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  1. Openscape

    LNT 15P

    The owner is in the Northumbria group, car is well looked after.
  2. Cheers Tom, All the very best too, look forward to enjoying your Cosumph!
  3. Looking great Tom, lovely to see the photos
  4. I'll be at this year's International, there'll be plenty of people wanting to have a much closer look. Bit faster and a step up from my old silver 6!
  5. A real hidden gem as you say. Must see it for real, a few more photos would be nice. How does it handle?
  6. Wow, very nice Tom, a lovely looking conversion. First time I've seen a Cossie engine in a TR.
  7. I wouldn't use Hardy Engineering, full of hype. They rebuilt my diff but after 500 miles it was whining again. I included a good quality original CW&P, which they said was good to use. They offered to look at it again but at my expense of courier costs, not to mention all the work to take out and replace. Be very careful who you use if farming out the work.
  8. Hi Bruce, I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. I too have suffered from a plague of poor quality parts over the years, causing me engine/gearbox/overdrive/ diff failures. I got so fed up, I took a well known TR dealer/supplier to court and won my case back in 2012. All I would say to anyone contemplating spending a lot of money is to do exhaustive homework and research before committing. Some non TR specialists are far better than quite a few TR 'specialists'. Only an observation over 38 years.
  9. I'm still planning to go to the Lakes, pending accommodation approval and no reversal of lockdown. Best TR weekend for me and family, sadly numbers down in recent years.
  10. Don't use Hardy Engineering, they rebuilt my diff and after 500 miles it was whining again, despite telling them and paying them to replace whatever parts were required and not to skimp on quality or time taken.
  11. Fully agree about the comments of poor quality parts. I always quote the part number and ask if OE. If not I ask if made in the UK. After that I refuse to buy, especially if it's from China or unknown origin. I'd rather pay more for quality.
  12. Thanks everybody, I've ordered some silicon tubing from AFS, £2.45.
  13. Thanks Roger/Waldi, Vent lid original and fitted perfectly, only took it off to rustproof underneath and discovered seal split and damaged on the rear half. Paul
  14. Lives in the North East, beautiful car and well looked after.
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