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  1. That sounds like a project for Marco
  2. If you can’t source a cover with a grooved gasket an alternative is to use a silicone gasket held in place on the cover by RTV gasket cement. A light smear of grease in the cylinder head stops it sticking and it’ll last for ages.
  3. Handy if the DR3A fails. Oh, wait...
  4. Is that a Lucas fuel pump Stuart?
  5. I had an Optronic setup on my TR6 quite a while back. It went faulty in the way you describe. I then went to a Pertronix hall effect without problems for years. I now have a 123 tune on the 4A and it’s pricey but excellent quality. Spare distributor in the boot like others.
  6. You wouldn't want to wear your flared trousers riding that thing.
  7. I think I’d transfer the markings to the other side, write Newman on it and use that side. Just to be sure. Also tongue in cheek.
  8. Not shooting at you Tim so I’m sorry if it came across like that. In fact I’m wrong and excess toe in causes wear on the outer edges, brain fade. That said I wouldn’t be happy correcting one fault by effectively applying another.
  9. Just to cap off the toe in aspect. If you give it too much you’ll wear the inside edges of the tyres even more (edit: no it doesn’t). I can’t see how increasing toe in can correct for excess negative camber (still true). In spite of adjustable TA brackets being sissy I’ve fitted them and it saves no end of f@rting around swapping brackets, turning them upside down etc etc.
  10. Do I read that you increased toe in to reduce wear on the inside edges? I’m not sure what you meant by over spec. If so that’s back to front. No, it’s not, I’m wrong here.
  11. I belt the living daylights out of mine. I call it patina.
  12. Interesting aside. I was talking to a racer a while back and the knock ons on his Lotus are not handed. They didn’t come undone.
  13. peejay4A

    belt trouble

    Jack and a piece of wood under the sump. Raise very gently until you can slip the belt through the gap. There should be enough give in the engine mountings which are probably due for renewal.
  14. I’ve done this on Eric ages ago on the rebuild. Iirc I needed a LHD light switch but it’s an easy job.
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