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  1. Very impressive Paul, congratulations, I envey you! Cheers, Waldi
  2. My new harness from them, also CP (but lhd) did not have this. For seat heating I used a fused 30A relais, energized by the contact switch so I cannot forget them). Each seat heater individually fused at I think 10A.
  3. You can adjust the wind screen frame as you have described. You can also limit the upper position of the side glass when you remove the door panel. Both are required after a rebuild. There is a possibility of altering the glass channels in the door by adding rings etc but very limited. If the door closes difficult with the top down too, the door rubber may be the issue. Check the flange distance to the door on every area and see if it parallel (same distance). Correction is possible by bending the flange carefully. Waldi
  4. Thats what I did and so far all good (limited milage though). Waldi
  5. It has little load on it so should be possible I feel. Waldi
  6. Most bolts that are lose to m8 with a finer thread are 5-16 unf. Its the bext size up from 1/4 unf. Waldi
  7. “ The english have so many standards” Not that much:) 99% on the TR’s bolting is UNF, and occasionally some UNC/BSF, but most “standard connections” are UNF. Cheers, Waldi
  8. As above for the ignition. Check timing with a timing light before attempting to start. Regarding your clutch. If you do have pressure on the pedal. it may be just a sticking friction plate (to the flywheel). If you have no pressure, first check and probably put some (correct) fluid in the clutch master cylinder I assume you have done all the other required pre-start-up work, like changing oil and filter, coolant, checking oil pressure, carefully turning the engine without plugs ( ensuring the calves don’t stick), etc. Enjoy the first revolutions on its own steam! Chee
  9. Just for clarity: I do not have a compensator fitted to my SS system but see no harm. If you really want, I recommend to fit it in the long horizontal run. But where?There is a fixing to the GB (mine has that at least). Installing it in front of that it will reduce stresses on the manifold, seems good; But the rear end then still cannot compensate without deflection of the rear support(s). So it helps but just “a sort off” and I think it would be “nice” but maybe not strickly needed? Sometimes we think of “upgrades” that are not really so. Cheers, Waldi
  10. Waldi

    Pi fouling

    If its old fuel, that could be the culprit. If so, drain it and replace with fresh fuel, then take ik out for a longer 1 hr drive. Cheers, Not so wise and definitely not an oracle man, Waldi
  11. Hi Richard, Assuming no other issues, it could well be an alignment issue. You can do a course alignment with a rope, checking toe-in. I replaced my track rod ends as part of a total rebuild and had marked the old ones, but was surprised to see I had 15-20 mm toe-in after the rebuild. Off course other things had changed too. Cheers, Waldi
  12. If its not turning give it a couple of tabs, it may just be seized. If it turns, do a bit of sucking on the outlet tube to prime it If no luck, probably time for a new one, although I was able to fix my original item. Waldi
  13. many other cars have that. With a SS system the thermal expansion increases by about 50% due to the higher thermal coefficient of expansion. An average system of 300 C and 3 m long will expand 3x3 x 1,8 mm is 16 mm. For a CS system with the same temperature this will be 11mm. Worth noting with how you mount especially the rear rubbers on the cross box (with an off set to the front when cold), regardless of the choice for CS/SS. Waldi
  14. Waldi

    Head ID

    Hi Andy, I bought new valves and the double std springs from Chris Witor, do not go for “uprated”. The will increase loads on the tappets and cam lobes. I installed bronze guides with seals from Goodparts, have not driven many miles but all seems fine. Cheers, Waldi
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