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  1. + 1 we did the first Club Triumph Coast to Coast and although Roger enjoyed the driving, for me it was a complete waste of time. I appreciate it could not be done in daylight hours but for a passenger who enjoys the views normally, there were none except for the lightening and drenching near the start. Yes, Roger did ALL the driving.
  2. That’s the mentality of the new generation of TR owners I’m afraid . Sports cars of The Swinging Sixties no longer. :0(
  3. “Echinacea.” Purple cone flowers. As in The Cone Heads :0). :0) hope you will soon be well too John. Sue ( from upstairs in bed also suffering.) I blame Roger
  4. We always tried to get the London TR Group to drive into London, but they never would although we did often. The only time any of them ventured into London was when TS2 was being driven from group to group around the country but then I think it was only Roger brave enough to drive TS2 into London and back and forth across Westminster Bridge several times to get a decent photo.
  5. I think the first Black Swans in the U.K. were presented to Winston Churchill by the Ozzie’s and they were kept at Slimbridge by Peter Scott. I guess a few have found their way to other locations by now having bred.
  6. It’s got the Triumph World badge wheel centres. I know some people find them highly desirable. :0)
  7. Definitely Steam Punk.
  8. Mick it wasn’t me it was he who didn’t identify himself. :0)
  9. Look in the fridge, the obvious places are the best. Glad your doing well and keeping amused. x
  10. We also did the M25 Grand Prix on the way home, no hold ups for a change.
  11. Thanks for that, after my post I did vaguely remember seeing a couple of vehicles parked on the beach in front of a couple of very old cottages. I was in my 20s when last there and remember how tough it was going back up even then.
  12. I wasn’t aware that you could get a car down there. Donkeys used to be the only way to get goods up and down.
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