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    Touring in our TR4A especially Scotland & Scottish Isles, nature, wildlife, art, genuinely wild places, moors, fells (not country parks). NB."They paved paradise & put up a parking lot."

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  1. So they were aware of Dinosaurs and Nessie’s even then.
  2. This came up on a Medieval Buildings Facebook Group I belong to. Does it belong to anyone here?
  3. SuzanneH


    It can’t be any worse than Crawfies latest post in HWPLW.
  4. Thanks for that Deggers, it was very informative. I bet they won’t show that on the news as it is far too positive. Our son is, at present, doing his 777 training since BA flight managers/Pursers have to work across the whole fleet and all destinations now since all the changes.
  5. It now says Thank you N H S, I would take a pic but ........................
  6. http://prehistoric-britain.co.uk/stonehenge-the-lost-circle-revealed-debunked?fbclid=IwAR0y2glVbUXNqSGJ8fbjTX9RjhXteBtm8c90_pU6FH33EEbOj-vDOItAhYc
  7. I believe that the ultimate deciding factor is weather you find a phones logic intuitive. There is no point buying one that you do not find intuitive as it will always feel difficult to use..
  8. So do I. I have HP laptop, I-pad and I-phone they are all interchangeable and connected, I can read my e-mails, this forums and all my Ancestry stuff on all three. I don’t use apps for any of these just chrome or safari browsers ( others are available). The apps are useful for maps, weather, tracker etc.
  9. The Viking Longhouse, I missed that but did sleep in it. The location of the Blue Stones in The Presili Hills was shown to Roger and I plus Cat Tunnadine by Ollie ( Ian from the Traws Cambria TR Group). a good few years ago on a Welsh Weekend. Boy that was a spirited ride.....!
  10. Julian didn’t agree much with Mike PP, I have already seen that other Archeologists don’t agree either. It will be interesting to make our own minds up though.
  11. Don’t miss this tonight. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-56029203
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