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  1. My old CP TR6 with original loom did not have wiring for rear indicator repeaters.
  2. You’ve eliminated everything except the motor itself then. I can’t empathise with the frequent complaints about poor wipers on TRs. Mine are fine at both speeds - nothing special, just in good nick and my old TR6 wipers were fine too.
  3. Good luck with that. There’s 40,320 ways of arranging them
  4. While you have the hacksaw out you might consider making the hole that goes under the rear manifold nut into a U shape. It makes it much easier to remove the exhaust manifold without having to drain down the cooling system as you can flex the pipe clear of the manifold stud.
  5. I’m struggling to understand how drilling a hole in a float stops it from sinking because it’s full of fuel.
  6. Push the handle pins out with a scriber point and reinsert them with a surgical clamp. Easy.
  7. It will fit, just, but the engine will sit low and the mounts will need to be stretched to fit. I know this from unintended experience.
  8. That’s where my money would be. Number 5 won’t be far behind.
  9. That’s probably the remains of a non return valve.
  10. I have a stick on convex mirror, 3” diameter on my near side door mirror (from a truck) and a smaller one on the offside mirror.
  11. I’ve had a set from Danbury in the car for 6 years now and for the money they’re holding up very well.
  12. Try EP90 in the carburettor dashpots. It's also worth checking that you have the correct colour springs in your carbs. I can't recall what the correct colour is offhand but if they're too light you can get uneven running when under light throttle.
  13. peejay4A

    surrey top

    I’ve put studs in the rear Surrey bar. That makes it self aligning with tube nuts on the inside. They’re Mini rocker cover T nuts. Keeping on the nuts theme I have a pair of Roger’s nuts and I follow his sequence of erection.
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