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  1. As I have probably mentioned before, I am far from an expert, but even I can understand this clear explanation you provide. With great, much appreciated, generosity, I would like to add. To me, the pattern of not going up to higher rpm sounds like TR Fear of Cankshaft Breakage. Ciao, David
  2. That's a very nice reply. Very kind person. Delighted we are in the same club.
  3. Thanks for the engine oil tip, Bob. Your expertise in action always a fascinating read, Ciao, David
  4. I agree, though I like getting my printed copy. FANTASTIC story, by the way! Well done!! Ciao, David
  5. Yes. Sometimes my brain synapses misfire and I ask such stupid questions. Where can I hide
  6. Did you ever find out, David?
  7. Yes, very strange landscape! And overpowering. The white lines which are often a nuisance but in this one they surely add to the photo. Ciao, David
  8. If you need one, Ralph CHECK it has the threaded hole to fit a gauge. Ciao, David
  9. Thanks, Andy It's a lot, but even a DD reconditioned unit will not be cheap. I am thinking about replacing the TR4 distributor on my TR3 (which has an ancient Lumenition conversion fitted alongside it), I think it's a DM25, with a 1-2-3. But I think it would be beyond my skills to get one where you can change the settings at the flip of your laptop lid. I'd rather "fit and forget", knowing my technical limitations. Time was when I would adjust the points on my TR2 and check the cap for arcing and replace the ritor arm. That was as far as I went. Ciao, David
  10. Andy, How much did you pay for the 123? Ciao, David
  11. Just saw your plight, Martin. What bad luck. Glad the Forum has rallied round, yet again. We're so lucky. I want to say thank you to everyone too. Ciao, David
  12. I have a regulator like yours and it doesn't leak. But I was told it is not accurate. Where the dial is marked 2 or 2.5 etc may be out. If you still need a regulator, I would fit this one. But make sure it has a hole drilled for fitting the pressure gauge.
  13. Really nice. Do hope TR goes to a good home.
  14. Nice motors. Carcassonne! Famous Cathar fortress. They were something else. (Dualists).
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