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  1. I fitted T-Trac 2 on my tr4 72 spoke wheels i also fitted tubes for extra reliability as recommended by the forum, sean
  2. Thanks Peter its a 1962 TR 4 should have mentioned that. The bush is a bit sloppy and sounds like axle tramp when changing gears especially overdrive. I suppose i should take it to a garage, put it on a ramp to fully investigate and then plan of action, this will give me a better understanding of the task ahead. Sean.
  3. Hi all I need to replace the bush and I am wondering if it is a job I can do at home? I don't have a lift only a pit. What are the the does and dont's? If I was to remove spring using the pit is there a need to jack up the car to allow ease of removal or refitting. Do I need special tools to fit the bush in the eye or should i take it to an engineering shop where they have the right press? Is it feasible to do refitting by one's self? Are there other issues that I might encounter during this replacement? Sean.
  4. Rich.. i was having difficulty trying to send the pics. the sketch and pics are a bit mixed up . the tri angular cushion is at the front. I now attach rear image. Sean,
  5. Rich here are some more images.
  6. I am currently carrying out some remedial work to roof h frame and will send some images of roof fitted tomorrow. In the meantime i attach some images of my roof with some measurements. hope this of help.... Sean.
  7. Welcome to the club Willie. I cannot remember when i got back driving the TR but it was about 2 months before i was back driving the everyday car.( I have had both hips done 6 months apart.) Before I had the replacements I was having trouble getting into the 4 with the original seats. They were uncomfortable and did not slide back and forth to easily. I switched for a pair of Mx5 seats and and were easy to slide and comfortable. My way of getting in was to sit in backwards slide the lever and push seat back and gain enough distance to enable the left leg to clear the window
  8. i checked the height this morning on my tr4 using blue tac. i formed a pyramid 50mm high then closed the lid and on opening, it was squeezed down to 40 mm plus or minus.. I also checked the finger between rack and hub and it was impossible to insert it was that close. Sean
  9. Stitched leather covering lovely job . Can you tell me where you got it done and the cost? Sean. Hi Pete. Spoke to Brian as you said nice bloke, As i live in Southern Ireland i was hoping that he could supply only as i was not comfortable sending frame over by post...He will have a look to see if he has the pattern off yours and i am to contact him in say a weeks time, Thanks Sean.
  10. hi. stitched cover lovely job. can you tell me the contact and cost of same . sean
  11. Thanks all. that's a great response and excellent tips for when i do the replacement belt. Much appreciated Sean.
  12. HI again, Any suggestions for replacing existing squeeky belt with a heavy duty fan belt. On first glance the fan hub is very close to the steering rack. Is there an easy way of fitting a new belt without removing rack? Thanks Sean.
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