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  1. I used to adjust mine to that with choke off there was just perceptible slack in the cable at the MU end (so you know when it's off it really is off). Then adjust the fast idle cam to suit that.
  2. Don’t just replace the followers. You’ll likely regret it.
  3. I'd measure the lift on the offending cam lobe. I had the same thing happen to my 4A. The follower was pitted but the lobe was smooth, however the lift on that lobe was only about half of what it should have been. If I were you I'd swap cam and followers (Newman cam and their chilled iron followers in my case) and remove all doubt.
  4. Paraffin is cheaper for large objects. Brake cleaner is an alternative. I use IPA for more delicate work. If your supplier was giving you >5% methanol you were done Pete.
  5. Well yes, hence methylated, but it's hardly mostly methanol. In fact IIRC from when I was a lab tech it's >99% ethyl alcohol.
  6. By way of clarification, meths or methylated spirit is not methanol. It’s mostly ethanol with some poisonous additives and colourants to make it unpalatable to drink.
  7. Just by way of balance, even points which are supposedly of superior construction and supplied by reputable sources can fail. It happened to me on a trip to Germany. Thankfully the failure occurred in a friend’s garage and not on the Autobahn. Luckily I had an electronic setup as backup . HNY.
  8. Electronic with points backup. I wouldn't expect more performance though.
  9. Do you mean in and out axially, in line with the steering column? If so the column clamp in the engine compartment needs adjusting.
  10. peejay4A


    I’ve got solid joints in my steering column, TR6 at the bottom and Mk 2 Escort at the top. Together with solid rack mounts I have no lost motion in the steering and there’s no discernible road shock transmitted to the steering wheel.
  11. I guess it depends upon the severity of the impact. I still don’t buy it as a safety device.
  12. Ages ago someone posited the idea that the safety catch was supposed to stop the trailing edge of the bonnet from entering the passenger compartment in the event of a front end impact. I never bought that idea, the catch is just too flimsy.
  13. I wouldn’t bother. Get Dave Davies to refurbish your pump. Fit and forget - and I forget his number.
  14. The hole in the housing is indeed oversized. As Roger says get the copper washers in the right order. Largest nearest the block, smallest under the domed nut. Anneal the washers before fitting and they’ll seal nicely.
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