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  1. This is one I modified a couple of weeks ago .. it is my non-adjustable spanner. ^ This old but high quality adjustable spanner was rusted up and broken (it came from the skip at the marina). For the job I was doing (..rebuilding the front forks on my Sunbeam motorcycle) I needed an inch-and-five-eight across the flats. All my other open-spanners and adjustables only went upto an inch-and-a-half ..so this one I opened to an inch-and-five-eight and welded it there. The fit was so good that I had to ease it a few thou' to get it all the way on to those nuts. These fork-s
  2. brilliant.. do they come in different sizes ?
  3. ^ wow what gorgeous weather.. perhaps you'd send some over this way.. Looks to have been a great run across the countryside with a fair few compatriots to keep you company.
  4. Same ol, same ol, .. and Really Excellent and always a joy to behold Pete
  5. Valid points Peter, I'll have to remember these when I come to fit my (turned aluminium) extension and fan belt to see if I'll have issues. I'm hoping because I've also converted to the narrow fan belt - I might get away with being able to squeeze a replacement through. Cheers, Pete.
  6. Nice one Marco.. p.s. would you mind popping back in Time ..to now try the BMW fan but without the shroud through this same summer. I would be very interested to learn of the difference in effectiveness with and without the shroud. Two summers previously did you have the BMW fan on ?
  7. Many congratulations on making through another year on planet earth ..and all that has involved this year. And likewise BIG THANKS for your invaluable contribution and wisdom on this forum. Pete.
  8. Hi All, Even though I was stopped with this spare engine's rebuild - by not being able to take the crankshaft to another engineering company, thanks to the Covid shutdown back in March, and so went back to work on my Sunbeam motorcycles ..and have since then been moving house - I have not just abandoned the TR4 engine nor my plans to buy such an excellent driver's car. Indeed I went to the local TR Register group meeting on Tuesday evening and collected another part that I've had specially made. It was the replacement fan extension piece, whose purpose is to take the drive directly
  9. Andrew, I'd start by asking whether you actually need to rebuild the engine ? ..or do you just want to open the can of worms to see how much time & money you can spend - for surprising little return ..Darn I'm beginning to sound like a skeptic. Oil leaks are very often from bolt-on ancillaries and covers not fitting well, from the breather system needing a good talking to, &/or from a seal which has hardened over time. Burning oil may be from the bores or rings, but just as likely from the valve guides. And of course a cylinder head off for new guides, a de-coke an
  10. Looks Great Mike. I still hanker for one and your out n about piccies keep me actively looking. Big Thanks, Keep em coming. Pete
  11. ^ That's cool. Sounds a great guy to have met. Pete.
  12. Tensile strength of a single 5/16" bolt, Grade 1 or Class 4.8, with18 tpi = approx 3140 lb. and 2240 lb = 1 imp ton.
  13. I was attempting something along these lines in my blog " That was a year that was..'  with the kind comment and help of you all, but Covid stopped play and now I'm in the middle of moving house. I haven't given up on the idea but I'm afraid it'll have to wait a little while. Pete.
  14. I noted when I bought my piston & rings with sleeves ..as a kit quite recently - the component parts were made in different countries. In this instance ; the sleeves were made in India and the rings were American. I don't recall off the top of my head where the pistons were made. But the point is that they were only collected and packaged as a set in the UK. And so although each part would be made to tolerance - there would be a degree of best or worse-case fit. Accordingly I was interested to see how mine measured up. I haven't as yet checked the ring's end gaps, (And yes
  15. ^ sounds like you ought to find a neat pair of driving spot lamps to go on the car. I wouldn't have thought the police would put you off the road if you occasionally used those, as long as they weren't blinding other drivers. Pete.
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