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  1. Mick those facility’s were always their in Stafford it’s just they were never used to their full potential.
  2. Had some excellent Weekends at Stafford and one can always find things to moan about but it’s also very easy to enjoy yourself with likeminded people.
  3. +1 from me and the 20+ that’ll be TRaveling with me.
  4. Thanks Bruce,if it can’t be got in the U.K. it certainly wouldn’t be available here,Cheers.
  5. Hi Bruce do you have a Link to anyone selling that Hose with the correct fittings already attached,Cheers.
  6. I would take the Body off and address all the Problems at the one time,there are several areas on that Bridge that need additional strengthening.
  7. Andy,there has been huge problems with Rimmers Diff Bridges it’s not only the wrong design but also the quality/thickness of metal used when loaded up with the Springs and Wishbones the Metal Cup on top that holds/locates the Spring cannot handle the Spring Pressure and the Metal Cracks/splits and I’ve Pics to prove this if needed. CTM is the only one I can safely recommend. Andy if you need Pics PM me your Email as it’s the only way I can send them,Cheers.
  8. Nice one Kev,always good to see that one again.

    Ali air duct

    Richard Crewe Reid on the Forum can supply you with what you want.
  10. Pamela David Enamels.
  11. That’ll look excellent Great Job.
  12. TS2 Visits Howth Castle. For the keen eyed note the Original Reg Plate.
  13. If you do manage the Air Box use the Stub Stacks inside it.
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