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  1. Thank all - legally obtained so I’ll go the stick route! I’m just trying to avoid asking stupid and obvious questions and overloading kind forumites (is that even a real word? ) cheers all Neil
  2. Hi all - I want to access the technicalities cd but realised I don’t have a machine to play it on! Is it available online or do I need to ask various relatives and friends for an “old” laptop. thanks and stay safe Cheers Neil
  3. Having read this diatribe I find it curious that all the comments are from “ Little England”, as a native Scot who voted against separation last time, l find the personal comments about our First Minister from a nation who inflicted Margret Thatcher to Boris Johnston on us a little rich. Scotland is a different nation with different values to England and since the devolution referendum, has had another Tory government and Brexit imposed on us against the majority vote of our country. Since the Thatcher years “Scottish oil” has kept the UK afloat, I believe that the largest earning exp
  4. New Binky release today from the lads at long last- final painting cheers Neil
  5. Hi - I did mine a few months ago, I think it worked out ok. Bought vinyl on flea bay for about £10.00 (tried a few samples to get what I wanted) a few attempts were made and peeled off before I was satisfied with the results. I also trimmed the switch plinth and the H frame - not happy with it so I’ll revisit it. I would recommend using Evostick spray contact adhesive and getting a hot air gun (mine was from Screwfix) and just try it, you have little to lose and it’s quite satisfying and frustrating at the same time! let me know if you need more info or photos. cheers
  6. Hi all - changing the injector “O” rings one of the wire rings went ‘ping’ - it’s not lost I just can’t find it!! Is there any reason not to use normal circlips to retain the inners of the injector? Its not an lmmediate problem as I robbed one of my spare injectors. cheers Neil
  7. Xmas6

    Workshop manual

    Don’t forget the excellent Moss parts book helped me out many times during my rebuild! cheers Neil
  8. Hi- I fitted a fan from a Vectra on a home made bracket in front of the radiator and soldered the temp. switch to the bottom radiator tank. Not been used in anger yet but appears to give a good flow of air. Seems cheap and efficient so far. cheers Neil
  9. I feel I should apologise for starting this and inflicting this on you gentle people!! Neil
  10. Hi all. Having made the decision to go dot5 silicone brake fluid on my ‘6 can anyone guide me on the required capacity for the brake and clutch systems? The systems are “new” so no (hopefully) no flushing required. Cheers Neil
  11. Hi - another 9-3 vert owner bought through an eBay low “punt” almost by mistake. Great car and a wonderful drive. To gauge the value try eBay looking at similar cars and compare the asking prices. cheers Neil
  12. On a different vein still using household products on ‘normal’ cars use liquid shoe polish for greying plastic, works well and the overspray is easily wiped off. try it cheers Neil
  13. Hi all I’m sure this has been covered in the past but after various searches I can’t find it- I’ve found an ‘06 plate MX5 in my local pre owned spare parts emporium (scrappy) with a pair of reasonable seats in it, my trouble is whether this is a mk.2.5 or mk.3. how can I tell if the seats will fit my ‘6? Cheers Neil
  14. Hi - did mine a few months ago - I had to split the unit carefully with a junior hacksaw, replaced the felt and glued them back together. I got a “sample” bit of felt on flea bay for about a quid. cheers Neil
  15. Hi all Mikalor stainless clamps are listed in the Car Builder Solutions catalogue (a great read!!) , l think I got mine through RS a few years back. cheers Neil
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