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  1. Im sure Moss used to sell a wiper delay unit many years ago but I think they dropped it as it was unreliable. Stuart.
  2. You wont drain the overdrive just by draining the box, you also need to remove the large brass drain plug under the overdrive and clean the filter behind it. When refilling you need to fill the box with what it will take then take the car for a run and use the overdrive as much as possible, this will refill the overdrive with oil from the box. Then refill the box with the remaining oil to full. Stuart.
  3. Well done Bob, presumably that could then be further adapted for the later 2 speed motors as well? Stuart.
  4. Ah sorry Les I didnt realise the situation and as Conrad has said an unsurprising bodge knowing who it was now. Stuart.
  5. You will find you need to allow for the vent flap rod as well and make sure you have the wheel boxes the right way up too. Stuart.
  6. I would be going back to the restorers and asking where your original airbox is. Stuart.
  7. Depends on how bad they are, usual go to is a helicoil. I did have to replace one trailing arm due to a previous repair where on a couple of studs that had obviously failed previously some back street garage had drilled right through and put a Metric nut and bolt in Stuart.
  8. I would still be inclined to say its been restored a while ago, note its missing its front disc water shields and the small bracket between the front panel and the chassis, looks like high torque starter as well. Either way looks like a cracking car, enjoy! Stuart.
  9. It definitely does look as if its either very original or it was restored many years ago, FWIW I would move the speedo cable (I take it thats what it is) that passes under the exhaust. Good luck with getting it sorted and by the sound of that Maserati garage I wouldnt go near them with one of their type of cars either! Its virtually impossible to trace any history in the US as they dont keep records in the same way we do and plates belong to individual States and are surrendered when a vehicle moves States. Stuart.
  10. Never ever re-use a Nyloc nut unless its only to get you home. Stuart.
  11. Mark the centre of the hood and a centre mark on the screen so you get everything straight then just undo the clips on the frame enough to take the tension off but dont unhook them, then with the hood pulled as far forward over the rail as you can make a chalk mark along the front edge thats where the front of the hood should then fold over, dont apply glue to the top of the rail just the forward underside back as far as the rivet holes then glue the front round. Stuart.
  12. and repeat after me "Help yourself!" Stuart.
  13. FWIW the original torque setting for the studs is 16lbs. Stuart.
  14. Modern fuel being temperature sensitive, theres been a lot of warm days lately. Stuart.
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