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  2. Doretti did you buy a new bracket or buy an old one and refurbish it?
  3. Nothing like that on mine Dave. Paul
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  5. I would try the usual suspects for all those bits, although I am led to believe The Roadster factory in the US make the best screen .https://macysgarage.com/parts-new.htm Iain
  6. Hi Peter, that's very nice, but we have the TÜV here at Germany, they will hang me up on their entrance and keep me hanging there until I fall down from the rope as a warning for all. Ciao, Marco
  7. These part numbers i am looking for--12,19,21,and 30 also roof bars/ John.
  8. Ok thanks Richard, most unusual to find LH & RH drive options included how very far sighted! I'll have another check later David
  9. Yep, had this problem recently so I emery stoned down the burr that surrounded the oil drill hole in the follower side. Also scotch bright polished the follower exterior to ensure a smoother running fit. Peter W
  10. Hi David, I have just found a photo of the stripped body, a view of the inside of the bulkhead and marked the locations of the "two nuts". Regards, Richard
  11. Hi Brian Sounds like it’s inevitable that you’re have to remove the box. Could be that the clutch plate centre hub or maybe the cover are broken with the rattling noise you describe. Exactly what you probably won’t know until it’s stripped down. I suspect the plate was firmly seized on the flywheel and trying to free it this way has damaged something. Kevin
  12. This would make a great Youtube video. Maybe the folks who produce the HERO rally videos might be interested in being involved? Simon
  13. Hi David, I am very surprised that the captive nut is missing - my TR4 was built in 1964 and originally LHD which I have converted it to RHD. The nut is very high up the bulkhead, very close to the heater box fixing bolt. Regards, Richard
  14. Presumably the Auster had some modifications as it did the trip non-stop and was in the air for seventeen and a half hours. Long range fuel tanks and equipment to enable night flying? Mike
  15. We did - well, not that well, but respectably! This was 2008. The driving standards of other teams then so deterred the Triumph Drivers that I could never get another team together!
  16. Hi Stuart, Ok, but Is there enough slack in the brake flexi to be able to drop the arm to drop down without disconnecting the brake lines to remove the brackets? Thanks Rich
  17. Hi Bob I now you have probably read all the saga re Cams and followers, but if not it would be worth it. I have just installed follower set No 3......The Uprated Tuffrided followers from the usual suspects are in my opinion too big, they start to seize/gall at moderately high running temperature (9C above normal). The bore diameter on my engine and another checked for comparison was a constant 0.9375", the followers as bought and thoroughly cleaned are pretty much the same. There is negligible clearance by my measurements 0.0009". Way too tight. Also check the cam lobes are offset en
  18. My TR2 hasn't run for around 20 years and unsurprisingly the clutch plate was stuck. I found the post below, and tried the suggestion of thoroughly warming the engine up, leaving it to stand for a bit, warming it up again, then starting in 4th with the clutch in. After a couple of attempts it seemed to free off, but with a major rattling sound. Now it rattles when the clutch is depressed but won't engage any gear. I guess something has broken? Any clues please? Thanks, Brian
  19. Typical sheared cross shaft pin behaviour surely. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Jerry
  20. At yes, & the Stig could go by train
  21. How about a fast boat up the coast? Mick
  22. Hi John this is the Moss Europe Catalogue page.....which parts are you trying to locate? Iain
  23. Richard, you are a complete star, that is exactly what I was looking for! I suspected as much that in the LHD to RHD conversion, the captive nut for the upper stay is missing and I will need to add it; fortunately at this stage of the rebuild that is not a problem. I'll come back to you if I have any follow up. Again many thanks Best Regards David
  24. Sounds like the sort of thing Top Gear would do ! although you would need a third option - public transport ? Bob
  25. Find a Jag XJ in the breakers and take the alternator adjuster off that and adapt it for the TR?
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