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  1. Lorry drivers must have a pay-raise. No fuel supply-issues here by the way. Waldi
  2. Waldi

    PI injectors

    As Bruce indicates, do a 2nd attempt in venting the fuel lines. I kept the lines vertical, with the pump running, and tapped on each line (many times) with my free hand until no more air bubbles came out. I helps to full out the injector needles now and then during this process. I also cracked the engine (2nd person) every now and then, but not continuous. Important: take lead from coil during all this! Neil Revington refurnished my entire injection gear, he did an excellent job for me. Waldi
  3. Hi Mick, unless I do not understand (could well be), 7/8” equals 22,225 mm, not 17,78 mm. My experience: After reading all the posts on this forum (we all learn), I ensured all parts/area’s were inspected and items replaced/improved as needed: 1) Pedal bushings (new) 2) All pins (new), to reduce play. 3) Master - and slave cylinder: reconditioned. 4) Carrier (sleeve) and GB- nose: deburred and polished; I re-used the steel sleeve since it looked ok. I applied MO2S grease during assy. 5) New clutch shaft (in GB bell house) and new bearings. Lubed again with
  4. Mine looked similar and went back on the car.
  5. And we learn all the time, thank you all. Waldi
  6. Thanks Chris, I did know that. Waldi
  7. Willy, do you have a heritage certificate? This could (should) contain the original color code. Groeten, Waldi
  8. Thanks for sharing Sue, it inspires me to go out with the TR! Cheers, Waldi
  9. Mike, I first cleaned my matrix with acidic acid dissolved in hot water (the stuff used in water cookers), and then tested with I think 1 barg (some 14psig) air, and submerged in water and all was fine. So not up to the original full pressure test-pressure that would nowadays be used in industry, but more to what is called a leak test. If I had repaired the matrix however (like soldering), I would probably have gone a bit further, but I did not see the need for that. Waldi
  10. Hi Stuart, I think it also depends on the drivers choice and in my case, physical condition. Each to it’s own as they say. Cheers, Waldi
  11. Hi Stuart and Neil, the lower vacuum on PI cars influences the servo effectiveness, off course. On my US-spec TR6 I never felt the need for a larger servo. But that was many moons ago, I got older, traffic much busier, and now I have a PI. The standard brakes met the MOT requirements, but with the Volvo servo I can break easier/faster. Cheers, Waldi
  12. To all new- comers: Allow me to sayI would encourage new-comers on this forum to give a short introduction. We have seen several new people on this forum, without any form of that; treat this forum and its members with respect, this is a unique place. Everyone is welcome and there is a lot you can get, even for free, but please be a gentlemen (or lady off course) Thank you, Waldi
  13. The Moss catalogue shows the typical area’s to look for corrosion and cracks (from fatigue) on a TR6 chassis. If you are not familiar with TR’s, getting a more knowledgeable person (maybe from this forum?) to inspect the car with you. Waldi
  14. Hi Stuart, thanks for the offer;). I have stopped my correspondence with the seller, I do not trust him, right or wrong. I feel it is to good to be true. Regards, Waldi
  15. I have the Volvo servo, and was contacted by someone on the forum, I think last year. Because of the much bigger diameter it did not fit on a RHD car is what I understand. Waldi
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