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  1. OK, for what it's worth, I'd actually choose powder blue.
  2. Hence the spoiler alert... Apologies if I've breached the UK TV viewing :-(
  3. Spoiler alert!!!! That was very exciting (Edited to not hint at the result)
  4. That's a very enjoyable watch, Deggers
  5. Hi All, I don't know how all of you store your Nutella, but I've found a particular trick that works really well for me. When you first get back home from shopping take the Nutella out of the bag, open the dustbin, drop the Nutella in the bin and close the lid. Then carry on and eat jam or marmalade in the usual way. You're welcome, Tim
  6. That is a wonderful story. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Stan. I think that this is how, in their own way, all TRs should be used.
  7. Hi Ronny, Welcome to the Forum and (relatively recently) TR4 ownership!!! I hope you have had enough chances to enjoyt it over the past very strange year. I can't help you with your question for more history for your car, but I'm glad to have you here. Best wishes from sunny (but still not very warm) Canada. Tim
  8. Nice video, Deggers. Thanks. No doubt Hannu was and will always be a legend.
  9. For a view from further afield... Here in Canada, my experience is that all "old car" people like all other "old car" people - even N American models. We always give each other a friendly wave on the road and stop and chat when possible. We have the Toronto Triumph Club who are a great bunch of people (Chef Tush is a prominant member, for those who know his videos) but the biggest event that they organise is British Car Day. You can guess how many marques that covers. Life would be dull if we all liked the same things - and I quite like that TRs are a bit rarer than MGs here (
  10. Hi Derek, The problem, of course, with even quite regular covid tests is that, like an MOT, they are only proving that any given person does not have covid at the exact time of taking the test (and this assumes that testing is 100% accurate). That means that your person X could literally catch the virus walking out of the testing booth. Given that, my personal answers to your questions are: 1. Yes 2. No 3. As above! My current circumstances mean that I've recently undertaken travel and have (and still have to) follow a lot of testing and quarantining procedures as a
  11. In case anyone's interested... https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1957-triumph-tr3-19/?utm_source=dm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021-02-15 Tim
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