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  1. stuart

    Rear spring removal

    TBH I suspect with the type of spring on yours then you would only need to disconnect the shock and drop each axle until the shaft is touching the chassis and the spring would easily lever out with a tyre lever as its quite short. Stuart.
  2. stuart

    Lead Loading on Production Line???

    It will Im afraid, same would go for blasting too. Stuart.
  3. stuart

    Dash support bracket

    They must have been broken off/removed before you got it, you could try replacing with a Rivnut. Stuart.
  4. stuart

    Lead Loading on Production Line???

    There was always lots of lead used for panel fit back in those days and FWIW Ford still used it up to the end of MK5 Cortina production. Stuart.
  5. stuart

    Dash support bracket

    They are welded on too, you could possibly helicoil it. Stuart.
  6. stuart

    And so it begins.....

    Hot air gun and a scraper then wash off the remnants with some good quality spirit wipe. Stuart.
  7. You could ask these guys for guidance http://www.southerncarbs.co.uk/page_1830645.html Stuart.
  8. stuart

    Wheel arch trim fitting

    I have described this procedure a few times before if you can find it on a search but anyway here goes. You need to work out where your beading is going to go first then mark a line round the arch with a good quality indelible marker. Trim the lower section of foam so it fits about 1/2" away from this line all the way round and down to the parcel shelf and to the rear upright angle for the tank board. The other piece which is rectangular then needs to be trimmed to fit from 1/2" the other side of the marked line and to the inner wing all the way round the arch. Glue the foam down with the minimal amount of glue. Then turn the arch trim inside out and glue the beading only down to the marked line. Make sure the glue has gone off well then you can pull the lower section down and only glue it around the waste edges and not on the foam at all. Once this is done (You will probably need to trim it and add some slits where it goes over the forward edge of the parcel shelf) then do the same on the upper outer section, again do not glue onto the foam only the outer edge. doing it this way means the bit over the foam "floats" and so you get the proper padded effect. Use a good quality contact glue like Dunlop one from Woolies trim. Stuart.
  9. stuart

    Her first start

    Disconnect the coil and leave the pump running for half an hour before you try to start will get rid of most of the air, then dont forget to reconnect the coil afterwards Stuart.
  10. stuart

    Front Brake Calipers; reseal?

    Usual procedure if the pistons are properly stuck and wont move by any other method is to weld a bar across the piston and use that to pull them out. Stuart.
  11. stuart

    What model Triumph is this?

    Just a US 4a with some stick on go faster bits, nothing unusual there. Stuart.
  12. stuart

    Bending Clutch and Brake pedals to RH drive

    See your Email about something else Conrad. Stuart
  13. stuart

    Bending Clutch and Brake pedals to RH drive

    Not on a 4a Conrad Stuart.
  14. stuart

    Bending Clutch and Brake pedals to RH drive

    No as long as you bend the arm first and then bend the pedal plate so its upright too then its fine. Stuart.
  15. stuart

    Bending Clutch and Brake pedals to RH drive

    FWIW Depending on the size of your feet I would bend the pedals to suit your feet, When I did mine a very long time ago I bent them so I could drive in my size11 work boots and still have room to the left of the clutch pedal to use the dip-switch as a foot rest. I do notice the difference in a standard car now! Stuart.

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