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  1. harlequin

    Sports exhaust

    I agree Tom I had them on the carburetors of my TR6, the car always seemed not quite right untill I changed back to the standard air box George
  2. harlequin

    Sports exhaust

    Hi Phil Personally I didn't like the extra noise and under bonnet heat, also the 4 branch manifold restricts access to the starter motor. I changed my 3A back to a standard system a couple of months ago and have been meaning to put the big bore sports system on ebay. If you decide to go for it and if you are interested in a second hand system drop me a PM George
  3. harlequin

    CF exhaust bracket

    Gents Having yet again knocked the gearbox exhaust bracket on a speed bump I discovered that I have broken the dog leg bracket that attaches to the overdrive, (item 55 on the Moss diagram) this 50p bent plate is a swine to replace and once replaced is probably the most shoddy piece of engineering on the car. So to my question, has anyone come up with a better solution for the bodge up that Triumph provided? George
  4. harlequin

    SU HIF6 Carburettor to replace Stromburg 175s

    Rich Check the thickness of your cylinder head as US spec cars had a fairly low compression ratio, its a simple job to have the head skimmed to give say 9:1 which will give a boost to performance. I have the measurements for the head thicknesses somewhere and will dig them out George
  5. harlequin

    CJ Autos Mini Tilting Car Lift

    Steve Steve No the lift is way to wide to go between the wheels George
  6. harlequin

    SU HIF6 Carburettor to replace Stromburg 175s

    Rich It made no difference to my car, mind if your Strombergs are worn rebuilt SUs would improve things providing the rebuild was up to scratch, and the correct needles are fitted. I also had a bit of trouble getting fuel levels right as the front carb has the float chamber a bit up from the jet and the rear is slightly down whereas Strombergs are concentric George
  7. harlequin

    CJ Autos Mini Tilting Car Lift

    After using my lift several members from my local group have bought CJ lifts and all say that they are happy with them. One of the chaps has a bit wider than normal single garage and with a bit of careful positioning and 2 people can use the lift in his garage, but its tight and you would never do it on your own. You should also be aware that the car will travel forward/backwards about 6 inches as the lift is raised so keep an eye on obstructions. I used my lift this morning with a friend to change the diff on his 6, we started at just before 10 and were done by lunchtime the lift made the job easy. George
  8. harlequin

    CJ Autos Mini Tilting Car Lift

    Ian You will have a problem driving a TR3 over a CJ Lift I have one and find it to be a really good piece of kit especially for the price but there is no way it will fit between the wheels of a TR. I have a TR6 and a TR3 and to be truthful it would benefit from being a little narrower to suit the 3, I am sure this would be simple to do but then would be a bit narrow for the 6 George
  9. harlequin

    Another Stromberg Carburettor 175 CD2 Question

    Kevin B1AF is the standard needle I found this helpful when working on Strombergs http://www.buckeyetriumphs.org/technical/Carbs/CarbsI/CarbsI.htm I also have an xl spreadsheet for Stromberg needlesbut cannot attach it, I will PM you my email address and if you want the spreadsheet send me an email. George
  10. harlequin

    Another Stromberg Carburettor 175 CD2 Question

    Kevin Have you checked that the pump is delivering enough fuel ? maybe a partially clogged filter When you removed the Carbon Canister what did you do with the tank vent line? If you have one of those glass inline filters throw it away as they can be rather restrictive My 6 has a similar set up to yours although I still have the carbon canister, I have disabled the temperature compensators and bypass which made things a bit simpler I also have a Facet electronic pump. My carbs are new old stock CD175s that were ment for a Stag so I ran the car with the Stag needles for a while which was okish I have since replaced the needles with the standard TR6 needles and the car runs better and revs freely past 4k rpm. I spent a lot of time on the interweb looking for needle recommendations without success so will follow this thread with interest George
  11. harlequin

    Another Stromberg Carburettor 175 CD2 Question

    Kevin Please disregard my previous post I have just seen that your line does go to the top of your carb George
  12. harlequin

    Another Stromberg Carburettor 175 CD2 Question

    Kevin I suspect that your distributor advance module is moving at the wrong time, and messing with your timing I dont know the details of why but I believe that the vacuum line for advance modules must come from above the butterfly, from your photos it appears that yours comes from the underside, which is the arrangement for vacume retard. Try disconnecting and plugging the line to see if things improve, you dont actually need the vacuum advance, PI cars have the module but it was never connected. Geerge
  13. harlequin

    TR 6 valve oil seals

    Its unusual for guides to be letting oil past after such short milage, how much oil is being burnt? What sort of crankcase ventilation do you have? I would be inclined to get some long drives in before taking things apart, with only 4.5k in 24 years there is a good chance an oil ring is stuck or maybe it just needs running in. George
  14. harlequin

    Impact Driver

    I also have the Makita 18 v cordless, I use it all the time but a breaker bar is often required to get things moving George
  15. harlequin

    J type over drives

    The gearbox and J type overdrive in my 6 came from a saloon, and the only difference from the outside was the flange for the propshaft has a different hole spacing. It was a long time ago when I fitted it so the details are vague but the flange from the non overdrive gearbox would not fit the overdrive output shaft. I had 4 extra holes drilled at 45° to match the TR6 propshaft and its worked well for the last 20 years George

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