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  1. Xmas6

    Starter wiring

    OK - I’m admitting defeat here, wiring up the starter on my 74 ‘6 I find a “heavy” white and red wire and a light white and yellow wire. There’s a large and smaller terminal on the solenoid, now logic tells me the heavy wire goes to the larger terminal and the lighter (coil supply) goes to the small one - right! NO!!! If I wire it that way nothing happens, reverse it and it works! Any clues as to what I have done? I have been bu**ering about with the ignition switch but I’m reasonably sure it’s wired correctly. Cheers Neil
  2. Xmas6


    Easy to install use a socket as you say, the first goes against the shoulder in the bore and the second goes flush with the end of the bore - self evident when you see it cheers Neil
  3. Xmas6


    Hi Gareth Just replaced mine at the weekend - the old black ones were as hard as h*ll. Your right about the placement of the seals - remember the orientation of the lip seals inside the pedestal. Either buy or make (cornflakes packet) a new pedestal gasket. Hope all goes well. Cheers Neil
  4. Xmas6

    First Start Help

    Hi Keith i’m at the same stage, I got it to fire by injecting some petrol using a syringe at the weekend, then it started running -wheeee!!! The neighbours must have thought I’d gone crazy (er) dancing round the garage! I think the fuel takes time to get round to the injectors - it just takes time - keep cranking. hope it works. cheers Neil
  5. Wait till swmbo is out and stick them in the dish washer - works great for most alloy parts ( if you don’t get caught) neil
  6. Hi all after umpteen years i’m now trying to get the engine to run and after a few timing issues i’ve found there are leaks from the MU hose connections. What I need are the sizes of all the ‘O’ rings used on the system. I’ve tried a search but got bogged down - is there a link? I’d also like some advice on which material to use, I’m well used to Viton from a past life and would be my first choice as I’ve found ptfe rings “ creep” under pressure but I’m open to others advice and experience. Please encourage my laziness or it’s a strip down and measure. Thanks in advance Neil
  7. Xmas6

    CF TR6

    Why not repaint them yourself - I masked off the outer edge, sprayed without primer using a “rattle can” waited for it to dry and used a rag soaked in thinners to remove the paint on the front of the bezel. Some trial and error was needed to get the right effect. Cheers Neil
  8. Hi all - not one for concourse or overly fussy types but I’ve found Hammerite smooth red paint is a pretty near match to Pimento. Handy for small chips etc in the boot and engine bay. It works for me Cheers Neil
  9. Xmas6

    Cheap PRV

    Hi all - I’m in the process of installing a Sytec fuel pump and need to install a new PRV, however, being frugal (tight) I’ve been looking at cheap Chinese units at around fifteen quid. Has anyone out there any experience or recommendation on which valve to use and where to obtain it? The original unit is u/s and not ideally suited to the “Bosch” type pump. All suggestions gratefully received. Cheers Neil.
  10. Hi all I went along this road with a Corsa unit but eventually gave up due to the space restrictions under the dash and fitting the steering lock -even considered aSaab type “remote” lock. This thread has got my thoughts going again and thinking - is there any reason apart from the heat from the manifold, why the electric unit cannot be mounted on the steering shaft in the engine bay? There appears to be sufficient room for the unit and any required bracketed. All thoughts gratefully received. Cheers Neil
  11. Xmas6

    PI PRV diagram

    OK - I know I shouldnt have bu**ered about with it but can any one tell me where I can get a photo or a diagramme of the inners of the later fuel pressure relief valve - just to make sure ive got it right. Promise I wont do it again! Cheers Neil
  12. When I checked my injectors I didn`t fancy petrol being sprayed for all the above reasons, I made up a test rig using an old disposable gas container for a blowtorch and used compressed air and paraffin (someone will have a comment or two - both about pressure vessels and paraffin) This seemed to work quite well but i havn`t started the engine yet. Any comments? Cheers Neil
  13. Hi Pete I'm installing it on my "bare"car and taking 'photos of the process and I'll do a post when it's done Cheers Neil
  14. Hi all I`m installing electric power steering on my `6 and am wondering why there is a flexible coupling between the upper and lower coloumn - is this a Triumph cost saving method or is there a technical reason why a universal joint couldn`t be used? Any thoughts? Cheers Neil
  15. Xmas6

    Body to chassis

    Hi All At long last I`m about to mate the body tub to the chassis, both are straight and unmolested so it should be straightforward - pause for laughter! I`ve ordered a body fitting kit from the TR Shop but am confused as to what shims etc. to use initially. My understanding is that the slotted alloy shims are used to correct door gaps - is that correct? I`d be grateful for any help or guidance on this. Cheers Neil
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