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  1. To my AACA club meet - it takes all kinds! Dan
  2. Lots of US metal but I showed up for the Brits. Dan
  3. That guy is so cool. Thanks Deggers! Dan
  4. Great stuff Hamish. Can't imagine many of us have the cojones to push our machines over 100 mph. I sure don't! I like the in-car view and the text commentary. Cheers Dan
  5. 2long

    Rodbr's day

    Late to the party but have a good ‘un. The lift gift sounds great! Dan
  6. Quick question Hamish - you do a really good job of suppressing wind noise in your videos. What is your technique? As far as camera angles go, you already do a pretty darn good job! I really like seeing the instruments along the way with the good sound. Cheers Dan
  7. Out for some groceries - and felt a little shrunken compared to the others in the lot …. Dan
  8. Amazing barn space and the 4 suits the setting so well. Good one Roger! Dan
  9. Well, I do recognize those Lucas L549 tail lights! Dan
  10. That is a great looking car Stuart - the wheels, bumperless, and surry top combination is really nice. That dark color suits the lines too. Can’t wait to see Pete’s progress as well! Dan
  11. Great story Richard! I have always wanted to hear from someone who pulled off the transplant and had a go of it. Any pics? And I have to correct myself as the publication was “Rodding and Restyling”, not “speed age”. Cheers Dan
  12. Good point on the RHD - I think all of Balchowski’s cars were the early US imports. I found a contemporary article (in “Speed Age”) about the exact cuts and mods Max used to drop in the Buick nailhead engine. When I start going batty I may give it a go if I can find a nailhead. They are a pretty machine. Dan
  13. Is this a Balchowski V-8 "Buretti"? Dan
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