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  1. Graham If you have raised the question about listing with your solicitor and have a written confirmation from him that the property is not listed, then there is a discussion to be had with him concerning your expenditure should you pull out. George
  2. I had a similar thing with the wood gear knob on my 6. I fixed it by drilling and tapping the knob to take a small grub screw which locks it in place George
  3. Following Ian casting doubt on the physics I did a few minutes research. Turns out Air Source Pumps will work down to -30°C, at that point the efficiency is reduced to a point where it is on a par with an electric fire. George
  4. I think its a Mitsubishi but there are lots of different makes, most houses up there have one which would not be the case if they didn't work George
  5. As a safer alternative it may be worth looking for a gutter cleaning attachment and extension wand for your jet washer George
  6. My eldest son lives in a large open plan house in rural Norway, his main source of heating is an air source heat pump backed up with a log burner. The heat is not delivered through radiators, instead they have a sort of AC unit that blows hot air around. At the moment his outside temperature is -8°C and the heat pump is working fine. This arrangement is the standard form of heating in his area as its cheap to install (a kit from the local DIY is about £3k). Ground or water source units are more efficient but more expensive. I have seen retaining walls that are hollow and full of water bei
  7. Are not all SU jets the same size for a given carb type? I believe HS6 have a 0.9mm jet It is worth phoning Burlen Fuel Systems to confirm and get new ones as they do wear George
  8. C2C runs are almost as old as automobiles, I believe the first was in America in 1909 and then ofcourse there is the Cannonball run. As you say Paul 'who cares' its just good of Paul Hogan to spend all the time and effort to organise the event. George
  9. A member of the Cambfollowers left the rear of his US TR6 up on ramps when he went on holiday. When he got back the garage floor was awash with oil and petrol. This was due to a dodgy diaphragm in the mechanical fuel pump George
  10. C2C is not exclusive to Club Triumph, the railway from London to Southend is also called the C2C (City to Coast) George
  11. Ian I have a US spec TR6, when I reinstated the carbon canister, anti run on valve and the plumbing from the tank and carb vents it certainly improved a few little problems. The big one was running on which is why I did it, but also no more sticking float chamber valves and the slight smell of fuel in the garage is gone, so I would say that yes it is to a certain extent possible to seal the tank. George
  12. I wondered what the glow on the horizon was George in Cambridgeshire
  13. Eli To get the choke to lock on remove the split pin from the clamp where the cable connects to the carb and pull the peg still attaced to the cable from the linkage, then turn the peg one revolution clockwise (looking to the front of the car) and reinsert the peg into the linkage. This puts a twist into the cable that will lock the choke in any position, to adjust the choke give it a slight twist anticlockwise and push or pull. George
  14. As Stuart has stated petrol is a blend of hydrocarbons ranging from very light highly volatile elements to heavy more waxy stuff. The fuel that our cars were designed to use had a range that was narrower then modern fuel. (Say from 100 to 200 as an example). So modern fuels have a proportion of light hydrocarbons that would in the past have been consigned to the refinery flare tower and it also in balance it has a proportion of heaver elements that would not have been in 1970's fuel, (say 50 to 250) this as we know works well in modern cars. The down side is the very light elements
  15. Thanks for the tip Ralph It's mad when you think Moss have the part made incorrectly when the proper job is available George
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