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  1. AFIK they are a dealers/auction site. It was listed on Ebay originally. Stuart.
  2. Hot air gun and a nice sharp scraper works the best to get the majority off then white spirit and lots of rag to remove the rest. Stuart.
  3. That was on Ebay but withdrawn as the film makers sweet talked him into selling it through them Stuart.
  4. Dealer fit would be the usual case. Stuart.
  5. Great picture Alan, it makes it look like a really well made model car. Stuart.
  6. Sidescreen cars had a round hole in the right hand kick panel specifically for a speaker Stuart.
  7. I have no idea what make it is and it may take a while to find out as he`s permanently away somewhere playing golf! Below is a picture of the car, I dont have one any closer up to it. Stuart.
  8. Misab plates https://www.dellorto.co.uk/shop/car-accessories/inlet-manifolds-and-fittings/manifold-accessories-and-fittings/misab-manifold-to-carb-mounting-plate/ Linkage kits for cables https://www.dellorto.co.uk/?s=cable+linkage&post_type=product Stuart.
  9. Well done, thats a good way of keeping the original look. Stuart.
  10. I rebuilt my original 4a heater when I restored the car 26 yrs ago and with a clean matrix and new sealant foams all round it works very well, I believe Claytons do a new matrix which is a little bit uprated on the original so I would go with that. Stuart.
  11. Im still running standard discs and original old stock asbestos pads and they work really well cold or hot, I also have 10" original Alfins on the rear and the brake performance is excellent. Stuart.
  12. My Dad used to use them regularly for work trips to the continent back then. Stuart.
  13. Heh heh can do sometimes especially if theyre wet to start with! Stuart.
  14. I dont but I will ask Julian about it later. Stuart.
  15. Was that outside Hicks in Truro? Stuart.
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