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  2. 139727 Cale de réglage IRS Triumph (betaset.fr) Betaset has a lot of stock, and being in France, will work for you. Blair https://www.betaset.fr/essieu-avant-tr4-airs/2583-cale-de-reglage.html
  3. Looks like your car may have had a Surrey on it before then as those rivnuts arent original, they were originally a spot welded nut fitted from underneath. You will also need to fit two studs at the top of the "B" post in the captive nuts that should be there under the small finisher. Stuart.
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  5. Quite right, it is not designed for car use at all ! We used to have small torque wrenches to tighten electrical RF connectors (SMA etc), as too much torque would damage them, & too little could allow then to come undone. Your device could be used to test the torque applied, or to apply the torque. Bob
  6. Thank you, Neil, and Blue! But I don't understand how this may be used to check applied torque, when that is much, much greater than the rating of the tool. How could it be used to check a fastener at, say, 30Lbs-ft? Please explain further! It's not obvious from my photo, but the drive bar is 1/4" square, so it's not designed for large torques. John
  7. Thanks Stuart and Peter, I'd really like to retain the glass backlight but we'll have to see how it goes. I see no manufacturer's markings, like Triplex or whatever, so I might only guess it an after market one. Top to bottom dimension of the glass at centreline is 17-3/32" (434mm). I'm back to start again, with the glass loose top and bottom in its frame after several failed attempts sit it on the car. In the first instance, I wanted to go to a classic car auto-jumble and show tomorrow, and so didn't want to take the hood off. I just wanted to tilt the hood frame forward to fit
  8. Richard, I once made a roof for my Vitesse from GRP. You would need to make a mould, layup the glass fibre fabric and resin in that and then break it out of the mould. Your pattern in timber could be made to split apart, which is a good way to make GRP parts. But GRP will become part of any ordinary wooden mould! To get the part out of the mould, the surface must be very smooth and treated with a release agent (PVA), or else lined with something that resin will not stick to, like melamine faced chipboard or brown parcel tape. There are "Glass Fibre Kits" avai
  9. Yes I use CPC also, they do good deals on "bulk buys" things like batteries etc. They are part of the Farnell group Bob
  10. I have cured the rust . My daughter has a garden plant pot made from fibre glass.. Now we are considering making a fibre glass flower pot to fit inside our wooden container and retain any water. What would be the best kit to make a a box 12"x12"x12". If I need to I could make a pattern in old timber and make a smaller container to fit inside. Please send me a link if you think that this is possible. Richard & B
  11. Abductions are an important aspect of high strangeness UFO phenomena. Here are a couple of examples of repeated abductions of an individual. We see that their behaviour and knowledge has been changed. The first is a young lad living in Kent: http://www.thinkaboutitdocs.com/1987-abduction-of-jason-andrews/ - I've ordered the book. Another first-person story is "Incident at Devil's Den" by Terry Lovelace, https://www.terrylovelace.com/about/ Abductions have been summarised in books by Budd Hopkins, John Mack, David Jacobs, and others, since ca 1970. Jacobs reckons tens
  12. Did you remove/replace your upper fulcrum pins? Any chance you put them back backwards (curve goes towards the engine)? Search for "upper fulcrum pins" for loads of info on this subject.
  13. Yes Alan. I have two. They are new old stock and the business ends, top and bottom, have been in plastic bags covered with waxoyle for some years so the centre shaft bit has some surface rust; which I would wire brush off before selling. Both are long column type LHD. note LH helix on worm. One adjustable steering wheel type and one fixed steering wheel type. Remember these are 5 ft (1500mm) long so the UK post says NO! French post probably does too. I will be in Arles, Provence later in June if collection is possible. Price £275.00 each. Plus packing
  14. For solder and other electronics type stuff you might try CPC who have a lower £17.50+VAT threshold for free shipping. I think of them as part way between Maplin and RS or Farnell and in fact they're owned by the same people as Farnell. I have an account with them but it seems pretty easy to register or buy without an account. Rob, I remember those shops. There used to be 2 or 3 "radio shops" on Kings Road but one by one they closed leaving the more electrical "Shop on the Bridge". That moved to the other end of town in the 90's and I see it only recently closed. Sergeants
  15. If you are running EP90 and suspect a slipping OD clutch I would expect you would smell it it before any significant slip became obvious. Burning EP90 stinks.
  16. Originally there was a slight dogleg there but TBH its not going to make that much difference. The biggest problem you will find is the actual fit further up, last one I fitted needed cutting into several pieces and then small slivers inserted to get the angles correct. Stuart.
  17. Thanks, need to find out if the window is possibly Polycarbonate as that stuff wont work on that. Stuart.
  18. Can you start the car in gear with the clutch depressed fully and the car does not try to drive away? If so that rules out the clutch plate rusted to the flywheel In which case sounds like insufficient disengagement. Is the car LH or RH drive? Did you fit a new master cyl with push rod? If the car is RHD Was the master cyl for RHD? The push rod on LHD is shorter than those on RHD meaning insufficient cylinder movement for given pedal travel. Got your old cyl and push rod? Do a quick measure.
  19. https://www.theplasticshop.co.uk/perspex-polish-acrylic-polish-xerapol.html
  20. Hi Mike. Thanks for your fast reply. Ye I did bleed it but it doesn’t feel like it should. I think I will take it off and have a look at it. I’m hoping that will do it and avoid having to take the gearbox out. I will post again when I know a little more. Colin.
  21. Thanks for the instruction sheets and the offer of parts, managed to get it running, it appears to be the key switch not making proper contacts, but it has a 1.0ohm coil, with a Lumenition sticker on the coil, on a ballast wiring, but Lumenition in their instructions say not to use an electronic coil, which I thought was 1 ohm coil, could anybody give any more info please, I thought the cars ballast system should use a 1.5 ohm coil? John
  22. Hi, I'm rebuilding a TR5 and I bought 2 new rear inner wings (LH and RH) but they're different from each other around the B post-Sill joint area. I dont have any original parts to compare them to and was wondering which one looks more correct to those in the know. The LH is flush at the back whereas the RH has a dogleg at the back
  23. Did you bleed the clutch line of air after replacing the master cylinder?
  24. Hi all you clever engineers. I have just attempted the maiden voyage of my 1973 TR6. The body isn’t painted and there is no trim yet but it was ready for a first run today. The problem is that with the engine running I cannot select the gears. I could just about get 3rd ,4th and reverse but not first and second. It also felt really tight. I replaced the clutch master cylinder but not the slave cylinder. The only way I got it back into the garage was to put it in first gear then start the engine.Does anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks Colin.
  25. The thing is I’m not sure if the shims I am ordering well actually help here? It looks to me that the cam is very excessive but I think the tracking is way off so I think the next best step is to get that done first and then see where I am??
  26. Hi Peter Thanks for your help and yes the link that you send me is the local guy that I use but it is not a particularly large warehouse he has I guess I may have to try some of the German suppliers Richard
  27. I use 65 ft-lbs and Loctite 270. I had an adapter come loose once and I don’t want it happening again. Rgds Ian
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