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    Touring in our TR4A especially Scotland & Scottish Isles, nature, wildlife, art, genuinely wild places, moors, fells (not country parks). NB."They paved paradise & put up a parking lot."

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  1. Ummm, that could be the same situation, not sure now.
  2. This forum doesn’t work properly on my I-pad air 2 software version 13.7 either. Sometimes especially here on Social Scene and Alec’s inn, I only get the left hand side of a page.
  3. In Southall (London Borough of Ealing ) West London, just across the grand union canal from us in Hayes, ( London Borough of Hillingdon) West London. Ealing has the highest incidence of Covid in London and is in the same Health Authority as Hillingdon. This was on breakfast TV this morning, something I don’t normally watch but we are away at the moment so just happened to see it on TV.
  4. I hope you can open and see this link, this may explain the problem in the large conurbations; https://www.mylondon.news/news/west-london-news/southall-police-break-up-wedding-19111458?fbclid=IwAR14du9neXOH-5z050gH4huxjluafyDDBPNDtPACzcv8QYJ4djlZtlN5zCY
  5. It’s the difference between living in the sticks and the Metropolis and the number of Police compared to the population, simples!!!!
  6. Scroll down. Full circle, we are back to where the Vitamin D3 discussion began several years ago now.
  7. New Scientist re Vitamin D, see Google today. image is too large to post here.
  8. Well done we are getting there.
  9. I’m on my I-pad Air 2 using Safari and posting this. Occasionally a page is only half the normal size but I don’t think it prevents me posting.
  10. My Cousin Cherie Hunter ex Prison Chaplin at Aylesbury Prison is in the opening shots of this tribute to all of our Prison Officers.
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