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  1. Thanks for your reply Stuart. Sadly, Moss only sell the TR3a seat frame and not the Tr2/3 seat frame (NCA). Approx £500 a pair delivered. (Photo is just for info to show the difference and NOT my seat frames) Cheers Adrian
  2. This is one, but it's in Australia DOH! http://www.kas-kilmartin.com.au/KAS Triumph parts description.htm Looking for UK supplier ideally?
  3. Hi, I already have 2 Off Original TR2 seat frames. Does anyone know if a seat frame repair panel is available for original TR2 fixed back seats? I am sure I saw some being sold not too long ago? It's basically the base I'm after, as usual its rotted out and cracked in multiple places. Kind regards Ade
  4. Phil I had the same issue a couple of years back with UK supplied rear closing panels for my TR2 all having their edges folded in the wrong direction. If you complain you usually get told nobody has ever complained about them before.. Kind regards Ade
  5. Ralph I have reposted my photo above with a .jpg so it should hopefully open now. What i have quoted is straight from the book Cheers Ade
  6. Graham According to Bill P's Book....see attached photo. Your replacement tub fits into the Sixth Group, so it's a May '58 to Jan '59 TR3a (Pre TS60000) shell. (Assuming that is the shells original tag) Cheers Ade June 1958 - Pre-drilled bolt mountings in scuttle top for fixing aero screens deleted. October 59 - All timber previously used in the body construction deleted
  7. Roy, There are a few posts about TR2/3 fuel tank differences on the forum; the photo below is extracted from one of them. The tank which says 'Original Tank' is for the TR2, the other tank is for a later sidescreen car with the optional rear seat (hence the shorter slope and slight rake for the rear seat backrest Hope this helps Cheers Ade
  8. Roy These are TR2 tank straps...They look exactly like your 'C' straps. I think the hole you see is maybe for an earth connection for the fuel gauge sender unit? Regards Ade
  9. Try David Ferry, forum member? Regards Ade
  10. Bob Thanks for all your help and investigations, always appreciated. Kind regards Ade
  11. Thank you Keith and Bob for your replies, very much appreciated. Bob, I will send you a PM. (I did note in the Stanpart catalogue that there was a part number for the knurled screw (602124) and for the retaining pin (552172)). Best wishes Ade
  12. Hi, A couple of photos of my original metal floor grommets, these were still fitted in the cars original floor panels which had been plated over with a single sheet of metal each side by a P.O. To be cleaned up and refitted in my new floor panels. Great work Peter W. Cheers Ade
  13. Hi, Does anyone one know where I can get replacement knurled screws for sidescreen mounting brackets please? I have one missing and one bent (which I hope to carefully straighten). Any help gratefully received Best wishes Ade
  14. All, Thanks to all for your tips and replies...I know it's a while ago. I have now purchased a pair of HS6 carbs to go with my TR4a inlet manifold. Cheers Ade
  15. Hi Ian I now have contact details, thank you. Cheers Ade
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