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  1. 2long

    Rocker geometry

    For my TR2 I used a thicker (and fairly expensive) copper head gasket to compensate for a shaved head, with the benefit of not raising compression, and not having to change rods or use shims to get the rocker geometry within the adjustment range. For the Doretti, I am using shims under the pedestals instead, but I haven't gotten to the point of firing it up to see how it works. I am curious to follow up on Ed H's response and learn how the geometry will be affected on the pushrod side as opposed to the valve side. There is a good company here in the States, British Frame and Engine, that does shorter pushrods in a variety of lengths. Cheers Dan
  2. 2long

    Alloy 2

    I had not seen this project and I am not even sure if I like it, but it's impressive anyway! https://www.rcnmag.com/garage/alloyed-success Cheers Dan
  3. 2long

    Baby Tenax

    I was wondering about ultrasonic cleaner followed by buffing? Cheers Dan
  4. Gulp - DIck's comment is spot on and the top of the water pump/housing is actually touching the underside of the head extension where the thermostat fits. So off with the water pump to grind the top of it a bit to create a bit of clearance, and double check the torque of the head? Or do I have to redo the head gasket?
  5. 2long

    Early TR2 Thermostat Housing

    For now my original thermostat housing does not seem recoverable, but an ambitious forum member with more generosity than sense has offered to give it a go, as he has restored other items made of this material. I greatly appreciate the help through the forum and the item is on its way to Scotland! Now, having to knuckle under to get the car going, I have fitted a later thermostat housing. But since I had the old original radiator with the hole in the center of the tank, my top hose is offset and does not want to marry up between the thermostat housing and the radiator. Is there a custom type of radiator hose that would do better at this fitting, or should I try something else?
  6. As I am installing a low port head that was previously shaved, I am having trouble with the rocker gear geometry (so I am using one shim under the rocker pedestal) and also with the exhaust manifold now interfering with the block head so that it can't be tightened up. Is it ok if I shave the manifold flange so it fits? Does this mean my compression ratio is going to be really high? Dan
  7. 2long

    TR2 Coupe

    https://www.pressreader.com/australia/new-zealand-classic-car/20180326/282235191192066 And does down under include NZ?
  8. 2long

    TR2 Coupe

    This one is under restoration down under. I kind of like the look of it! Cheers Dan
  9. I finally got my thermostat housing off the head and it is a hot mess. The worst part is shown here, with a more modern housing for comparison. The housing to head surface is corroded badly, as shown in the picture. Since these housings are not available, would it be feasible to repair this somehow? Stuart has advised that JB weld can repair the neck that the hose fits on, but I am not sure JB weld is up to this task? Cheers Dan
  10. 2long

    Early TR2 Thermostat Housing

    Have now gotten the hardware. Dan
  11. 2long

    Early TR2 Thermostat Housing

    I would love to consider the option of obtaining one within 24 hours via advert, but you seem to have cornered the market. I just want to sort the hardware for now. Dan
  12. Unusual rear end treatment but not unattractive to my eye! Lots of work to do on this one . . . . Cheers Dan https://www.ebay.com/itm/1954-SWALLOW-DORETTI/202512749620?hash=item2f26b35434:g:osgAAOSwLuBb-EfC:rk:1:pf:0&vxp=mtr
  13. My Doretti has the very early TR2 engine with the early style of thermostat housing with a triangular cover plate. Can someone help me locate new hardware, including the two bolts that mount the housing to the block and the bolts holding the housing together? The catalogues I looked at don't list or describe that hardware. The housing is badly deteriorated, and I just can't wait anymore for the Spares Development Fund to finish their project to make the housing available again. It is very disappointing to wait years for an SDF item they said was all ready for production long long ago, but it just never seems to happen. I am now trying to restore my old housing but the hardware is all frozen and the dissmilar metals has resulted in lots of corrosion. The mounting bolts are all frozen and about to break. Cheers Dan
  14. 2long

    Wheel spats... Anyone ?

    Maybe Glen at Protek has some leftovers! dan
  15. This one has some issues like non-original seats, missing trim, and a few other things but still an interesting motor with an air of mystery as to its origins! Ken?? Dan https://www.ebay.com/itm/1954-Triumph-Swallow-Doretti-2-Litre/253964018033?hash=item3b216f6171:g:3wgAAOSwhJFb20X7:rk:9:pf:0&vxp=mtr

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