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  1. Hi Keith, the latch of the lock goes in the gap between the caps body and the petrol tank and the TR4/4A cap has very relaiable dimesions. They are all the same and so each lock insert fits in each TR4/4A cap. Sadly TR2-3 look the same, but their body is made of 2 parts, the upper one screwed more or less deep in the lower part. And I know of 3 different lenghts of the lower part. This is why the lenght of the TR2-3 fuel caps differ very much. I made some for TR2-3 - but this was never sadisfying, I had a lot of returns and hassle, the last 2 of them I gave away as pre
  2. Hi Jeremy, it‘s yours now, so the title must be „my locking fuel cap“! Great to hear you are pleased…. Ciao, Marco
  3. „Naturally“ the TRs are not that low as we are used to it from modern cars today. Don't go too low, you are quickly on the bump stop. And same [mm] to high on the rear safes fuel! You always drive downhill.
  4. Hi Pete, sorry me, I did not read your very long text - too long for me. You drove already some miles with your TR4A. And did you try to avoid driving on street bumps and gully covers? Always with your eyes 100 m in front of you on the road? Very simple: than you know what spring rate you need / can bear. Ciao, Marco
  5. Hi there, the weather is getting worse now in October and I do not expect to drive much more this year. After all it was about 4,000 km with the MX-5 gearbox. Time for an accessment: I'm pleased! The 5 gear gearbox does what it has to do, the hapitc of shifting the gears is positiv, it works smooth and easy, even reverse! Driving with 3,000 - 3,500 revs on 5th gear feels better and the engine sound quiter than the same revs (and slower) with the Triumph gearbox. The sound is more modern in 1st - 3rd gear, not in 4th and 5th, I guess this will change when I close the ho
  6. Hi, today I shipped the last lock inserts, I still have some in stock. Christmas will be soon - and perhaps you need a prestent for her Maybe for your wife too, but with this I can't help. Ciao, Marco
  7. Hi Dave, do you still own a TR4A with the lower wishbones bolted to the frame with brackets with only 1 bolt? In this case swap to TR6 brackets with 2 bolts and drill the needed holes therefore, to safe you from pain and trouble! Guess why I know…. (the first day of a 14 days holiday started so lovely….and ended so painful ) Ciao, Marco
  8. Out for an autumn hiking tour (by car)
  9. Hi, the seat of exhaust valve of cylinder 2 looks OK, perhaps a bit "dull", I make a tool to prepare it. The head seal is 100% OK and between cylinder 2 and 3 is coolant, I guess the head seal never can blow through here. After some cleaning, all other valves are OK, the seat of exhaust valve of cylinder 3 looks "worse" ( a bit "dull"). I have already heard about coolant leaks below the spark plug. A look on the coolant channel below the spark plug explains why, the cast is about only 3 mm "solid"? Ciao, Marco
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