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  1. Fully agree about the comments of poor quality parts. I always quote the part number and ask if OE. If not I ask if made in the UK. After that I refuse to buy, especially if it's from China or unknown origin. I'd rather pay more for quality.
  2. Thanks everybody, I've ordered some silicon tubing from AFS, £2.45.
  3. Thanks Roger/Waldi, Vent lid original and fitted perfectly, only took it off to rustproof underneath and discovered seal split and damaged on the rear half. Paul
  4. Lives in the North East, beautiful car and well looked after.
  5. Openscape

    LBB 109L

    Trying to find out where my old TR6 is, and if it’s ok. Was Richard Goddard’s car, until fairly recently. Built as a white car but was green in the late seventies and ended up red shortly afterwards. Bought from Geoff Mansfield's Park View Motors ( pre Northern TR Centre) as a runner but needed a full rebuild. TR6's were cheap in 1982. Was fully rebuilt, complete nut and bolt job between 1982-1987, with loads of BL panels used, including complete doors, bonnet and bootlid. Waxoyled to death! Sold in 1988, my first daughter was born in 1987. I know it's recently changed hands a couple of times.
  6. Tried to replace the vent lid seal on my car, only to discover the rubber is too thick. I double checked with the TR ‘specialist ‘ supplier before buying, and was told it was a quality part made in the UK. The original measures about 7mm thick, the reproduction part is 11mm thick. Also the 3 holes weren’t drilled out. I’m sick and tired of **** quality repro parts. Not surprisingly the vent lid itself doesn’t close properly or sit flush. Does anybody know where I can get a decent one from?
  7. Beware of a company in Leeds called Number 1 Plates. Ordered some plates but came with incorrect colour border and some characters slightly marked. Company refuses to give refund. My bank now involved along with VISA. Consumer Rights Act 2015 applies. Poor customer service on the phone, they don't give a damn. Asked them for a refund again, this is what they came back with. 'Customer service' at its ugliest worst:- Hello, Thank you for contacting Number 1 Plates, No, we have not reconsidered our refund policy because as we have explained to you, your plates were dispatched with the red border as you requested. We have sent you colour analysis showing that the colour of the border is in fact red. That the border is not red enough for your tastes is quite frankly your problem, as we are working within the limitations of printing onto reflective material that creates a discrepancy between what is shown on screen and what comes out on the material in the printing process. You are the only customer we have had that has complained that the red we print is not satisfactory. Best Regards Number 1 Plates Customer Support www.number1plates.com Facebook Twitter Instagram I'm interested what other people think about the actual colour, as best you can via a photograph. I think it's clearly orange.
  8. Choose very carefully Tony
  9. Tony, Try Ric Wood (Stockport) 0161 483 4810, he will sort your problem out. He sorted my car out when nobody else could (SDO 244J)
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