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  1. stuart


    They should be clamped but its best to leave them slightly slack first of all and then fit the rack through and manually run it up and down a bit and then tighten. Dont forget that the right hand wheel box has to be slightly off centre to allow for the angle of the kink of the centre tube. Stuart.
  2. By the looks of those shoes they havent actually been doing anything. Stuart.
  3. stuart


    Yes thats to miss the vent flap rod, so its on the right hand side. Stuart.
  4. Don’t forget there is also these steady brackets for sidescreen cars, four on the engine mounts and the larger two on the gearbox mount, part numbers 106428 for the engine and 107895 for gearbox. Stuart
  5. The wedgelock ones are better. I always buy direct from Tex too. Stuart.
  6. What was the fit like as theirs are generic whereas Revington ones are model specific. Stuart.
  7. Grooves worn in the backplates by the handbrake levers where they swivel. Common fault and been discussed on here many times. Stuart.
  8. stuart

    Vin plate

    There will be two, one should be painted body colour and the other should be unpainted. Stuart.
  9. I would make a deflector plate for any outside pump/filter installation, much better to be safe. Stuart.
  10. stuart

    Vin plate

    You will just end up with a blank plate with the stamped details still visible. Are you on about the one behind the master cylinders as that one should be painted. Stuart.
  11. Unfortunately theyre not known for their reliability Im afraid. Distributor Doctor is the place to by decent coils. Stuart.
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