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  2. True, especially in the days of Empire, P.O.S.H. Was written on the ticket, hence the term. John.
  3. That’s what upsets so many of the Dutch......
  4. bereaved sale always a sad thing. Is it a know car / body ? That’s been in hiding. can just a body be worth that much ? surely to have significant value it would need its original chassis and engine ?
  5. Use it as your shopping car ! Conrad.
  6. Starboard and Port came from the Vikings The stearing board (starboard) was on the right hand side of the longboat held under the right arm of the helmsman, so when they came into port the boat had to be tied up with the left side (port) against the dock so as not to damage the stearing board. George
  7. Phil Smith


    Hi Rebuilding my Tr4a confused with all the different posts and comments wether to keep the current crank case breather set up, Or look at oil catch can, can't see good diagram where the hoses connect from catch can. Can see one hose connects to rocker cover breather, but can't see where second hose connects to. Oil catch cans look quite expensive, any suggestions cheers
  8. Oh dear. Sad to hear it a bereavement sale.
  9. A Virus is not a living thing in its own right. It’s a parcel of genetic material that is incapable of survival without a host.
  10. A load of “Cock and Bull” comes from the trading hotel/pubs The Cock and The Bull two pubs in Stony Stratford high street....on the original A5
  11. I did this already and the result was that one hub runs louder. But I need to confirm that this is really the source of the noise what I hear while driving the car.
  12. if things get really tough, paper wise, you could use both sides.
  13. I had a hotel booked for the Novice trial mid May.....again non refundable. After a phone call and an email. All refunded. I’ll be using again if and when it’s rearranged. Well done Lions Quays, Oswestry. It’s that old adage, “treat people well and they will treat you well.”
  14. Today
  15. Hi Tony, thank you for that, I always thought it is not possible to shim it but have been convicted it works some weeks ago. That's OK, but what about a pulley with too much offset? The one with 38 mm? Ciao, Marco
  16. I've got round to changing the twin 'wheel barrow' exhaust to a big bore Phoenix standard style one. Had to drill a hole for the inner back box mount as the replacement chassis never had it.
  17. I'd be interested to see how you propose to use the stethoscope on the back drive axle components while your mate drives you around. Before I did that I'd listen to the back axle components with the stethoscope while someone rotated the wheel on the noisy side by hand. With the wheel jacked up and the G/B in neutral for starters.
  18. Yesterday
  19. And I thought it was much older bastar'n of the word which became "deutsch" ie., the (their) Germanic language, as opposed to the Angles or the Saxons. ..Just goes to show - I knows nuffink.
  20. It isn't ? I believed it was, as it referred to liners traveling and from the orient, whereby in very hot climates like heading off down the Suez - the port side of the vessel was northerly and therefore in the shade. Accordingly posh people ..like officer's and the generously tipping gentry were given those cabins and chairs on that side deck. On the way back the starboard side of the vessel would be shaded, so then posh types paid more to be accommodated on that side.
  21. Well, the good news is that it has been remanufactured I see. Then again, nice to have something unusual fitted, I feel. You see many rebuilt TRs with no sign of having been "lived in", looking almost too perfect. I used to he a purist, even to the point of removing the more efficient banana inlet manifold and SU HS6s and replacing with brand new SU H4s and a "log type" inlet. And I detested roll over bars! But some detailing I like such as an original gear knob. I think it's all a very personal choice, well, except for safety features. If you take a look at the rally pics I've been adding to, there's a 2 with what looks like a wider grille. I'd keep that!
  22. Thanks. Not that speedy, just cut a few corners probably I'm not sure where the boss is from. I would like to change back to an original steering wheel one day. Dash is coming out tomorrow! Seats and rollbar should all arrive mid next week
  23. The way they're set up - on/off switching from the gear selectors they have no other option. These days a transmission control computer would be programmed to hold the solenoid in for as long as O/D was selected.
  24. Spotted on Ebay TR3 S Historic Racing Car Shell https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F124122001569
  25. I could do this, but I am quote sure that the noise came from the hub not from the diff. However, right now I am not sure what to do. Do not change or start an extensive repair. i think I will let somebody drive my car and I will place myself in the back with a stetoscope to confirm my guess
  26. No the overdrive OD its self does not drop out. I was just surprised that the solenoid via the iso switches does.
  27. It must be Port-Out-Starboard-Home as it is sung in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Lionel Jeffries so it must be true. Roger
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