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  1. Hey Jo - happy to send photos but, unfortunately, I'm just starting a couple of weeks of travelling so won't be able to do it until I get back. So long as you are ok waiting, I'll get them done when I get back home. Tim
  2. Hi Jo, My TR4 is a little earlier than yours and has all four gauges with long/exposed needles (like your oil pressure and Amps gauge). I defer to Trevor on when the change came, but I'd be pretty certain that yours should be like mine. I have two lights that sit between the gauges; one on the left, one on the right. To be honest, they're not very good at illuminating the gauges, so I'm not surprised that this was changed!! If you need any photos to help, let me know. Cheers, Tim
  3. We also have one in Toronto at the old Distillery District (think Camden Lock): http://tochristmasmarket.com/activities/ Tim
  4. Hi Dave, I'm afraid that I'm a terrible person to ask because, even though the weather here in Toronto can get seriously cold (and pretty snowy) I don't have a garage and basically leave the car in the elements all Winter. I used to cover it, but found that moisture got in under the cover and I'm not sure, therefore, that the cover is adding any value. I might cover it again this Winter, just to see... So... I think the advice above is probably pretty sound - especially with regards to it being dependent on where in BC you are going to be. Vancouver/Victoria or similar is basically (to my Toronto eye) like being in the UK so, theoretically, you could even use the TR all Winter unless a bit of snow comes. Even then, park it up in a nice dry garage until the snow and salt goes away and I would think all is ok. Obviously if you're going to leave it for a really long period, thinking about lifting the wheels up to go easy on the tires (tyres) is a good thing. We have Forumites from Salmon Arm (potentially v cold), Vancouver Island (less cold, more UK-ish, watch out for ocean salt) and expert locals like the BC Registry noted above and Drakes British Motors, a company in Kelowna, who will no-doubt be willing and able to provide better advice than I can. I'll tell you this - having rallied all the way up BC from the USA border up to Yukon and on into Alaska in my TR4 plus extensively in the mountains and forests around Merritt and the Rockies in an original Quattro, there are few better places to drive a TR. Bring it, and plan some LONG road-trips in the most beautiful country in the world (I may be biased) - you will never regret it. Hope that helps, Tim
  5. A couple of my TR4 rallying/touring on the backroads.
  6. As Tim H says, these are for LHD cars (or, I suppose, continental motoring...) which is a shame because they're what I have on my TR4 and they are excellent lenses.
  7. Would LOVE to have a lift. Come to that, I'd settle for being able to work in a garage... This time of year, jobs have to be managed with the weather - not when raining and especially not if we get an early snow fall. Tim
  8. The best anti-theft device for my TR in Toronto is the manual gearbox...
  9. You're right, of course Stuart, but that relies on me remembering...
  10. Thanks, Roger - I'll look at turning my parking mechanism through 180 degrees to have them park on a flatter bit (very MGB on the Monte). I'll also try better blades...
  11. I've never been able to get wipers to work for very long - seems like sitting on the curved outside of the screen for the vast majority of their lives, leads to lack of wiping right through the middle of my viewing. I always use Rain-ex inside (anti-fog) and out (invisible wiper) and only have any kind of problem if the rain is very light or big mud splashes... Tim
  12. Hi - looking at the twin box system, it looks as though the Y-piece is halfway (ish) down the system and not at the end of the manifold - am I seeing that correctly? Either way, it should be fairly easy to measure the outside diameter (O/D) of the end of the manifold and check the fit of that to the Phoenix system, whichever retailer you go with. In extremis, you should be able to get a link piece converting one O/D to another. Others will no doubt be along shortly to comment on your retailer question... Tim
  13. Yes, beautiful photography of a beautiful area. I haven't had a chance to watch the whole video yet, but I will. Our cabin (cottage in local parlance) isn't as off-grid as this (and although wood, isn't made of logs), but isn't a million miles away from Algonquin Park. We are certainly blessed with some stunning scenery here of various kinds and the backroads, although not as twisty as we might like, are virtually empty most of the time. I'll obviously have to get a drone for some good TR-in-forest shots... ;-)
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