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  1. Thanks Roy, you can’t see it in the photo but the locating pins are on the rims. Just a couple of wheel nuts that are tight so I can whip the wheels off to play with the shims! cheers Adrian
  2. Hi Stuart, yes I remember you said 3 but I only had 8 decent shims! Measuring for basic settings with below photo, I also have some turn plates for measuring rotation accurately for Castor/KPI. Seems to be pretty good but will obviously get full geometry checked when/if I get it close! Off to do some measurements on the NSF. thanks again Adrian
  3. Hi Stuart, forgive my TR6 ignorance but what’s the turret brace and where’s it fitted? Is it an additional item. I’ve pulled all the packers out and refitted 2 in the front and rear both sides. I’ve remeasured and the OSF isn’t bad Camber + 0.75 Castor + 2.5 KPI 8.5 The NSF is a different story Camber + 0.75 Castor - 2.5 a 5 degree swing to spec KPI 15 !! I think its all about what’s wrong NSF now. Bent frame, bent/wrong component. What’s your thoughts? Wheel definitely sits back compared to OSF, just looks wrong. I’ll have another loo
  4. Hi Stuart I’ve done some measurements in its current state. My initial basic tracking adjustment has resulted in 2* Toe in 1* measured each side Rear track is NSR .25* Toe in and OSR 0.6* Toe in. Rear camber NSR - 1.0* OSR - 0.5* NSF camber is + 0.2* Castor -0.5* KPI 11.75 OSF camber +0.6* Castor +1.25* KPI 10.5 Any thoughts on that lot before I pull and repack the shims and re-measure? Does packing the front or rear increase the castor? Spec looks to be + 3.5 ? Thanks Adrian
  5. Paul are they shorter or longer than the correct TR6 ones? Thanks Adrian
  6. Hi Paul, thanks for that. Definitely one I’ll check ASAP. Thanks Adrian
  7. Thanks Stuart, tyres are newish and all in good condition. I’ll start with geometry and think about bushes etc later. I’ll record the current settings before I pull any out and keep as a reference point in case I make it worse! Whatever happens I’ve got to try and resolve the completely unacceptable assembly that I current have. Cheers Adrian
  8. Hi Pete, I’ve added one detailed combined response that I’d appreciate any comments on please? I notice you are in Suffolk as well, I’m in BSE. kind regards Adrian
  9. Hi John I’ve added one big response that I’d appreciate your comments on please? many thanks Adrian
  10. Hi Stuart thanks for the info. I’ve added a detailed reply that I’d appreciate your thoughts on please? kind regards Adrian
  11. Hi, thanks for all of the info. It’s much appreciated. Before I’d read any of the responses I’d made a start. I removed the track rod ends both sides and had a general feel and nothing obviously worn or bent. I centralised the steering rack and did a basic parallel setting using a couple of straight edges fore and aft. This has already improved the overall feel and it doesn’t pull either way and it feels like all the wheels are going in the same direction with self centering reasonable. Stuart you mention the yellow Poly’s are these generally pretty hard? They are in every bush. Which bus
  12. My TR6 doesn’t feel right or handle with any confidence for me and I’m trying to understand why. I’ve noticed a number of things which I’m concerned about and any help would be appreciated please. It has standard springs all around and Spax dampers front and rear ( telescopic), it’s been poly bushed but the documentation that I have for that dates back to 2007! It might therefore all be a bit tired? There is no obvious movement and visually it all looks in reasonable condition on the face of it. These are the things I’ve observed. 1, The fulcrums are fitted correctly with the big
  13. Fair point! Worried? No! Simply trying to understand its origins from the build info prior to pulling it apart. Thanks
  14. That’s the problem Bruce I’ve no idea what’s been done. My measurements were with a vernier so are pretty good. I suspect you are correct that it’s from a 2500 saloon.
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