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  1. What a beautiful story !
  2. I have the same problem… I tried with an Austin-Healey gauge and the problem is… the gauge !
  3. From experience, I know that touring with aero-screens makes two things difficult, if not impossible: - have a sustained conversation with his passenger, - install your hood in case of bad weather. As my wife is an unrepentant talker, I did not plan to spend all my trips leaning to my right (but not too much so as not to come out of the (weak) protection of the Brookland, yelling “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING???” I also did not plan to have to face the rain without being able to roll over... So I resolved to travel with the windshield. But when we arrived at our destination, I
  4. In the last few days, we have been to Spain, as far as Calella de Palafrugell and Tossa de Mar…
  5. Teher


    Michelin XAS 165/15 (80) (no inner tube needed). A little more expensive than the competition, of course, but safety is priceless, even if you just have to go and buy your baguette ! 29 psi at the front wheels and 26 psi at the rear and the steering will be as light as a post-war van…
  6. After 1960 ! if you are registered in historic (Carte Grise « Véhicule de Collection ») with a pre-1960 car, no MOT needed !
  7. Just like Bugatti 35 and 51 !
  8. Last war paint. The front mask is in paint and the frog is going to stop the lipstick... And what dashboard !
  9. That’s exactly what I did on my Caterham, so I wouldn't end up with legs like sequoia trunks…
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