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  1. mike3739

    TR GT

    Stunning car my only addition would be a full length Webasto or similar. Cheers Mike
  2. mike3739

    TR GT

    Cracking. Cheers Mike
  3. Nice looking & sounding TR6 I would thought you would be smiling like a Cheshire cat lol Cheers Mike
  4. mike3739

    Wha Hoo!

    Lots of disbelief I sense here
  5. Hi Steve just get them refinished or like mine stripped & polished! Cheers Mike
  6. mike3739

    PI Blues

    That is not good customer service, three weeks is beyond belief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers Mike
  7. Really bored now not interested!! Mike
  8. Hi Paul Mine is steel chromed but a larger diameter to force more cold air into the throttle bodies with a K & N Filter right behind grille. Cheers Mike
  9. Yes you are correct, but so over the top & has been on this forum sooooooo many times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had mine now for at least 8 years never had an issue here or France passes MOT again no issues. Being legal is good to hear, like I am sure nobody in a TR never exceeds the speed limit or is anyone going to admit to. Cheers Mike
  10. Same here all lights are HID units lots of bright light no issues with power supplied lol Cheers Mike
  11. Thats the second person I know who had my car as a screen saver long live "Mr Bling's mods" Imitation is Flattery Cheers Mike
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