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  1. Success! Thanks to all for your suggestions. I used a combination of most of them, coupled with finally cutting the interior seal away from the frame with a Stanley knife. The seal had actually been glued to the scuttle.
  2. Greetings all. Now almost a month in to my strip down (with some time off for a holiday at Lake Annecy), and it's going fairly well. I'm certainly grovelling at some points, but that's to be expected from a novice. So far, only three broken bolts/screws, and I drilled them out and re-tapped immediately to save the hassle later. Pics are below showing progress. I've sent the PI system off to the UK to be rebuilt, and have contacted a gearbox specialist who's going to do the box and differential when I get to them. I'm a bit stuck on one thing, however, and would like the collective wi
  3. Wow, thank you so much for this Derek. It's really helpful and informative. Where did you find this information? And I had no idea that not all TR6s were built in the UK. The seller told me mine was a French car from origin, but goodness! I had no idea! I really appreciate it.
  4. Greetings all. I'm making progress with the strip-down; gonna attack the dash tomorrow. I have a question, which I have not been able bro answer for myself via research. The number on the commission plate of my LHD car (riveted to the RF wheel arch from the driver's seat) appears to be CP26553L - it's quite hard to read. The engine number is CP26723HE (not hard to read). Does this mean that I don't have a matching-numbers car?
  5. Hi John, unfortunately it doesn't run (problem with the PI system, which is coming off and going to a UK specialist to be rebuilt). I did a dry compression test as well, and while not horrible, it was a bit uneven, so I'm going to redo the head - and while it's off the rest of the engine - before going further. It's not ideal: I would have liked to run it a bit. But I'm pretty much decided on this course of action. Best, Blair
  6. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, and the comments and ideas that I have already found incredibly helpful. As promised, my TR6 arrived today, and I dove right in. She’s really early – engine no. CP26723HE – and the body appears to be in really great shape. I hope when I get her up on the lift that promise will carry through. Below are some pictures . More to follow… Regards to all, Blair
  7. Hi Alan, and thanks for posting. To be honest, I didn't even know they made wine where you live. Is it any good (wink, wink)?
  8. Actually, I've been living in Burgundy for the past almost 20 years, and retired from winemaking last year. Thus the long-awaited TR6 project! Thanks for posting from Aarhus; we just spent a fantastic two weeks exploring Denmark from top to bottom. I had only known Copenhagen before (I sold a lot of wine in Denmark).
  9. Hello everyone, and greetings from Burgundy in France. New member here, about to embark on a retirement adventure: the complete restoration of a 1969 TR6, which arrives tomorrow. I'm set up in the garage, but this will be all new to me. I'm a retired winemaker, and the only mechanical work I've ever done has been on tractors! That said, after much research, reading, and searching, I bought an almost completely rust-free TR6 (I'll know more once the body comes off) with a CP engine and overdrive (and original factory hardtop!), and wanted to get thoughts from the much-more-experienced on my pl
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