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  1. Correct, send it back and ask for a proper fitting one. Stuart.
  2. Radio Shack in the US was a great place to empty your wallet whenever I was in the States. Managers deal of the day was always the first thing to look at Stuart.
  3. Yes I always use 65lbsft Stuart.
  4. Nope theyre Dexion bolts. Front wing bolts are standard 1/4" UNF Hex and the rear wing bolts in the boot channel are slotted mushroom head. TR Shop do really good wing fitting kits if you need them. Stuart.
  5. If after tightening up the bearings your still getting appreciable runout I would be slinging them back at the suppliers. Stuart.
  6. Too many needs and sidescreen cars are getting harder to sell now. Stuart.
  7. Direct link Solar charger Stuart.
  8. Try these guys http://www.speedograph-richfield.com/ Stuart.
  9. Thats because of the release agent from the moulding process, to get rid of it you need to thoroughly clean the area to be glued using a scothbrite pad soaked in a good quality spirit wipe, give it a really good scrub off and then clean off with a dry lint free cloth. Stuart.
  10. Quick fix is black Vinyl the area that the capping would cover.Seen it done on a few now and it looks OK as long as you use nice fine grain material. Stuart.
  11. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/oberhausen-w-2000a-supercharger/?utm_source=dm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2022-05-23 Stuart
  12. I have a combined horn/indicator switch and wiper washer switch on the other side unit from a MK3 Mini which fits the column of a TR if your interested. Like this setup Stuart.
  13. Theyre the cheap Moss moulded ones, I suspect the holes are from the moulding process. Stuart.
  14. Except you have no power coming in. Stuart.
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