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  1. Smear of Hylomar works OK. Stuart.
  2. Careful use of a thin cutting wheel might shorten the stub end . Stuart.
  3. I doubt it very much.There are several down here fitted with them and theyve never failed yet. Stuart.
  4. An original pump is perfectly acceptable and works fine, there is no real need to go to the expense of an uprated one. You will probably need to use a puller to get the pulley off, it maybe that its turned slightly against the key. Stuart.
  5. Yes do not grease the cable as it can then travel up into the speedo which will cause no end of problems, Graphite powder is favourite. Stuart.
  6. Some repro cables have the plastic "Top hat" at the speedo end too far down the cable so when the nut is tightened up the cable end goes too far into the speedo itself and can cause all sorts of issues and can sometimes jam the speedo. make sure that the cable run isnt pinched where it comes out through the rubber gaiter by the handbrake and the run underneath isnt to sharply curved as well. Stuart.
  7. EP Services rebuild them https://www.ep-services.co.uk/index.php Stuart.
  8. It was fitted as I said earlier, it went under the clips below the rear deck and had two small brackets affixed at the base that screwed into the rear floor and those brackets were covered by the carpet. TR Shop trim kit has the correct fittings. Stuart.
  9. Ive fitted several sets of 60 spoke painted wires from TR Shop and always been pleased with the look and finish plus you can easily refinish them in years to come if they get chipped. Also considerably cheaper. Stuart.
  10. Theyre centre laced 72 spoke wires which is why they stick out further than the standard 60 or 70 spoke version. Stuart.
  11. Its supposed to push the rod right back in and the clearance is set with it all the way back in. Stuart.
  12. I think the Rover 800 setup is the favourite one, there used to be someone making caliper mounting brackets a few years ago but I cant remember who it was. Stuart.
  13. You do have to remember that the TR5/6 brake system is different in as much as its dual line plus a servo so its always going to feel different to a 4/4a single line unservoed system. Also different pads can give different "Feel" to your braking. Stuart.
  14. I tried a metal strip as you have done and it did last about ten years but sadly its not strong enough and split through again Stuart.
  15. A Stromberg cable for a 4a would probably the best route to take as that goes to the front of the front carb and is a flexible sheath version so you could trim it down slightly if required. Very expensive from Moss though https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/en-gb/choke-cable-401900--3=1 It does look as if this is a Universal SU/Stromberg fitment now which it never used to be though. Stuart.
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