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  1. I echo the excellent feedback from other Forumites. A great read too. I could see you keeping a diary for one of the national magazines, as a correspondent. Actually, in my view, you are more readable. You add a pinch of humour and a lot of substance. Might it be an idea? You have inspired me to do the same with the wiring, checking for tightness and greasing connexions. Even I should manage that. Thanks, Pete. Well done! I'm a fan. Ciao for now, David
  2. Only TR on the Johnny Hickey Memorial Run You will recall my ecstatic reactions to driving a sidescreen TR3 on aeros. Well, yesterday I tested the upper limits of my enthusiasm. "Occasional showers" was the weather forecast, not "downpours" or "heavy rain". So I said to Martin "we'll chance it". His response was "I thought you'd put the windshield back?" The Millstreet Vintage Club beckoned. Forty minutes to get there, the venue. Sounds like a street, but it's actually a town in Munster County Cork, on the County Bounds. I'd only heard of Millstreet because a rally car shop sold me the w
  3. I have my own power steering. Namely, 50+ press ups every morning before my commute to work. It's free, GRATIS, for nothing. David
  4. Dear Mark Yes, very interested! What you have is, I would guess, of interest to anyone in the TR Register, because your documents would be a significant addition to the history. It might be worth your contacting Wayne because it sounds as if there's plenty of material for a good article in the printed magazine. Best, David
  5. Another query about one of these photographs. This one! Has anyone ever seen TR3 sidescreens with the aluminium rail-type fastening, instead of lift-a-dots? I haven't. And, secondly, if they have never been reproduced, would it conceivably be a worthwhile project? Personally, I find them very attractive. Don't you? Another question. In the other photograph, there's Ken Richardson, and, I think, Paddy Hopkirk. Who are the other two? David
  6. Wonderful, Neil! Well done. What a find! Very exciting to see these photographs. I wonder, if they are actual (wet photography/analogue) prints, and whether the Register Archive in Didcot does not have copies, would it be worth making copies (s/s) same size, I'm guessing 10×8s, to give the Register? They look as if they have no blemishes whatsoever. Ciao, David
  7. Thanks, Iain! Only just saw this now. Jon replaced a pranged chassis on OGB 800 which had already had the front end replaced and welded by the vendor Stuart Jenkins when I bought it, with a rust-free (I know, I did the wire brushing beforehand) from California I sourced from young Glen Hewitt. Under all the grease, it was faultless and straight. Pity, should have let Glen do the job. Enough said! I wonder whether he is still involved. Ciao, David
  8. I agree with the how would you like it argument, while at the same time feeling I would want to be allowed to simply ask if that's not a high asking price, given what restored cars are fetching. This car is presented as very early, but there are signs of not so early. Said with no malice. Ciao, David
  9. Mick, If possible, would you send me a digital version of this article? It sounds useful for the Bonanza Collection"? Ciao for now, David
  10. Peter, Any idea when the Revington steering kit was introduced? The restorer of KST 277, Mark Mason, told me he had fitted it. Now that would have been no later than April 1994, judging from the dates. I was reading this thread and it made me wonder (not wander(!)). The car's steering is certainly arrow-straight. No sign of wandering whatsoever. Can it be as long ago as then? David
  11. Marco, Ciao. Se ti vai a vedere nel settore "General Technical", troverai una lista di articoli sotto il titolo: "Bonanza". Me li passano i soci, ed io li aggiungo man mano. Oggi ho aggiunto un articolo sull'A Type Overdrive, che avrà informazioni utili per te. Buona notte, David
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