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  1. Just a thought.. you may want to check your TR4's dashboard brace / H-frame is bolted tightly ..both top and bottom. Pete.
  2. April 19th.. This past Thursday a number of TR friends met up - table of six at the Alma, for the first time in months. I was too late in getting my camera out to record our table, but Mike, who so very kindly let me drive his fabulous TR4A when I first joined the Register, a year or so back, brought along 'Triggers' his recently (December) acquired TR6 . . . It's a really very nice car, with Moss leather seats and a whole lot of everything replaced by prior owners. The chassis is tubular and said to be much stiffer than the original types, to the point where the suspension
  3. April 19th.. Wow the weeks slip away so quickly. Previously, I'd torqued the head down and re-adusted the valves and the engine was nice and quiet ..but just for a very short time. There's very much more 'ticking' at tickover than there should be. So, last weekend I decided to replace Katie's rocker shaft assembly. Unlike the side-screen cars, the pedestals on the TR4A (and possibly the TR4 ?) are of cast aluminium, rather than cast iron, and so under their nuts should be a thick plain washer to spread the tightening load under their fastenings. However, a prior-owner had used sq
  4. Did you find out what it was Nick ?
  5. My RHD 4A first registered July 67 is the round type with rubber button. It certainly looks scruffy enough to be original. Where did you move yours to Geko ?
  6. oh. Thank you I had not heard the news today.
  7. Good thinking Pete. Yes, that'll make all the difference to better access each task. And I can get rid of that darned horrid cardboard at the same time, and perhaps even tidy up the wiring to the headlamps ..and also correct the car's grille stays. I can see how this 'five minute job' is going to go, but they've all got to be tackled at sometime. With that in mind then, I'll wait until I move apartment in a couple of week's time.
  8. Thanks Rob, I'd certainly prefer standard (softer) ones. Jase hasn't reported the same issue, but I'm concerned about the lowness of my engine ..or the excessive height of the steering rack in my own car, whichever is causing the interference of the fan extension, as discussed < here >. If the engine goes up then the top hose pipe to the radiator will have to bend because the radiator itself cannot go higher (..the bonnet was touching it before I tilted the radiator back a little). From what you say this is job best done at the same time as I replace the water hoses, to sa
  9. Yes Kev, thanks. I've ordered one in stainless (the bulkhead connection for the heater hoses) on the advice of my friend Rich as he suggested they are often rusted from the inside, suggesting they may fail when disturbed. Pete
  10. where to start . . ? My first step has been to sit down at the computer and with parts books to order a new and complete set of rubber hoses for coolant and heater + new (original type) wire clips (..just so they look all the same). I've also ordered a new through-bulkhead connector in s/s and likewise in s/s a new bottom hose pipe (Katie's existing one is just a short straight pipe so the rubber hose chafes where it was supposed to have changed direction). I've also realised that the hoses presently fitted are the wrong way around. . . What is seen (above) as
  11. Thank you each and all. I was sure it musta cropped up some time before and it seems so back in 2014. Thanks Geko ..who now remembers what he was doing on the 25th January of that year. Much appreciated. Pete.
  12. Very obscure handwriting ..musta been designed by a doctor. !
  13. Also used on the Gt6 and Spitfire if I recall correctly. But you think not used on the TR4 or 4A ?
  14. I'm sure it's been discussed before but I haven't seen it, but while having a coffee and browsing Paul Anderson's excellent TR4A.weebly.com website I noticed the upper boot badge on this photo, which looks to be a screen shot from a film. I'm guessing it reads Overdrive but the resolution is not so clear as to be sure. We're these frequently fitted ?
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