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  1. Well that makes my carbon footprint look small! Stuart.
  2. The duty situation can be a bit random as sometimes you get caught for it and other times you dont, but if you do and its in the post it maybe only pennies for the tax but the post office will charge you £8 for the privilege of them paying the tax and then collecting it off of you! Stuart.
  3. Quite agree I think its dangerous too especially when you come upon them in low light levels at dusk or dawn Stuart.
  4. Thats because the floor are all to TR5 on spec. hence the extra hole, normally filled by a bung on a 4a. Stuart.
  5. stuart

    OYY 321F

    TR5 one. Stuart.
  6. There are a number of vinyl paints around (Vinylkote being one) but TBH youd be better off leaving it white as black headlinings do make it seem darker in the cabin. Stuart.
  7. Sorry you obviously misunderstood my reply, TR5/6 seat seat belt stalks bolt down through the floor as the chassis has two extra captives welded in by the tunnel and behind where the large floor plate you mentioned is situated. TR4a doesnt have the belt captivesin the chassis instead they have the mounts for the belts in the sides of the prop tunnel, this is a carry over from the TR4 where it doesnt have a chassis member at that point in the floor to take a mount. The 4a does still have that large plate on the floor mount as a strengthener despite it looking out of place to the floor as the fl
  8. Exactly, as used on Volvos for many years. Stuart.
  9. The pictures are from a TR5 but the same principles apply. You just dont have the vent hole in the lower valance. Stuart.
  10. Eli, we have a saying for that over here its "If I was you I wouldnt start from there!" Stuart.
  11. Theres a lot of rip off red rotor arms around that are just as bed as the riveted type, genuine ones have "DD" On them. Stuart.
  12. Thats actually from the US so you may find theres import duty on top Stuart.
  13. Always use the chassis as your jig before any body shell repairs as thats what its got to fit to in the end. Get the chassis up on stands and level it front to back and side then fit the shell and level it the same using the selection of rubber mounts included in the mounting kit. Once securely bolted down then you can fit that front panel, I assemble the top and bottom sections, spot wel them together and then fit to the front of the inner wings, the lower valance is on the outside of the inner wings and the upper section is on the inside above it. You can easily bend the tops of the inner wi
  14. later 4a has the two part gaiter, only TR4 and very early 4a have single part boots. Stuart.
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