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  1. Yesterday's Coffee n' Classics at Needham Market.. this was the forth monthly, lovely low-key meeting of enthusiasts just enjoying a get together and a chat. . . https://www.facebook.com/100003074325383/videos/309177028852499/
  2. There are spanners out there ..I have several of different sizes .. which include drum brake adjusters, and well as the drain plugs. They resemble a ring spanner but with 4-points (square holes) rather than 6 or 12 point. perhaps search for those instead. Melco used to make similar but I seem to recall mine are vintage Gordon Tools https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/186509837092?itmmeta=01J1B9TVZEYY13YAH91Y879NYW&hash=item2b6cda4324%3Ag%3AbIAAAOSwIhBmddN-&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA0OIu%2FTS4kikwuqEwI6HjK7uH%2BFdh39l0TMlr8z%2F3KDlc2hDYlD1x1aQqvgD%2BeKsgmKp8N66eSZVXZ5cmy7W1gTovjItyt4ljuvWf8zS
  3. ^ Like this Andy. Two 3/8" sockets back to back, drew their swords and shot each other. In this case the bolt had a chewed up thread and so the nut locks onto, but otherwise a tack of weld or strong loctite on its thread will do it. The plug in the above happens to be for the the differential level/filler, which once the square post is cleaned up takes the same 3/8" drive as the gearbox plug. That locked up nut n' bolt 'adapter' is small enough to permanently live in the toolbox. Like Bob and others I use PTFE tape wrapped around the plug's tapered thread. Pete
  4. I'll turn it upside down then ...to give some lift, to counter the nose weight of the trailer and luggage in the boot.
  5. Aside from working on my old Daimler 250, ..in preparation for camping at this years Inter-club international rally at Malvern at the end of this month, I've been busy getting on with the build of my trailer-tent, fitting a towing hitch to Katie, and now fitting a boot rack. . . These are perhaps more commonly seen on the side-screen cars but they can serve a useful purpose. Fortunately I was able to get one ..I was actually given it ! by a very generous lady in our local TR club group, and passed onto me by Rich Crew-Read ..specific to the TR4, 4A and TR5. . . ^ Simple a
  6. Thanks Bob.. very much appreciated. Good to see you and I hope the rest of your day went well, better than hoped. Pete
  7. Bob, If still available, I'll take those off you please. Thanks, Pete
  8. Thanks Peter. creating a vacuum is probably better than draining the reservoir ..
  9. My 'other' classic driver is a Daimler 250 ..a Mk2 Jaguar with the Daimler 2.5 ltr V8 engine. Although not specific to a TR forum some one here may be able to advise as the servo is of the period. It is a remote unit fitted half way under the front OS inner wheel arch and so access to it is a pain. On my car the braking system was reconditioned two years ago, before I bought the car, and it's all looking to be in good order. The fault my car has is that brake servo appears to stick at the top of the pedal and then releases suddenly with too much braking force (rather than a smooth
  10. this is a fun idea..
  11. Well done Jase great work in progress. Thank you yet again Stuart for your excellent advice. Pete
  12. I designed a very similar looking cab when I worked for Cab-Tech in the early 90's. Our client was Simon-Gloster-Saro (the latter part of the merge were formerly the aircraft manufacturers). I fell out with the the owner of cab-Tech ..big time., when he insisted on entitling our tender for the contract a 'crash-cab'. It wasn't. It was a weather cab of tubular steel clad with aluminium. Although I conceived its quite substantial tubular steel structure to include three continuous loops (roll-over bars) over the cab (which the above design clearly doesn't have in their side windows) - I dou
  13. Colour in the tin looks to be a pleasantly darker shade of conifer-green on this screen. Out in the daylight will reveal all. I'm sure it'll look superb. Excellent work Jase. Pete
  14. Thank you Marco. ..and I like your gearbox modification In my personal experience - This is inaccurate. "Metal will rust" ..but the one I reused was already 65 years old and it'll most likely last another 65+ years before it'll need restoring. Conversely, polyester resin (fibreglass) will break down when exposed to stress & heat over that many years. Epoxy resins ought to fare better, but judging by its modest price and the accompanying website photographs - the brand recommended is of polyester. The gearbox cover is not like the floors of the car where rain water mig
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