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  2. Does that then cause the car to pitch at the rear? Think Mk 4 cortina estate here. Why not take them both off and save weight? Play with spring rates and tyre pressures instead? Discuss….. PS. What about the chassis flex issues?
  3. You can get other adaptors that take an alternative 22mm switch to the Revotec one. (Lots of the switches and adapters on the site Roger mentioned) If it's in the top hose go for one that operates at a range above your thermostat.
  4. Hi DEon, I TRust your move to NM will be all that you want. It sounds wonderful. I would be expecting John Wayne at al to be next door. Good luck Roger
  5. +1 and if your using the Revington rear arb it’s very adjustable
  6. There is enough room for a blower fan with a cooler in situ. There are also brackets that you can mount the cooler on which angle it forwards which give even more room. As for the need for an oil cooler - it depends. General pootling around, no but sustained blasting down an autoroute in high temps then the benefit will be felt. The option is to use a thermostat - when the oil temp climbs the stat opens but otherwise not.
  7. iain

    Don's day (H)

    Good luck with the move Don, sorry you won’t be at the Revival, hopefully catch-up in 25 at the Members meeting. Iain
  8. Welcome to the forums Mel. The early cars had a two-piece gearlever where the shaft (12) screws into the 'ball end' (13) - could yours have become disconnected? The ball end itself and the cap (18) are retained by a through bolt (19/20)
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  10. Hello Don Good to hear from you and hope the move has gone/is going smoothly. There is a lady in our village that does B&B but we are 12 miles from Goodwood so that probably wouldn't suit you if you are without your own transport. We'll ask around for you for somewhere in Chichester but living here it's not something we have too much experience of. You would of course be welcome to stay with us if you could put up with being out in the sticks. Rod
  11. Thanks for that, i will check first thing tomorrow.
  12. Hi Mel and welcome to the forum. First stage is to pop the gaiter off and see if the retaining cap is still in place.
  13. Hello all, we've got an early long door Tr 2 and having just returned from a first drive we suddenly find that we can't engage any of the gears, it's almost as if the gear lever has become disconnected, any ideas please?
  14. So I've removed the packing washers and the bonnet now misses the rad, just. I don't think I am putting undue strain on the top hose. I'll see how I get on if need be I will go back and elongate the holes in the rad fixings. Thanks everyone for your help with this much appreciated.
  15. Something is definitely „different“ with your aluminum rad
  16. Or to put it another way, front ARB increases the existing understeer add the rear ARB & it reduces the original understeer to become nicely balanced. Bob
  17. No reason to worry with the original rad on my TR4A
  18. Not so much as to strain the rad neck pipe as being ally it won’t be so strong. Mine just rubs the pipe from the overflow but it’s a thicker pipe as I run a header tank. Stuart
  19. Thanks Stuart but how much out of line is to much?? This is the problem I don't know what to trust, engine thermostat, fan stat, sender or gauge
  20. I’d be grateful for any recommendations in SE London for some work I’ll likely need done soon. I think diff mounts will need boxing etc and I’d like to get this done right. Also I managed to pick up a hardtop which will need prepping and spraying. Enginuity in Acton are definitely on my short list as I was impressed with their workshop and work that I saw but they are the other side of town. Thanks in advance Steve
  21. Front anti roll bars reduce oversteer and rear ones increase it. A matter of preference.
  22. Hi Bruce many thanks for your response! That certainly chimes with my experience of driving the car - feels very torquey from 2-4000 but runs slightly out of steam towards 5000. it is also possible that the mechanic who read the etching on the cam mistook the 6 for an 8. I think you might have nailed it! cheers Steve
  23. If you are checking with an infra red thermometer, it might be worth painting a black area on the rad as reflective surfaces can cause mis-reading.
  24. Or incorrect ones, there are three different senders and they have different resistance values so give different readings. Stuart.
  25. Yes reduce it to the rubber one only but as Marco suggests be careful that the top hose hasnt gone out of line too much, if so then just remove one of the ally spacers, the radiators are close anyway but you do need just enough clearance to prevent rubbing. Stuart.
  26. Hi Don and belated birthday wishes. I was thinking about you, Len and Cath a couple of weeks ago, wondering if they were still around. I thought that they would have closed the B&B years ago. Still, you had a good run. From what I can gather the accommodation prices for the Goodwood dates have gone berserk. We stayed a few years at the Nags Head in Chichester which was reasonably priced at that time but since our last visit, about 10 years ago, I believe the prices have almost quadrupled. Such is life. enjoy your new home! Best regards, Rodney.
  27. +1 plus have you considered a defective sender unit I ask because they are about? John
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