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  1. Yes, reverse seems to be fine (although backing out of the driveway when it is cold is often my only reversing time). I was concerned it was oil leaking from the rear main onto the clutch surface, but again I am not very bright on whether that is a realistic concern. Of course a clutch bleed or adjustment would be a huge relief if that were the fix for it. I may not have been vigorous enough slipping the clutch, as it is counter-intuitive for me. Dan
  2. I have a similar problem with my Doretti, getting serious clutch judder when pulling out in first, especially uphill and especially after the car is fully warmed up. Other gears shift fine. I have tried slipping the clutch, to no avail. Someone suggested bleeding the clutch or altering the clutch slave attachment hole, but I can't see why this would help. Not trying to hijack the thread on John's issue but maybe address both. Cheers Dan
  3. Congrats Ken, and thanks for posting. I think quite a few of us followed Pogo with envy as he sorted a really unique TR2. Please keep us up to date as you put the car to good use! Cheers Dan
  4. RIP Cyril. Here is an image from the Mayfair article:
  5. Had not seem this image before. Shows the abundance of the early US offerings! Cheers Dan https://www.ebay.com/itm/N347-1954-NEGATIVE-SEXY-LADY-ADVERTISING-TRIUMPH-TR-2-CARS-ALLIED-VAN-LINES-SEE/202758870481?hash=item2f355ed5d1:g:fp0AAOSwlPZdWD-S
  6. Not to be outdone, my buddy shared this photo with his 3A and his lovely daughter. Dan
  7. I told Marco I would do a surf-themed photo shoot and it was more pleasant than I expected! Cheers Dan
  8. Gawd, one of the best things about my TR2 is the original single 18 inch silencer, which is pretty loud. But I really enjoy sharing the music around the neighborhood. I also think the way you drive the car can drastically change how loud it is as you go along. Dan
  9. That is quite impressive Hamish. I think your TR is quite happy doing what it was built for. That engine sounds so smooth and strong. How did you get rid of wind noise on the video? Is the microphone positioned at the rear bumper with a fuzzy thing? Cheers Dan
  10. Nice Marco! Beautiful shot. I owe you a good surfing shot, and Ill post one in a week or so when I next take the 2 for a cruise. Dan
  11. This neighborhood is where I like to cruise - and act like I live there! It’s at the foothills of Diamond Head, a perfect little volcanic crater. Cheers Dan
  12. I finally got my Doretti engine back together in its original early configuration, with the double thermostat and center outlet radiator. The Dorettis got many of the earliest TR engines, including TS 1E! Cheers Dan PS Had to blank off the temp sender while I sort the gauge issues. Also, a big thanks to Rodbr, who restored the thermostat housing - which was on the very brink of its demise
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