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  1. I have two areas of exhausting questions: First, I am seeking advice on exhaust mounting points for my Doretti, which uses a TR2 engine but has a beefier tubular frame. My Doretti engine is a TR2 engine, but Doretti used a hard exhaust mounting through one of the bolts low on the Bellhousing, near the joint of the exhaust header and the tail pipe. There are also two flexible exhaust mounts at the center cross-members, and a flexible rear mount. I have been trying to reconstruct the hard mount on the Bellhousing, but it involves fabrication, welding and creativity which are not my strong
  2. Sad to report that John Sprinzel has passed away recently in Hawaii. I know he was a legend of motorsport and I am proud to have become his friend. Aloha Dan
  3. Saw this little tidbit on offer. Dang, that is pricey (your gauge looks great!) Your Judson project is awesome. Cheers https://www.ebay.com/itm/174687425011?hash=item28ac2e91f3:g:Q1oAAOSw1eBgUYJz Dan And this too: https://www.ebay.com/itm/174687445893?hash=item28ac2ee385:g:cI8AAOSwJy5gUYQ5
  4. My 2 was built today, 67 years ago, and shipped straight to this island. Hasn’t left and I’m chuffed to be it’s keeper for a bit
  5. 2long


    Here’s my lovely wife enjoying her Mother’s day cruise. Cheers Dan
  6. 2long

    Rod's day

    Little late to the party but have a good un! Cheers Dan
  7. Sorry I should have clarified that it is the stock flasher for my TR2. The regular bounce of the ammeter made me think it is not the flasher. So I guess a dodgy connection is what I need to identify. Dan
  8. So my dash indicator for the turn signal is operating erratically - flickering sometimes, not flashing at all, or occasionally blinking properly. The ammeter is showing a nice rhythmic discharge but the indicator bulb is dancing to its own drummer. Any thoughts? Cheers Dan
  9. Can’t you just drive slowly along a familiar route just to put a twinkle in the eye of the little one? Blip the throttle at a stoplight and let him beep the horn and you are a god. Dan
  10. I have had that dash pot plunger unscrew itself as well. Why the heck would it do that? Dan
  11. I would get one for sure. I’m still stuck on this photo so I’ll submit this one. The previous two shots are splendid! We need some Michelotti, Karmann and wedgies too! Dan
  12. I liked this setting for the TR Photo shoot of the day cheers Dan
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