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  1. Yes, it has been out here for quite a while since it was brought over from Florida early on in its life. Interesting under bonnet feature is the early thermostat housing and corresponding early radiator with the centered outlet. All features of the earliest TR2s.
  2. Thanks Don! The old plates also fit the boot lid plinth just right and suit the old paint better! Trying to keep it as survivor-looking as I can. Dan
  3. Just trying to stir up a little interest on this thread! Out for a drive a couple weeks ago. Dan
  4. Out in the Doretti on a drive up Manoa valley. Dan
  5. Happy Birthday Mick, even if I am a little tardy. Cheers Dan
  6. Awesome Don! Car looks very sharp and is lucky to be in your care! Aloha Dan
  7. Be prepared for a wait of many months! I did an order with them early in the year and my delivery date is a couple months away. But they are the best and I don't mind waiting. Cheers Dan
  8. Well, Macy’s garage says they don’t do the job anymore, and the local outfits have no inclination either. Rod B may have a spare set of liners for me, and a lead on Facebook (which I abhor) may solve my immediate problem. But I may try to locate a shop on the mainland willing to reline my original pads. A pesky roadblock! Dan
  9. Thanks very much Rod! It seems so desperate to chase spare sets like yours, especially since both the TR2 and the Doretti need them, and the Lockheed hub seals are prone to leakage. What could go wrong? i did find the attached list of cross-referenced vehicles (courtesy of Colin Fairhurst) using these shoes, but these models look a bit obscure: Dan
  10. So it seems every US supplier has decided not to offer these 9 inch brake shoes any more. I can’t believe that a disposable necessity like brake shoes are not available! Are there UK sources, or are just the liners available so they could be riveted in? Can new bespoke liners be made somehow? This is like the twilight zone! Any ideas? Cheers Dan
  11. Into the setting sun in the Swallow IMG_0853.jpeg
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