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  1. Mark I had RAC cover for years then last year we had to use it for the 1st time, a chap in a van turned up within half an hour and admitted that he didn't have a clue on why a TR3 would stop but wanted to see the car. Two hours later the recovery truck turned up and took us to a motorway service station that was about 15 miles from home, on the way the driver told us the next truck would be waiting for us! Surprise surprise no truck waiting we were unloaded and left in the car park then the 1st recovery truck parked opposite us and waited for his next call, I tried crossing his palm with silver to take us the last 15 miles but "it is outside my area mate" so we all waited after an hour the 1st truck left so we phoned the RAC to see see where the 2nd truck was "it's on the way wont be long" 6 hours later and several phone calls we gave up and phoned my son, he borrowed a trailer and picked us up. We could have walked home quicker then the RAC get you home service. When I phoned the RAC the next day we received a lot of sympathetic corporate bovine excrement, needless to say that when the time came for renewal the RAC didn't get the job. George
  2. Jo When you park do you reverse into your parking spot? If so you may have slack front wheel bearings that allows the brake rotors to push the pads back, then when you first brake you are pushing the pads back into contact with the rotor before you get any braking effects making the pedal travel very long. This is a common problem/feature on TRs George
  3. My original master cylinder (1972 vintage) started to leak some years ago so it was replaced with a new unit, this lasted a couple of years then I changed the brake pads and wheel cylinders, within 100 miles the master cylinder failed in a very big way! The reason I am told was the new parts altered the travel of the cylinder piston past its original stop point and because the material of the new cylinder is to soft there was a slight ridge at the old stop point which ruined the seal, I then bought another new cylinder which the vendor assured me was ok and the issue had been resolved, this started to leak after 4 or 5 thousand miles and of course this happened in the middle of France on the way home from a holiday. I now have the original 1972 cylinder back on the car after being refurbished by Past Parts with (touch wood) some 12 thousand miles and no problem. George
  4. Austin Give TRGB a call, they have a massive loft full of used parts and I am sure I have seen a pile of master cylinders up there George
  5. Hi John That's a good bit of reference material I was quite pleased to see that the head I am getting done is one of the better ones. Someone had suggested getting the earlier, bigger valves fitted but after a bit of trawling t'interweb it appears the smaller exhaust valves give a better flow, so I shall stick with what I have George
  6. Oops yes I got that completely wrong should be 3.416" not 3.146" (note to self 'pay more attention ') Thanks George
  7. Thank you gents. I shall go for the 3.146" head thickness which will give me 9.6:1 with my engine's +20 overbore. I have had pinking issues that I have got around by retarding the ignition a bit, I am hoping that the work on the head will improve things and reduce oil consumption and as Andy suggests if I still have pinking I can have a word with the Distributor Doctor about the advance curve. Matt Thanks for the recommendation of Ivor Searle, that is where I was going to send it via a friend who is in the trade, I have been given a very fair quote for a complete job consisting of crack testing, skim, guides, exhaust seat inserts, plus new valves and springs. The really annoying thing with all this is the head on the car at the moment was sent to a local company to have new guides a couple of years ago and rather then fitting all new guides they fitted liners to the ones that they said were out of spec and left the rest. They took so long to do this that I ran out of time and had to accept the rubbish job or not have a car for a European trip we had booked, and I have never been happy with the way the car is since George
  8. Good afternoon All I intend to send a spare cylinder head to the machine shop to be refurbished, it is a 1974 US head with the smaller exhaust valves and the ERG port that will be blanked off. The plan is to get all the work done on the head before I start work on the car so that it's not in bits for several weeks. My first thought was to get it skimmed to give a compression ratio of 9.5:1 which is what my engine has at the moment, but then as modern fuel is less then perfect for our cars I wondered if there would be any advantage in having a slightly lower ratio of say 9 or 9.25:1. I would appreciate any advice that anyone may have on this My TR6 is my every day car and is fitted with Stromberg carbs, we often use it for touring so would like to run it on supermarket petrol rather then better quality fuel that is not always available George
  9. Hi Stuart My November 72 TR6 has no lip, is there different H frame types maybe for earlier cars? George
  10. I have something similar it comes from an (are we all sitting down) MGB! The mg owners club have them on the shelf for not very much and with a bit of care fit quite well George
  11. Yes I believe most have the module but it's not connected, I think it's not used because there is nowhere suitable that will produce enough vacuum and it was probably cheaper for Triumph to buy distributors with the module. I'm sure someone who is more knowledgeable on PI stuff will give a clearer explanation George
  12. I have no experience of an Acuspark distributor but I do have a 123 that has a vacuum connection that I don't have connected, the car runs fine. In fact a PI TR has the vacuum module on the distributor but it' was not connected from the factory George
  13. For how little time it takes and zero cost, take it apart and have a look. If there is a bit of muck in side remove it, if not you have satisfied yourself that all is well George
  14. In my village there is a pub that was named the White Lion, then in Victorian times the landlord commissioned an artist to paint a new sign. The bloke did a really bad job and his idea of a Lion looked rather demented. Locals started calling the pub The Mad Cat and it has stuck to this day http://madcatinn.co.uk George
  15. I could use one of them when I take our dog in the car, even with the roof down George
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