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  2. Stuart that is truly tragic. Looks a lovely car and it will sell well. Just such a shame. Iain
  3. unfortunately I don't how thick the garage floor is ,without drilling a bore hole . unless I contact the house builders, there's much to research before buying a lift . it states over 1500 thousand satisfied customers,but that could be worldwide or on village? michael.
  4. Hi Everyone, A quick set of related questions. Whilst draining the aluminium fuel tank on my 1964 TR4 ready to install R9 grade fuel hose everywhere, I hadn't opened the fuel tank cap and noticed that when I did it hissed as the lid was raised. The tank was less than half full. Is there a vent anywhere? Do I have anything to worry about? I am hoping that flow to standard layout Strombergs will not lead to disaster in normal flow demand from the tank. Am I correct, or is there a vent somewhere that I need to sort out? Fuel cap is standard flip up type. Best wishes Willie
  5. PI engines dont often run on as the fuel pump stops when the ig switch is turned off. Or is it on carbs ? Peter
  6. One of my long time customers has to sell his TR2 that he has owned since 1956 to fund his care home fees Im afraid. I restored the car in 2005 and its still in good condition despite him using it as his only car all year round up until a couple of years ago! If anyone is interested PM me and I will give you more details, its one of the nicest driving sidescreen cars Ive ever had. It has a hard top too. Stuart.
  7. Peter, welcome! "Running on" is a common problem with T6s, so much so that Triumph introduced an "Anti Run On Valve". The problem is related to too low octane fuel, carbonisation in the cylinders or even "dieseling", as worn rings and low pressure in the cylinders due to a closed throttle, allows engine oil to be drawn up. See this thread for a detailed discussion: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/15396-anti-run-on-valve/
  8. RogerH

    Peter P

    Hi Mathew, welcome to the forum. This running on can happen. Causes and solution not always obvious.. Is your tickover higher than normal. Have you changed your fuel. Shell and most f the 'Super' works OK. Simple fix is to leave in gear when parking and gently lift the clutch as you switch the ignition off. Roger
  9. ntc

    Peter P

    Only when hot?
  10. The issue was debated long and hard during most of 2018 as disputes with their customers dragged on. As you might expect we tried to get some advise. The problem was that we had no complaints about the individuals but lots about the company they ran. The local group supported both of the individuals as good people and Sarah was the finance secretary for the group and doing a good job. Nothing in life is black and white. The company was not a member but the two Directors were. Did it take us a long time to find a solution - probably but for good reason. Roger, you are correct the decision to not let them renew was taken some time before their membership year expired. It was a quicker, less painful solution than any other we could have employed. Mick
  11. 16matthew43

    Peter P

    Hi this is my first post, I have a 1971 TR6 totally standard have owned for 39 years, over the past few months, when you turn the ignition off, the engine runs on for a few seconds, has anyone else had this issue?
  12. Today
  13. Thanks Mick, Appreciate your prompt response. However, this does not appear right on any number of levels........ To name a couple: As per article and all other evidence, Club Directors and employee(s) knew what was going on way back in 2018 Further the above, Club sat and did ‘nothing’ ... Roger just beat me to it, not expelled, nothing of the sort....
  14. Many thanks Roger, hope you are well chuffed with yourself- you should be. John
  15. Hi Mick, I think you will find that the BoD stated that they would not renew their membership WHEN it expires not because it has expired.. Subtly different. Why where they not expelled. Roger
  16. Out of interest why do you want such a ratio? You mention a different engine.
  17. Hi Pete. I don't know if my car even qualifies as having an "interior" since it has very low cockpit sides, no doors and no roof. It's like stiing in a wind tunnel stuck on "Full". If there are any fumes being diverted my way I can't say I've really noticed too much and my brain is already addled anyway. Most kit cars of the "7" ilk have bonnet louvres like mine, Caterham included and they ( Caterham) have been through full manufacturer approval. Most of the others have been through the IVA test. I'm sure that my car already had plenty of heat vents, including the OEM side vents you spotted. I added the bonnet louvres on aesthetic grounds. I do "nod" to safety on occasion including fitting full "Schroth" 3" harnesses but the car itself would probably scrape an NCAP rating of -10. It has 200hp+ and weighs about the same as a classic Mini. If I really sat down and thought about it I wouldn't dare drive it at all, even slowly. The same reasoning applies to a lesser extent to TRs too. I guess it's risk versus reward at play.
  18. Hi Tony, from memory it was early 2019. Their membership lapsed and we declined to allow them to renew. Mick
  19. Hi Mick, Thanks. However, can you clarify.. Since when? Tony
  20. We stopped them advertising then stopped S&M attending the International Weekend as traders. Mathew and Sarah are no longer members and they would not be allowed to join again. We have put a process in place to stop them sneaking in through the back door. Here is the article on the website: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/article/2018/11/0166/SM-Triumph-Restoration-Ltd-enters-liquidation Mick
  21. Thanks for the clarity Mick, I'm not sure when the article was published in TRAction but I do recall reading it. However if it was published on the website and the forum between July - December last year I may have been otherwise occupied, but it's great that it has been and also the other clubs have been notified. I think the issue at the time was that he was advertising in TRAction and taking advantage of club members. Cheers, Andrew
  22. ok but he is using our forum and may then be pleased and join. There are other new members who need protecting. Roy
  23. Andrew, that is exactly why the club has published articles in TR Action, the website and the forum to alert as many Triumph enthusiasts as possible. We have also brought their shady practices to the attention of all other Standard and Triumph clubs through the S-T forum. The issue I had was some people were criticising the club for not protecting its members - when he is not even a member as far as I can tell. Mick
  24. hi Mick , must admit made me laugh when i read it again
  25. SeanF

    Carpet fitting

    I used a heated nail to burn through the carpet to make holes. Could also use a soldering iron with an old tip
  26. Looks like you had a grand day out John. That's what TRs are for. Well done.
  27. Mick, It doesn't matter whether the OP is a current member, a former member (hello Pete) or a non-member (other than not having access to the Lambkin Smith TRAction article which I believe should be published on the forum for all to read), I firmly the club has duty to expose such underhand and illegal practices. Cheers, Andrew
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