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  1. Hi Hamish, I never break a promise, but there are exceptions:) Waldi
  2. Aha, now I understand the issue, it is NOT with plug installed. Weird indeed. Waldi
  3. Hi Roger, It may be a petrol issue?? Maybe the std gap (0,025”) did not give enough spark, the larger gap did? Anyway seems your ign. system is good. Cheers, Waldi
  4. I like Steve’s idea: compare std and new Did you add discs to the rear? If so, a simple comparison of crossectional area is not possible. Waldi
  5. Thanks for sharing the graph John. The difference between male/female is not shown, do you know if this was considered? Cheers, Waldi
  6. The info overhere about AZ is probably the same you have. What I read is that mostly people aged <60 have shown the severe blood cloth symptoms, and more females are affected. But the same info tells the age distribution is not known (precisely); Science on this matter is work in progress probably? Waldi (who had his dosis of Moderna last week)
  7. Thanks for sharing. I liked the entire program. Waldi
  8. Hi Colin, I doubt the small valve stem seal could act as a damper/stabilizer. The forces from rockers are very high, and the fragile seals will simply follow any movement, if the would be excessive clearance between stem and guide. Waldi
  9. Your brushes do not seem too bad, similar to what is in my pump. After cleaning I just bent the arms a bit to have a bit more force, not much off course. This did the trick for me. Waldi
  10. I agree with Ed. The oil to the front bearings flows around the bush, both sides, so there is oil everywhere around the perimeter. I think the groove in the thrust-face is for lubrication purposes. The excess oil flow back to the sump. Waldi
  11. And if you want a permanent connection that is better water proof and more resistant to corrosion: And it works! Waldi
  12. Sorry Paul, I now see what you wrote. So most likely an inlet-valve issue, not a guide issue. SS is much softer compared to alloyed steel. I assume this is why the tips on SS valves are stellited. I agree, disappointing response from the supplier. A hardness test of the tips could reveal the cause. Grinding the tips (why would you??) will not solve low hardness. Cheers, Waldi
  13. Hi Paul, I don’t think ZDDP level has much effect on this type of wear. I more suspect the material of inlet valve or guide since exhausts are fine Were all 12 guides from same manufacturer and all had the same color (as a simple check for brass versus bronze)? Waldi
  14. I ordered my Glyco’s from (I think) Rimmers. Still have a new set of Kings on the shelve, bought from Wittor, and concur with Andreas above. IF you buy Kings, ask the shop that will grind your crankshaft to first measure the bores of the new shells (installed and torqued), so they can adjust their final dimensions to give an acceptable clearance (per the WSM). Waldi
  15. Hi Stef, happy birthday. Waldi
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