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  1. Hi Paul, There are also bars that will fit under your top - plus, of course, you could have a bar made to fit closely. Obviously, it won't "hide" inside the backlight like the Revington's one, but it would mean you get to keep the original. Your call, of course. Tim
  2. Got up at 4:45am on Friday for an early morning run in the TR up to our cabin on a lake. Stopped to take a moody pre-dawn photo...not quite what I'd hoped, but still...
  3. Nick, I've edited the title of this thread to add a description of the topic as I think that's helpful. If you'd like it changed further (or back) please let me know. Tim
  4. Graham, I've edited the title of the thread to include the topic covered as I think it's more helpful. If you'd like it changed further (or back) please let me know. Tim
  5. Great photo! You two certainly rack up the miles
  6. Hi Pete, My view, not necessarily one universally held, is that TR's were fairly cheap sportscars in their day and should still be thought of that way. My very much loved early car didn't cost me a lot (over 10 years ago), despite being in pretty good shape overall, and I've never been precious about how or where I drive it. I spent considerably more than the purchase price on a serious bodywork refreshment a couple of years ago, but the first thing I did was take it down a muddy gravel road to get the "just painted" shine covered up. Everyone should enjoy their TR in their own way, but for me the greatest joy is driving it - and the further and more obscure routes the better. Daggers - great photo!! Tim
  7. Had a good day's run out in rural Ontario today. The bad news is that most of the roads are fairly straight. The good news is that they are mostly deserted, many are gravel, and some are even dirt/mud...
  8. Pete, What a great report of your day and the experience of driving a TR4/4A for the first time in 25 years; and what a great advertisement for the TRR and, in particular, the Essex Group. Thanks so much for such an in depth description of the experience!! (For what it's worth, having owned both 4 and 4A I'm a fan of the earlier car. But it's definitely a matter of taste only, as I think both are great cars to drive.) Cheers, Tim
  9. I don't think they are, which is why these are available for badges...
  10. I can't help with brands in the UK, but I highly recommend them. Mine have flexible/angle-able heads and there are some jobs that are HUGELY easier with them. I have 7/16, 1/2 and 9/16.
  11. Jan and I had a great couple of days driving all over the Yorkshire Dales a couple of years ago; sadly not in a TR. I've wanted to see the Ribblehead Viaduct for years and it didn't disappoint - and then we also found the Dent Head viaduct quite by chance - mostly because I'd never heard of it! We carried on up the tiny lanes along the river Dee and stopped for a pint in the very quirky village of Dent before heading on to the Lake District. Even without a decent classic, we loved every minute of it. Cheers, Tim
  12. Hi John, I have just tried to place an ad and upload a photo (mine was 3.1MB) and all went fine. Do you have any other ads running? I don't know the classifieds section very well, but perhaps there is a limit on the total...? Lastly, what browser are you using? FYI, I'm using Google Chrome for my successful upload. Let me know and, if needed, I can give you a call. Tim
  13. Hi John, It might be due to size, but it would be helpful to know a bit more detail - was there an error message shown? Thanks, Tim
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