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  1. The very outside top corners have a Strengthening Brace and the Centre is also Reinforced the Fiberglass is also stronger at those Points I’ve the Restorations one Fitted and that’s how I fitted mine about 8yr ago.
  2. There are 3 Holes in the Spoiler 1 at each Top Corner and 1 in the Middle,offer up the Spoiler and Mark the 3 Holes starting with the Middle one then do either side, Drill Holes out to 6.5mm and use some Short 6mm Bolts to Bolt the Spoiler to Front Valance I also used a couple of Small Self Tappers along the Top Edge.
  3. Hi Kev have you anymore of those Swirl pot Fuel Tanks for the TR6 that you made a few yr ago. 


    Classical Dash

    This Dispute has now been resolved. Many Thanks to all for the Advice and Support both here on the Forum and Facebook. If someone could Post Halvor’s response that was Posted Today on FB it would be appreciated,Cheers and Thanks for the Support.
  5. Panch to me your Bar looks wrong reasons below Bar should be 500mm Long,its thickness is between 8 and 8.5mm and the return on the end is 28mm. Mine has a slight curvature to it but unsure if that feature is original. Ill try and add some Pics below but if they dont appear PM me you Email and I’ll send them on. The system won’t allow me any more Photos so if you need them PM me. JohnL sorry but your Rubber is on wrong.
  6. Keep the Front Tyre Pressures Correct and you’ll not notice any difference.
  7. A Friend of mine had the same problem,those Seats are to high for a TR6.
  8. Well Done Marco all very informative.
  9. No Pete haven’t done one,I’m a bit like Craig it’s not worth the effort for £30
  10. I wouldn’t use the Tiger Seal as you’ll never get the Wings apart if you need to.
  11. There was also one at a Malvern International about 8 yr ago.
  12. TR NIALL

    Thank you

    Well Done Andrew,it was a Long Road but now you’ll have the pleasure of Driving that Long Road,Enjoy.
  13. Hi Richard Message Sent.
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