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  1. harlequin

    Changes caused by crossing the Atlantic

    My lhd CF is the same George
  2. harlequin

    brake master cylinder

    Not that I know off. Thats why I would recomend getting an original rebuilt by a reputable company, the cost is about the same as a new suspect part George And Roy using capital text is considered shouting, I know we are all old pharts but we are not deaf?
  3. harlequin

    Gear calculator

    BSA used to make a close ratio gearbox called a RRT2 which was supplied with a model called a Gold Star, this is the gearbox that go the bike to 70 in 1st, the big draw back was you had to slip the clutch until 30. Not a lot of use in London but every one wanted one George
  4. harlequin

    brake master cylinder

    Hi Chris I agree the the reservoir is a source of leaking with new master cylinders, the 1st one I fitted leaked from day one so I used the reservoir that came with the car in 72. I then used it on the 2nd new MC without problem, and it is now doing service on the reconditioned MC. I think if I can see a original reservoir at a auto jumble I will pick one up to keep on the shelf George
  5. harlequin

    brake master cylinder

    Roy I have had two of the things give up on me, the 1st lasted 6 months and gave up the ghost shortly after I changed the rear wheel cylinders. I suspect it had worn a ridge in the bore and with the different stroke the seal was crossing the ridge which caused the failure. I replaced the MC with another new one which I was assured was from a different manufacturer and were much better, this one started leaking this Summer after 2 years of use, absolute rubbish. I have now dug out my original MC of 1972 vintage and had Past Parts recondition it, I should add I have used Past Parts for a T type MG I used to own with no issues apart from the car will be off the road for a few week. Needless to say I will never trust one of these aftermarket master cylinders again and would not recommend anyone else to. George
  6. harlequin

    Andy Wiltshire Fuel Tank

    Richard Considering how often one gets a puncture why not let the tyre down and carry a pump? George
  7. harlequin

    Fuel tank woes.

    Instead of gravel I used a handful of nuts and bolts so that I could pick them out with a magnet. After plugging all the holes strap the the tank to a cement mixer and make a cup of tea, alter the angle of the mixer occasionally to get better coverage. George
  8. harlequin

    Cooling and Thermostat

    Rich Test the thermostat in a sauce pan of water on the cooker if has not got the air bleed hole, drill one in the flange (no bigger then 2mm) Then fill the system through the thermostat housing and replace the thermostat. Remove the rad cap and start the engine and allow to tick over untill no more air comes out, this is known as burbing the system this should cure your problem A nice little mod is to fit the thermostat housing from a mg midget 1500, this has a filler plug and is a straight swap George
  9. harlequin

    Breather to carb from inlet manifold

    Rich My distributor has a vacuum advance but my carbs only have the port on the underside so I have plugged the port, I used a short length of pipe sealed at on end with a hot glue gun, works a treat! The setup that you have to the rocker box is more or less what I have except I have an extra tee for the line to the carbon canister. My car is sort of standard 73 setup except for the disabled bypass and temperature compensator gadgets plus the distributor vacuum retard being disabled. To plug the port on the manifold fitting I would be inclined to fill it with solder, the vents to the temperature compensator I plugged using the plastic things that came with some reconditioned brake parts. I am having a struggle adding a photo (my samsung is a bit temperamental and needs replacing) so I will send you a pm with my email address if you reply I can send the photos George
  10. harlequin

    Breather to carb from inlet manifold

    Hi Rich The set up shown in your photo is identical to my 73 CF car which made me think you had the anti overrun valve I think from your description it would be best to plug the connection. The solid pipes 6 and 8 are to the bypass gadgets I believe these run from manifold vacume (I have the later type which are slightly different and I have disabled them by making solid gaskets I also disabled the Temperature compensator things by putting plastic plugs in the vents that feed them ) The vacume retard is fed from the underside of the carbs where the vacuum is high at tick over, the vacuum advance should be fed from the connection on the top of the carb if you get them round the wrong way it wont run as well. This is a good article on Strombergs http://www.buckeyetriumphs.org/technical/Carbs/CarbsI/CarbsI.htm Also this http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-20/TR6-20.html the author of which is often on the forum George
  11. harlequin

    Breather to carb from inlet manifold

    Rich I may have the air into the manifold thing wrong! The pipe puts a vacuum on to the carbon canister which in turn puts a vacuum on the carburettor float chambers, this draws the fuel away from the jet starving the engine of fuel and prevents run on. All this happens when you turn off but still have oil pressure You should have pipes from the float chamber vents to the carbon canister George
  12. harlequin

    Breather to carb from inlet manifold

    Hi Rich It connects to the anti run on valve, I believe it allows air into the manifold when you turn the ignition off. If you no longer have the anti run on valve the pipe should be plugged George
  13. harlequin

    Anti Run on (ARO) Valve

    Colt My 1973 American spec TR6 has an anti run on valve fitted from new which is very effective, when the valve went wrong a while ago the car would run on especially if I was using cheap petrol. Triumph were quite cleaver as the valve not only introduces air into the manifold it also creates a vacuum in the float chambers thereby pulling the fuel away from the jets. If you have the Brown book its shown in the section on Emission Control. George
  14. harlequin

    Brake Switch fail

    When my brakes failed Bob it lost the fluid through the switch, I dont know where the switch came from as it was on the car when I got it, but would never trust one again. Thankfully the TR3 handbrake leaver is very long and we have a good washing machine. I actually changed the 5 way union for a 4 way to be sure there was no opportunity for further problems. George
  15. harlequin

    Brake Switch fail

    After losing the brakes on my TR3 when the switch sprung a leak I wouldn't trust an aftermarket switch. I have plugged the port that the switch is fitted to and rigged up a mechanical switch. George

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