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  1. Happier times at St Mawes with my wingman Stuart.
  2. Most of the lower rubbers are wrong which is why the doors dont shut, plus badly fitted sills doesnt help, Moss have redone the seals now and also have the correct offset on the clips as well. This will help though the TR4 inner pull handles can be easily fitted to any of the doors no matter if late or early, early cars have enough wood to screw into using self tappers and late doors with steel tops you can use rivnuts for fixing Stuart.
  3. Correct, keeps them out of the way nicely. Stuart.
  4. FWIW the sidescreen frame sits about an inch or so behind the screen frame as there is a waste edge section of material that sticks out from the forward edge of the frame and should slot into the channel in the side of the frame. Stuart.
  5. A quick net check shows that to be untrue Bob.https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/taiwan-experts-self-check/ https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/drinking-water-prevent-coronavirus/ Stuart.
  6. This might help though missing the fan rheostat Stuart.
  7. They are good, Ive been using them for many years. Stuart.
  8. Thanks Kev thats better, Stuart.
  9. Cant seem to open that Kev. Stuart.
  10. There should be a clip on the bumper iron to hold the cable part number 611406 but unfortunately its NLA. Stuart.
  11. Make sure they are the same, the originals which are now correctly reproduced by Moss are slightly offset. The previous repros werent and made the rubbers sit in then wrong place.. Stuart.
  12. Jack one rear wheel up with brake off and in neutral, if you cant turn the wheel then you have one. Stuart.
  13. Thats my go to for all trim jobs, works well and will stand the heat that car interiors reach.Also good for hood fitting too. Stuart.
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