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  1. I think you’ll find it down Devon way.
  2. Are you sure it’s not Weeping from the Bolt at the back of the Engine just below the Rocker Cover that should be a Copper Washer.
  3. No Mike one is after the Tank Outlet and before the Holding Tank the other is between the Holding Tank and the Pump. From memory I think I managed to Drill everything out to 7 or 7.5mm.
  4. Well I use 2 of the above Glass Filters in the 3/8 version yes they are the earlier type as in Metal/Glass not Plastic I’ve also Drilled them out slightly to a larger diameter on the Inlet and Outlet also down through the Centre I’ve run mine since 2001 in this configuration and encounter no problems although I also run a small additional Holding Petrol Tank inside the Wheel-well and yes the Spare Wheel still fits.
  5. Thanks Bruce I was thinking that that was the only way to do it,Cheers.
  6. You can Buy the bigger 8mm Outlet but how you get to 10mm I’d like to know also.
  7. I wouldn’t Bin them either someone will Buy them on here all you have to do is describe them as they are.
  8. Hi Mark did you get the Emails? why have you 2 Earths running to Pump or are they both Earths?
  9. Very hard to make anything from that Photo can you stand back a bit and include the Pump,Cheers.
  10. Take some Photos of the Set Up you have we may be able to spot a problem.
  11. Open Tank Cap and leave open you could have a Vacuum problem in the Tank but your problem seems to be Fuel Delivery from Pump and as you say a Blockage somewhere.
  12. Thanks Bob just replied,Cheers.
  13. Hi Lads has anyone got one For Sale or any leads where I might get one,Cheers.
  14. Hi Lads has anyone got one For Sale or any leads where I might get one,Cheers.
  15. The very outside top corners have a Strengthening Brace and the Centre is also Reinforced the Fiberglass is also stronger at those Points I’ve the Restorations one Fitted and that’s how I fitted mine about 8yr ago.
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