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  1. Found this on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIUMPH-STEERING-SHAFT-UNIVERSAL-JOINT-UPGRADE-SPITFIRE-GT6-TR6-TR5-TR4A-TR250-/162823606997 Any good? Magnus
  2. I removed the vinyl cover and sanded the console somewhat to smoothen it, and painted it with black wrinkle paint. This was 6 years go and it has held up great, cheap option too. The aluminium ring is from a Moto Lita steering wheel, cost £10. Best thing in my opinion no one that doesn't know would suspect it's not original. The "before" picture:
  3. The law is sometimes a compromise, common sense can therefore be the best solution, and people with common sense will make the solution best fit for purpose.
  4. If the weather forecast is good I am going, very nice location!
  5. Just watched the last episode with the Celica, enjoyed it a lot as this was the same car as my first car; a yellow 72 model and I painted it the same red. I had to “restore” this car and I struggled, not only since it was my first car but also due to the rust and bad quality of the screws, nuts and bolts, a lot of them would shear off. When I restored my over 40 year old TR6 40 years later I had no such problems, the quality of British cars was/is better that it’s reputation!
  6. If it’s the biggest job they ever taken on it must be bad. Remember the white 1965 230SL that was so rusted more than half the body tub was replaced. Magnus
  7. The TR4 option seem to be the best in my view, not sure why they changed it for the TR6, could be to do with cost, or more likely to do with that it “looks more modern” with the capping that also hide the painted metal on the top of the door. Anyway the TR4 handles does not only look much better but they work better as well, and is more in keeping with the vintage feel of the car. Can understand that owners want to keep the original look, but for everyone else I guess the combination of appearance and practicality of the TR4 handles is unmatched. I fitted the TR4 handles on my TR6 and have never regretted it. Magnus
  8. I used this on bikes before. It says to spray “once a month” or so for bikes in regular use so I guess that is because it does come of with time anyway. When I washed the bike with the normal soap I used and then polished painted surfaces and used metal polish on the chrome/metal parts it came off. Magnus
  9. TRseks


    I bought 10 blanks and used only 3 so have 7 blanks if someone is in need, just message me. Magnus
  10. Saab 93, front hinged doors.... nice. Checked the registration number to see if the car is still registered but of course no... My parents had a 1968 Saab 96, first one with the Ford v4, nice car deeply missed. Magnus
  11. Here is a couple of more photos, one from the same location but from 1960, and another from a place called Dragsvik also from 1960, no TR's but still many interesting cars. Magnus
  12. In Norway cars were rationed after the war, one had to apply to be able to get one. In the 1950’s only 3-4% of the applications was approved, it wasn’t until 1960 that the rationing ended. So this TR was guaranteed a foreign tourist, probably British coming in on the ferry from Newcastle to Bergen, but could well be Dutch! Magnus
  13. Photo is from 1958, Kaupanger in western Norway, is it a TR3 in the right side of the picture?
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