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  1. All, Thanks to all for your tips and replies...I know it's a while ago. I have now purchased a pair of HS6 carbs to go with my TR4a inlet manifold. Cheers Ade
  2. Hi Ian I now have contact details, thank you. Cheers Ade
  3. I have also seen recommendations for Pete Cox, does Pete still do rebuilds on gearboxes and rear axles? Anyone have any contact details please? Cheers Ade
  4. Hi Keith Many thanks for your response and recommendation. Cheers Ade
  5. Hi, I’m looking for recommendations for companies who can refurbish the Lockheed rear axle on my TR2.....they need to be in the UK. I want to keep the original. Kind regards Ade
  6. I am not connected to the seller but I bought some from this guy on eBay, he was very helpful. https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/mjcproducts Cheers Ade
  7. Thanks for that info Phil, I will be giving them a visit myself Cheers Ade
  8. Rich Very many thanks for this suggestion, I will give them a call regarding refurbing my original springs Regards Ade
  9. Stuart I think any of that companies springs would be better than these :o) Ade
  10. Hi Rod Wow now there's a coincidence, thanks for the message. I'm sure you already know but RDU is a Coventry registration and I am still in touch with the second owner of my car who still lives in Coventry and worked at the Standard Triumph factory. Regards Ade
  11. Roger I have completed a PQI form and pressed send. I think it has gone although it doesn't confirm its sent. It also sends it as an un-secure file (a concern as it contains phone number and email address). Any issues please let me know Regards Ade
  12. Thanks for your responses and support guys, much appreciated. Richard I have tried to take a photo comparing the height of the original against the new - The height difference at the centre point (the bolt through all leaves) is about 8mm or the thickness of 2 original leaves, so the original is taller than the new. The clips have all been made once size for the new springs, they are not made to fit the amount of leaves they are clamping, hence the gaps. They will definitely be going back for a refund. I would be interested in finding out if the originals could be successfully restored as this sounds like a preferred option against what seems to be available for standard springs. Cheers Ade
  13. All Having recently completely stripped my TR2 chassis prior to blasting and powder coating, I noted that my rear leaf springs had seen better days. Two of the leaf clips had broken at some time in past and they were very rusty. I believe they are original TR2. As I am doing a ground up restoration I decided to order new front and rear springs but I wanted to keep the standard spec so I ordered a pair of standard rear leaf springs from Rimmers (Part 208636). To say I am disappointed with what arrived is an understatement, I am hoping to get some feedback from the knowledgable forum members on here by posting some photos of new and old leaf springs. The new springs are very poorly painted and would need repainting to be acceptable against a newly painted chassis, all of the leaf clips are too tall and don't touch the top of the leaves, some of the leaves are twisted (not parallel to each other), the springs are different heights, the leaf clamps only have one rivet vice two on the originals...to summarise they look like they were made by a trainee. The label on them says heritage original equipment.. Am I expecting too much of a critical new part for my car? Has anyone found any that are quality, and are made properly? I have no problem in paying top money for a quality item and know these were that expensive but i'm getting a bit bored of paying good money for cr@p parts. I hope this helps Richard Regards Ade
  14. Hi Les, I am so sorry to hear this news Very best wishes Adrian
  15. Hi How much would I expect to pay for a steel hardtop for a TR2 if it was in excellent condition? I am looking for one which has the difficult to find bits and doesn't need lots of welding, if anyone can help.. Kind Regards Adrian
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