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By using this Forum, you are agreeing to comply with the following terms and rules for use: 

1.0 Introduction

1.1 This Forum is provided by the TR Register (TR Owners Club Limited) for the enjoyment of Club members and for the sharing of technical knowledge and assistance regarding subjects related to TR sportscars. There are many benefits of membership to the TR Register Car Club beyond the use of the Forum - you're encouraged to make use of them all to enhance your TR ownership in the best way possible.

1.2 Non-members are welcome to enjoy open areas of the Forum, but should appreciate they are guests of the TR Register. Our Forum users come from all walks of life and all ages – please respect each other. To assist in keeping the discussions on this forum courteous, supportive, respectful and lawful, we have the following rules. 

1.3 IMPORTANT: If you don't agree with the rules, please don’t use the Forum!

1.4 Failure to follow these rules may result in permanent moderation of all your posts and removal of your user account. If Club members pursue actions on the Forum which brings the Club or its volunteers into disrepute, they may be held responsible for their actions in relation to the Club’s Code of Conduct. 

1.5 The TR Register have been advised that, if damages were sought in law for injurious posts, not only the original poster but the system provider, Club, Forum Moderators and Admin could be at risk. The Club will not accept such exposure, nor considers it acceptable for the Forum Admin and Moderators to be put at personal risk. As we do not have the resource to establish if potentially libellous posts are true, or otherwise, any post which may be considered injurious will be deleted without warning or explanation.

2.0 Moderators

2.1 The TR Register Forum is run by unpaid volunteers, in their leisure time. They do not have the free time to enter into lengthy debate over their actions and may not be available for immediate decisions. Please respect their position. 

2.2 The TR Register reserves the right to modify the Forum rules at any time. It is the responsibility of the User to ensure they are conversant with the current rules which are published clearly on the Forum. Users will be notified of any changes. 

3.0 Forum Profiles & User Names

3.1 Club Members should include their Club Membership Number within their profile signature. This allows a route of direct contact for Club Officials in event of query or dispute and allows the club to verify membership to ensure user accounts have the appropriate access levels. Non-members and Club Members, who cannot be contacted directly by the Club, may be removed from the Forum. 

3.2 Proper names and avatars are preferred as, in our opinion, they promote courteous behaviour and aid the moderators in spotting spam accounts. 

3.3 Users who have connection to a TR related business are welcome to identify themselves as trade, but MUST NOT use the forum as a means of advertising and canvassing for business either commercially or on behalf of other clubs.

3.4 User names or signatures deemed by the moderators or club officials as offensive will be requested to be changed. If the request is ignored then the moderators or admin reserve the right to delete the user account. 

3.5 Multiple Forum registrations for one individual are not allowed. 

4.0 Content.

4.1 By using any part of this forum you agree to abide by the forum rules. You agree not to:

4.1.1 Post insulting, threatening or defamatory material or material likely to cause undue annoyance, provocation, upset or embarrassment to any reasonable person. 

4.1.2 Post any unfounded or unproven accusations of malpractice, fraud, criminal or civil offences against named companies or individuals 

4.1.3 Use the Forums to harass anyone, including but not limited to, posting personal or private information and images. 

4.1.4 Post pictures of children without the consent of their parents/guardians. 

4.1.5 Post material which infringes copyright or other intellectual property rights. 

4.1.6 Post material or links to material that may be considered pornographic, sexist , racist , homophobic, voyeuristic,  violent, obscene or otherwise offensive to any reasonable person, or use words or language that would normally be considered vulgar.

4.1.7 Post content, links to websites, or adverts for your own commercial gain or otherwise use the TR Register Forums to bring attention to your product or service. Personal for sale postings are acceptable as long as they are an individual member/owner selling his/her personal car or accessories are offering a swap. The TR Register requests you use the classifieds section of the website for the sale of vehicles and high value items (over £250), not the Forum. 

4.1.8 Reproduce private emails or other correspondence. 

4.1.9 Reproduce deleted posts or start threads discussing them. If you think a post or thread should not have been deleted, contact the relevant moderator. 

4.1.10 Post chain letters, pyramid schemes, SPAM or such like, or transmit any file that contains viruses, corrupted files, "Trojan Horses," or any other contaminating or destructive features that may damage someone else's computer. 

4.1.11 Include signatures that promote a product or service (including web sites & clubs), company or of any perceived commercial gain. 

4.1.12 Post material that is critical of or offensive to any INDIVIDUAL member of the club, it’s staff, Management Team, officials suppliers or club partners. Any complaints /critical comment regarding an individual should be addressed directly to the office / Management Team or to the Forum Community Coordinator.

General discussion of club matters should be kept within the members only area.

4.1.13 Regarding insurance matters, The TR Register, its agents or employees are not authorised to give advice. Any view or opinion expressed about insurance matters on this Forum does not constitute advice from The TR Register, its agents or employees and should not be relied upon as such by any user of this Forum.

4.1.14 Post content in relation to AGM’s or EGM’s that falls outside the rules of the club. For example ,AGM manifestos for contested posts, as published in TR Action are permissible as a statement of intent but electioneering debate regarding contested posts is not.

The call for meetings or an EGM may be posted on the forum.

4.1.15 Post complaints or queries that only the office or Directors can answer, please contact the Forum Community Coordinator as this will provide a faster response.

4.1.16 Posts must not promote or assist unlawful or anti-social behaviour or acts.

5.0 Forum Etiquette

5.1 Please bear in mind that outside of members chat, the Forum is PUBLICLY VIEWABLE and therefore the audience comprises of non-members, lapsed members and potential new members and those seeking to enter the TR community for the first time. All users have a duty to make others users from all backgrounds and walks of life feel welcome and to show off the TR Register Forum in a positive light. 

5.2 Do not be critical of other members’ posts or start threads designed to be critical of others. If you are unhappy with another post or with the conduct of a member, please use the ‘Report’ button at the foot of every post. 

5.3 Make sure that your message topics fit the description of the Forum or expect their movement by the Forum moderators. 

5.4 Don't quote the entire message that you're responding to, only the pertinent bit (use the ‘quote’ option). 

5.5 Don’t change the subject of a post when replying – many users scan headings only – stay on topic! 

5.6 Only Post pictures that are suitably sized for their intended purpose, e.g. signature pictures do not need to be as large as those identifying technical detail.

In many cases pictures are necessary to identify items referred to in posts and need to be easily viewable. Multiple large and/or lightly-compressed pictures slow the performance of the Forums too much for modem users; please remember that web pictures only need to be 72 dpi 640 x 480 and can be compressed easily. 

5.7 Keep signatures in the body of your posting to a reasonable length to ensure that the thread's content remains readable. 

5.8 Don’t post entire messages in CAPITALS, many confuse this for shouting. 

5.9 Don’t double post (post the same message twice in one thread) or cross post (place the same message across several Forums). Cross posting will be removed by the moderators. 

5.10 Do not post new problems on someone else's thread and interrupt a topic of discussion. 

5.11 This Forum is not a soapbox for airing political or religious beliefs, opinions or ideologies. 

5.12 Any member new or existing can post as many times as they wish providing the posts are in accordance with the Forum rules.

5.13 A new member has an entirely equal right to express themselves freely on this Forum as an established member does.

6.0 Reporting Abuse or breaches of the Forum Rules.

6.1 Action when using the ‘Report’ post button: 

6.1.1 Selecting the ‘Report’ button causes the offending post to be flagged, along with your user details and those of the original poster, to the Moderators of the relevant Forum and to the Administrators. In most cases, Moderators will make a simple judgment as to whether the report is valid and will advise the user who reported the ‘abuse’ and the moderator(s) of their decision. The moderator’s decision is final. If this is not considered fair the reporter may contact the Forum Community Coordinator or a Management Team member for a second opinion. The moderators in many instances may feel the need to discuss the action required amongst themselves for a consensus of opinion. 


The views and opinions expressed on this forum are those of the individuals concerned and do not in any way reflect the views and opinions of the TR Register, and do not constitute advice being given by either TR Register, it’s staff, partner companies or volunteers. TR Register cannot be held responsible for any action taken by others in response to, or as a result of, the views, advice or opinions expressed by individuals on this forum. Users should check the accuracy and validity of any Technical information with a professional expert or workshop manual. The TR Register cannot be held responsible for any costs, loss, damage, injury or death occurring as a result of advice given via the Forum. 

By using this Forum, you understand that your posts can be traced to your specific user account containing your e-mail address, user name, date and time of sign-up, TR Register membership number and IP address at date and time of posting

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