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  1. I had the same trouble with my 1952 MG TD, it was caused by the new shoes being a bit undersize I fixed it by getting the old shoes relined. Rubbish repro parts are not exclusive to TRs George
  2. I have a similar problem with my TR6, the hole has worn oval which allows the bell crank to twist . I have done a temporary fix by shimming behind the bell crank to restric the twist and its on my list to do a proper job as described iby Ed-h http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-15/TR6-15.html George
  3. One of the things that convinced me to change to an electric pump was when a friend had left his car in his integral garage with the back end up on ramps while he was away on holiday. When he returned home the whole house reeked of petrol and he found an oily mess under the car. The diaragm in the pump had let go and the tank had drained into the sump and then leaked out through every possible orifice. He was a bit miffed at first and then realised how lucky he was that the boiler had not fired up and burnt the house down George
  4. Thanks Alan TRGB think they have one in the junk shed, I will pop along later today and have a dig. If I can't find one I will do as you suggest. George
  5. Ed From your photos I can now see that what I thought was a missing lower bracket is not the case and the later cars just did not have the clamp and are also a bit shorter John I looked at the Rimmer catalogue and saw the main picture showed the cover item 30 with the clamp/bracket but didn't notice that the individual listing for item 30 shows it without I suppose I was expecting to see alternatives for early and late cars Thank you gents part now ordered George
  6. Why not cadge a ride in a car with overdrive or even rent one for a day then you can make your mind up a minimal cost George
  7. Hi all I currently have the steering column of my CF TR6 (Nov 72) in bits and one of the jobs is to replace the broken cover that covers the wiring, my original has the front tag missing and the clamp at the bulkhead end is also gone. I picked up a good secondhand part and after repainting it did a trial fit only to find that it covers the hole for the steering lock. I checked both Rimmers and the Moss catalogues and they list the same part for all TR6 plus TR4, 4A and 5 but I suspect the later cars with a steering lock have a different part, can anyone throw some light on this?
  8. Simon When I had my MG TD sidescreens done I used Motobuild https://classiccarwebsite.com/item/moto-build/ George
  9. Richard As already mentioned your problems are probably due to the linkage which is easily checked by just disconnecting it, if it turns out that it's not the linkage, along with the buckeye wright up ed h who posts regularly on here has done an article on disabling the various emission gadgets. I found these gadgets to much effort to set up properly so using ed's article I removed them from the equation on my 72 US TR6 which has made life with Strombergs much simpler. Ed's artical is http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-20/TR6-20.html George
  10. Nice job Bob Its a whole different hobby when you work on a prewar car compared to a TR for which you can get most of the parts off the shelf George
  11. Hi Rodger DOT5 (Silicon) aerates but does not remove paint It may not remove paint but it is almost impossible to repaint an area that has been contaminated by DOT5 As for your questions I am not an expert by any means just a user of DOT5 for a long time so my 2d worth Q1 No just flush with meths Q2 No not necessary assuming quality of seals is as original Q3 Didnt happen when I changed over to DOT5 Q4 see Q2 The important thing with DOT5 is to have a bottle in the boot on a long trip because about the only place to get it on the road is a Harley dealer
  12. When I changed to DOT5 many years ago I flushed the system with methalated spirits, since then I have replaced the master cylinder and rear wheel cylinders but this was due to wear not deterioration of the seals and this was at least 5 years after I started to use DOT5 George
  13. Maybe that's the answer! If your metabolism can survive the diet Covid is a walk over George
  14. It's not just Pickled Herring that is popular in Scandinavia the weirdest fish dish is Lutefisk I have never had the courage to try it and once you have read the discription you will understand https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lutefisk George
  15. I have a son who lives in Norway so get regular updates on what is happening, when all this first began a lot of Norwegians were skiing in the Alps and anyone returning had to self isolate, my son had returned the week before the rule came in but still had to self isolate! no arguing, no but what ifs, just do it and every one did. The frontier with Sweden was closed and anyone who tried to sneak through recieved a big fine. People were told not to travel outside your local area and cars with registration plates from a different county were stopped constantly by the police to make sure the loc
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