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  1. I would put it on my winterlist, and meanwhile stick a long pole or similar in the boot. Waldi
  2. If your fuel pump keeps running normally when trying to start it’s likely not the battery. I would start with Kev’s tests. There a wires connected to the starter motor: one thick red (Together with a couple of others) and a thinner one. Check if they are loose, and carefully tighten. It is a copper bolt they are fitted to. Next step is electrical testing, starter motor still installed. Waldi
  3. Hi Bruce, ok, I will: I have used engine oil in an MGB GB with OD, I think it was per the WSM, which I normally follow. But not in my TR! Cheers, Waldi
  4. No problem Michael, we all benefit from this forum (I do!) Cheers, Waldi
  5. Hi Michael, I submitted a PQI and Roger and Ian (Cvtrain) will follow up and inform the suppliers. The good ones obviously will take action. I will receive feedback on their action, and I will ask if I can share (hope so); if not, I will off course resect that. I have properly spot welded the pin on my poor quality one, it still holds. Plan to install a 2nd gusset this winter, because the bracket still flexes due to the thinner material. If new good ones become available, I will buy another one, since this one would need re-plating (personal choice) which is probably as expensive if I only have one item. Waldi
  6. Waldi

    Wind Deflector

    Nice brackets, as they support on the wheel arch too. Waldi
  7. Hallo Ralph, good to hear. If you say voltage supply must be top notch, what HT leads and coil do you use/prefer? Thanks, Waldi
  8. Waldi

    PI is dieseling

    Not a stupid question Marco. let’s wait for the answer, from people who know. my car has an electric fan, but it stops immediately after switching off. Guess the wiring diagram around the ignition barrel provides the answer. Waldi
  9. Waldi

    PI is dieseling

    Hi Ben, Can I suggest you have a look at the plug fouling topic that is currently going? I certainly learned from that (but do not have any issues at the moment. Cheers, Waldi
  10. Waldi

    Valve dimensions?

    I ordered new valves from him, all 12. His website showed the correct valves for my CP head. Waldi
  11. I have a NOS light switch (including a wide and a smaller bezel), It measures 20x49.5 mm at the sides sticking in the dash board. Not for sale, sorry. Waldi
  12. If you are concerned you could fill the tank with water and only leave the area to be welded dry. This minimizes the effect should something go wrong. But cleaning remains equally important. Waldi
  13. Very hot soapy water will dissolve most hydrocarbons. Do it a couple of times (be careful when hot). If you can make 100 degrees C steam (Wall paper stripper) and purge the tank that’s even better. steam if the surface is very rusty and also the seams can “store” HC’s and release them when becoming hot. Waldi
  14. Waldi

    PI is dieseling

    Hi Ben, You could try to push your gas pedal a bit when stopping the engine. This will lean the mixture. Using petrol with a higher octane will also help. Waldi
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