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  1. I belt the living daylights out of mine. I call it patina.
  2. Interesting aside. I was talking to a racer a while back and the knock ons on his Lotus are not handed. They didn’t come undone.
  3. peejay4A

    belt trouble

    Jack and a piece of wood under the sump. Raise very gently until you can slip the belt through the gap. There should be enough give in the engine mountings which are probably due for renewal.
  4. I’ve done this on Eric ages ago on the rebuild. Iirc I needed a LHD light switch but it’s an easy job.
  5. It’s a bit more than that as it takes the story of Computing in the UK from wartime up to the near present. The Bombe moved over last year and TNMOC now has all the codebreaking machinery on working display, including an Enigma that you can get your hands on. I’m a guide there and I’ve run a couple of tours for TRR members pitched at whatever level you want. Maybe another one is due.
  6. A slight deviation from the motoring theme but if you're interested in wartime codebreaking and the development of computing, including lots of working exhibits, then The National Museum of Computing on Bletchley Park is worth a visit. www.tnmoc.org Of course I have a vested interest...
  7. peejay4A


    Try replacing the condenser if you’re still on points ignition. Most fuelling faults are electrical and vice versa.
  8. That explanation doesn't apply to TR4/4A wipers.
  9. Winner right there.
  10. peejay4A

    Classical Dash

    This episode seems far removed from my experience with them. I guess it must be getting on for 10 years ago though. They bent over backwards to help when I scratched my glove box door and repaired it free of charge.
  11. My old CP TR6 with original loom did not have wiring for rear indicator repeaters.
  12. You’ve eliminated everything except the motor itself then. I can’t empathise with the frequent complaints about poor wipers on TRs. Mine are fine at both speeds - nothing special, just in good nick and my old TR6 wipers were fine too.
  13. Good luck with that. There’s 40,320 ways of arranging them
  14. While you have the hacksaw out you might consider making the hole that goes under the rear manifold nut into a U shape. It makes it much easier to remove the exhaust manifold without having to drain down the cooling system as you can flex the pipe clear of the manifold stud.
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