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  1. SuzanneH

    Tr4a Hard top

    Thanks for your reply, unfortunately my reply to you has ended up in the buy sell forum attached to your link.. EDIT here it is: Report post Posted 1 hour ago On 4/22/2020 at 2:10 PM, Upriis said: Thanks for posting pictures of your two piece hard top. Our is made of Ali and a shallower shape, it’s interesting to see how it is sealed down the middle joint and around the edges. We have never done anything with ours as we came to the conclusion that it takes up too much luggage room in the back of the car and in the boot ( if, in fact, it actually fits in the boot) Ours would be a good mould from which to make a mould for fibreglass repro s’, however Roger won’t allow that......!!!
  2. SuzanneH

    Tr4a Hard top

    Please will you post some pictures of your two piece hard top? We went to the trouble, and great expense, many years ago to have one made but have never bothered to trim it or have it painted etc.. it would be interesting to see how it should be. Thenks in anticipation. Edit. Red and Green are opposite colours and would be a really striking colour combination.
  3. SuzanneH

    Angela Merkel

    Are you deliberately trying to be controversial ans stir up bad feeling again in this forum? History is going to repeat itself if you are not carefull. If you are dissatisfied with how the forum is run and organised why not send John Morrison a PM with your thoughts and grumbles. This thread was started by someone who, although controversial in my mind, decided to Enter it in the Social Scene. It has morphed as it rolled along, if the Mods weren’t happy they would have moved it by now. Moderation is best left to the contributors, in my opinion, reasonable people know what is acceptable where......!
  4. SuzanneH

    Angela Merkel

    All that effort by John Morrison to get them separated and now you want them combined again, laughable! Start using Alec’s Inn as it should be. Perhaps not enough info’ is coming through that needs stifling Of course it does depend in what section the instigating poster chooses to initiate their post.
  5. SuzanneH

    Angela Merkel

    It depends on if it bothers you or not. I just shrug my shoulders and get on with my life. As I have said on here before from my birth I have lived amoungst people from all nations and ethnicities Hillingdon Heath was a multicultural society from at least 1950.
  6. SuzanneH

    Angela Merkel

    +1 I will repeat, my skin is not White, I have been asked all my life “where are you from”? Children at junior school used to say your foreign, where are you from? last summer a Wndrush generation Carribean lady, whilst I was waiting in our local chemist, asked me where I was from. Similarly whilst waiting at a bus stop locally and Indian lady asked me where am I from., because my skin is darker than most ENGLISH people. This is why it was me who first brought up the subject of Vitamin D3 some four years ago here on this forum. i worked for 20 years for Hillingdon Council where I was considered White and not included in the Black Womens Meetings but we didn’t ever have White Women's meetings the Afro Caribbean, Muslim, Indian, Asian etc women were welcome to all meetings which were NEVER for women alone. Right, I feel better having got that off my chest.
  7. SuzanneH

    Angela Merkel

    Do you mind........? Or may be I meant Pop goes the Weasle!
  8. SuzanneH

    Angela Merkel

    I have been saying those exact same words since I was a teenager at school 1963 , when I first became aware of Martin Luther King and it just carried on from there. Horror after horror a world I didn’t like or understand or wish to be a part of and now people are calling me Racist, father forgive them for they know not what they say.
  9. SuzanneH

    Angela Merkel

    I think you will find that a forum member asked for your Holocaust photographs to be removed as someone quoted your post and inserted it into a different thread. I also think I know who that person was but again it wasn’t me.
  10. SuzanneH

    Angela Merkel

    Yes, I thought after my post that I was too quick to comment and that females were included just to be PC, sorry. What a Bloody rediculous world we are now having to navigate our way around.
  11. SuzanneH

    Angela Merkel

    Oi! It wasn’t me. I assume I am the only female on here and I do read ALL the tech stuff ( which I enjoy and mostly understand). I have been known to comment on tech stuff but not since the major changes on this forum.
  12. Derek, once again the Press and News Readers have a lot to answer for.
  13. Happy Birthday Christine have a great day. Sue & Roger
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