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  1. Mine is from an MGB supplied by the MG Owners club, the quality of the chrome plating is very poor and has flaked away in areas. It has been replaced twice and each time we had the standard comment of "thats the 1st one that we have had a problem with "! George
  2. Rich I found that the best way to fit the handle pins is to throw them away, then taking a wire clothes hanger, straighten it out, cut half way through about 15 mm from the end (just about the length of the pin). Then get the springs, handle, and plastic plate all in place, push it all in and put your part cut end of coat hanger through the holes and wiggle untill it breaks off. Job done with minimal hassle George
  3. Now that I think is the answer. My friend said he got the box from a chap who had raced a Vanguard but I remember them as having column change and I think mechanical operated overdrive so had dismissed the Vanguard as the culprit. Thanks Ian C and well done Ian G George
  4. Thanks for the heads up James I had the same problem when I put the saloon overdrive box into my non overdrive TR6, along with the issue that Rich mentioned about the hole spacing in the output flange. It will be a job for keeping me out of trouble through next winter George
  5. Thanks Rich As you say I am sure it will fit into a TR, it was only when I started to take it to bits that I realised it was a bit of an odd one and I was stumped to think what it may have come from, But then after 55 or so years who knows what has been going on I.was pleased to pick it up as my TR3A has the thin flange, 3 scyncro box in it and I constantly embarrassing my self by selecting 1st before coming to a complete stop. George
  6. John The full number is CT35978 and as you can see from the photo it looks as if its factory made rather than made in a shed. Bob may be Atlas van? George
  7. I picked up a gearbox from a friend who was having a clear out, and at first glance it has come fron a TR4 or TR4A with the casing stamped CT. Now the odd thing is the clutch operating arm is on the offside and and has a spring loaded return plus an extra bit that would suggest cable or maybe rod operating system. So not TR! My pal thinks maybe Vanguard but is not sure, has anyone got any ideas? TVR? Daimler 250? George
  8. On our recent trip to Scotland one of the chaps had his waterpump fail without any form of warning, no noises, no water loss when we made a brief stop and less then a mile up the road it sounded like a bag of nails. On inspection the bearing had failed, I suspect a ball or roller had broken up. A similar thing happened to my Land Rover Defender some years ago, so as pumps are cheap and easy to change we had a spare in our travel kit (more by luck then judgement), three quarters of an hour later we were on our way! George
  9. Peter Thanks for the tip on the Range Rover switch, I intend fitting an electric washer pump to my 3A and like the idea of a combined switch George
  10. Hi Roger The standard version of this switch is a little suspect as the shaft is some sort of plastic, as you turn the switch you can feel the shaft twisting and I was always expecting the thing to shear. A few years back I managed to source a switch with a steel shaft which I believe came from Canley Classics, it actually operates in the opposite direction but is a much better switch George
  11. Try holding the brake pedal hard down with a length of wood between the pedal and drivers seat, (bleed nipples closed), leave it overnight or longer if you can, then test drive. You may find this solves your problem, if not it has cost nothing George
  12. harlequin

    TR-6 Hardtop

    Hi Chuck As far as I know the hardtop was never changed so any TR6 hardtop will fit any TR6 George
  13. Len If your car has a J type overdrive the gearbox exhaust bracket is very flimsy and will bend if you ground the exhaust on a speed bump, it then hold the exhaust against the chassis which results in a rattle. Best thing you can do with the bracket is throw it in the bin George
  14. Andy Silly question. You did put petrol in when you filled up? I ask because, well you can guess who has put diesel in a TR6 and it ran very rough and smoked George
  15. Phil, Rich My saloon gearbox has a different spline arrangement from that on a TR gearbox so the flange will not swap from one to the other. I got around it by having a machine shop put 4 extra drillings into the saloon flange to suit the TR propshaft, this was 20 years ago and no issues so far George
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