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    Touring in our TR4A especially Scotland & Scottish Isles, nature, wildlife, art, genuinely wild places, moors, fells (not country parks). NB."They paved paradise & put up a parking lot."

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  1. Ii share 8 other DNA matches with her and I know that some of those matches are linked to my Saunders /Penn/ Battin Ancestors, her PRIVATE family tree was called Chris Hooper FT and I knew she was a female. I was lucky that I already had my tree populated enough that she came up as a Common Ancestor( see screen shot) from that info I was able to confirm the additional data Ancestry gives you and work the remainder Of her tree by searching records to prove her parents grandparents etc. You will note that both our trees are Private. She is descended from the Gold Diggers in OZ I mention
  2. This is only true if you do not verify everything before you add it to your own tree. As for DNA matches, if you share DNA with someone, then it is up to you to find out who is your Most Recent Common Ancestor. This is much harder than you think and you should never accept others data without first verifying it is 100% correct. in many instances I have built family trees in the name of my DNA matches until I have found our MRCA. Then and only then do I add them to my family tree. DNA testing for Family history research is quite different from doing it to find out if you are a “
  3. Quick answer Ian, I am an only child with no living parents. However all of my grandparents come from very large families, 16 children in one case and others in the teens. i have 29163 DNA matches as at today and have identified 163 of them and they are all over the world. in the screen shot below you will see 3 people with DNA symbols ( we share DNA) in their profile picture, they are all decended from my Gorman great grandfather Enoch and two of them are in Canada and the third , the son of Anne Stewart is in Minesota US. I also have a whole group of my Penn/Saunders Ancestors w
  4. Not if you want to link it to Ancestry to facilitate your research as it is no longer supported by Family Tree Maker. There is a Family Tree Maker 2019 but I think this will also soon be obsolete as they are likely to soon be bringing out yet another edition of FTM. There is a newish Family History search site ( not free but cheaper than Ancestry) called My Heritage who hail from Israel. Please also consider testing your DNA which will further your research into your family history. Ancestry DNA and My Heritage are the best for this and can be uploaded to other DNA sites but no other
  5. Pete Fenlon has been Hacked again via Facebook messenger so do not open any message via Facebook messenger from him. Be warned. ps Facebook has some very educational and informative groups on it even about TRs. It’s the way you use it that counts, I first joined to keep up with my teenage sons movements must be over 20 years ago now. Twitter on the other hand is rubbish.
  6. Hi sue, just want to wish you merry Christmas to the both of you, 


    Did send an e mail to Roger , however I haven't had a reply 

    Pink & tors xxx

    1. SuzanneH


      Pinky, I have sent you a personal message


  7. Thanks Richard that gives us a lot to go on. Mike North, our first thoughts were the same as yours, a mysterious fire. Our son had a much better thought as when he was a Scout here there were a lot of Irish parents who owned their own JCBs unfortunately that is no longer the case.
  8. Thank you Alan, Ian and Al for your help so far. We will advise our Scout group leader , he has said that the Area District Scout Committee have not waned to get involved. It is a Roman Catholic Church and the Scout leader is a Hindu who as a child ( and his SON ) Attended this Scout group.
  9. Here is a picture of the inside, the Christmas lights didn’t come out very well…!
  10. I don’t know about the coffee but the Rosy Lea is just as it should be, they do good bacon sarnies and an excellent mushroom omelette and cheese omelette. There is also a bar for alcoholic beverage.
  11. Hamish it is on the very edge of the Emissions Zone ie the other side of the road is in the Emissions Zone. If you go in your TR you will be OK..
  12. Yes David, back in the day The Ace Cafe on the North Circular Road in North London was a famous venue where Motorbikes met up. Music of the time was played here and this was where the youth of the day would start there run outs from. The same things happen here today and music is till being played on an old Juke Box, I’m sure more info’ is available on Google. They have themed days for motor bikes and all different classic and non classic cars.
  13. Hi Folks, bit of an odd one here. My local Scout group have a hut on church premises.It has been there for 63 years this coming January and the Scouts have been at this same church for 75 years this coming January. Back in 2002 they had to start a lease with Westminster Diocese. in order to qualify for a National Lottery Grant In Early 2020 the Scout leader found that the Priest or his assistant had broken into the hut to store food for the homeless. When challenged the Priest said he couldn't find who had the key. There is a parish guide with ALL the information in.
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