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  1. johnw

    Heater valve

    I fitted one of these about 2 years ago and have just noticed it has started leaking from under the top plate. Has anyone else had this problem? John.
  2. Don Hoods in Birmingham will do you one as well, just ask them to leave the front edge unfinished. They advertise in TRaction. John
  3. Hi every one, just to show there are many ways to skin a cat, here is my effort at fitting a surrey top to a TR6. The front is fitted to a late spitfire header rail with no other poppers. Also no popper at the side centre section. At the rear I have used a Tenax fastener each side. The front H frame is cut to length and bolted to the header rail, which creates a rigid front half of the frame. The rear rail is held in place using these quick release catches as suggested by another member some months ago.
  4. I used a late Spitfire rail, they were easier to find and much cheaper than a TR6 frame. John
  5. Thank you all for the replies. I'll have a closer look at it and see if I am up to the challenge. Regards John
  6. Hello everyone I hope we are all keeping safe and well. In my shed I have a steel surrey roof in need of repair, now seems a good time. The front edge is completely rusted away and has been bodged with filler, also the two rear corners have holes in. The rest does not seem too bad but it's early days. My question is are there any repair panels available or is it a matter of lots of bits welded together, it's quite a complex compound curve at the front and i'm not sure my skills are up to it. The GT6 has a similar shape so perhaps a panel has been made for that.
  7. Hi, do you have electronic ignition fitted. I had a similar situation whilst sitting in traffic. Found the electronic ignition to be faulty. Went back to points, seems ok now. Regards John
  8. Just a thought, could it be a bit of play in the diff? I think the movement is to easy to be the wheel splines. I'm in the process of fitting CV shafts to my TR6, so fingers crossed. John
  9. Hi Mike, you need to make a small mounting plate, I used 2mm aluminium. Firstly I removed the steel insert and drew round the outer profile onto a piece of 3mm hardboard. Cut this out and drill the two mounting holes and a 20mm hole in the centre. Fit the fastener to this and fix back into the surrey frame. You can then juggle this around untill you are happy with the position. Once happy you can use this as a template to mark out the aluminium, I then covered this with vinyl to blend in better. The pins are more tricky. They are M6 so I ran a 1/4 UNF die down the
  10. Bought a couple of these click fasteners as Andy suggested and they work a treat. Much easier to fit than the thumb screws and look quite neat from the inside too. I've already carried out the header rail mod but I used a late Spitfire header rail. With these two mods fitting the Surrey top is much quicker and more secure. Thanks for the heads up Andy. John W
  11. That's a shame, but thanks for the info John. Regards, Another John
  12. What size are they John, how many spokes? Would they be OK for a TR6? Thanks John.
  13. Hi Sean, sorry for the late reply. I have a 1972 TR6 with a 0.70 bore MC. The original Girling unit had a 80mm push rod, the TRW unit that I replaced it with has a 74mm push rod. After fitting the TRW unit the clutch did not release. In the end I made an adjustable push rod and all is now working as it should. Regards John
  14. johnw

    Fuel Pump Woes

    Hi iani, there is some debate as to whether copper plug leads should be used with these electronic ignitions. I changed to copper in 2017 and have had 2 electronic units fail, may be coincidence, but have gone back to points and kept the copper leads. Worth checking before you damage your other ignition system. Regards John
  15. johnw

    Fuel Pump Woes

    Hi iani, I had a similar problem to you and found that the Pertronix system had failed even though appeared to test ok. In the end I re fitted the old points system and it has run fine ever since. Give it a go if you can. If you search for one of my posts "electronic ignition" you can read the whole sorry tale. Good Luck John
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