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  1. Me neither. My device uses an SCR/thyristor.
  2. peejay4A


    Not necessarily. Https just means you have a secure connection and that your browser is happy with the site’s certificate. An expired certificate can give those symptoms but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.
  3. Doesn’t the ptfe tape get scraped off when you slide the joint together? Is there a technique to it?
  4. peejay4A


    Yep. If you look at Ian's post you'll see he has altered the reference to the stabiliser bar from Stuart to Stef.
  5. I’ve used ep 80/90 then Penrite 40 then ep 80/90. No perceptible difference.
  6. Called the “lump” if I recall correctly.
  7. If I were you I’d drain it and replace with GL4. GL5 additives might be attacking the synchromesh teeth. That’s the opinion of many in the past. I’m no oil engineer though.
  8. peejay4A


    I think you’re referring to Stef’s picture Ian.
  9. peejay4A


    Just to add the opposite view, I've got a standard exhaust manifold (because it's better than many tubular ones) with an ARE heat shield and cold air feed. It's fine.
  10. I agree with Mike. A 1" hole won't allow you to see get an 8 point socket (you'll need that for the square plug) and extension onto the plug let alone get it back into place. With a 3" floor grommet in there it's a breeze once you've sorted out the carpet. I just lift up the tunnel section of my carpet and there it is.
  11. Royal Blue I expect Tony.
  12. peejay4A

    Angela Merkel

    It looks as though we need a sarcasm emoji.
  13. peejay4A

    Angela Merkel

    Get one, get the other.
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