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  1. A couple of other drawings showing correct clips and spacing plus associated ‘rubber tape’. Could you be getting additional vibration due to poor engine/gearbox mountings? Ade
  2. I thought you’d like that Stuart. There are pages and pages of it, bits failing and very regular servicing at approx 1000 mile intervals. I think this first owner must have been a boy racer haha! Ade
  3. Phil Your car being early it would have originally had an early front apron like my first picture. It only really matters if you are building a concourse car. I’m sure a lot of owners would have modified their early small mouth apron or changed it to the TR3a wide mouth like my car was, in order to gain better cooling and also look like the newer model. Bonnets are complicated as there were at least 7 varieties according to Bill P’s book. All bonnets had 4 slots up until TS6157 when it changed to 2 slots Regards Ade
  4. Hi Phil, Yes there is a difference between the early TR2 small mouth apron and the later small mouth apron fitted to TR3. Below pic1 is the early one with a complete 4 sided tunnel from the mouth directing all the cool air to the radiator. Pic 2&3. The later one has the top of the mouth tunnel cut away ‘left and right’ to allow air to also travel up into the engine bay. Engine cooling was an issue on early cars. Somebody may have some better pics.. Regards Ade
  5. A great handbook Christian, thanks for sharing. Here’s a taster of the life of a brand new TR2 in 1955 in the hands of it’s first owner. The gearbox didn’t last very long lol !! Ade
  6. I believe this to be an original early TSOA handbook for my 1955 TR2. It also contains all the cars service history, hand written in the back from 1955 onwards; including rotation of tyres, warranty work etc. I love the history of these cars. Thanks for starting this great post Christian Ade
  7. A couple of pics of the later Blue/White version for reference Ade
  8. Hi Devs, I had a brand new pair of front springs made for my TR2 (to original spec) by a spring manufacturing company in Rotherham. Proper old school place with all the old school machines etc. I visited them and spoke to the owner too, lovely guy and very helpful. The springs were first class with a spotless powdercoated finish. They have all the spec sheets for any car spring, on paper in original folders. Half the listed price of the usual suppliers. Contact Tony at South Yorkshire Springs (Rotherham) 01709 375375. I am not connected with this company, just a happy customer.
  9. This car looks like a nice resto project for somebody..I am in no way connected to this car/sale. https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/sat-6th-sun-7th-november/?q=Tr4
  10. It’s what I would call an honest car. I agree Stuart, it certainly needed a good repaint and associated bodywork to remove the rust/rot before it takes control. I liked it too :)
  11. A couple of my 1955 TR2 in its TR3a guise. Ade
  12. Another TR5 for sale by auction, lots of photos/receipts etc https://themarket.co.uk/en/listings/triumph/tr5/da60fe2b-6f96-443a-bbd2-bd45057a4b20?status=live I have no connection to this vehicle, just sharing the link for those interested Regards Ade
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