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  1. stuart

    engine vibration

    Many years ago I went to look at a TR4 in Birmingham and it had the left hand engine mount completely broken off and at tickover the engine leapt about all over the place! Stuart.
  2. stuart

    Thanks to Distributor Doctor and TR members

    Yep we use Martin all the time for our restorations http://www.distributordoctor.com/ Stuart.
  3. stuart

    Seals on Front Suspension

    It seams to be a universal kit for TR2-5 so I suspect they are to replace item No 105 https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr2-4a/steering-suspension/front-suspension/front-suspension-tr2-3a-tr4.html Stuart
  4. stuart

    engine vibration

    Not sure you could fit one of those to a 3a as the front engine plate is different. Stuart.
  5. stuart

    I hate repro parts

    Dump the waterless anyway its not all its cracked up to be and very flammable too. http://www.oilem.com/potential-issues-with-waterless-engine-coolants/ Stuart.
  6. stuart

    H and H Buxton auction

    I know its a kit but they are actually quite a good kit unlike a lot of others, theyre better built than a TVR! I wouldnt bother with a copy of a Jaguar but I quite like that MK1 in the sale as years ago I had a couple of them and they were a nice car. Having rebuilt quite a few Healeys I wouldnt give you tuppence for one Im afraid Stuart.
  7. stuart

    H and H Buxton auction

    Not for that but wouldnt mind this! https://online.handh.co.uk/m/lot-details/index/catalog/91/lot/43035/?url=%2Fm%2Fview-auctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F91%2F Stuart.
  8. stuart

    Do I have a Steering Lock ?

    Depends on the final destination for the cars as well as German market cars the steering lock was required from sometime in the early 60`s so appeared on TR4`s. Stuart.
  9. stuart

    Boot Hinges

    I always take the studs out of new hinges and refit them with thread locking compound and make sure they are snugged right in but not overtight as the casting is soft. Stuart.
  10. stuart

    Surrey top fixing hooks

    In that case you need to adjust your door glasses to fit and maybe tighten up the elastic on the side drop sections of the soft section so they are held tight against the inside of the windows. Stuart.
  11. stuart

    LSD dif rebuild

    Good point about the right oil for LSD`s. Always remember someone coming in with a complaint that his diff was creaking and groaning on a 3.8MK2 Jag, (Standard fitment on them is a Salisbury LSD) Panicking that he might need another diff, turned out his local garage had refilled it with ordinary EP diff oil. Change to LSD oil and all the noise disappeared Stuart.
  12. stuart

    Lever dampers - fitting

    Yes room enough no problem, I have a socket milled down to fit the earlier shocks anyway. Stuart.
  13. stuart

    Fuel tap rubber seals.

    They do their job well, they can cope with the fuel requirements of 4.2 litres through two HD8 carbs so would cope no problem with a TR`s required flow. Stuart.
  14. stuart

    Lever dampers - fitting

    Different damper and there is no bracket side in the way so you can get to the bolts easily Stuart.
  15. stuart

    Lever dampers - fitting

    No the mounting plate sits on the rear diff mounting bracket and is 1/4" Plate with the shock mounting holes threaded directly into it. Thes often get weak when DPO`s have had them on and off too many times so a longer mounting bolt that protrudes through the back of the plate and a locknut on the rear is called for. Stuart.