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  1. Hi John, think they are machined from hex bar.
  2. I re-used the studs where possible, as long as not corroded/damaged. I used brass nuts too. This is also a good moment to check/clean the fuel system and throttle linkage. Waldi
  3. Hi Dave, bleeding can be a bit difficult. I bled mine before I installed it on the GB, pushed the piston fully in, opened the vent nipple, and it was fine. Waldi
  4. Waldi

    1972 Front Grill

    Hi Keith, the upper and lower grille surround are pretty cheap, item 36 and 37: https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/grille-badges-body-fittings-tr6.html Cheers, Waldi
  5. Waldi

    Brake issues

    I think in that case some oil still should have left the bleed nipple, or would this be so minimal you don’t notice it? But again, both hoses failing at the same time seems unlikely. Waldi
  6. I wonder how accurate you can get the centering holes (and what is originally achieved, Even if only a bit off, it would have significant effect on vibrations. But if you would balance the whole assembly (minus the driven plate) that would not matter. Waldi
  7. Dave, you can lift it of carefully with a small blunt screwdriver. Make sure not to scratch the piston. Note the orientation of the seal, the “open side” should face inwards. The new seal can be installed with some “brake grease”. Do not use normal grease. First check the bore of the cylinder, they often have local corrosion where the water/moist “meets the oil”. If so, reject it or have it re-sleeved. Waldi
  8. Waldi

    Brake issues

    Craig, there are 2 brake pipes connected to the side of the MC, the rear (yes) is for the front brakes. There are also 2 pistons (each with their own seal) in the MC, the one you see first (and that you can move with your finger) is for the front brakes. So if you can now move that, but you had no oil coming out of the bleed nipples of the front calipers, you have to look at other things too. You also wrote the front brakes are gripping (although no oil comes out the bleed nipples). Did you open the bleed nipples enough, and are they clear? If that was both ok, it could be seized calipers, but 2 at the same time is unusual. So it is more likely an hydraulic issue, with the MC, or pedal or servo. Waldi
  9. Hi JR (are you from Dallas?). Mine came from Revington (for a CP). They fitted without any issues and solved the excessive clearance. Do not forget to order new screws (4 per TB). I re-used the butterfly disks. Waldi
  10. Thanks Roger for keeping me posted. I have used a vaseline-like product from ATE to install rubber seals (rings, cups) in brake systems for 30 years, assuming this was how it should be done. So..... should this special grease be used or not? Waldi
  11. Hi Roger, my overhauled system is not rock-hard either, I thought I had to do more bleeding or maybe bed in the shoes and pads, but your experience makes me think. I have rebuilt my calipers with TRW seals too. Think they were stamped from rubber plate so not exactly square in cross section. Could this be a clue? Best regards, Waldi
  12. Waldi


    Good news John, seems like you are back to normal. If you get 14 V, the alternator is certainly charging. It could be that the new battery was not fully charged and hence not “allowing” 14 V to be reached. Enjoy the rest of the trip. Waldi
  13. Waldi

    1972 Front Grill

    I like that grille! Waldi
  14. Waldi


    What a great trip John! Run without consumers like lights, fan when possible, and measure the voltage after a couple of hrs. If not ok, have a 2nd charged battery (your old Bosch maybe) with you, so you won’t strand. And enjoy the trip above all:) Cheers, Waldi
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