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  1. With the depth of filler shown on those photos Stuart, would the boot lock actually offer much security?. If I recall, it's security is based around two pins on the boot handle slotting into the skin of the door. If that skin is soft filler then a slight pressure on opening the boot will force the lock to spin and the boot to open even when locked with the key. Or am I wrong? Paul
  2. Is that the upper (T shirt?) as seen at https://parts.trgb.co.uk/collections/chassis-and-bodywork/products/chassis-breast-plate-upper-tr4a-6 Does it fit without obstruction and does it make a noticeable difference in rigidity? Paul
  3. TRGB's web site indicates that 'All major TR chassis work is carried out on our fully equipped jig, which we can repair or fully rebuild all TR2/3/4/5/6 chassis on. Customers can view the work in progress at any time'. So there's still at least two UK suppliers with chassis jigs. Paul
  4. That's an ideal solution and a very helpful photo so thanks Graeme. I imagine the Honeybourne and Revington backlights are pretty similar so I could buy part from each as all Revington would be an expensive route. I suspect with Safety Devices bar there's a chance of banging your head on the bar. I'm quite long in the spine so the (MX5) seat are low and fully pushed back and my head is pretty close to the roofline. Paul
  5. Stuart, Any idea what make their bar is or whether the owner has any photos that they can post. Paul
  6. Having had a cocker, don’t they make it steam up quicker? Ours certainly had that affect on the passenger side window of our modern car. paul.
  7. I believe that's from the film 'A Golden TR4' as seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIBDc9JQjfc look at around three minutes in. Wouldn't want to do it in a 4A. Paul
  8. I bought mine from https://www.dry-it-out.com/dry/garage-workshop.html after reading a similar post four years ago. The model I bought is no longer listed but it’s a decent unit and around £100 you might also find some information at https://www.meaco.com/dehumidifier Paul
  9. I was having very early thoughts of buying one of these in order to accommodate a Revington TR roll over bar https://www.revingtontr.com/product/rtr9148-1bk/name/rob-road-tr4a-6-hard-top-no-diagonal that I was thinking of buying (as well as fitting a rear firewall Mick). I have an original steel backlight (left on at all times) and metal hardtop (rarely fitted) but have a recollection that I would have to grind some of the backlight away to fit the bar under and would rather not damage an original item. It seems that the Honeybourne item will involve a bit more effort and skill that I'd thought so will look into it a bit more. Paul
  10. It looks to me as if someone is just packaging up LED lamps with bodies and selling them on. The quality and performance of the LED lamp is unknown at this point so give them a try. Personally, I'd read this link first https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/67915-headlight-bulbs/&tab=comments#comment-606839 Paul
  11. Is there no rattling noises from that metal bar on the two metal risers for the headrests? Paul
  12. I read on one of the numerous posts on IRS hubs that current reproduction ( not refurbished) ones from Moss Europe we’re the best source. Is that still correct as I need one? Paul
  13. Is there any chance that Triumph saloon trailing arms could be mistaken for TR items or are they also of the same specification? One of my two spare trailing arms has Stanpart written on the side but not the other. There’s also three rows of text, the first being the numbers 307053 then what I think is V2969 and then something I can’t read. Hoping it’s a suitable replacement. Paul
  14. Okay, as I need a new TR4A one and have two in my stash but don’t know / recall their origin. Paul
  15. Interesting, out of curiosity are the TR5 trailing arms the same as the TR4A ones? Paul
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