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  1. I did not fit the racetorations system because I have a highly tuned engine, my car is a US model and had the original single outlet pipe (not the dual outlet) and I wanted a SS system that would last a long time and with added nicer sound. The racetorations manifold is made of high grade 308 stainless steel and sounds great, big bore system with a phoenix muffler. I have heard the 6-3-1 is better for the TR6 as it gives a better “pulse from each cylinder”? and helps better at higher revs but it does not really matter as I hardly ever rev the engine up. I have not wrapped the exhaust either as
  2. On 6-2-1 the pipes from the 3 rear cylinders goes in to 1 and the 3 at the front to another, then into 1. I got the Racetorations, no problems with clearances even with standard starter. I wrapped the starter in “heat shield material”, and made a heat shield under the carburettors as the heat is higher from the SS manifold. Magnus
  3. Sounds like a great car! Regarding the brake light the original switch is not brilliant so it could be that, mine stopped working and I replaced it with a BMW switch from 70’s or 80’s, E30/E21, much better quality then the original TR6 switch. Magnus
  4. Interesting, if I should try to make something like this myself, what would be needed? What makes this setup better than other similar set ups? I routed to the carbs as was advised it would help to keep crankcase pressure down, is this not the case? Magnus
  5. Thanks for that, always nice to be the favourite! No it does not have a non return valve, is that recommended? Magnus
  6. I vented the rocker cover to the carbs, this might not be possible on all SU carbs? I did this as I was adviced it would be good for decreasing crankcase pressure, seems to work ok. Oil leaks from the engine is acceptable, whatever that means...! I also made a heat shield out of two layers of 1mm aluminium with heat mats between and underneath, and around the starter motor as the SS manifold radiate more heat than the cast iron original, and modern fuels are more prone to struggle with hot days. Magnus
  7. Hi Adrian, I installed the BDQ needles and the engine ran ok with good cold start, choke on at first but quickly off, and the appropriate colour on the plugs. But I noticed (or maybe it was just in my head) that the engine was hesitating on higher RPM compared to the Strombergs. So I had a look at which needles would be richer on higher RPM, and bought a set of BFW needles. With these installed the engine actually misfired at higher RPM so I changed back. But misfire was still there so I suspected the spark plugs, which were old. So with new spark plugs the misfire was gone but I still suspect
  8. Agree, most people seems to forget that a car first of all is just a machine on 4 wheels meant to get you from A to B. Magnus
  9. Hi David, yes I should have. I will have to look for them as I am not sure where I put them!? I will look today and let you know. regards Magnus
  10. Just looked at the NHS website and it`s now changed to 55 or over. Magnus
  11. Good news. I am 54 so will have to wait, could I ask you over 56 which dates you got? Was hoping to get my two vaccines done by June/July as I need to travel abroad in July and would be great to get the two vaccines done before that! Magnus
  12. I’m not sure that vinyl is any stronger than good quality mohair, I have read people claiming that “mohair last longer”, I am not sure but I have had a mohair top for 6 years now and it looks like the day it was installed. I can think of two reasons to choose vinyl, first is that it looks period, second is that it is easier to keep clean. But as I very rarely put my top up it hasn’t been an issue with the cleaning. For me the fact that vinyl can go hard and shrink when it’s old I chose mohair. When I bought my car the original soft top had shrunk so much it was not possible to
  13. I think my flat wooden Moto Lita is 13, no problems, but I use driving gloves to get «a grip».... Tr6 with 195 tyres.
  14. It raises the always interesting question where the limit should be on what is allowed and what is regarded as too risky. The rules and laws are constantly revised to make sure that we are “safe” as that is the favourite expression. The expression safe seems to be the key, regardless if it actually is 100% safe or just 99.99% safe or much less. The fact is that there is a risk to almost everything we do, ref the covid rules which are changed every week to keep us “safe”, I assume what they mean is not safe, but an acceptable risk. Anyway there is and should be a discussio
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