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  1. Z320

    Spark plugs

    Hi, I use the Bosch WR78G (short threat) with 4 electrodes on my 4 cylinder, they work without any conspicuousness. Ciao, Marco
  2. Some days I'm too tired to answer and explain, specially when the asker doesn't answer questions he has been asked (very early this thread). And specially when I cannot expect a "thank you".
  3. Hi David, did you change to a LED bulb for the warning light? I’ve been told with this the current is too low to start the alternator charging. Ciao, Marco
  4. Hi Melvyn, I‘m pretty shure I know your main technical problem (you may have not only one), because I also had to go through this deep and dark valley two yours ago (also at the hottest day of the year). I made a post about and others confirned they had the same problem. Sadly I can’t find it on the big heap of posts. Ciao, Marco
  5. Hi Mike, I fitted a used 1602 BMW brake switch with metal housing. Browse the German eBay for „Bremslichtschalter BWW 1602“ Ciao, Narco
  6. Hi unkown TR owner with problems, I'm old fashioned and wonder why you don't use common "Hello" and "Good bye" rules, telling us nothing more than problems and not calling one of the members here on his name. Ciao, Marco
  7. You could make a suitable tool by yourself?
  8. Btw I testet standard and Mintex brake pads the same afternoon on my TR4A. The Mintex pads are indeed better, but the standard pads are not really bad.
  9. Hi Nigel, sorry me, I don’t use pads, I use shims made of stainless steel. I guess I know why they really advice for adhesive pads. Ciao, Marco
  10. Hi there, my Mintex 1144 don't squeal, I fitted them with correctly installed anti squeal shims. This is something that nobody mentioned on this post up to now....? Ciao, Marco
  11. Easy is the 0.625“ master, several TRs run with this on my recommendation, some TR6 with adjustable push rod too
  12. To say „thankyou“ seems to become unusual at this forum. I‘m not pleased about that at all.
  13. I know, but you excuse issues on a brake. Better constructions have been known and used since the 50-ies on cheaper cars. Ciao, Marco
  14. easy this internet days….. browse Ebay or Amazon for „grease gun adapter“ and buy the set with the adapter with the smallest throat Ciao, Marco
  15. David, thank you, but…. What „standard72 deg.“ thermostat are you using now, please? Wax, bellows, bellows with shirt? Marco
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