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  1. I ran MK2s as road cars for many years through 70s and 80s and also raced them, They can be a rot box, check front cross member under the grill and right out across under the front wings with whats known as the crows feet areas, check the chassis rails where they dip under the floor behind the front subframe. Check front wheel arches and closing panel behind the arch, check the sills and all four jacking pints. Check the rear spring boxes as theyre 1/4 elliptical springs and those boxes are really difficult to repair correctly. Check where the Panhard rod meets the right hand rear wheelarch, c
  2. Sounds as if the lower section of column that goes between the upper and the rack may not be the right one, some of them use a lower section from a TR7 column but this is shortened to suit. If you can post some measurements of the lengths of it all then I expect someone who has a rack conversion maybe able to help pinpoint the problem. I dont have one here to check unfortunately. Stuart.
  3. Thats brilliant, cant beat the sound of a Coventry Climax at high revs! He`s a star, definitely very old school. Stuart.
  4. That bit about the underwriters comment would be enough to put me off as theyre leaving themselves a get out avenue. Stuart.
  5. Seems like what I said earlier about holes in the trailing arm being put in in the wrong place. Stuart.
  6. Im very happy with the braking on my 4a with 10" rears and 3/4" cylinders, possibly the fact that its a solid rear axle car with uprated rear springs and running 195 tyres makes a difference to how the brake balance works. Certainly shows well on brake rollers at MOT time. Stuart.
  7. They are supposed to be a good fit as thats what they are for to hold everything tight together and prevent scuttle shake. Not unusual to have to jack the scuttle up slightly. Stuart.
  8. Yes it is hence why a lot of people dont either! Stuart.
  9. https://barnfinds.com/classifieds/1960-custom-rocket-powered-racing-kart/ You would definitely need huge cahones to try and run this! Stuart.
  10. I take it youve put fresh fuel in it for a start, it may well need the fuel filter changing too if its not done much for years. Start there and see how it goes then, probably could do with an "Italian" service as well. Stuart.
  11. You can see the cage nuts on their clips here in this picture of a TR5 with the cover removed and the box out of the way. Stuart.
  12. Rod you could try Southern Carburettors as well http://www.southerncarbs.co.uk/page_1822386.html Stuart.
  13. Try Burlen fuel systems http://sucarb.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=needle+valves Stuart.
  14. Yes the cover should sit over the return on the bulkhead and there should be captive nuts in cages that slip over that lip to affix it to, Im surprised you could get it to fit under the lip anyway, fitted over the top of that lip would give you a bit more clearance to the bell housing also https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/fitting-kit-gearbox-tunnel-cover-713569fk.html Stuart.
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