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    My first car, bought out of ignorance, was a rubber bumper S reg. MG Midget. What a disappointment! It was superceded by a chrome bumper 1969 MGB Roadster. I disliked it. Boring. Boring. Boring. I bought a TR2. OGB 800. Now that I loved. I rallied it in the Targa Rusticana. Wow. And then Circuit of Ireland Retrospective. Then Oxford Motor Club events and marshalling. When forced to part with it, purchased a Standard 8. 60,000 miles, owned by a succession of students. Did autotests at Oxford Motor Club and used car as daily runner. Then an A35. It had been almost completely restored, Surface rust. Sold for 400 quid to a rich guy who came to view it with his mechanic, to convert it for classic rallying. Then an Austin Maxi. Then Vauxhall Viva Mk. 2. Very heavy for small engine. Alfa 156. Then nothing. Now my second sidescreen TR, a 3. Can't wait. I missed the TR for so long, but couldn't bear to think about it.

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  1. Which beach? I'm curious. Marseilles? Britanny? Where, where?
  2. "Beeb and a Balanced View" The good old days. But several people here, me included, have cited significant examples proving exactly the opposite, and stretching back to when sidescreen cars were just cheap second-hand cars. That's within living memory, You could go further back, with a bit of digging. It seems to me that whenever there's a crisis and serious issues at stake, the balanced view is missing. The reason for that is not only down to individuals, but vested interests, and external pressures. Balanced presupposes svper partes, but they aint and never were.
  3. Superb car! Everything done. Plus heaps of history. Congrats!!
  4. The crucial point about the down pipes is that, for reasons of safety, should extend right down to the chassis rail. Non standard, but the thing to do. Stacks, with the smoother edge, so less air turbulence, I gather, fit into an air box or filter. So I'm mistaken. Sorry. Unless you link to purpose-built ally air box, feeding off cold air duct... What I should have written is that ram pipe designs vary a lot. In some, a straight tapering pipe, at different angles, depending on model. The point being that some are proven to release more bhp than others, which is worth following up.
  5. First rate, Andy Moltu! What a helpful set of information for the lesser spotted TR enthusiast, thanks very much. So, I take it that ZDDP is top of the agenda, followed by viscosity, and multigrade, regardless of engine, standard or modified. Just what I was trying to figure out. After all, a consensus of opinion doesn't necesarily mean a good choice.
  6. OK, OK, nothing wrong with working it out and asking these questions, is there? Not everyone has your amazing first-hand knowledge and experience. Now I have a much better idea. So thanks for that, anyway.
  7. But say you had to choose between three products, the first, mineral and high ZDDP, the second, semi-synthetic and high ZDDP, and the third synthetic and high ZDDP (all at same price). Then the main consideration would no longer be the ZDDP content, but a choice between mineral oil and synthetic oil, in terms of its inherent properties. In this case, which one would you go for and why?
  8. Derek, it's true, the Beeb did, at different junctures, transcend itself, in the precarious balance between public service and entertainment, and commercial interests. But in 1965 there was one notable example in which it preferred to voluntarily self-censor than fight the battle for freedom of speech. Namely, when Peter Watson's The War Game (1965), commissioned by the BBC, was withdrawn before its screening. It was an accurate rendition of the real impact of atomic warfare, based on sound scientific research. An amazing film to watch, where reality in the form of ordinary people speaking their minds in vox pop interviews, shines through. Politics outweighed its remit to inform. What would really hapoen if? How would societal infrastructure cope, if...? These were the questions addressed. Hardly anyone has ever heard of it. They did such a good job. Buried, but not forgotten. Realist, not sensationalist. When was this? At the time the BBC was apparently doing its job. I think there's a distinction worth drawing between history and historical mythmaking. And something similar happened two years later in Ireland with Peter Lennon's Rocky Road to Dublin (1967). Also censored, for presenting a truthful picture of the country, but done more informally. Never screened until 2003, a little before Lennon's demise. Even today, hardly anyone has ever watched it or heard of it.
  9. Ed, looking at the carbs, is there an overflow pipe missing in both? Also, there's a very recent thread worth looking up that seems to prove with trials and stats that stacks perform better than ram pipes.
  10. Andy, I see your point. But, it does make me wonder. Back in the day, I swore by Castrol GTX and that was that. The very thought of switching to synthetic seemed like anathema. But now, I am considering semi-synthetic, as mentioned above. Benefits seem to be a more versatile oil that copes better with a cold engine and a hot one, as well as incorporating or reinstating, in brands designed for tappet- engined cars, ZDDP. Provided they don't include vigorous detergents that would dislodge waste deposits from an engine's nooks and crannies. My point is, then, if you are prepared to switch to semi-synthetic, what is preventing you from switching to 100% synthetic, Andy? Why a half-way house? Whether oil is artificially created or a product of nature, it counts as oil nonetheless, with enhanced properties to boot. Or am I mistaken?
  11. Phil, when OGB 800's engine was rebuilt the first time, we used Castrol GTX, like most TR people I knew. But that was in the days ZDDP depletion wasn't an issue for tappet wear. Nowadays, for a modified, close-tolerance engine, such as OGB 800 or KST 277, both after a Revington Stage 3 rebuild, I'd go for a semi-synthetic Millers Classic Sport, semi-synthetic 20W60 or Valvoline equivalent, "Durablend", I think (if it can be proven it guarantees the same percentage of ZDDP additive).
  12. True, but not really comparable. The Guardian, when push came to shove, told its readers to vote Tory. So, more of the same diet, but with an emphasis on single issues, to the detriment of matters of state. You are not going to find a platform for alternatives to moneterism in The Guardian, that's for sure. They like to have their cake and eat it.
  13. Agreed. I often take a look at the news, as reported by Al Jazeera, whose editorial offices the US military bombed in Iraq, with subsequent loss of innocent lives, if I'm not mistaken. I remember once going to Australia and getting a very different picture of Europe, compared to what I heard and read in the UK. Incidentally, on my return, I'd parked my 2, OGB 800, at Heathrow, and jetlag was such I kept dropping off on my way back to Oxford, so stopped off time and time again. It took hours and hours for a relatively short journey.
  14. I do that and will right this minute. Three cheers for free, civilized, speech.
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