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    had a 6 for 25 years 20 in boxs now running
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  1. Happy brithday Malcolm have a great day from Billy Crewe
  2. Thanks for all your replys one side done just needed a big vice it took 10 minutes to but bushes in just got to do driver side thanks to all
  3. All out and on the bench thanks billy
  4. Thanks Michael they weir not ploly bushes which aes different to the spilt ones he was fitting tanks again billy
  5. His their a easy way to fit poly bushes to the iner control arm on my 6 tired hot water still won't go in so please help billy
  6. Can any one advice me when you convert to spaxs rear shocks do you still use rear bump stops many thanks billy
  7. Out on to the drive with the top down and straight back into the garage as the heavens opened up. from billy
  8. Hi Andy hope you are well have a great brithday from Billy taylor
  9. Happy brithday Gordon Bailey have a great day from Billy & Linda taylor
  10. Happy brithday Conrad have a great day from bily
  11. Hi all his it possible to re soldier 1 wire back on has its flush with the backerlight on a cp tr6 thanks billy
  12. Things that I done new door hinges grease doors goes on2 chicks no banging when drive whith doors open from Billy
  13. Hi john felt his all their
  14. Hi hope you are keeping well when driving over bumbey road their his plenty of banging in the door areas but when you drive whith doors open its all not making a banging at all any help to solve my problem will be good from billy
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