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    Michelin XAS 165/15 (80) (no inner tube needed). A little more expensive than the competition, of course, but safety is priceless, even if you just have to go and buy your baguette ! 29 psi at the front wheels and 26 psi at the rear and the steering will be as light as a post-war van…
  2. After 1960 ! if you are registered in historic (Carte Grise « Véhicule de Collection ») with a pre-1960 car, no MOT needed !
  3. Just like Bugatti 35 and 51 !
  4. Last war paint. The front mask is in paint and the frog is going to stop the lipstick... And what dashboard !
  5. That’s exactly what I did on my Caterham, so I wouldn't end up with legs like sequoia trunks…
  6. I recently bought this handcrafted radiator and it works perfectly. I am sure that any craftsman will be able to do the same.
  7. Remember to check the felt seal of the oil dipstick !
  8. My fake one doesn’t hurt ! And also is so cheap !
  9. La Cie du Garage Monceau was the official French retailer of Triumph. If my information is correct, they were created in 1956 and remained Triumph dealers until the 70s… And with our greatest French singer !
  10. Would you post a photo, please ?
  11. Last achievement strongly reflecting the amateur craftsmanship but, all the same, very practical… My co-pilot and I often ride with helmets for obvious aesthetic reasons… and also and above all because, except to have the two side-screens in place, the TR2 and 3 are a festival of drafts… Nevertheless, there are times when the helmets are at rest and I then install them on the small seats that my older children now refuse to use on the false pretext that they cannot fit their seat and their long legs in a space of 1000 cm ! As I wish to avoid the Bolide the humiliation too often
  12. There is a complete technical control in France for all cars, to be done every two years. However, for cars over thirty years old which have a “collection” traffic title, this technical control is increased to five years because it is considered that these cars run little. For cars endowed with a "collection" circulation title and which were manufactured before 1960, there is no longer any mandatory technical control because their owners are considered to be passionate collectors and very attentive to their vehicle and therefore, it would be superfluous ... Regarding road mortalit
  13. No MOT here, in France… And as a pre-1960 vehicle, my venerable automobile is exempt from any checks !
  14. Wiring of rear light done! Obviously with Jean-Louis at the maneuver and me as a zealous assistant ... He also took the opportunity to review the fixation of 123, which my now ex-mechanic had not seen fit to ensure correct fixation… I entered through a fog as dense as an Xmas pudding and when I got there, the reversing into the passage to the garage was done by the comforting glow of a long range spotlight!
  15. My TR2 is surrounded by a fake old namesake and a contemporary Italian…
  16. It gives off enough heat for the interior to be a cozy cocoon only disturbed by an ugly draft from the junction of the side-screen with the windshield ... last week…
  17. During our icy meeting last month, evoking the beggar cold it was and my irrepressible desire to install or rather re-install a heater in the Bolide, a friend told me that a few days before, he had seen a TR2 heating for sale ... There are many remakes but the dissimilarity with the original and the cost of 500 to 600 € had so far put me off ... After searching, I finally found the bug. The seller was not open to negotiation and explained to me that in order to repair it, he had removed it from his TR2, sold since then and that it was working perfectly and therefore the € 300 request
  18. My usual passenger has an aversion as old as it is stubborn for everything related to arithmetic and mathematics, in general and in particular. So… As for the sun, we are unfortunately not on the Côte d'Azur, so I like to keep the rays that reach us as much! As for the rallies, not sure to make it one day with this car. I wanted to reproduce what could have been the car of a gentleman driver of the time. That, for example, of my father when he was 22, if one day he loved cars as much as his books ...
  19. Lately, the work has continued ... The first 12h clock has been changed to one with stopwatches and a green color more in keeping with the 24h clock. A NOS Flexilight Butlers came to decorate an already well loaded dashboard and thanks to the skillful hands of friend Jean-Louis, I completed the decor with a house replica of the famous DuoStop or TriStop from Hanhart ... The sun in the south west of France being sometimes annoying, I installed very old sun visors which I was given as a gift thirty years ago and which had been lying in the back of my garage all this time ... It remains
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