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    My first car, bought out of ignorance, was a rubber bumper S reg. MG Midget. What a disappointment! It was superceded by a chrome bumper 1969 MGB Roadster. I disliked it. Boring. Boring. Boring. I bought a TR2. OGB 800. Now that I loved. I rallied it in the Targa Rusticana. Wow. And then Circuit of Ireland Retrospective. Then Oxford Motor Club events and marshalling. When forced to part with it, purchased a Standard 8. 60,000 miles, owned by a succession of students. Did autotests at Oxford Motor Club and used car as daily runner. Then an A35. It had been almost completely restored, Surface rust. Sold for 400 quid to a rich guy who came to view it with his mechanic, to convert it for classic rallying. Then an Austin Maxi. Then Vauxhall Viva Mk. 2. Very heavy for small engine. Alfa 156. Then nothing. Now my second sidescreen TR, a 3. Can't wait. I missed the TR for so long, but couldn't bear to think about it.

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  1. Lovely to see ye smiling! And car shining too! Time for a wee bit of fun.
  2. 1+ Stan, yes, would be interesting to know how many TR have factory replacement engines. Also, let's say you have a beautifully rebuilt TR4 block and head, as opposed to a very tired original TR2 or TR3. I know which one I'd prefer, and better still if it is cheaper.
  3. I did it on OGB 800 when I had to get the overdrive box up to Sheffield Overdrive Services to rebuild it. No problem. Put in non overdrive, no problem. Replaced with overdrive, also straightforward. So if it came out Eli it has to go back in. Mind you, we did it in two people.
  4. Brilliant news! Hope to make it in my 3
  5. delighted! Well done! I was up to 69, but this is even better. Pete, It also encourages to put it into words, whatever it is.
  6. There are two issues. We have had a good, open-minded discussion. But the conclusion? I think there is a need for moderators to review the response options, some are less than helpful. Nice to have funny faces. But the red squares? The zeros? Are they necessary? I cited Quora as a straightforward site, from this point of view. Come on, surely you are familiar with "The Triumph Experience"? Very clear and simple. For my part, I shall continue my hearts campaign, and rewarding low ratings posts with plusses, to cheer people up. Why shouldn't we improve? Improve our manners, and improve our software, while we are at it. What choices, options, can the moderators offer? I like the Forum, I read it every day, and contribute, whenever I have something to say. And Ilearn a great deal from all you clever clogs, engineers and brave DIY souls who took the plunge.
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