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  1. +1. I used Rustoleum (I think) plastic paint and it’s lasted well.
  2. I’d leave it on the left. I moved mine to that side so as to minimise confusion with the daily driver. It’s easy enough to swing it over if you really want to.
  3. That goes rather well with your brass nuts Roger.
  4. This was my singleton drive it tour. 43 classics, vintage and veterans clocked in total.
  5. Remove shims to make camber more positive. On Eric I started I think with 3 shims then when fully loaded I removed one each side to give ever so slight negative camber at the front.
  6. Out of interest, what determines whether a number is transferable or not?
  7. peejay4A

    DIY Waxoyl

    Here’s a tip if you use a Schutz gun on a compressor make sure the thread on the can is sound. If it’s in any way doubtful don’t use it because it will come unscrewed in use and pressurised Dinitrol goes absolutely everywhere. I know this because I think I’m still wearing it some years later.
  8. I was confused. The £80 applies to take a private number off a car and put it on retention. Interestingly I got my retained number well before 2015 and it’s on 10 year retention.
  9. I think it's £80 and that covers the so-called assignment fee to put the number on a vehicle in the future. The retention document I have is valid for 10 years.
  10. I can't see anywhere for the horn push "pencil" to pass through the hub onto the slip ring on the steering column or is it the thing at 12 o'clock in the picture? A Moto Lita push won't fit and neither will the standard Triumph item.
  11. My personal view is that the dynamo lookalike alternators are compromised. There isn't enough cooling for the diode/regulator pack and failure is a real possibility. I know this because I had one and I had to replace the diode/regulator. It’s now safely stored never to be used again, replaced by a 60A Denso alternator.
  12. +1 for the Newman cam.
  13. Am I being thick? I see no slots.
  14. Isn’t it predrilled? Mine was when I fitted it to my 4A.
  15. Wear on the inside edges can also point to excessive toe out. That’s a relatively easy fix using shims behind the TA brackets. I’d get it on a 4 wheel alignment rig to be sure. Current ride height looks OK to me and referencing measurements to body panels is problematic btw.
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