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  1. I wouldnt. I would drive it round the block several times to get it levelled up and then either get it over a pit or on a full 4 post ramp or if none available run it up on ramps just high enough to access. Stuart.
  2. Yes it certainly looks like it, Your fitting new ones anyway so a little clear up will help, flt off with some 1200 wet and dry and polish up with Tcut or similar then when you fit the new clip put a little non setting sealer around the rivet, dip it in waxoyl and then fit. with a small brush apply some waxoyl along the inside channel of the strip as well. Stuart.
  3. Good way to damage the paint, much better to clip them on directly to the panel. Stuart.
  4. Yep that is the correct type of clip. but with that amount of stonechip/filler/paint or whatever around it when fitting you would probably have a fair chance of damaging the finish around it. Stuart.
  5. Beware of cheap copies of the Minilites as they dont have the extra re-enforcing web on the rear and can be a bit fragile. Stuart.
  6. You do really want something that looks period eg Minlite or copy. Stuart.
  7. FWIW looking again at that car its got a Honeybourne fibreglass Surrey top so not so valuable bit of kit Im afraid. You have a PM BTW Stuart.
  8. Presumably its this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164577017229 You do realise its been converted from L/hand drive. not that it makes that much difference, if your a club member then get someone who knows these cars to go and look at it with you, Marco from Classic Marks isnt that far away and he would give you a good appraisal of it.https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Motor-Vehicle-Company/Classic-Marks-Sports-Cars-Ltd-200651929952732/ Stuart.
  9. stuart


    Automec do lots of those type of fittings. https://automec.co.uk/collections/fittings Stuart.
  10. Its easy enough to convert from Surrey top to convertible, you would need to buy some trim parts but theyre all available, The Surrey sections are very valuable so they would more than pay for the conversion if you wished to sell them on. You can fit a tonneau too once the Surrey is removed. Stuart.
  11. Probably former spoil tips from construction, green field ones will be manure tips. Stuart.
  12. My workshop ones are contract serviced so I know theyre up to date. http://www.classicfireltd.co.uk/ Stuart.
  13. I run mine with the roof on all the time as I like the closed coupe feel plus it does stiffen the car up a bit. Stuart.
  14. Been quite a few years in the making but good to see he has finally got it together, priced about the same as an original Stuart.
  15. They do always go in from the bottom or else your struggling to drag the corners in too far, it looks as if you may have stretched the rubber a bit too much, I would leave it for tonight and then tease the rubber backwards a bit to get it to pull up a bit more. you may actually have the glass over slightly too much to the left, a few slaps across with the flat of your hand may help to centralise it. Stuart.
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