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  1. Thanks, both. I'll crawl in today and take a look...
  2. Roger (and Andy), Do I take it that removing the heater & fan is easy? I have some annoying something or other that has got into the works of the heater and is rubbing on the fan making it too noisy to use. I suspect a squirrel, but I suppose it could just be a leaf or two. Anyway, I need to get it out and clear out the gubbins. Tim (still with a full time job from home and not getting enough TR work done).
  3. Boo! (But I'm glad for the new owner)
  4. Hi Andy, First question: did you upgrade your flasher unit when you changed to LED bulbs? For cleaning, I think if you remove the two-piece cowling around the stalks and steering column, the contacts are accessible for cleaning. Assuming all is well, once cleaned, I would keep the original (or, at least, older) switch rather than replace with a new one. Tim
  5. Just for information, I attach a photo of my TR4 packed for a three week rally (and return journey). There is a LONG list of spares and useful "creative" repair parts in the two boxes and I also had a trolley jack behind the driver's seat (long handle in the boot). As for tools, there was only my standard tool roll plus torque wrench and grease-gun. A 50L hold-all sat on top with all of our clothes in it (for both me and partner Jan) and we each had a backpack in the car with us (mine behind passenger seat, Jan's in her footwell). With this set-up I repaired a LT lead to the coil, swapped fuel pump, replaced two inner tubes (at a tyre shop), changed the head-gasket and drove around 10,000km from Seattle>Anchorage>Toronto. On a normal trip, I only have the box on the left with a slimmed-down spares pack and the trolley jack sits in the boot. Tim
  6. Another photo of the one-piece...
  7. I am a fan of the approach of carrying just a few tools and obvious spares (points, wire, lucar connectors) unless you're going a really long, multi-day trip. If you drive your TR often enough, most of the little, niggling problems will soon get fixed and very few actually stop you getting home - and that's what the AA, RAC or similar are for. I have a small tool kit with the spanners and screwdrivers as mentioned, plus a gapping tool and electric wire tool (stripping, crimping). If you need more than that, your day trip is already ruined - call for a tow home. If you're going on a long, multi-day European jaunt or something, that's a different matter and I have a trusted list. But it's long. Drive it - that will tell you more than anything else. Tim
  8. Now, now, guys - you're ganging up on me!
  9. As I said to Tony: if I could justify having a second TR4 in the UK for when I travel over, I'd have already made him an offer...
  10. Glad to hear of your negative test, Crawfie. For a cold or flu-like thing, I recommend what I call a Canadian Gold Rush. Won't necessarily fix it, but will make you care about it a little less ;-) 1 measure lemon juice 3/4 measure maple syrup 2 measures bourbon/rye mix with or without ice, depending on the weather :-)
  11. Fair enough then, chaps. I find it hard to believe that people are more crowded together in the countryside (even in crowded car parks) than in Tesco's car park in the middle of Manchester or somewhere, but perhaps I under-estimate the ability of people to be numpties. And Mick, you are right, of course, about relative size of national parks, but still. I hope everyone on the Forum manages to stay safe and well. Tim
  12. Sue - I love the photos of the EMI factory. I worked for Virgin/EMI from 1996 - 2008 but only went to Hayes once, I think. Toured the factory and the archive (which is still there, thankfully). Tim.
  13. Without wishing to stir up too much trouble, I'm a bit surprised by all the worry about the number of visitors to national parks etc. Correct me if I'm wrong, but surely there is still easily enough space to stay 2m away from those around you. If it can be managed in cities and super-market car parks (which it can), then Dartmoor should be a doddle. The distancing is 2m not 200m, isn't it? Obviously, I'm missing something!! Tim
  14. Hi Roy, We should be able to disable your account; leave it with me. Tim
  15. Aren't perspectives interesting?
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