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  1. Happy Birthday Andy have a gudun. Stuart.
  2. Are you sure that the chassis fitted to your car hasnt had work done on the shock bridge? These chassis are getting on a bit and are well known to break in places like that so any repairs have to be done exactly to original spec, Have you had the car from new? This thread is 17yrs old and Im sure that had there been problems with those brackets Im sure that the manufacturers would have altered them by now. Stuart. Stuart.
  3. You can reduce the pressure by shimming the pump away from the engine block. Stuart.
  4. Ah yes Landrover, good luck with that! Stuart
  5. Yes, FWIW I would add some extra re-enforcing fillets on your spring bridge to cope with the extra stress of those in spring shocks, Ive seen a lot of cracked bridges with those. Stuart.
  6. I too have the landrover mounts and theyre fine though I couldnt tell you what shore they are. Stuart.
  7. They might do but I would still strip them right down to check the shaft. Stuart.
  8. Better off going for R14 spec now. Stuart.
  9. Also make sure the whole front plate is flat as well, theres a lot of very slightly bent ones around that give annoying oil leaks. Stuart.
  10. There are various differences in the shells of very early cars as they were built offline. Stuart.
  11. Having ploughed through the twenty odd pages of their items for sale on Ebay theres only a very few TR4/4A/5/6 parts anyway. Its mostly saloon and TR7 related. Stuart.
  12. I have to be for the Spaniel rescue that I foster for, for some its a life saver. I wouldnt be otherwise. So dont tar everyone with the same brush please. Stuart.
  13. Apparently TS2 was 68yrs old yesterday as announced by the register on FB. However no one bothered to mention it on here Stuart
  14. Try Banger racing, then you`ll see how many you can get to go round the corners together...............................or not Stuart.
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