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  1. Happy Birthday mate, have a gudun. Stuart.
  2. Well its still on DVLA so probably still about. Bristol reg no. Stuart
  3. Same wipers on the Consul 375 and at 1700cc but basically the same body as the Zephyr it definitely didnt have the Ooomph! Stuart.
  4. Ive had no problem with TR Shop/Moss supplied rubber seal. Stuart.
  5. You buy the one listed for the solid axle car. They must be around as Ive bought them for mine years ago although the part numbers seem to be quoted as being the same now Stuart.
  6. Thats how they are anyway, the bump stop has a long thread right through the spacer. Stuart.
  7. That is original. but only listed in the catalogue as for a solid axle car which also has this fitted. Stuart.
  8. One of these helps https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cll500-load-leveller/ Stuart.
  9. The Jaguar version of that fitted to series 2 XJ6 was always problematic and very prone to early failure so its probably just as well Triumph didnt use it. Stuart.
  10. stuart

    Door Cards

    Its up to you what you fit as its your car, Ive just illustrated above what I fit. Stuart.
  11. Back in the 70`s when I use to race Jaguars to be able to maintain peak RPM we all ran Sparkrite units and the difference was very noticeable as you could switch them in or out on the side of the unit plus it also had a kill switch which could be used as anti-theft device. I think I still have one somewhere but never used on the TR as I have a DD rebuilt dizzy . Stuart.
  12. You bought it then. Good luck. Stuart
  13. Just a tad more expensive than Colins though Stuart.
  14. stuart

    Door Cards

    No pictures but see here for a rough idea of what you need Door fittings The two end sections need to be the whole depth of the door plus an extra inch to allow for the folded over section at the top that has a little card stiffener stapled in, this is the bit that clips onto the skin side of the door skin return on the window slot, where the inner seal is clipped to the inner side of that lip, you have about 6 inches spare that is wrapped round the front and is held in by the door window slide and the same at the rear wrapped around the rear of the door shell and held in place by the sli
  15. The guy that does my machining replaces the pins and often has to weld up and redrill the holes too. No pins available. Stuart.
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