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  1. The rear flexis are two different hoses as one goes into the 3 way block. GBH178 rear L/Hand GBH177 rear R/Hand Stuart.
  2. Direct link for Distributor Doctor http://www.distributordoctor.com/ Stuart.
  3. I always fit DD rebuilt Dizzys to all of my customers cars, With regards to the cheapo electronic ignition kits/distributors talk to Martin (DD) about them and he will tell you most have more scatter than a worn standard dizzy but what do you expect for £3. Stuart.
  4. stuart


    They should be short reach and I too have seen long ones fitted, sometimes with not good results. Stuart.
  5. Webers will cope with altitude its just that they go a little bit richer but no where near as much as a PI will. Stuart.
  6. FWIW Hermes are the worst for customer service as well. Stuart.
  7. You will need these https://automec.co.uk/collections/fittings/products/brass-brake-pipe-fittings-unf and then the female version if you go on to illustration 3 Stuart.
  8. The Dunlop glue that I always recommend and use comes on a carrier in a plastic bag in a box no problem at all. My paint comes on a carrier too along with thinners no problem. Sturt.
  9. I call it a casting sample. Stuart.
  10. You could use this stuff https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/demon-tweeks-easy-pour-fuel-tank-baffle-exp10l/ Start.
  11. I find buying from TR Shop a better bet. Stuart.
  12. Where did the offending butterfly come from? Send it back and complain. I buy all my SU parts from here, they have tech books too. http://sucarb.co.uk/ Stuart.
  13. I have a solid axle 4a and it did have those shouldered studs as per the earlier cars, I was lucky when I restored it that my original drums were fine, However now I have changed to 10" Alfins and Alloys I deleted those studs and drilled the hubs to take the same type of studs as fitted to the front but in a slightly longer version from Cambridge Automotive. There is a note in the Moss catalogue to the effect of having to drill 9" drums to fit Girling axle cars. Stuart.
  14. The SU reg is more likely someone`s retained its original number and thats a re-issue. Stuart.
  15. It is yes, I dont think they export to the States unfortunately. Stuart.
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