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  2. Michael, the name is Iain, I’ve asked the administrator to change my name but no response. Anyway, Classic Car LEDs do a great range of interior and exterior LEDs.
  3. For that Peter I am going to declare you the winner !
  4. Hi Pete, have you tried TRGB and or TRShop Roger
  5. I removed the long metal strip, scribed the wing top profile to it, ground off the excess to get the correct profile, re-swaged the crimps that slide into the beading with a flat punch where needed , painted it and refitted. To get the strip out you need to 'un swage' the front end of the bead and slide out tabs then strip. I also painted all the tabs as they were mild steel on the beads I have. Peter W
  6. Having tried and failed to get a used loom for my late TR4, I must find a new one. Moss are out of stock and "On Backorder" Rimmers have them but wrapped in Blue tape, can't believe the factory would do this, do you know. Autosparks are not yet "in business" it seems. are there any other outlets out there.
  7. This is what some of us are using in the Valeo/Cibie headlamp units https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/collections/headlight-led-bulbs/products/latest-led-headlights-h4-philips-z-es-hi-lo-beam-conversion-9-32v Peter W
  8. That’s OK Stan.............. Afraid, some will just never get it.......
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  10. Spotted by my son in the centre of Bath over the weekend. What a lovely car! Tim
  11. Yikes, I'm days behind with this one.
  12. That is what I used. It worked well and just left a few marks in that metal strip where the jaws of the stretcher grabbed it. Way better than cutting slots. Stan
  13. This afternoons job is to make the wing beads fit the wings whilst they are off and not yet painted. I have a shrinker stretcher so I am hoping I can use that to tease the long section into shape, which should make the eventual fitting a tad easier (I hope!). Ralph.
  14. Hi, simple question I hope. When a post is up and running the order is first post at the top and you have to scroll down to the bottom to view the latest reply. Is there any way to set this up so the latest reply is at the top ie in descending order. I can`t seem to find a way to do this? Thanks, Colin.
  15. Sill Gap - what's your name please? Secondly what led bulbs did you use for headlights, I've bought the Cibie lights but not sorted out what bulbs I'm going to use- I don't like the look of these angel eye led lights and prefer stock appearance so not sure about what led bulbs are best. Michael
  16. So can we sum up what is the best for our cars please? Is there going to be an investigation into the poor quality current repros or? Michael
  17. Waldi

    Wind Deflector

    Nice brackets, as they support on the wheel arch too. Waldi
  18. Just ordered the Bosch WR78, £24.78 including 2nd class delivery from Green Spark Plug Company- that is not expensive- is it??? To me it isnt. Michael
  19. Hallo Ralph, good to hear. If you say voltage supply must be top notch, what HT leads and coil do you use/prefer? Thanks, Waldi
  20. Very impressive Bob, you clearly need to give it more beans. Geoffrey is much better and has been fettled post running-in and is going well; so I suspect my results won’t be as impressive. Next year you must camp with us reasonable rates will apply ! B&V
  21. Something I don 't see mentioned is the fact that the tags may slip and slide as you try to position the beading. I put a piece of tape on each to keep them in position after measuring approx position of the wing bolts. They do need to be as close the the bolts to get the max pinching effect. The long section will not fit the radius of the wing without fettling i.e cut and bend. If you are careful you can cut a v section out so that when fitted the split is almost invisible. DO NOT TRY TO BEND IT INTO POSITION it wont work. depending on who made them the beading is quite fragile and easily dentable!!!! Rod
  22. Rob Y

    Wind Deflector

    Or make your own! Found the basic idea online but designed my own brackets that fit behind the fixing for the hood to the side of the car. M10 threaded bar from bracket to deflector, so fully height adjustable. It's easily removable (no tools needed) and hood will go up with it in place. Cost just over £100 and wife happy with the result! (Actually so am I ) pan widget
  23. Phil = one of our club members had an annoying squeak on the rear of his 4A and both he and a local garage tried in vain to find the source. When he came to our next meeting, we all laughed as he squeaked into the car park. A couple of days later, no-one was laughing when his nearside wheel parted company from the car at 70 mph in the outside lane of the A12 dual carriageway. Very luckily, he managed to control the situation and get to the kerb - his hub had snapped clean off - this was a reconditioned hub from a well known TR Supplier, purchased within the previous 12 months and with less than 1500 miles driven on it . Moral of this story - don't take ANY chances with your rear IRS driveline - you can't see a cracked hub from an external perspective and its not easy to see when stripped either, so be warned! Cheers Rich
  24. Bearings tend to "Drone" rather than squeek. brakes perhaps ? Bob.
  25. Hello We build Bosch WR 78 into every TR 6 machine. I drove a service life of over 60,000 km myself. Insensitive to fatty mixtures. Hand on it for PI'S the best spark plugs! But the voltage supply for the spark plug must also be top-notch. I think that explains itself. Ralf
  26. Thumbs up from me Bob................. Oh!................ wait a minute!?? Seriously though..... what a design masterpiece the side screen cars really are.......... fast, fun and.... save the planet!...... to boot........
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