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  1. I'm a fan of electrical pumps! Instant start up and vapour lock is a thing of the past, it also came in handy when a friend ran out of fuel, we disconnected the fuel line from my carb and pumped fuel into a bottle to tip into the empty cars tank. One of our group had a scare with his mechanical pump, he had left the back of the car on ramps while he was away from home for a few days, when he got home the house stank of petrol. He went into the integral garage and found that the fuel tank had drained through a faulty pump into the sump then when that was full it found its way out onto the garage flour. Luckily it was Summer and the boiler had not fired up and caused a big bang. George
  2. If you use dot5 brake fluid it is worth carrying a bottle as most garages wont stock it. Last year in France I had a slow leak from the master cylinder and had to make a long detour to find a Harley Davidson dealer to get fluid and pay Harley prices to boot. (Harleys use Dot5 from standard) George
  3. Hi I have CD175s on my 6 supplied by a Facet pump (I think the pump is intended for a boat) mounted under the bonnet, I had a Sytec regulator fitted which gave problems from day one so changed to a Malpassi regulator, this has been absolutely trouble free for the last five years. Prior to fitting the Facet pump I had the standard mechanical pump which occasionally caused some overflowing issues. My TR3 has SUs and the standard pump and this also occasionally overflows, I have replaced the float chamber needle valves but still it will flood now and then especially if the car has not been used for about a week George
  4. I am sure that there's a correct torque setting for wire wheels but I dont think Triumph were to fussed about it. After all the target customers were mostly youngsters who were more interested in lifestyle then the correct torque on a wire wheel, which is why the special tool supplied with the car was a version of a lump hammer. It is well established ttechnology which had been used for decades so as long as they didn't come adrift and cause warranty claims the combination of self tightening and a big hammer is ok George
  5. Hi Rich The auxiliary rocker oil feed is a small braided hose that is up the back of the cylinder head which supplies extra oil to the rocker gear, unfortunately it often supplies to much oil which has a tendency to run down the valve guides and get burnt The standard rocker box has a baffle plate over the inside of the of the vent pipe ( there is also some wire wool type stuff behind the plate), the baffle is designed to reduce the amount of oil vapour drawn through the vent. Some after market rocker boxes have very minimal baffles which allows oil vapour into the vent system then via the carburettor into the combustion chamber. The vent system should be a pipe from the rocker box into a tee then a pipe to the vent port on the carburettors. There are one or two variations to this depending on the year of the car but that is the basics. If the system is blocked or not connected correctly you will get a build up of pressure in the engine which will force oil vapour past the rings or down the valve guides. The above points are easy to check and cost nothing so worth doing before spending out on stripping the engine George
  6. I have one of the mesh type that the register sells, I am not very impressed with the brackets that fix the thing to the car so am in the process of modifying it to clip onto the headrest stays of my MX5 seats. I have been using it fixed to the stays with a bungee and it works fine, the hood go's up and down without any problems apart from getting to the zip for the rear window. One of my objectives is to have it easily removable as our dog often travels in the back. George
  7. Rich Before you start removing the cylinder head a couple of things you may wish to look at 1. If you have an auxiliary oil feed to the rocker gear remove it. 2. If you have an after market alloy rocker box check that it has a suitable baffle over the vent outlet 3. Is your crankcase vent system setup as as Triumph intended George
  8. harlequin

    Wiper blades

    I went to the local petrol station and got the longest Bosch blade rubber that they had, the rubber was cut in two, then trimmed to suit and fitted to the TR blades. Worked a treat cheap, no postage and took less then an hour George
  9. Last winter I did exactly what PeterW described. On inspection the bores had no lip which is understandable as the surface of the bores is far greater than that of the rings. The big ends have to come out anyway to do the rings so you can inspect the journals and for the cost of a set of shells just change them. The front main bearing cannot be removed with the block in the car but the others are easy to do along with the thrust washers I used Grant rings which seem ok, personally I would avoid using County rings. Having said all that before opening the bonnet try Peter Cobbold's Italian tune up! Have a day out and get 100 miles on the clock and use the motorway George
  10. Rich You say that you top up the oil constantly, do you fill it to the top mark on the dip stick? Have you checked that you have the correct dip stick? And finally some of the replacement dip stick felt seals are very thick which moves the stick up by 5 or 10 mm which of course moves the oil level up. I found that if I left the oil level a bit above the low mark I used a lot less oil. (The joys of owning old cars) George
  11. Graham Remove the old switch and plug the connection, I had a switch spring a leak with very exciting consequences. George
  12. Mick I think you will find not all of the trucks are rushing to restock supermarkets. I have a sister in law who is a director of a logistics company in Roterdam, her company transports hundreds of tons of spuds from Ireland to a McCains oven chip factory somewhere in Holland or Belgium where they are turned into bags of frozen chips, which are loaded back on a lorry and sent back to Ireland for sale. Another example would be Cadbury who a couple of years back moved production to I believe the Czech Repubic, yet the main customer base is the UK so now all the chocolate travels half way across Europe to save a couple of quid for big business. I think any cost saving in transportation will just result in more stuff being moved around and therefore more trucks (probably bringing us useful things like a 40 ton load of plastic buckets from Bulgaria ) George
  13. Can you imagine the chaos these things will create overtaking on a two lane motorway or a row of potentially six or nine trucks nose to tail approacing an exit, Then you have the operators introducing efficiencies (cutting corners) in years to come with poorly trained drivers, scary! Trains should be on rails not public roads George
  14. Mine is from an MGB supplied by the MG Owners club, the quality of the chrome plating is very poor and has flaked away in areas. It has been replaced twice and each time we had the standard comment of "thats the 1st one that we have had a problem with "! George
  15. Rich I found that the best way to fit the handle pins is to throw them away, then taking a wire clothes hanger, straighten it out, cut half way through about 15 mm from the end (just about the length of the pin). Then get the springs, handle, and plastic plate all in place, push it all in and put your part cut end of coat hanger through the holes and wiggle untill it breaks off. Job done with minimal hassle George
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