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  1. Hi Bob, thanks for this explanation, this sounds reasonable. This is what I did yesterday: I slacked all 4 wheels (I tighted them before with about 300 Nm), re-tighted them with only about 200 Nm and marked the wheels and caps with an Edding like on the photo. After a 150 miles drive today with some TR-friends (fast country roads, up and downhill) I checked them. They are still exactly the same on all 4 wheels. So it seems the self tightening effect can't lock the caps more than 200 Nm. I ask myself: should I do the test again with only 150 Nm.... Ciao, Marco
  2. Nice 150 miles tour today with 3 TRs and one Mecedes to the "Degerfeld Airfield". About 600 (?) classic cars there and also lots of old airplans. Very impressive: 4 American LaFrance speedsters and other of pre war and cycle cars. Looking foreward for visiting next year again. Ciao, Marco
  3. Hi @, not very often I've been told whire wheel center caps are selftightening, perhaps two times in 10 years. But this year my impression is I've been told that 10 times! But I think they do not because the whire wheels are teethed on teethed adaptors and cannot turn the cap. And if they would be selftightening while I drive, wouldn't they be self slacking when I brake? Out for a test today.... Ciao, Marco
  4. Peter....., we lost Barry.
  5. Hi Peter, thank you for this information, to be absolutly shure I made a test with more DOT5.1 und less DOT5. Shaking... Some minutes later DOT 5 (still on top) indeed lost all the violet colour to the DON5.1 (on the ground), amazing! So the two (not mixing?) fluids in Barry's cucumber glas could be DOT5 on the top and DOT5.1 on the ground? Text test is to mix DOT5.1 and DOT4.... Both are mixing immediately because they are both glycol based, only DOT5 is silicon. BTW: I do not use DOT 5 by conviction. Another look on the bottle with my old brake fluids perhaps is interesting: As we know now on the top is DOT5, lost all colour to the DOT 5.1 on the ground, between some "bubbles". Possibly this is water? Density due to datasheets I found at the internet: DOT4 = 1,04 gr/cm³ H2O = 1,00 gr/cm³ DOT5 = 0,96 gr/cm³ So water not fixed in the glycol fluid anymore should swim between both fluids? Ciao, Marco
  6. Hi Hamish, a very nice and honest story Thanks for sharing. Marco
  7. Ended with 92 GBP, the other one ended with 67 GBP.... What might one of our complete working unit be worth? With the parts we ordered to make them we sadly have one unit too much. edit 25.09.2019, sold today to a good friend who heard some rumors about our project
  8. Z320

    belt trouble

    Indeed I'm a rich man, own one, and perhaps will test it as another "good morning test". But it is some mm too wide, like a "22", if this is existing.
  9. Z320

    belt trouble

    It is the price why I never bought one and because I use a Flennor 20X900 "teethed" and very elastic which never fails.
  10. Hi Peter, a label next to the brake master in my TR4A told me silicone DOT5 was in there - and I changed over to DOT5.1 This is the bottle of what came out and made me believe on the ground is the silicone and on top DOT5.1 I might remember from the data sheet it should be the other way round.....? So it is time for a "good morning test" with this 2 brake fluids, the only both I had / have in use. And indeed you are right! Shame on me! I have been real surprised! The violet DOT 5 is on top, as you told it! What was my first thought? Never ever tell anyone anything that you have not checked yourself! But see what happened.... I shaked it..... And after two minutes to my own surprise this happened..... This is not to embarrass you, this is not at all what I expected, a surprising double turn in what I know or might think I know. But the story goes on the DOT4. Mixing... Shaking... Clear....? Needed more time to separate, about 10 minutes, this is the result! Only by the liquid level I guess DOT5 is still on top, as you expected, but lost all its colour? A very interesting start of the weekend with things I did not expect my own..... Ciao, Marco
  11. Z320

    belt trouble

    Google for photos of "Gliederkeilriemen" , don't know the english word
  12. Hi, I guess this is a mix of DOT 5 on the ground (was violet, is now black) and DOT 5.1 on top (was clear, is now dull). This mixes very bad and separates very fast. Shake it and see what happens. Ciao, Marco
  13. Hi, at Sunday I will be at the Degerfeld airfield festival, South-Germany, lots of old aircrafts and old cars will be there. https://flugplatzfest.lsv-degerfeld.de/ I know there are some German guys around here at the forum, perhaps this is something of interest for them. Ciao, Marco
  14. Im my opinion the Triumph engineers did everything correct with the younger TRs. They reduced the bypass to about 8.5 mm on the TR4A water pump housing and down to 8 mm on the 6 cylinder water pump housing. With the wax thermostat opened it comes very fast to the point (on the TR4A) no water flows the bypass. I would not use less than 8 mm to have as much water flow as possible while the engine heats up. Ciao, Marco Edit: By the way, with my work on the cooling system one time I found the 8.5 mm bore particular blocked by a solid piece of rusty cast iron. No Problem with the 8 mm bore, but a 3 mm bore would have been blocked.
  15. Hi Peter, you know about my "long time bellows with sleeve - experiment". In my opinion to get rid of the sleeved bellows and use a wax thermostat with 8 - 9 mm bypass will finally be a very goog idea. Ciao, Marco
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