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  1. I hope with the engine already lowered 5 mm, the tunnel cover fitted on top of the bulkhead lip and 2-3 mm more aluminium off the gearbox housing it fits...? This looks like more effort as it is.... Ciao, Marco
  2. Hi, what about this? I went onother way because the TR4A brake is good enough for me and a brake servo could cause me some trouble with the German TÜV. The Ford Cortina Girling brake cylinder (it's sold me this way) looks the same like the TR4/4A (big body) - but is 0.625" diameter instead of 0.700". So the boost is 1.20, on TR4s with Girling 0.750" master the boost is 1.44! You can't see any difference at all, only the cast ring (one on 0,75", two on 0,70") is missing, nobody ever realised it. I found it as a bargain on eBay. Which other way do you get so si
  3. I can imagine it is a lovely job to get the screws in there! This is why I was pleased to slip it below that lip.
  4. I found it this way with a "sponge seal" between, this is a lovely tight fit! Screws I only use the ones to the floor. But indeed the both front edges to the must be cut off. I will have a closer look on that and will put the cover there from above! Thanks again, Marco
  5. Hi Stuart, thank you for watching and ask. I made the connector because the shaft was twisted and I was not able to give full trottle. This was the simplest way for me to adjust it instead of twisting it back with several try and error. The grey seam is quite interesting! This is the end of gearbox cover, on my TR4A was always slided under the tin metall strap which is welded there on the bulkhead. In pieces again I want to try to fit it on top of it. Is this the way to install it correctly - inside on top? Ciao, Marco
  6. Hi Jase, this looks lovely. How solid are they, please? Did you use washers to lift the engine? Ciao, Marco
  7. You use the H6 air filters. I like their design very much and always want them / have doubts / want them / have doubts.....
  8. July 2020 Richard posted he has Wilwood 4 piston calipers on the front and 2 piston calipers in the rear, all pistons are diameter 1.38". This is / was a aviable Wilwood caliper / piston diameter. Currently (?) Wilwood offers (also?) the 140-15912 set mit 1.62" pistons. ACTIO = REACTIO, this means: the force on the pads is only 1 OE Girling piston (not 2) or 2 Wilwood pistons (not 4). This is why a sliding caliper (German: "Schwimmsattel", mostly used on economic cars) work with only 1 piston very well. Sadly our TR solid mounted calipers need pistons on both side
  9. Please have a look on this photo, I guess the route of the hydraulic pipes is wrong, the loop I made myself because the pipe was too long, when I did not own a tool to make it my own. If you see anything that makes you worry, please tell me. Ciao, Marco
  10. If an additional fuel filter this filter is a good decision: hughe paper surface and throw away when suspicious. The RB 102 with spades connectors not to screw in my opionion is a good idea.
  11. Hi Pete I don't see a missing spring, I see a spring missing (sorry me, you throw that ball). Here is one photo from above.... And one from below... Please note I used a spring from my own storage because the one I bought was miuch too strong. Ciao, Marco
  12. Hi Paul, it looks GREAT, don't bother too much about the different reds. The red roof will fade out more than the bachlight, the backlight is shining, the roof not, the seats will become darker. You never get a lasting "match" with red on different materials. Ciao, Marco
  13. Hi there, isn't it the most interesting thing to look under a opened TR bonnet? And for the owner it can be very useful to get informations about want is wrong or damaged there - and of course annoying sometimes too. Who want's to start with photos? Ciao, Marco
  14. Hi Pete, you own a TR4A RHD, don't you? On the ones LHD there is a "linkage return spring" on the lever on your first photo, I can't see it. This brings me to a perhaps usefull post: "Please take a look under my bonned". Show photos and got answers about what you never asked yourself Additional I added an article for you about how to adjust the carb linkange on HS6-TR4As. Sorry me for my poor english text of the atricle. Ciao, Marco Gasgestänge HS6 einstellen Heft 03-2016.PDF
  15. Hi Roger, this condenser boilers are part of my job and I had never any issue with freezing exhaust fumes. But we have more frost here at Germany and the regulations do not allow to guide the fumes through walls - and let them end there (if this was the case). Indeed the highly wet fumes freeze on the wall, causes damages and alga. Ciao, Marco
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