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  1. If you do manage the Air Box use the Stub Stacks inside it.
  2. If I had to fit Filters they would be the Biggest KNs I could get onto HS6s, I’m using Dolly Sprint ones with short Stub Stacks inside on a Road Car. Have you considered Trumpets on their own or maybe build a suitable Airbox with Filter running to front of Car.
  3. Robert a Search of the Forum finds this Ph Number for Neil.
  4. Speak with Colin at CTM before you do anything.
  5. What Inlet Manifold are you using Magnus?
  6. I’ve a 150CP with HS6s on a 2.5s Manifold with Dolly Sprint KN Filters with richer Needles and the Car flies and yes it’s a Spitfire.
  7. This time last year there were serious issues with the quality of TR6 Chassis Bridges if I was replacing one I’d do some serious Homework about quality issues. Below are Pics before the Body ever went onto the Chassis that New Bridge had to be Cut Off altogether Scraped and replaced with one bought from Colin at CTM.
  8. Maybe he thought Neil would see that Post and that JMD had transferred monies into his PP Account and had sent him on his old PI stuff for Reconditioning.
  9. I suggest a Chat or PM to Motorsport Mickey or Mick Richards as know to some.
  10. I think you’ll find it down Devon way.
  11. Are you sure it’s not Weeping from the Bolt at the back of the Engine just below the Rocker Cover that should be a Copper Washer.
  12. No Mike one is after the Tank Outlet and before the Holding Tank the other is between the Holding Tank and the Pump. From memory I think I managed to Drill everything out to 7 or 7.5mm.
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