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  1. It’s got the Triumph World badge wheel centres. I know some people find them highly desirable. :0)
  2. Definitely Steam Punk.
  3. Mick it wasn’t me it was he who didn’t identify himself. :0)
  4. Look in the fridge, the obvious places are the best. Glad your doing well and keeping amused. x
  5. We also did the M25 Grand Prix on the way home, no hold ups for a change.
  6. Thanks for that, after my post I did vaguely remember seeing a couple of vehicles parked on the beach in front of a couple of very old cottages. I was in my 20s when last there and remember how tough it was going back up even then.
  7. I wasn’t aware that you could get a car down there. Donkeys used to be the only way to get goods up and down.
  8. Tim and Jan have already seen this live. Snap......!
  9. I thought you could pay for individual records of Fold 3 via Ancestry? I’m not sure though and never bother to purchase them myself.
  10. I think you needed to take more water with it, don’t drink the canal or Thames water when you drain it though. Sue
  11. Atlantic Bridge to Seil Island on our way back to Oban this afternoon. Just by chance we bumped into Steve Hall ( TR Enterprises ex ) in the pub here, he is off racing in Ypres tomorrow.
  12. We had the Jura Ferry from Islay to ourselves on Friday having had to leave the car on Islay on Thursday because the Ferry ( not the car) broke down.
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