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  1. I think its the inlet side following the slope of the engine, more than the outlet kicking up looks about right to me. Having said that I was unimpressed with the one I had the fit was OK ish but the heat and restricted access was a pain and I could not detect any noticeable performance improvement. George
  2. My rev counter is noisy if I don't get the run of the cable just right, try getting the cable as straight as you can with long bends George
  3. Past Parts would be the people to make them like new if you were in the UK, maybe someone can recomended a company in Europe. George
  4. Hi All I have just posted a list of spare parts for sale on the For Sale and Swap forum George
  5. It also happens in the UK, I think to keep dealers sales figures up. I bought a preregistered Citroen Relay in January that cost me just 2k more then the asking price of a two year old van, so it does have some benefits George
  6. Here near Huntingdon we have RAF Witon which over the last two years has become a vast car park for unsold new cars, I am told that RAF Alconbury is also being used to store new cars George
  7. I bought one like this, mine is a Chinese copy of the one produced by Tiger tools, it's s a really solid bit of kit but unfortunately the jaws are just to wide for the uj's on a TR George
  8. Disconnect the plug leads one by one with the engine running starting with number 6, if the knocking stops its a big end. George
  9. Wygco Have you considered an automatic Stag? Lots of ready to go automatics out there, nice car and Triumph. George
  10. If you book the car in to a TR garage they will do as I suggested. I have taken columns appart to do the bottom bush and found 3 top bushes which gives no problems,if anything longer bushing will hold the column steadier. George
  11. It is common practice to just knock the top bush further down the column with a bit of tube and fit a new bush above. George
  12. If you go for these type of clamp be aware that you may have to file the mating faces a bit to get them to clamp the rack tightly as the 'hole' is about the same diameter as the racks. Its what I have on my TR6 and they have been in place for 20 years fit and forget once modified George
  13. The tank should be earthed for the fuel gauge sender I have run an earth wire that connects the rear lights, numberplate light, fuel tank and the under dash earth points to the bolt on the bulkhead that the the battery earth cable is connected to. This dedicated earth circuit has improved the brightness and reliability of the lights for very little cost and effort. George
  14. My TR6 had the same issue of not drawing coolant back from the overflow bottle, it was caused by a dent in the top of the filler neck so the rad cap let in air, I did a temporary repair by filling the dent with solder and filling it back to flat. The temporary repair has now lasted about 5 years. George
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