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  1. I have a bronze one in mine but I havent bothered with the saloon pins, works fine for me. Stuart.
  2. First thing is dont use filler as it will crack again, I lead right over the seam and then file the line back in afterwards. Stuart.
  3. Oh and I hope your sleeve isnt brass as it wont last five minutes it must be the bronze version or the steel one. Stuart.
  4. Stamped on the shoulder of the box where the clutch actuating arm comes out will be some letters/numbers this will help you work out what the box came out of. Stuart.
  5. Talk to people who supply nuts and bolts to get the correct lengths for what you need, I use these guys https://www.namrick.co.uk/ also these https://www.spaldingfasteners.co.uk/ Stuart.
  6. Yes thats a good start. Make sure you have the right type of spring compressor, similar to the one in that clip. Stuart.
  7. That section having been welded up is pretty usual as its the back side of the front body mount that never had any sealant to stop water getting down between it and the inner arch, I have replaced that section lots of times. Stuart.
  8. To do the double bolt lower inners and the strengtheners is best done at the same time, it can be done with the body on and strip the suspension just leaving the upper arms in place thus giving the welder room too work. Stuart.
  9. Whats the date code on the tyres Mark? I hope not 1996! Stuart.
  10. Not really enough room to do that on a TR2 Im afraid. Stuart.
  11. Also dont forget to upgrade to the two bolt inner lower wishbone brackets for safety sake. Stuart
  12. If your running ally wheels then depending on their offset the length of that bolt can be critical, it only just needs to clear the end of the nyloc nut so if the original was 2 3/4" then thats what you need, lengths of bolts are measured from the underneath of the head to the end of the thread BTW. Stuart.
  13. Jack the rear end up and put safely on stands, adjust the rear brakes up so they are solid then run it up till its up to temperature and then keep running for about half an hour, switch off and let the heat soak back through for half an hour then run it up to temperature again, switch off and put in 2nd gear and with your foot all the way down on the clutch start it up, as stated you will get a bang and it should free off, once it has then slip it for a while to remove any glazing from the flywheel and plate. Stuart.
  14. Why not just send it to Pat parts and get them to refurb it. Stuart.
  15. Email Martin (Distributor doctor) and he will give you chapter and verse on them. martin@distributordoctor.com Stuart.
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