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  1. I have given up watching the BBC news, the whole thing has become a farce where the BBC invents a news story that suits their left wing PC agenda and then repeats it time after time throughout the day to hammer it home,. Meanwhile real news from around the world is steadfastly ignored. All very cheap and lazy journalism which is now spreading to other news broadcasting organisations. George
  2. A sign has appeared outside our local pub today with the legend 'UPCOMING BEER SHORTAGE PANIC BUY HERE' George
  3. To be fair the starter motor that got cooked was an original type, I have friends with tubular manifolds that have not had a problem but they both have the modern high torque starters. My car runs on carburettors and I found that the fuel was evaporating in stop start traffic and when parked after a good run on a hot day, I imagine this is not the case with PI George
  4. I picked up one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/cowlboy-Pullers-Universal-U-Joint-Puller/dp/B07VL11YPQ/ref=sr_1_199?dchild=1&keywords=Universal+joint+press&qid=1631999079&sr=8-199 It's a well made bit of kit but unfortunately is just a bit to big for the joints on a TR. I have been on the lookout for a smaller version but no luck so far George
  5. I was less impressed with the manifold. Things got hot under the bonnet, the starter motor cooked and couldn't be removed with the manifold in place so when I took it off to do the starter it stayed off and was replaced with the old cast iron job. I picked up the cast manifold for £20 because everyone was throwing them away and got £200 for the 6 branch thing The only change to performance was a slightly better milage figure and the car fires up straight away no matter how hot it is, proving the point that Triumph were nobody's fool when it came to designing cars. George
  6. Phoenix do a standard type system, it's a little bit louder then the factory one but not to obtrusive. It is a good fit which can't be said for some of the exhausts on the market and is good quality. Mine has been on the car for the last 12 years with no problems. George
  7. That is exactly what I now have, one each for main and dip plus a third for the driving lights that come on with main beam. I rather like how neat the wiring becomes having the fuse built into the relay George
  8. Often overlooked is the steering box, this is filled through a small hole with a rubber plug in the steering column, it's about 12" from the bottom. Use steering box oil, this is a very heavy oil and requires warming and patience to fill the box. George
  9. That will explain why the Moss chap was so knowledge on camshafts George
  10. Chris Wittor was the 1st place that I looked but at present his site only shows reground camshafts. I phoned Moss this morning and they have both CP & CR camshafts both made by Newman so I shall go for Moss as they have a deal on at the moment. I am drawn to the 280° duration CP cam but as my car runs on Stromberg carbs I wonder if this will be to much, the current cam has a duration of 260° which drives really sweetly and has good economy so maybe the 256° CR cam is a more sensible choice for what I use the car for. (This is very sad, I have used the word "sensible" while dis
  11. Scotland is very hard to beat for a road trip and Oban is a must visit place George
  12. Thank you gents for the recommendation, I have had a trawl through t'interweb and Newman do seem to have a good reputation. I have had a look at the Newman website and there is some useful info on the various materials so I now have more of an idea on what questions to ask. Typically Moss was the one big suppliers website that I didn't check, but I now see that they nolonger have stock of reground cams plus they have a deal going on. I shall phone them tomorrow to check if they are Newman camshafts. My CF car has a CP engine which has probably done 150k over the years in my own
  13. As always happens one job has developed into several. I removed the cylinder head from my TR6 to get the valve guides replaced and discovered that a cam follower is in a poor state along with one lobe of the camshaft, this camshaft is a Piper and has only done 20k miles so I am reluctant to replace it with another aftermarket item that probably won't last very long. I am thinking of going for a standard cam but the cams most of the big suppliers sell are reconditioned. So before I go for one of these can anyone advise if there has been any quality issues with recon cams or recomend a supp
  14. Rich Do you mean the adjustment screw in the centre of the by pass valve? If so you can work around it by making a solid gasket where the valves attach to the carb and plug the by pass vent holes, this will disable the by pass valve so that they will not affect the running of the engine untill you get a replacement George
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