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  1. Dunno about corny. Most of the commentary was snappy enough and the Minis and Ford Anglias! The offs, skidding and clusters of cars racing too close for comfort, as well as the clothes, the colours and people. Lot of filming and editing! Nice.
  2. I agree with you Oxf2 on video demonstrations! That is certainly a gap in the Bonanza Collection I want to fill over time. Meantime, I would describe myself as a (stubborn) Noob, or a Noob Numbskull, which is the reason why I began putting into one thread the links I come across in the Forum, to get my head around lots of technical issues. Consequently, I plan to also follow up with youtube resources, where words and visuals combine to make things less complicated to understand, especially for those with little or no engineering background. If anyone who is reading this post would li
  3. +1 I have used a B&D old drill on low setting speed with wire brush drill bits. You can get ones in small or larger wheel shapes, as well as thin or fat wire brushes. For the flaking layers a scraper or chisel
  4. Back to Deggers, I have only just spotted this thread. I agree. Didn't know AI software had reached this level of sophistication. The detail is astonishing! Thanks, will bear it in mind. You never know. I have a black and white photograph from the First World War and will post it in here. ♤♡◇♧COMING SOON ON YOUR SCREEN ♤♡◇♧
  5. An even later Happy Birthday Bob from across the Irish Sea David Brancaleone
  6. Brilliant news, Hamish! Really glad. I think what you and others like you in the Register achieve, by campaigning your TRs, is very good for the Club. Fun yes, but also excellent PR! THANK YOU
  7. Between breakdowns, I checked. The new one from cap lid to sprung base is longer than the 7lb one. The overflow bottle looked like it had pink stuff in it. So I thought HELP OATS!!! But I was wrong. It was rusty, sludgy brownish water. So I extracted it and washed it out. Got bluecol and put in 50/50. My guess is that it hasn't been flushed, so that's a small task even I should be capable of doing. But you never know. Don't count your chickens, the saying goes.
  8. You have a real gift at taking arresting photographs of your long door 2. Can't be just the amazing setting which is, let's face it, also very beautiful.
  9. Still, that was quite a good buy. Looks pretty sound. Half-price sidescreen. Could be reconverted to standard road use. I wonder if the buyer has joined us?
  10. Thanks, Bob! Yes, you mentioned different lengths. I read that, then promptly forgot. Will have a look tomorrow between DIY often put off, now urgencies
  11. Happy birthday O Sage One!!!
  12. In between — for me anyway— massive DIY push (concreting cracked patio flagstones and refurbishing front steps) I visited two local stores and took a detour home via a 120km road. I was feeling twitchy, not my 3. Well, understandable, after several mishaps (will report in KST post later). I tested overdrive, acceleration, brakes, steering. All rock solid. TR very responsive! Overheating a bit, not sure why. Another similar escape today to get the wonderful UK-British BRADITE primer cum topcoat paint from Hickeys in town. I'll think of something for another detour.
  13. Thanks so much, Stuart! I could have said "we need Stuart!". The benefit of the Register Forum, of having access to generous people in the know with so much experience, never ceases to amaze me. I am so glad I rejoined and wish I could be useful too in some way. So actually, the mod only affects the rear hubs. Just for the sake of asking, would there be any point in replacing rear Girling hubs with stronger and/or lighter ones, if available? Or stick with those?
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