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  1. Try holding the brake pedal hard down with a length of wood between the pedal and drivers seat, (bleed nipples closed), leave it overnight or longer if you can, then test drive. You may find this solves your problem, if not it has cost nothing George
  2. harlequin

    TR-6 Hardtop

    Hi Chuck As far as I know the hardtop was never changed so any TR6 hardtop will fit any TR6 George
  3. Len If your car has a J type overdrive the gearbox exhaust bracket is very flimsy and will bend if you ground the exhaust on a speed bump, it then hold the exhaust against the chassis which results in a rattle. Best thing you can do with the bracket is throw it in the bin George
  4. Andy Silly question. You did put petrol in when you filled up? I ask because, well you can guess who has put diesel in a TR6 and it ran very rough and smoked George
  5. Phil, Rich My saloon gearbox has a different spline arrangement from that on a TR gearbox so the flange will not swap from one to the other. I got around it by having a machine shop put 4 extra drillings into the saloon flange to suit the TR propshaft, this was 20 years ago and no issues so far George
  6. Rob Don't get to enthusiastic with the seatbelt bolts as the welded on nut on the back have been known to become detached. George
  7. CKs TR6 I would be interested in one when available, I have been patching up my original plinth for years and its time to retire it George
  8. I would not be happy relying on a tin of sealant after ripping a tyre some years ago on a remote road in northern Sweden,. When I bought a new VW recently I had to threaten to walk away from the sale if I didn't get a spare, jack and wheel brace, they gave me a space saver which was great untill I had to use it and realised the full size flat tyre would not fit in the boot with all the luggage! George
  9. I agree Tom I had them on the carburetors of my TR6, the car always seemed not quite right untill I changed back to the standard air box George
  10. Hi Phil Personally I didn't like the extra noise and under bonnet heat, also the 4 branch manifold restricts access to the starter motor. I changed my 3A back to a standard system a couple of months ago and have been meaning to put the big bore sports system on ebay. If you decide to go for it and if you are interested in a second hand system drop me a PM George
  11. Gents Having yet again knocked the gearbox exhaust bracket on a speed bump I discovered that I have broken the dog leg bracket that attaches to the overdrive, (item 55 on the Moss diagram) this 50p bent plate is a swine to replace and once replaced is probably the most shoddy piece of engineering on the car. So to my question, has anyone come up with a better solution for the bodge up that Triumph provided? George
  12. Rich Check the thickness of your cylinder head as US spec cars had a fairly low compression ratio, its a simple job to have the head skimmed to give say 9:1 which will give a boost to performance. I have the measurements for the head thicknesses somewhere and will dig them out George
  13. Steve Steve No the lift is way to wide to go between the wheels George
  14. Rich It made no difference to my car, mind if your Strombergs are worn rebuilt SUs would improve things providing the rebuild was up to scratch, and the correct needles are fitted. I also had a bit of trouble getting fuel levels right as the front carb has the float chamber a bit up from the jet and the rear is slightly down whereas Strombergs are concentric George
  15. After using my lift several members from my local group have bought CJ lifts and all say that they are happy with them. One of the chaps has a bit wider than normal single garage and with a bit of careful positioning and 2 people can use the lift in his garage, but its tight and you would never do it on your own. You should also be aware that the car will travel forward/backwards about 6 inches as the lift is raised so keep an eye on obstructions. I used my lift this morning with a friend to change the diff on his 6, we started at just before 10 and were done by lunchtime the lift made the job easy. George
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