. I foresee an issue with VitD3 campaign. “IF”it was accepted for its mode of action as a hormone, then surely it will fall under proper regulatory scrutiny for safety, efficacy,toxicology, tolerability, manufacturing practice. In effect it will be Hormone replacement therapy. It would have to shift from GSL ( General Sales List) to POM. (Prescription only Medicine). This would bring it into line with every hormone treatment on the market. It would require patients to be tested to show deficiency and a prescription to obtain in an appropriate dose. Iain
  6. Hi Ian can you share details of the tap you acquired. Regards Colin.
  7. Hi guys. AC Mechanical Fuel pump is now my slave I have it sussed. Two points. When I dismantled the pump, the diaphram was tight into the body, so when replacing said diaphram with a new rubber I pushed the thing down, I now know this was a mistake, I doesn't need much pushing at all, just enough to engage the T piece. Second point my AC point is handily labeled with IN on one fuel connection (Hanes manual says mark the this before dismantling, noy neceassary. To make the installetion of a new diaphram easy(!) I found it best hold the Rocker Arm in the vice. See how "loose
  8. No matter how much you seal the front of the gauge against water ingress - a good idea if they leak, all the gauges have a light bulb or work with a heating element such as fuel and temperature. When the gauges are working or illuminated they heat up and the slightly pressurised air in the gauge escapes, then as the gauge cools in the garage air is drawn into the gauge along with some moisture. Eventually after a large number of heating/cooling cycles the moisture accumulates and gauge will mist, it may be that fitting LED's which run cooler would reduce the volume of air cycled, but then
  9. Mick, Thanks for the idea to get repaired, never thought of that, I will search in Sussex. RobG
  10. Matt, Odd that the medical profession seem quite happy to accept with no trials that obesity, diabetes, et al are all factors in the outcomes of covid, but surely no testing of such hypothesis has been undertaken. Observational/associative reports seem quite acceptable to the industry when it suits the message. Alan
  11. The best move is to contact the local authority planning department and book a pre app meeting. It is also a good idea to get a local councillor on your side. We have just achieved a planning permission after nearly 2 years of discussions with our LA. If it becomes difficult then choose a local architect who knows the planning department and pay his fees. It will not be cheap. good luck Richard & B
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    They lived in the roof of our previous house near Tring. They lodged between the tiles and the felt, but as the overlaps in the felting were not tight in places, they could fly about in the loft. Apart from their droppings, which were small and dry, they caused me no bother. I kept covers over any items where I didn't want droppings, and would use the hoover occasionally to remove the droppings. Lovely to watch them at dusk as they swooped around the garden collecting insects. The inhabitants which I didn't want in the loft were wasps, mice and squirrels - very difficult t
  14. Nice one Hamish. That looks good. Roger
  15. Rob, Here in the Midlands I would search Google for Automotive Leaf Spring refurbishment ( I checked and there are many in Sussex) and get a quote for a replacement leaf to be added, costs are normally reasonable but I think the idea of adding a new leaf to a used spring will upset the poundages applied, the used spring gaining too much stiffness from a new leaf. If you can find a local refurbishment company and drop off both springs they will normally repair the breoken item with a replacement leaf and resetting of the leaves (I think they will reheat to regain torsion) and reset to
  16. Looks like that dzus retainer was bang on for size, the No6 I got had to be stretched a bit to get the hole centres, those must be 6+a bit. Ralph
  17. I have a broken leaf spring on one side and I want to keep my car close to original so I'm not upgrading at the moment. Has anyone got a spare spring please, later deep dish part no. 209964, my car is CT316xx 1964. New Moss/Rimmer are £90-£110 + delivery etc but out of stock anyway but I would rather have a used one to match the other side. PM with quotes incl delivery please if anyone got one. Thanks RobG
  18. Wrong link, should be https://www.gponline.com/former-brexit-secretary-backs-vitamin-d-supplements-beat-covid-19/article/1704731;
  19. The American Racing wheels are definitely "period", having been fitted by Kas Kastner to the three Rally TR4s which had been shipped across the pond in 1964 and participated in the Shell 4000 Rally that year. Kas fitted ARE wheels to all his competition TRs in that era. I believe that David Ferry (he uses this name on the Forum) may have some ARE wheels. Ian Cornish
  20. Thanks very much Stuart i haven't had a TR4 before iv had plenty of different Classics before. The TR4 im looking at is a 1963, is in very good condition but not sure if i am paying to much it is £20k is that over priced Hope you can help me Mike thanks for your reply Stuart, do you think the car looks ok what do you mean by PM BTW Mike
  21. https://www.gponline.com/ The Open Letter gets a link, now with 200+ signatories. ==== A company in Oz has set about making calcifidiol: https://www.nutraingredients.com/Article/2021/01/14/DSM-responds-to-immunity-demands-with-fast-acting-vitamin- D3 per se works slower to raise serum 25(OH)D hence use of calcifidiol ( 25(OH)D) in emergency. Peter
  22. Hi - -so your saying the volcano build up around it - is just paint and build up??
  23. Funnily enough, my brother, who owned a really tatty TR3 at the time, wrote a short piece for Newsletter 17 in Spring 1974. Peter took the cheap short-term solution to a leak: a length of flexible tubing. Triumph, in its wisdom, deleted the petrol tap on the TR4. However, with up to 18 gallons of expense juice sitting in the back of my car, any work on the petrol pump presents a problem! Hence, I installed a modern petrol tap in the usual position. Proper modern petrol taps do not leak - it's important to ensure that any tap is for PETROL. Ian Cornish
  24. To each their own champ. I've fitted many and with a bit of masking tape and not being ham fisted I'm yet to damage paintwork.
  25. Good way to damage the paint, much better to clip them on directly to the panel. Stuart.
  26. Yep that is the correct type of clip. but with that amount of stonechip/filler/paint or whatever around it when fitting you would probably have a fair chance of damaging the finish around it. Stuart.
  27. I have an excuse to go back to man cave for some more pics . . can always grab a snifter when there I guess (being as cold as it is..!)
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