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  1. Hi, I use a 1/4" ball valve (with fibre washer) with nozzle on the engine, that workes lovely. see here Ciao, Marco
  2. Hi Andrew, I hope you have some time for Lago di Como. Ciao, Marco
  3. Hi Peter, thanks for this, but I don't knao how to fix this spring on the ... where ever. I' m affraid all parts of my dead lamps come out of a dice cup and do not fit togther. Even left / right is different. Ciao, Marco
  4. Z320

    Headlight Bulbs

    Hi Bob, thanks for that, I will test that next week with my bulbs and report. Ciao, Marco
  5. Put all the motorbikes and the other stuff out to my neighbores for our villages' " garten and art"-event. The TR has also to stay out tomorrow - for the big boys in front of the garage, while their wifes promenade in the garden. We will have some fun...
  6. Z320

    Headlight Bulbs

    Hi there, as I reported my TR4A failed the TÜV yesterday with its LED bulb. Not E-marked, not allowed at Germany at all but this was not the reason. The TÜV inspector realized "no significant difference from dipped beam to main beam, just lot of light and much more lot of light". As the TÜV inspector had a closer look through the glass and he realized the LEDs and "the wheel was off (the car)" (german saying). Time for me for a closer look, this are the bulbs the Chinese sold my via eBay. With LEDs on both sides, the front part of the LED for the dipped beam shielded to get no light on the lower half of the reflector. This is 9 Volt on the dipped beam terminal, current also reduced, with 12 V it is not possible to look on the LED. Next it 9 V on the high beam terminal, works lovely, doesn't it. Next is a look from below with dipped beam, no light goes on the lower ground of the reflector, everything is OK. But next is the dipped beam, 9 Volt, reduced current when I turn the bulb only a few degrees - massive light also hits on the lower reflector, passing the shield backwards. This is only some more degrees, at all not more the 30° The result is massive light on the part of the reflector for the dipped beam AND lots of light on the part for the main beam. This product is not only "happy engineering" but dangerous! There is a good reason bulbs are only allowed tested and E-marked anywhere - im my opinion also at GB. The E-mark for GB is E11. In my opinion the construction must be different: one LED "up" for the dipped beam, on the other side one LED down, both together for the main beam. As you can see on the 12 Volt Ba15d-bulb (only as a example for the construction). This was a nice experiment, but I wait until E-marked LEDs are on the market. Ciao, Marco 
  7. Hi, I never understood how to fix the outer rim / bezel on the headlamps. This was always annoying to me. The reason might be there is something missing or wrong with the hole assambly on my TR4A. Yesterday I went my own way and made this spring out of steel. No drills, just a band of bended steel 10 x 1 mm. It is fixed under the rubber seal. My rims have a gaps, obout 12 mm wide. I stick them over the spring and twist the rim about 10 mm, ready. This may help someone with the same problem...? Ciao, Marco
  8. Z320


    Hi Bob, if they are looking for a second volunteer please send me a PM. BUT - today I failed the TÜV with my TR4A because of my LED bulbs: no significant difference from dipped beam to main beam, just lot of light and much more lot of light. As the TÜV inspector had a closer look through the glas and he realized the LEDs "the wheel was off (the car)" (german saying). You know what I meen? Ciao, Marco
  9. Z320


    What I'm looking for my Norton is a main / dipped beam BA15d LED bulb. BA20d is no problem to buy, but "15" is....
  10. Z320


    There is a thread about this already - anywhere on the big heap. I have very cheap ones on my TR4A and I love it. I will see if the TÜV realizes them tomorrow....
  11. BTW, you look great, very  enthusiastic! What I would do next - if you want my advice - is to run the engine without fan belt.
  12. Hi Stan, don't mind air trapped in the engine, this is never the case. In my poor opinion this is the hope of the desperates. Desperates, sorry for that. Ciao, Marco
  13. I would try the Rimmer upgraded links. Ciao, Marco
  14. Hi there, is there any TR 4 cylinder engine with a valve cover with sight glass out there? Ciao / Cheers, Marco
  15. Is there an update to benefit from?
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