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  1. +1, I’ve got the sweatshirt passed on by my son.
  2. Now Tony that’s not on, we have met up with Little Jim when he was over here and passing through London Heathrow. He’s a lovely and very witty chap who is sorely missed at The Bar since it’s demise especially for his tales of his fishing trips. little Jim, is it a duck billed platypus or what?
  3. Nice to see Little Jim is still out there. Perhaps having fun here is away from, non technical, prying eyes. Wink wink.
  4. At last a good social occasion we can go to, even though we don’t own a TR6. Happy days again, I hope.
  5. Ha ha, good one. A very similar film was filmed here too, “Oh it’s the POSH POSH travelling life , travelling life for me.” Lionel Jeffries probably flew over this pub in his shed, from the Windmill on the top of the hill.
  6. Tim, the Chequers has improved as the Bull and Butcher has declined food wise. The LL of the Chequers is a Savoy trained Chef and the food there is excellent. The menu is quite limited though, the LL is not often in the kitchen now but oversees his young chefs. In the summer the LL is sometimes seen cooking the fresh pizzas in the huge pizza oven in the also huge garden, Friday, Saturdays and Sundays summer only. its a very good alternative to the Miller and Carter we were discussing before, it depends on what is required.
  7. Not a cloud in the sky.
  8. We also visited the inside of Cowley Lock on the Grand Union Canal. Just look at that magnificent brickwork base.
  9. That says it all, what is the point of this forum now?
  10. That is not the point though is it? What about the integrity of this forum and it’s helpful members? By that post being deleted this forum is compromised regarding SAFETY. Who will bother trusting this forum ever again if a safety critical post gets removed at the whim of a poster asking a question with such an obvious answer. if he was embarrassed just his name and identity should have been removed. This is the exact scenario I was concearned about when I asked that the research into the use of this forum is carried out in a statistically scientific way. This highlights the nature of some occasional posters on this forum and the nature of those who do a double take and think about the answers they may not like before they commit to posting here.. i hope this post will be taken into account when the research into the use of this forum is researched and discussed.
  11. Well done chaps, that’s what’s been missing. Carry on!
  12. 1. Technical 2. TR4/4A 3. At the Bar/ Alec’s Inn 4. PMs Using an I- Pad only these days. Edit : I can see the side sections on my I- Pad and can post and post photos.
  13. Don’t worry, he will let me out when he needs to get the car off of the ramps.
  14. Here is a picture of our 4 you can just see the white piping on the matador red interior at the back. This may give you a bit of an idea what it would look like but does not show “ the complete picture”.
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