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  1. Hi Gordon the 6 his up for sale on eBay for £22'999 at Wirral classic cars
  2. Me and Tony sherrian are going all be well we are hoping to meet a 8 30 at sandbach service thanks billy
  3. Just been for for a run around Wales got 210 miles to 3/4 of a tank of petrol his that good thanks billy

    PI Blues

    Hi you cab try this number 079771571
  5. Hi Michael have you tried Graig at tr bitzs From. Billy

    Bump stop

    Finally replaced new spaxs conversion fit whith the leaver arms very little banging hit a pleasure to drive thanks billy
  7. You can try 1/4 inch ratchet set thanks billy

    Bump stop

    Thanks for useful information will put leaver arm back on and will see what the result is thanks billy

    Bump stop

    Hi mike can you pm me whith your telephone. Number please. Thanks billy

    Bump stop

    Thanks for your replys mick my is not a track car just weekend car but pump stop back on and guess what still banging when going over bad pumps thanks billy

    Bump stop

    Do you need bump stops on the rear when you do a conversion to spaxs rear shock adsorber Many thanks Billy
  12. Hi all l have run my tr6 with no angle drive for 3 years with no problem also same cable
  13. Hi my car is cp 1970. Thanks billy
  14. My tr6 pi has got a lot of play in thr throttle linkage which his making it a bit flat what is the the best to do is replace it with what many thanks billy
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