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  1. What an interesting video - two very complementary talents giving their very best to a project. I love the “Mach 5” look of the front, but to me the car needs some suggestion of “hips” along the door and hind quarters. The aerodynamic reason for the high waistline was interesting too. Thanks for posting! Dan
  2. Hi Ken! Mine is 1041 (1954) so I’m guessing this 1955 model was a bit later on. This “special” category for the Mille Miglia makes me wonder what one actually has to shell out to play with the big boys at the Mille. Any idea of the bottom line cost (excluding transport and car prep) to participate? And thanks again for your service as past Registrar! Cheers Dan
  3. Here is the 2019 Doretti entrant, with a nice explanation of the category:
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1981-TR8/283448625480?hash=item41fedac948:g:H28AAOSw32lcr57y No connection. Sure is surprising, if true! Cheers Dan
  5. .The publication was an article by John Rabson, A.M.I. Mech.E., called "A Triumph of Development", published in two parts in Autocar Magazine, April 9 and April 22, 1955. The photo was from part II. Cheers Dan
  6. If the chassis brackets are not damaged I would recommend leaving them, but making sure the mounting bolt system is modified a bit to keep it really snug. The dampers tend to work loose and that stresses the bracket. This was the progression: Cheers Dan
  7. Can't be many California TR2s for sale still claiming one owner! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1954-Triumph-TR3-One-Owner/254167313092?hash=item3b2d8d6ac4:g:1eoAAOSwo4Vcjn96 Dan
  8. Could the bores of the master cylinder be corroded? Rebuild shops typically rebore the cylinders (with stainless) Dan
  9. Is the long door on the bottom? Sure wish there were more pictures - its tantalizing! Dan
  10. Ok, I am going to follow up with this thread, which has an amazing result! Rod B. (Rodbr) agreed to take on the task with JB weld and eye of newt. Having done one before, he was either a genius or a crazy man to volunteer to do mine, which was on death's door. The result is below, and I am so pleased he was able to preserve the original part, or at least give it a fighting chance! How about that patina of a refreshed surviving original part, which happens to be as rare as hen's teeth! I will report on it further once bolted up and put into service! Cheers Dan
  11. Can we see more of the photos please? Thanks for posting this. Dan
  12. Hi oxf2! I had my original TR2 dynamo rebuilt by Cox Auto Electics, along with the Voltage Regulator so they could be done at the same time. That had the benefit of keeping my original parts, and generally the rebuilt original item is better than any repro. Not cheap, but they are good. On my other TR2 engine (Doretti), I am using a Moss replacement one, unbranded, and it has been good for a couple years so far. Cheers Dan
  13. The Doretti has some of the best of both worlds in that regard:
  14. I sent this one to you from my nice outing this afternoon. I love my Doretti! Cheers Dan
  15. Was there a display of the early thermostat housing at Stoneleigh? Dan
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