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  1. The principle of a condensing boiler is that it extracts that extra heat that would otherwise go up the flue and uses it to heat the water. The subsequent lower temperature in the flue gas can condense into acid which is why they have a drain off to an external gulley. It's partly why they are much more efficient that an old cast iron back boiler or similar. They also have smaller thin walled heat exchanger pipes for greater heat transfer but these, and the flue fan and the electronics that goes with them can be the reasons why they have a lower life span than the older technology. I have
  2. Went to Alnmouth on the Northumberland coast today to meet some family members for an early birthday do for my mother. Passed Northumberlandia on the way (saw the big breasts on the way back though - thought that might get your attention) and up the spine road passing several beautiful golden sandy beaches. Went through lovely Warkworth with its fantastic castle (not my photo here) and up to Alnmouth. I've been going for decades but it was recently subject to the BBC series Villages by the sea - available on iPlayer and was described as the prettiest place to see f
  3. Hi Roger, same car (TR4A), same Nikon camera and second telephoto lens, and go to similar places on holiday ( west Scotland - am there now). Coincidence. Paul
  4. Here's some previous forum posts I'd saved before I went the Marx seal myself 4Cyl TR Rear Crank Seal - General TR Technical Link 1 MARX TYPE crankshaft seal Link 2 Oil leaks Link 3 POSSIBLE REAR MAIN BEARING CAP OIL LEAK Link 4 rear oil seal mandrel Link 5 I bought mine from London TR Shop to ensure it was the genuine thing. Paul
  5. I have seen the other post thanks. Nice to see more photos of many places I’ve been to, many several times, though I’ve not been to Islay or Jura yet. Shame the weather looks a bit overcast for you all. There’s five members of the Northumbria group in Scotland this month and at least two on Skye this week. Myself, I took the weekly shop over to an ageing inlaw yesterday using the TR as the weather was good. On the way back we popped by a family friends ( outside only) whose dad had been wanting to see the TR for some time. I ended up giving him a ride, top down. I’d not seen
  6. Keep the photos coming Mike if you can please as it brings joy. The west coast of Scotland is my favourite place and we’re off there ourselves shortly. Paul
  7. Have just looked at Chapmans Well on Google Earth, StreetView and there’s several old cars outside of a building so I assume that’s the place. Paul
  8. There might be useful information on dash reflections in this Old post Paul
  9. According to this article in https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/classic-car-better-than-cash-in-the-bank-sub-%c2%a310000-models/ar-AANNs9p?ocid=msedgntp that I spotted, the TR7 has risen in value by 17% in the last year. Paul
  10. A few years ago a friends very old cat disappeared and could not be found. It wasn't very well and after searching for a while my friend went out and got a replacement cat for free. A couple of years later he found that someone a few streets away had been looking after it and paying the huge vet bills it had needed. He wasn't upset at all. Paul
  11. Just been reading the News App on my iPad and an article in The Independent suggests: The best password managers in the UK for 2021 are: Best for Chrome users – Google Password Manager: Free, Passwords.google.com Best for simplicity – NordPass: Free, Nordpass.com Best for mobile – 1Password: From $2.99 per month, 1Password.com Best for security – Dashlane: From £2.40 per month, Dashlane.com Best for families – LastPass: From £2.60 per month, Lastpass.com Best free password manager – Bitwarden: Free, you should be able to find the article on the newsp
  12. And I just found my stainless steel GB stick on letters earlier this week. They were bought and put somewhere safe in the garage and like some other things, not seen again for years. Paul
  13. We’re hoping to visit Mull ourselves again later in the year, but in the modern car as part of a bigger trip. It’s a great place for eagle and buzzard spotting. Some of the roads aren’t great and we have caught the bottom in our modern car before. Let us know how you got on in the TR. Paul
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