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    Touring in our TR4A especially Scotland & Scottish Isles, nature, wildlife, art, genuinely wild places, moors, fells (not country parks). NB."They paved paradise & put up a parking lot."

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  1. SuzanneH

    Dodgy clonk at the back end

    Don’t worry, he will let me out when he needs to get the car off of the ramps.
  2. SuzanneH

    TR5 - Royal Blue / Red Interior

    No, it wasn’t.
  3. SuzanneH

    TR5 - Royal Blue / Red Interior

    Here is a picture of our 4 you can just see the white piping on the matador red interior at the back. This may give you a bit of an idea what it would look like but does not show “ the complete picture”.
  4. SuzanneH

    Where is the like button on this forum?

    Wayne, look at your post and Toms post in my photo of your picture and post above and you will see that I do not have the buttons you mention. I am on an I- pad and Roger is on Windows7 and neither of us have the buttons at all.
  5. The Frog at Skirmet. Beautiful sunny Autumn Drive, lots and lots of Red Kites from Hayes Middlesex to Skirmet, Buckinghamshire. Nice Rhubarb Gin and Fever Tree Tonic and a Palmers Copper Pale Ale plus a free Marlow Brewery Beer Glass because the pub has new glasses? Brie and Advocado Chiabatta and a Sausage and onion Bagette. Across the Thames via the beautiful Marlow Bridge and home in time for the Budget. Our MP got a roasting and the Michael taken.....!!!
  6. SuzanneH

    Where is the like button on this forum?

    I would give this a like if I could, but I can’t because I am also on an I-pad.
  7. SuzanneH

    Soggy Gearbox

    Probably Christmas Eve if I know you. we always have to have a panic over Christmas, for years it was Concorde. Before that it was Stylophones for colleagues kids.
  8. SuzanneH

    Flying jacket

    I’m very impressed with the recreation of the original photograph Bob, well done. Sue
  9. SuzanneH

    Flying jacket

    Nope, he’s a law unto himself and untameable.
  10. SuzanneH

    Flying jacket

    I purchased my Flying jacket from a leather merchant at Beaulieu one very hot September Autojumble day back in about 2000. Mine cost £160.00 and Rogers,mentioned above from a market, was about £120.00. Mine is nicely worn in now and soft and comfortable, it takes a while to wear them in and tame them. Sue
  11. SuzanneH

    Photo from 1958

    Back in the 60s a French couple that lived in the same road as my parents and I in Hillingdon Heath had two pale blue Saab’s the same as the one in this picture. They were very keen car club members back then.
  12. SuzanneH

    Surrey Top flying off at front

    Roger, for goodness sake take a picture of the front capping too and post it here also. It might also be helpful to take a pic of how the fabric tucks under the capping. a picture is better than a thousand words and all this talking at cross purposes.
  13. SuzanneH

    Wonky Wipers

    Fitting the new headboard I hope and buying a new Gas eye level grill and oven. Even getting the Saab valeted so we could go to the Saab event at The Ace Cafe tomorrow would be good too.

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