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  1. If you want to part with the 4a manifold Ralph, I’m interested.
  2. If you’re feeling adventurous you can use a type 99 relay from the VW parts bin and get programmed wash/wipe assuming you have electric screen wash.
  3. A propos of not much I remember the punchline of a joke that ended “plait billed ducky puss”.
  4. That could work. I noticed a difference between a rubber mounted gear knob and the threaded on version.
  5. Try retarding the ignition a couple of degrees.
  6. Yes. Take a feed from the purple wire feeding the interior light to one side of the cubby light bulb. The other side of the bulb goes to the cubby lid switch and the other side of the switch goes to earth.
  7. Sorry, I don’t understand that. If you connect the purple/white to the purple then operate a door switch the fuse will blow.
  8. The purple wire should get its supply from the fuse box where it connects to a brown wire. Nothing to do with a missing earth. Have a look at the fuse box.
  9. You don’t need the lights on. You should detect 12v on the purple and white wires if the courtesy light bulbs are present and sound. The bulbs are fed with permanent 12v by purple wires which connect via a fuse to the permanent live brown wires. If you dab the purple and white to earth the associated courtesy light should illuminate.
  10. Overadjusted so that the centre bar of the H frame is too high I would say. You see that a lot.
  11. I’ve used CV joint grease for as long as I can remember. No problems and it stays in the trunnions.
  12. +1. I leave the brackets fitted to the seats. The floor bolts are now studs so seat removal is the work of a few minutes and no more fiddling about with bolts when replacing them. You do do need to remember the studs are there when crawling about. They hurt the knees so I put rubber chair feet over them if I’m going to be working in the cabin.
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