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  1. Thanks Paul I hadn't found that one. So much appreciated.
  2. ^ I like that removable spacer idea Mick But surely lowering the height of the steering rack by 3mm will make no discernible difference. ? Assuming (and I'm just guessing here) the steering's tie rod (the bit which articulates to accommodate the change in height as the suspension goes up n' down) is 165mm long, then a 3mm drop in steering rack position (relative to the steering knuckle) equates to a change of angle by just 1.04 degrees. And the difference in horizontal length (starting from the horizontal) is a minute 0.0273mm. Most certainly the original rubber block mountings allowed 100 times this difference !
  3. Interesting way to go, and undoubtedly a boon to both getting in and out as well as security. But if I might manage to graft the Triumph upper column, switches with cowling, and the steering wheel spline onto a tilt mechanism ..in a visually seamless manner - then that would be really neat. It would not only help me get my legs under the wheel as I climb in and out of the car, but the adjustment would of course also be of benefit to comfort & control ..whether for town driving or more laid back in cruising mode. Surely someone must have already done it ??
  4. Yep, it seems likely to me that the starter motor, or somewhere in the wiring is not working when hot. I just looked it on-line up for you.. Might I respectfully suggest you start reading < here >. I'd also recommend you consider the size and length and end connections of battery to starter cable and also your primary earth leads from the battery to the motor. Peter
  5. Am I the only one here who questions a.) what battery you have fitted and what's it condition that it doesn't turn over a hot engine.? b.) How come the small electric motor in you fan is drawing so much current ? And c.) perhaps the correct* specification for a TR4A battery is unsuitable because it was not assigned to power an electric fan.
  6. . so my busy little mind is fritting away daylight hours .. Ding I've had an idea ! I'd jumped in me other car (..a well traveled Chrysler Voyager) the other day and adjusted the steering column (for motorway driving position rather than town).. and then it clicked " Why not have an adjustable steering column in the TR ?" One that goes in and out (..but doesn't wobble all about ) and also which tilts sharply. That way I could tilt it up to aid my gravity bulge, bandy legs and size 13's when getting in and out, but then also be comfortable when driving. So the existing steering column is one piece from the wheel to through the bulkhead, and then a double UJ coupling piece from there to the steering rack mounted in front of the engine.  and although I don't know what I'm talking about .. I'm thinking something like this ..with the Triumph switches and steering wheel spline grafted on. Has something like this been done ? ..or else can anyone advise which second-hand column I might best look out for.. it being particularly compact, reliable, easily adapted, etc. ? Thanks.
  7. just a thought . . The Swing-Away steering column option cost $25 I believe . . in 1961 Similarly of interest < Auto Brevity - tilt wheel >
  8. I do hope you don't mind my borrowing, and editing your photo to illustrate the very neat modifications you did. I once had a Tr3 (small mouth) and then an early TR4 and don't recall issues with footwell length. I'd guess LHD is better for slipping the clutch foot around and passed the pedals. Of course the later TR's had deeper seat-backs so need to sit further rearward for the same driver's position (same leg and arm reach). 6'-6" huh.. wind in the hair then. I didn't have a top on my 3 ..so through the winter used to wear a crash helmet to help keep m' bonce warm. I thought I'd read that the length of the later car's interior was longer. Clearly in comparing (photos of my last post) the rear shelf edge relative to the inner wheel-arch is quite different, so possibly just the floor panel was extended back ? ..more as a marketing claim than of much practical use ..unless for small feet of one person seated across wise.
  9. Hey, no worries man.. I too reckon it a fantastic photo so bring 'em on I have a similar photo of my dad and two brothers and I all peering around the corner of a wall from when I was very likle indeed ..and again many years later when I had out grown the lot of 'em.
  10. . 15. Flip (or rotate) the door opening handle - That's a nice n' simple suggestion - thanks 16. Buy a german car - Nah contrary to the prerequisite " I would very much like to keep as much of the original TR4 look and feel (driving) as possible" Go wash you mouth out with bath salts ! I do think Turner's V8 is a great little engine, tied into a manual gearbox that would be a nice drive. And the sp250 does look to have a more space under the dash (I hadn't realised just how similar its styling is to the MGA), but I just couldn't live with the Bat-mobile looks of the car as a whole.
  11. Thank you John.. I would have clicked on a Thank You smiley but presumably as a coordinator you are not allowed to be thanked for your contribution ! Having studied body lifting and restoration work, I've seen a number of examples where the metal around the body mounts (where bolted to the chassis) has torn. I've also read that a roll-over bar helps stiffens the body tub up. Both of which suggests the tub is in itself not structural ..for mounting a safety cage to. I'm not planning to race the car but I would guess any race-approved roll-over bar would have triangulation anyway. Most road-use roll over bar designs also serve for side-impact-protection and again for upper seat belt mountings. I've just had a look at Revington's website, who offer an impressive range, but unfortunately so very ugly. Having ridden motorcycles all of my adult(ish) life and having recklessly driven open tops throughout my youthful years most without roll-over bars then I guess I'll not be fitting one to my 4A. On the starboard tack . . actually port tack as mine is LHD but I get the point.. Thanks, yep I think you're right there. I have fabric seats in one of my other car and there's next to no swiveling on those. Another has leather seats (thankfully with heat elements), and they work well for a twirl but they are not sitting low to the floor within the tight confines of a b-post, tunnel with handbrake lever, low dashboard and wheel. I think I'll get into the swing of things soon enough, much to the amusement no doubt of some of my unkind friends who laugh as I uncurl myself and roll out onto the floor.
  12. Thanks Graham, This is indeed the same as I was referring to in my preliminary list. . 5. the rear wheel arches can be modified with a dish or a flat in their front face ..to allow the seat to go further back. ? Interesting to read " we have devised a method of re-shaping the rear inner wheel arch " when their accompanying photo (TR5 I believe) shows this modification to have been done a very long while ago, presumably ..by the still present trim and surface rust, before they started work in restoring it. Unless of course this is the condition of one of their own cars. As an aside, I had noted the square forward edge of the occasional seat shelf has similarly being recessed on TR2's - 3A's so the seat can go back further. But I understand the TR4 - TR6 have a little more space just there.
  13. as in ; 5. the rear wheel arches can be modified with a dish or a flat in their front face ..to allow the seat to go further back. ? Surely mounting a roll over bar onto the rear squab is mounting to a thin panel.? And any worthwhile roll-over bar should be bolted through the chassis..
  14. went onto their website but don't know where to look for more rearward seat travel
  15. . Gentlemen , and perhaps the occasional but very special ladies of this parish - I was wondering how the Big n' Tall cope with such small cars ..and furthermore what modifications have you done to make life easier (..particularly getting in and out) and of course more comfortable for touring distances.? I'm 6' 5" tall, 225 lb, broad on the shoulders, wear UK wide-fitting size 12's, and ..presuming the transaction goes through am buying a Left Hand Drive TR4A < here > ..But what you have done to gain more space &/or may have seen that might help me.? re. accommodating the Big n' Tall - this is what I read and seen in pictures so far .. 1. lower / reduce the amount of seat padding. 2. extend the runners and move the seat further back. This is likely to mean not having a roll-over bar. 3. do without seat runners (to lower it) and fix the seat further back. 4. swap to a skinner design of seat, either from an earlier model (which generally have less padding) or else an after market sports or kit car seat 5. the rear wheel arches can be modified with a dish or a flat in their front face ..to allow the seat to go further back. 6. the steering columns are adjustable ..although the TR4 one is bolted in whichever position. 7. use a smaller steering wheel, to get legs under the wheel 8. use a more dished steering wheel ..to bring that back towards one's lap, rather than under knees. 9. have a quick release steering wheel, similar to those used in racing cars. 10. Surrey tops may be easier to get in and out of ?? 11. remove the Tr4A's padded door capping 12. don't lower the suspension right the way down. Have I missed any ? Being left hand drive and being a 4A - the handbrake will not be against my leg. I'm also considering . . 13. raising the windscreen on a plinth (it is bolt on after all), or else fitting a taller windscreen off something like a GT6. I was wondering about . . 14. swapping out the steering column for one off another car ..with quick adjustment both Up n' Down & In n' Out (manual rather than electric / programmed types). Surely someone has done this, but I haven't yet seen pictures of it, nor any discussion. TBH I would very much like to keep as much of the original TR4 look and feel as possible, particularly the interior style and the interface with steering and switches, but there's no point in my having a lovely sports car if I struggle every time I climb in it. p.s. Dieting has very little effect on my height or shoulder width, and I'm afraid age is a one-way ticket ..although I am managing to keep a good sense of immaturity I would appreciate your comment and suggestions. Pete oh yes I missed this one . .
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