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  1. Anything over £25 seems to incur an additional Charge once it goes through DHL and some other Carriers,EBay are also at it with their Global Shipping Programe and are fleecing unsuspecting Customers I got charged an additional £28 for an item I bought for £45,Royal Mail have no additional charges as far as I’m aware.
  2. It’ll do for starters,will need a bit of a Top Up to keep me Happy.
  3. Thanks Lads and Lady’s it was Work as usual but the Irish State recon I’ve earned me Subs,Happy Days.
  4. Well Done Niall I told you it was easy now the Fun begins.
  5. Hi TRier I’m here in Tallaght and have plenty of Spares if your stuck for anything give me a PM through here and I’ll give you my Ph Details you’ll also find us on the attached FB Page,Cheers.
  6. The crucial part of this adaptor is the internal diameter anyone know what that is?
  7. The Battery is Donald Ducked.
  8. Photo (3) where are they now.
  9. Number #30 in First Photo and same number as me House in Second Photo #25.
  10. Hi Tom I’d just like to express my sincere condolences on the passing of you Mum one of life’s characters,RIP Diane.
  11. Mick those facility’s were always their in Stafford it’s just they were never used to their full potential.
  12. Had some excellent Weekends at Stafford and one can always find things to moan about but it’s also very easy to enjoy yourself with likeminded people.
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