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  1. indeed you could be right and will be wrong, tank you for that advice I realized the circlip but not its function and will have a closer look on the pumps and pulleys in my workshop.
  2. Z320


    no problem since 11 years
  3. Z320


    Hi, I use (at Germany) "Glysantin G48", containing silicates, recommended to keep old engines sealed. Ciao
  4. Hi John, by accident I found this photo at my attachments You can see the shoulder where the pulley sits on. Ciao, Marco
  5. work on the house this weekend, so there is only little progress
  6. Clunking could be slack wire wheel caps
  7. "Darling, I wanted to sell the car, but the market is down and sadly we have to keep it"
  8. Folks, back home from office this evening I found myself in REAL big problems! My wife found what I did in my workshop - how can I tell here the truth now? (She is my darling, always kidding me) Ciao, Marco
  9. Sorry Pete, too much effort, someone else could do that. I'm not hungry for the last horse power / Watt. I keep the solid fan as a very relaiable and always working construction, I will only want to make this better (perhaps). Ciao, Marco
  10. Hi @ all, a friend supported me with this to check the power of the fan on my lathe (due to the data sheet max. 4,000 revs / 1,500 Watt) This was real impressing and the fan with 4,000 revs made my VERY uncomfortable (very windy in my workshop...) One test run without fan and one with fan gave this results (the difference between both runs) 500 revs: 5 Watt 1,000 revs: 68 Watt 1,500 revs: 115 Watt 2,000 revs : 241 Watt 2,500 revs: 500 Watt 3,000 revs: 780 Watt 3,500 revs: 1,260 Watt 4,000 Watt: 1,755 Watt This might be not absolutely correct because of 3 reasons: - 1,755 Watt is more than my lathe can supply (due to the date sheet) - on the car the fan runsnot free but behind the rad - on speed the speed itself supports the airflow and reduces the need of power, as Pete mentioned So finally - we are back on the crystal ball again. And I'm pretty far in progress with part 3 of the fan project - the "half weight" fan extension. Perhaps someone can explain how the original fan and extension was balanced at the factory? I guess all together, with the balancing washer, than marked with that tiny drill, so possible to dismantle and put together again? But only with THIS fan, THIS extension, THIS used balance washer, the correct side of the washer out and due to the tiny drill? Ciao, Marco
  11. The standard BMW 02 fan is 360 mm in diameter, the 400 mm tropical BMW 02 fan will hit the lower rad hose - on my TR4A
  12. +1, and finally a very interesting aspect *
  13. BTW, have you realised this; same same BMW
  14. Hi Pete, I've often been told about the lots of power needed to keep it running. On the lathe I want to check this by one test in 500 revs steps with fan and one without. I don't know if anyone did that, I found nothing on the www Ciao, Marco
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