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  1. Well done ! You will not be bored during your therapy !
  2. Many thanks ! That’s fantastic !!!
  3. Servo ? What for ? A muscular thigh is enough !
  4. Having owned a TR3A for 26 years and now riding in TR2, I can say that the front discs are a big step forward and not just in terms of fading ! Admittedly, the effort to be produced is substantial in both cases, but the deceleration power is much less with the drums ... But respect for the origin imposes the constraint !
  5. The solution is in two words : Skinners Union !
  6. Thanks ! It’s the best solution for brookland !
  7. Ok… This is the aluminium angle glued under the brook and waiting for it seal… In my opinion, this was a good solution, since the width of the angle combined with that of the seal allows the latter to be almost flush with the lower upright of the Brookland… Certainly not very consistent with the origin, but it works!
  8. TR6 ? you like modern cars !
  9. While waiting for my new Brooklands windshield glass, I decided to make a seal ... On the original Brooks, there was a groove under the lower post, allowing the rubber blade to be threaded. Those who ride Brooklands, the diehards, what ... know that modern remakes have no throats and are even flatter than a dab ... It was therefore necessary to hold the rubber blade in a permanent way ... So I relapsed in the use of aluminum angle! Once cut, the 11x11 aluminum angle iron is glued under the nose screen. I searched all over the place for rubber until I realized ... TR
  10. It's been a long time since I last spoke to you about « The Bolide »… By removing the green sticker, in places, preferred to follow the latter rather than stay on the Bolide ... The result was so unsightly and I was so too shocked, that I did not want to immortalize it ... But I wasted no time and I attacked my workshop, as soon as possible, so I started my turn of the grille with peel-off paint and restored the Bolide to its old configuration, while waiting for it to be painted, probably at the start of the school year ... After proper masking and dismantling of the addit
  11. Exactly what I was looking for ! Thanks a lot !
  12. I'm sure I found the drawing and the dimensions of the original aeroscreens glass, about a month ago, probably on this forum, but despite my research, impossible to find them ... Does anyone have that, please?
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