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  1. Hi Rockie51, thanks for this interesting information; I did not know...! The illustration is shown at the original TR4A workshop manual and at its german translation. This way it was on my 4A when I bought it and still is that way and it works fine. So I leave it like it is. But indeed I use no shims between the brackets of the lower wishbonesand frame and if I want a positiv camber I would have to change their orientation. Ciao, Marco
  2. I know about the suggestion to move the ignition coil away from the engine, but I had never any problem with any ignition coil. And look at the very relaiable Mazda MX5. Guess where ignition coils are on this car?
  3. I made this sketch some years ago
  4. The Boat House Inn at Chester (and also Chester itself) is LOVELY, we enjoyed very much to stay there
  5. The offset of the falcrum pin is about 2.25 mm, so to fit it the one or other way makes a difference of 4.5 mm on the upper wishbones in or out, with this you can calculate the difference -or just test it to find out
  6. Hi Richard, please could you describe your problems caused by the faulty condenser? Ciao, Marco
  7. Well this is what I did with the Bosch condenser, perhaps I change the bolted end to a connector end the result about my closer look on my Powerspark (not in use this year) is: I cannot find any reason why it sometimes fails for seconds - minutes - an hour
  8. I asked something about this some time ago, mine is like Roger's.
  9. Thank you for that, but the Resistance of some old ones and of the new one is always endless. And indeed the problem is not always there, that's the most annoying thing.
  10. Thank you very much, that's same-same, could anyone else bevso kind and support me with such a photo of a Pertronix?
  11. Hi Bob, please could you be kind and make / post a photo of your ditributor / Accuspark with the cap off? Thanks in advance. Marco
  12. Hi John, thank you for your question to double-check the issue. It is the second, the car starts to spluttering on higher revs after driving an hour or so, this gets worse and worse down to lower speed, re-start after waiting is possible for minutes, than the problems are there again. Restart when fully cold is not problem for an hour again.... Checked and changed everything - but not the condenser, so the problem is still there. Ciao, Marco
  13. Hi Rob, thank you for that, your answer makes me feeling better. What I want to do is a quick repair for the weekend with a standard 22 uF Bosch condenser (10€, 30 mm long) and perhaps to have a closer look on my not relaiable Powerspark (I guess I know why...) Finally, if possible, I want to use the Powerspark. Ciao, Marco
  14. Hi, I'm just doing some experiments with the 25D4 distributor (contact breaker VS Powerspark). On my classic contact braker the condenser failed currently - and the new nameless ones have no good reputation. So I ask myself why not to use new quality one from Bosch? But this is only outside the distributor possible, because it's to big to fit inside. From terminal 1 (switch) on the distributor direct to earth? Like on other Not-Lucas distributors, for exaple Bosch? Why not? Did anyone do that? Ciao, Marco
  15. As some of you might remember I made a fan extension with a much smaller diamter (22 mm) the original typ 20 belt fits through this extension and the steering rack without any problem, I wonder why this is not a common product of our TR spare parts traders?
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