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    My first car, bought out of ignorance, was a rubber bumper S reg. MG Midget. What a disappointment! It was superceded by a chrome bumper 1969 MGB Roadster. I disliked it. Boring. Boring. Boring. I bought a TR2. OGB 800. Now that I loved. I rallied it in the Targa Rusticana. Wow. And then Circuit of Ireland Retrospective. Then Oxford Motor Club events and marshalling. When forced to part with it, purchased a Standard 8. 60,000 miles, owned by a succession of students. Did autotests at Oxford Motor Club and used car as daily runner. Then an A35. It had been almost completely restored, Surface rust. Sold for 400 quid to a rich guy who came to view it with his mechanic, to convert it for classic rallying. Then an Austin Maxi. Then Vauxhall Viva Mk. 2. Very heavy for small engine. Alfa 156. Then nothing. Now my second sidescreen TR, a 3. Can't wait. I missed the TR for so long, but couldn't bear to think about it.

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  1. Yes, I agree with you. These were my original studies. Classics, Latin and Greek. Still keen, but a hobby now for quite some time. Though I have lost all my Greek through lack of use (except for etymology).
  2. +1 I plan to contribute something soon... great to see the Virus has not dampened our enthusiasm. One thought I have is to think about how to make monuments release their secrets, get them to talk. Someone who does that whom I strongly reccomend is the Classicist MARY BEARD. Down to earth, very readable, entertaining, no airs and graces, yet extremely competent.
  3. I would like to see photos of your car, please, if poss, Opv. Thanks, David
  4. Ian, thank you. I have added this resource to the growing Bonanza collection in General, Best, David
  5. Thanks for showing your private happiness. Unspeakable things, but your expression says them all. Gorgeous! The other Eli when he is not covered in TR grease, wielding an AF spanner, under his 3!
  6. Just a thought. Depending on where you live, there may be a TR Register member nearby willing to come along. Many of these people know their TRs inside out — literally. I would make an appeal in a separate thread... stating your whereabouts. You might start by taking a look on the Forum site where the various models are described. It includes a list of weak spots to watch out for in each model, as to where the typical rust spots can be found.
  7. The TR Register office has recommended assessors they can share. But I think you will need to join the Club, an excellent choice and worthwhile for various good reasons. Details on the Home page here.
  8. Congratulations to you and your wife! Smashing news! Actually, the baby has already been in the TR (see above).
  9. Amazing to think this is just about to happen! Probably some time will have to be sacrificed, and willingly so. Sacrificed? Poor choice of vocabulary. Your car looks nice, you've done so much work in so little time. A race against time, perhaps? All in the nick of time I'd say.
  10. Hey Eli, how long to go before your babby's born?
  11. Nice engine bay! On my old 2, OGB 800, and now my 3, KST 277, I replaced the original, not so effective, wipers with Mini ones, which are spring loaded, and work very well. Just a thought.
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