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    Touring in our TR4A especially Scotland & Scottish Isles, nature, wildlife, art, genuinely wild places, moors, fells (not country parks). NB."They paved paradise & put up a parking lot."

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  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  2. Thanks chaps, I hope this means my new washing machine has got a reprieve. Think I better go and do some washing so it can’t be used for the next two hours whilst he has a think. I’m not sure if he was really serious or not. Phew it’s still sooo hot here, it’s affecting our thinking
  3. Not the best photo of a couple of TRs after the all day Valleys and Villages Tour last Sunday. A great tour and my kind of countryside but we will have to repeat it sometime to really appreciate each place we flew through. Very enjoyable but both navigator and driver were exhausted afterwards, and that wasn’t just us a few fellow TRrs said the same. A bacon roll breakfast was provided, for those who wanted it, beforehand and a very good salad and burger/ banger roll and ice lolly after the run. This is the third or fourth year we have taken part in this tour.
  4. If any of you remember 88V8 on this forum a few years ago (lvor), he used to own a Milk Float and drive to work from Shepperton to The City in it every day.
  5. This was the M1 on Wednesday 27/7/22 between M25 and Harpenden turn off.
  6. I remember when the previous 4MU at West Ruislip was used by the USAF ( about 1965 j and beside the stage in the theatre there was a large wooden box/crate that was endorsed “ only open in the event of a nuclear war”.
  7. I see Mike North and Elly, has Elly had her hip op or just about to I’m confused.
  8. Well said Hamish, I agree. I also agree with Andy about The Press whipping up a storm again but have you Andy, ever travelled on The London Underground in this heat or even lived in London in this heat? if you have you will know it’s another story entirely from other parts of our beautiful country. I also agree with John G. We live slap bang in the middle of the six miles that separate the concrete jungles that are London Heathrow Airport and Northolt Aerodrome, you may have noticed that just recently both of these places have recorded the highest daily temperatures on several occa
  9. Hi Dave, yes, it was me and Sue with a fellow Windsor Forest member (Barry and Jenny). On the IOM for a week. Going home on Thursday. A TR6 in the party suffered a knackered PI fuel pump before we left the mainland. He returned home. Roger
  10. No the Morgan that chose to park next to us……!
  11. We came back to the car park to continue our journey from Blatsford Arboretum to Ludlow and found this:
  12. Had one of those bomb things you. Threw up in the air butt I never thought of putting thee heads of Swan Vestas in it. I have stil got some of those little twists that go bang when thrown on the ground in our kitchen cupboard.
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