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  1. And the A too. Oh...wait............
  2. That looks a fun beast, Paul.
  3. Yes, Pete - these are the ones I have for here in Canadialand.
  4. I didn't even know there was an accessories position. I will now have to check to prove my ignorance. Tim
  5. It should be...er...fun, Colin. I used to enjoy rebuilding my Vitesse "box, but then I had to do it every other rally or so because it used to eat layshafts. Thankfully the TR 'box is a bit more robust ;-) Tim
  6. That was kind of my point, Charlie - most kids with laptops can't actually create music either - although whether they also black out or not I couldn't say... Apologies for being obscure.
  7. To be fair, Charlie, any kid with a 5 quid guitar in his or her bedroom could create "music" in the 1960's but very few created the magic. I don't think it's the technology, it's the creativity, talent and skill. Tim
  8. Maybe a new wife...er....co-driver is in order.
  9. Well, in six and a half hours on the b-roads today, we were having too much fun to stop and take a photo of the car. Instead, here's how we looked. (Apologies for the covid beard - untrimmed since mid-March).
  10. Thanks, Ian. I really must get around to adding these at some point. After that other job...and the next one...yeah, and the third one...etc. (Repeat until fade, as they say in music) Tim
  11. Finally, FINALLY had a first run of the year in my 4 (yes, I know - what took me so long?). Had a nice 3-hour run up to the cabin by the lake - mostly back roads (some dirt, plus the equivalent of A and B roads) which were almost deserted for the first two hours. I had a little misfire to begin, and got a bit of a spit-back on acceleration for a while but everything cleared up soon enough and I got to re-acquaint myself with the immense joys of TR driving. Jan and I will be out in the countryside all day tomorrow so will post pics if suitable. Love that car! Tim
  12. Ian - would love to see that photo if it's sharable.
  13. To be honest, I don't know that this is true - needs more digging on my part. However, if it IS true Pete, changing the rules on something after it's been done always seems to me to be unfair.
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