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  1. Hi, we are still exploring the Rhein between Rüdesheim and Koblenz for us, yesterday we hat a lovely stop at a nice location we know from a visit 12 years ago. Great view over the valley, also William Turner was here about 200 years ago and painted his view on the town Oberwesel. As we crossed the Rhein by ferry at the Loreley / Sankt Goar we crossed it back again at Lorch / Rhein. Did I mention I like taking ferries? Today some other club mates will arrive, let’s see what where to or drive with them. Ciao, Marco
  2. Good luck, Denmark must be very nice, please post a photo
  3. I never had any problems with the bearings. My choice is a pump with bronze impeller, but because of a lack of time I currently use a standard one from Bastuck. Works well for a small price.
  4. Hi, out at the river Rhein / Rüdesheim to meet the club next weekend, this gives us some time for us and to explore the Rhein valley up to Koblenz. Ciao, Marco edit: of course we have bridges here, but between Wiesbaden and Lahnstein, this is the ferry Rüdesheim <->Bingen
  5. Looks like they will last longer then any other part of any TR…
  6. I always use DIY seals, made from the card board of a college block. Greasable or not doesn’t matter, if you feel better take a greasable one. I did some very interesting experiments about this question some years ago. Ciao, Marco
  7. Attention please: for the slotted nut of heater bezels a 3rd tool is needed and one of the bezels looks like on, but is bolted from behind. Is it the choke?
  8. Or the absorber bracket is too short —-> they are not suitable to each other. Always check the stop with the set fitted BUT with the spring out, please. Too many phantasy products are sold. Ciao, Marco
  9. + the 6 bolts holding the tin steel pulley halfs on the pulley extension
  10. Is the noise really an engine noise? Or from the pump / generator / belt?
  11. Dismantle the fan belt and listen again
  12. IMO you never get that TR gearbox quiet. Difficult from a distance, but possibly your gear box is as good as a TR gb can be.
  13. Hi roger, buy them reday to fit at the UK, the holes have to be drilled wider, keep the bolts and wire springs in your workshop for what ever. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334077706147?fits=Car+Make%3AFord|Model%3ACapri&itmmeta=01J2SA46RV9ZG32JR6NK08HAJZ&hash=item4dc8953fa3:g:KJwAAOSwT~NeKC23&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA8C8nnHxEw7meQwM3sbUVEW9sI2cI%2Fww31dwAr0OOdZ1scOxF5CbBJUVGE2%2BPrpqMxfEMqX79H9xa51Z4VYp0GAyOAuyBWyMBhZmU%2Fi9QjGsXftOcjhVEE1pWilqFyPkpBtNW5Kst5GJg0h2TG8DVg1eJuejS6zFfufBBznWdufm4OH99Lx4mT7KpCoJLiqIO4HzChTQpqoKaY%2FsAgCg0MUGcjS8b1jhLNTw%2Bv6yrijSmesfjFIVdYom1
  14. Hi Paul, sorry, Cannes --> Stelvo 600 km, but I should read better: Calais --> Stelvio 1,000 km! What is you question now? It seems you already have a plan. Shure you know you drive too much and see nothing but roads. Ciao, Marco
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