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  1. Xmas6

    MX5 seats

    Hi all I’m not at the stage of fitting seats yet but have been looking on flea bay and see mk. 2.5 mx5 seats - are they suitable? cheers Neil
  2. Hi again - thanks for your help I searched on google and found the info on another site but would still like to be able to search “our” forum more effectively! cheers Neil
  3. Hi all - I’m trying to get information about the cable (speedo, rev counter, heater etc) routes through the bulkhead of my ‘6. I’m sure there is some info on the forum but I cannot access it through the search function, I try cable routes etc and get every post with those two words in them! I’ll accept I’m probably a bit thick, as a mechanical engineer if I can’t hit it with a hammer I’m lost, can anyone supply an idiots guide to refining the search? Thanks in advance and please be gentle with me Cheers Neil
  4. Xmas6

    Heater “tag”

    Thanks guys I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that cheers Neil
  5. Xmas6

    Heater “tag”

    Kind of a daft question but what is the tag/bracket on the front of the heater for? I’m fitting the dash and wiring and keep noticing this light metal thing welded onto the heater body but can’t see any use for it - any answers please? cheers Neil
  6. Plus 1 for Stuart and the trakrite - been using one for years very simple and accurate cheers Neil
  7. Xmas6

    TR6 Switch Plinth

    Just recovered the crash pads dash top and plinth with leather effect vinyl from flea bay and aerosol glue from Screwfix. I’m reasonably pleased with the pads but still trying to get the plinth right, I’m not giving up yet! The vinyl was about £9.00 a meter so it’s cheap enough to try several times to get it right cheers Neil
  8. Hi I’ve used plastic pipe as used on “ modern” cars with either olive type fittings or barbed fittings with correctly sized double ear compression type clips. What is the thinking on this as the car is still under restoration and not yet on the road. cheers Neil
  9. Slightly “off topic” - I seem to remember details of an adaptor plate to use standard Denso starters on “our” cars, there was a company supplying them and also dimensions for making them. Has anyone got any details of this or is it just my old age kicking in? Cheers and keep safe Neil
  10. Hi all - I’ve refinished the dash and recovered the crash pads & dash top and am about to assemble it all. My query is if there is a “sequence” in refitting the tin dash, crash pads and wooden plank? All hints and pointers gratefully received. Cheers and keep safe Neil
  11. Xmas6

    Tr6 Air Vents

    Hi just completed one - cut through at the join carefully with a junior hacksaw, making sure not to cut the “tabs”,cut out strips of felt, about 10mm for the rear and 5mm for the front. Glued in the fly with evostick type glue. I used hotmelt glue to stick the two halves back together trimmed it off and looks and feels good. I think the later type are all plastic with no metal bits. Hope this helps. Cheers Neil
  12. Xmas6

    Tr6 Air Vents

    Just doing this on my balls (oo er missus) ordered felt on fleabay I’ll let you know ho it works. I split the housing for access cheers Neil
  13. Hi all I’m about to fit the screen frame, once I get the seal fitted (several hands required), and wondered what the smart advise on using a sealant under the seal was? I was considering using non setting black roof mastic - any other suggestions? cheers Neil
  14. Hi all - I’ve been stripping the screen frame on my ‘6 with a wire wheel on the grinder and discovered rust ‘spiders’ under seemingly sound paint! This reminded me of similar spiders found on other BL cars in the eighties - 2200 and princesses, is it just the s##t steel in use then? Any clues why these appear and suggested cures? I’ve taken it back to bare metal and slathered it with Kurust for now. Cheers Neil
  15. Xmas6

    Starter wiring

    OK - I’m admitting defeat here, wiring up the starter on my 74 ‘6 I find a “heavy” white and red wire and a light white and yellow wire. There’s a large and smaller terminal on the solenoid, now logic tells me the heavy wire goes to the larger terminal and the lighter (coil supply) goes to the small one - right! NO!!! If I wire it that way nothing happens, reverse it and it works! Any clues as to what I have done? I have been bu**ering about with the ignition switch but I’m reasonably sure it’s wired correctly. Cheers Neil
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