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  1. Depending upon how far it is, you might be able to use a Smart Home system which has door contacts and PIR’s. They can use Google, Alexa or Apple HomePod technology to communicate via Bluetooth or WiFi to your phone, often via a hub. The hub needs power and might typically be in your house. Paul
  2. Hamish i had my over 55 jab this afternoon as well. Got a phone call from the local doctor offering a cancellation so took it - no affect so far. I’m jealous of your cream tea but jam on first is the way to go in my opinion. I do have to add that a true Cornish pastie is infinitely better than the rubbish you get elsewhere. Paul
  3. See also https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/66117-well-thats-not-good/ For head repairs Paul
  4. As a slight drift I just want to add that in just about every post I’ve looked at tonight in the 4/4A and Technical forums Stuart has posted a helpful response. Thanks Stuart for passing on your experience and knowledge to all. It also keeps us all going in these difficult times. Paul
  5. I have tried to book my vaccination online several times and had problems each time. The 'select a date' box had no dates listed but if you press back and then go forwards again sometimes they mysteriously appear. On the last attempt I managed to arrange the dates and times of both doses and got to final confirmation box whereupon it said that one of my bookings was no longer available but it did not tell me which so I could not try to rearrange that one. Essentially the online system was complete ****. I phoned up out of frustration and the person I spoke to said it kept crashing for th
  6. Wear to the drive shaft for the oil pump? Not something I’m personally familiar with but I read about it in the ‘How to improve your TR’ book. Paul
  7. Door impact bars were discussed recently on this TR6 link Paul
  8. PaulAnderson


    Is it not a case that it’s an offence to disturb bats and the challenge it to determine what that disturbance means in practice, hence why it’s best to consult an expert. I suspect that property maintenance would be allowed but there might be conditions as when the best time of year to do that work would be, so as to minimise disturbance potential. Paul
  9. Last weekend I went to a different branch of Aldi for my parents food shopping (they want it from Aldi and not from where I shop) and it was absolute hell. Massively overcrowded in the first aisle, no patience from other customers and hence little social distancing. I told two people to back off when they were a foot away and leaning past to reach things. I complained to the first member of staff I saw that it was far too crowded and the response was that it was controlled by head office. Appalling. I complained again at the till. Over the next couple of days it was in the news that the
  10. My understanding is that because of the thermal masses and relatively low temperatures involved, underfloor heating needs a long preheat time and is not responsive to rapid occupancy needs. Often it’s on all of the time. It also needs to be on a different control circuit to one that may have say radiators on it as they have such different responses. Paul
  11. Jason, you may find this forum post link Honeybourne backlight which was initiated by Rich of some use. I asked a related query myself though I have an original metal backlight. There's a link to several earlier posts on the subject there as well. Rich, That looks nice, best colour as well in my opinion - wedgewood blue. Paul
  12. Roger, same question from me. Paul
  13. Aren't we all ultimately doomed anyway due to the over riding issue of planetary over population ? https://populationmatters.org/the-facts Paul
  14. I tried mine and only found two shots, one of which was on the Forum, suggesting that any ANPR is not great. I was aware that it had been photographed by other people before so went looking for one I liked. Hopefully this pasted link works https://goo.gl/maps/SXCUYi1FHLmCDC2k6 Taken when we were visiting a nice tea room near to Belsay Hall which we visit often. Paul
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