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  1. Thanks all. that's a great response and excellent tips for when i do the replacement belt. Much appreciated Sean.
  2. HI again, Any suggestions for replacing existing squeeky belt with a heavy duty fan belt. On first glance the fan hub is very close to the steering rack. Is there an easy way of fitting a new belt without removing rack? Thanks Sean.
  3. Update. Fitted a modern relay this morning had a louder click and road tested. The overdrive is now working . Thanks everybody for all your responses. Sean.
  4. i have found that the relay on the left of the clutch is the overdrive one, but i am puzzled as to what the one on the right of the accelerator pedai is ??
  5. Hi again. Still trouble shooting as i did not get to continue to fix the the problem last time. I went back to today to discover that i was looking at a relay thats over R H side of trottle . . When i disconnected it i could hear clicking noise over the the clutch pedal ( I was wondering what this other over trottle relay is for? ) i have located the relay and hope to fix it this weekend. Sean.
  6. Thanks guys really appreciate that .on my way to motor factors for bits and pieces. Sean.
  7. Hi I have no overdrive so i tightened the loose spade connections to relay put the car in 4th gear i moved the stalk and i could hear the relay clicking. Great i went out for a quick spin to check that the problem was solved. no joy. Back home i again i tested the relay and it was clicking away. now i need help as i don't know if i put back the spades in the correct position. Is there a colour code ? any help would be appreciated. thanks . Sean.
  8. Thanks guys … really appreciate your comments and quick response. I am also going to add rim band and tubes ….. Best regards. Sean.
  9. At long last got my 72 spoke wheels painted and collected them this afternoon.. Now have to find a tyre fitter in Ireland ( Dublin area )that will fit tyres without damage to fresh paint? One other query … how many spacers and what size would be recommended for front and back wheels? or is it trial and error? is there a supplieryou would recommend? Thanks again, Sean.
  10. great appreciate that imfo.your image of the wheels on the car look the biz...My car is also brg with surrey top.. I like the wheels and the grey paint' thanks again. Sean.
  11. Will 72 spoke wheels - 5.5j x15inch fit a 1962 tr4? and what size tyres would be recommended .
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