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  1. The theoretical number of settings on the German wartime Lorenz cipher machine is approximately the number of atoms in the visible universe, squared.
  2. As near as makes no difference. The actual question is: “Mr Wagner, do you spell your name with a V?” .
  3. It does sound like fuel vaporisation. Do you have braided injector leads?
  4. If you do a bench test make sure the motor is very securely clamped to the bench. There's a lot of inertia when an inertia starter operates and it will fling itself quite some distance if not restrained.
  5. What’s the year of manufacture? If it’s recent then you’re unlikely to have a problem. Settings, mileage etc will be stored in flash memory. If it’s an automatic the gearbox adaptations might reset to default but that’s no problem as it will relearn. As I said before the windows will need resetting so that the safety sensors work. Usually you fully open a window and keep the switch operated for a few seconds. Then close the window and hold for a few seconds. Repeat for all the windows. You don’t need a parallel battery.
  6. As I’m not a group member this passed me by. The original notification went to the wider membership.
  7. You’ll need to reset the electric windows.
  8. Did I miss it? There was a proposal to do a photo session at Beaumanor Hall on 15 March I don’t recall hearing any more.
  9. Could you as coordinator make an enquiry about increasing the available storage John?
  10. I used Toyo 330s for a while. When new they seemed fine but at about 4 years they lost grip which manifested on the exit of a roundabout. It was interesting and from then on I couldn’t really trust them. Probably my driving but the Yokohama C drives that followed them have been excellent.
  11. The metal strips that provide rigidity to the bit that goes under the windscreen capping lip on repro Surrey tops are often too thick to locate properly. I replaced mine with modellers brass strip and my Surrey stays put at quite high speeds. It can be fitted quite taught too and doesn’t roar.
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