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  1. the unapproachable Norton rules...
  2. Z320

    New motor mounts for Tr4a

    This is not the motor but the gearbox mount, same-same.... With the dashboard out for the EPS and the gear box tunnel out for the reverse light switch I thought it could be a good idea to change the rear gearbox mount, which seemed to me to be "soft" from the lots of oil. Easier as I expacted to get it out WITH the crossmember. The old one is indeed soft like HARIBO bears in the sun, but the new one is very stiff, from my feeling it could be softer.... Any idea to this?
  3. Hi Roger, thank you very much for your attention, I made my own one, you see it on the photo above, heater is already back in the car with new hoses, coolant in, sealed. Ciao Marco
  4. Z320

    Dash support bracket

    Thanks all, had a closer look: in item #26 and #27 there are only drilled 3/8" - without any thread, have 4 bolts 1/4" UNF, nuts 1/4" UNF, washers. Rivet nuts would be fine but I can't get them UNF for reasonal price. And the rivet must be first to make the suitable drill. But I have an idea, will report when it's ready.....
  5. Z320

    Dash support bracket

    On my TR4A they are not welded, it was finger breaking to open them and I think about what I could improve before I have to put the "H" back. Any ideas are welcome. Marco
  6. Z320


    Yeah, most it's the best is to knit one your own.
  7. Z320


    Hi all, after repairing the wiring loom, fitting a second one for my own needs and repair of the heater I started to fit the EPS unit in the TR. Some week ago, before I put the old sterring out I build myself this "little helper" / "model" based on the seat fixing. That makes it possible to do the work alone and to bolt the unit 100% in the correct position - without the dashboard. The "little helper" is a very patient one and stand all my §$%&/ talking, which would bring me in bad trouble with my wife as helper. A REAL good fellow! Under the bonnet it looks like this, the original clamp is used as a dummy. Looks nearly original? Lenght fitted well on the first attempt. What I realised first on the photo by accident is the corrosion on the batterie strap from battery gases! I think I find a fittig and a PVC hose in my workshop to avoid a further carrosion. Ciao / Cheers, Marco
  8. Hi Waldi, thank you, indeed my english is not so bad for talking to anyone - how is not native engish speeking. Hi Jochem / @ all, in pieces it looks like this you can keep the inner shaft of the inner column with the adaptor on the coupling Ciao / Cheers, Marco
  9. Hi everybody, I already posted (anywhere here, but I can't find it again) how I bolt the coupling very easy to the adaptor of the inner steering column. Currently I did that again and made this video for you. Please be gentle to me because of my bad english. How to bold the coupling on the inner steering column very easy on Youtube Ciao / Cheers, Marco
  10. Z320

    Her first start

    also good luck, let us now how the party was
  11. Hi Richard, thank you very much, got the switch today, looks great, works great. The original box is worth to be used for decoration in my workshop. Ciao Marco
  12. Z320

    Photos of car

    BTW, what about the dog on the last photo...?
  13. Z320

    Where do you look on the forum?

    To look 1st here, 2nd there, 3rd for me is some kind of ….. uncomfortable to me, because the technique on all TRs and our interests are pretty the same and because I’m general interested. So perhaps it is allowed to post a different idea. In the middle of the screen I would like to see a list of “current posts”, not special listed to car model or issue. Perhaps there something interesting to know what I could not imagine or never look for? Left or right of this I suggest a list of “issues” like on the spare part suppliers websites, like “engine”, “gear box”, “ignition”, “car body”, “cooling”, “tools”, “electric”……., not special listed to car model. There I can find all about for example my fuel pump problems or answers to my radiator. A new post / topic I make like this: I go for example to the issue “fuel” and post “new fuel pump on my TR4A” or on the issue “front axle” the post “need new bushes”. The post appears on the list of current posts and on the list of “issues”. That would make it easy to me to follow the current posts and to do some research on problems.
  14. Z320

    Photos of car

    I can feel your pride for obvious reasons +1
  15. Z320

    Front suspension spring tool

    Dave, please read your PMs 10. Januar 2019, PM deleted

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