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  1. Just caught the end of a repeat of that episode and spotted it. Paul
  2. My former almost new Ford Focus was involved in an unusual collision a few years ago. It was parked on a military site when it was impacted by an unmanned army ambulance. Someone has forgotten to apply the handbrake on the ambulance and it rolled downhill, stopping with its collision into my car. That was an interesting claim form to complete. No drivers involved.
  3. During the earlier parts of the crisis I noted that Sainsbury’s always required customers to pick up their trolleys from the storage area and queue with the trolley for maybe 20 minutes outside before getting to the trolley cleaning point. During that time you would be touching your face etc as we all do regularly. Others retailers such as M&S or Aldi handed you a cleaned trolley at the door. I pointed it out to Sainsbury’s customer services but it was like I was from another planet. last week in Sainsbury’s there was a man, probably in his late 50’s without a face covering.
  4. By chance in following another story I came across this Space heaters link. It’s American but still may be helpful in explaining the types of garage heaters available. Paul
  5. That seems to work on the same principle as a Trombe solar wall which I recall learning of at polytechnic almost 40 years ago. The heat gain occurs outside and is carried inside. Just did a quick search and this link came up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trombe_wall and https://greenpassivesolar.com/2010/07/passive-solar-partial-trombe-wall-house/#:~:text=A Trombe wall is an indirect method of,absorb the winter sun’s heat energy all day. This system seems to lack the heavy thermal mass Paul
  6. Are you sure about that Mick, I’ve seen figures of between 50 and 80 million stated. Paul
  7. This is my 4A just after its interior retrim 16 years ago, though the front seats and the back seat base were original and untouched. Trim colour is the original midnight blue to match the Wedgewood blue exterior Paul
  8. Great set of photographs Don, and a beautiful car. Does anyone know what those chrome looking strips are on the side of the windscreen frame, appearing to be the top of the weather seal. Paul
  9. By coincidence I checked several lottery tickets that were in my wallet this morning. Unfortunately it was the usual. No results. Still, a fabulous car to whoever buys it. are those original seats in it as they look like Revington seats. Or did Revington base theirs on original works seats. Paul
  10. Hi John, thanks for that additional advice for my hopefully next trip to Sorrento. You might be able to watch the tv program from Australia on https://www.my5.tv/ but might need a VPN to mask your location if they restrict it to UK viewers. Paul
  11. Hopefully people have noted the current series on Channel 5 called ‘Walking Britain’s Roman Roads’. Tonight’s episode ( three of six) was on the north east covering Dere Street and Stanegate. The former covering from York to near Edinburgh and The latter following Hadrian’s Wall. It can be seen on My5 catch up TV if you missed it. It covered Piercebridge, Corbridge and Vindolanda amongst other places. I've been to Pompei and Herculaneum twice and loved them both. I’d particularly to go back to the area again and see Baia which John mentions myself. It was the pleasure palace
  12. I personally sent the following in an email to my father a couple of days ago. Fancy an Austin 7 in need of a bit of work? Look at this link on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154094461394 Get a fibreglass sports for it to make it look like this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114401343920 and away we go. He’s in his mid 80’s so it will not happen but I recall being dropped off at junior school in his Austin 7 many years ago, and having to push it once in front of mates. Paul
  13. If it is an iPad first edition / one then it’s ten years old which is doing well for modern electronics, though most Apple products do generally have a long working life. My first iPhone was a 3GS (dating from 2009 but bought second hand) still works in the hands of a family member though about to be retired for a newer used model. I currently use a 6s (from 2015) again bought second hand, running the latest iOS 14 and meets all of my needs. hope you can find a way to work on the forum John. that whatismybrowser link is handy and revealed an additional tweak to make on my setting
  14. Works fine on my iPad as per this post. Click in the reply box and type away. Scroll down ( pop up keyboard might be in the way), press ‘submit reply’ and it just works. Paul and post posting editing also works as per this post. To add though, I’m on a two year old iPad Pro with the latest IOS 14 but it’s always worked even when on earlier OS versions.
  15. I have a D3 page on the Apple news App saved on my iPad so have seen a fair number of articles querying whether there is anything to D3 in various publications. Here’s a typical one in our own local newspaper. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/vitamin-d-keep-you-safe-18690173 Paul
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