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  1. I’d be very interested if you do have one thanks. Paul
  2. Is this a new finisher trim or one you already had? I ask because I’ve sought one for some time Rear Chrome finisher though in practice the hard top has not been on the car in many years. I’d still be very interested if an original or direct replacement were available. Paul
  3. Just thought I'd reply quoting this post and then the photos might stay for the benefit of others even if they are deleted by Marco. Paul
  4. Rich, the problem is that the Forum's search facility does not find three letter words such as PCV. Try an external google search instead by typing the following criteria into their search page site:https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/forum/5-tr44a-forum/ TR4A PCV That google search of the TR4/4a forum gets lots of finds containing TR4A and PCV that should answer your question. You could also try another search on the Technical forum in case people have posted there.. Paul PS. I have the original PCV valve on my 4A and it seems to work fine. And you can try the above search with TR4 instead of 4A and get more finds,
  5. On my browser home page today there was a Microsoft motoring section and in it https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/lewis-hamilton-s-dad-is-selling-this-amazing-collection-of-classic-cars/ss-BB16Ky9i?ocid=msedgntp#image=1 a reference to Lewis Hamilton's dad's car sale. Several TR's in the auction including a couple of TR3A's, a TR5, TR8, plus an Italia and a couple of Swallow Doretti's. If that link does not work try this one https://www.motoringresearch.com/slideshow/anthony-hamilton-classic-car-collection-silverstone-auctions/ or directly at the auction site at https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/news/18-classic-and-modern-cars-on-offer-direct-from-the-private-collection-of-anthony-hamilton Paul
  6. With last nights UK change in face covering policy for shops I’ve just heard a metropolitan police officer on the TV indicating that having shop keepers putting up signs like this ( no face covering, no entry) is the sort of things he wants to see happen. He also wanted the use of face coverings in place now and not in 10 days time. Paul
  7. Wedgewood blue with a midnight blue interior are a great combination. https://www.john-skinner.co.uk/triumph/tr4a/ It’s what my TR4A is. If you need material for interior trimming however we seem to be less well served with only Skinners seemingly selling midnight blue material. Paul.
  8. The Independent newspaper apparently reported on vitamin D yesterday which I’ve just read on the Apple News app on my iPad. Here’s the link https://apple.news/ArzuWcwG2SmaEe5Q4g4CagQ though I couldn’t find it on their actual web site. The Apple News article is dated yesterday and indicates the following: Health officials have said there is "no evidence" to suggest that vitamin D supplements can prevent or treat Covid-19.In May, research from Ireland and the US found that coronavirus patients with high vitamin D levels are more likely to survive the disease, leading to calls for an increase in supplementation.A number of unsubstantiated reports claiming that "mega doses" of vitamin D can stave off the virus have also appeared online during the pandemic. But the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice), which examined five studies on vitamin D, have since concluded there is no evidence to support taking supplements to reduce the risk or severity of Covid-19. Paul Chrisp, director of the Centre for Guidelines at Nice, said: "While there are health benefits associated with vitamin D, our rapid evidence summary did not identify sufficient evidence to support the use of vitamin D supplements for the treatment or prevention of Covid-19. We know that the research on this subject is ongoing, and Nice is continuing to monitor new published evidence." And experts from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition said that current evidence does not support vitamin D supplementation to prevent acute respiratory tract infections - or infections of the sinuses, throat, airways or lungs - in the general UK population. But the review stressed the importance of vitamin D for bone and muscle health. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium and phosphate, which keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. it goes on further Paul
  9. this seems to have similar discussion points to this thread which I've just found when looking at rust solutions. Paul
  10. Is it these stub axle strengtheners http://www.triumphspecialtuning.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=87 which is available from TR Enterprises in the UK? I have them fitted to my TR4A and have had no issues. Paul
  11. Out of interest, following mention on another thread of IWE 2010 I was browsing my old photographs and noted the roll over bar installed in BST 824 (Beastie) of Tony Sheach as now uploaded to Flickr and posted in by link below I note that his roll over bar seems to fit reasonably high in the backlight though is straight and hence not the Revington one I was considering. It will likely be a full rally roll over bar and the diagonal brace is evident. He has the Revington rally seas as well which are lower than MX5 seats so would be beneficial. I'd considered them a while ago but my partner will not entertain them as there is no recliner / back adjustment. Paul
  12. I have quite a few more photographs from IWE 2010 and could upload those to Flickr (now that I've upgraded my account and no longer have a limit) and post them here if anyone wants. I remember seeing the MEWP and wishing I had that high level shot looking down on the cars. Paul
  13. Here's some photographs from IWE 2010, showing both cars indoors and outdoors though I seem to have more of 928HP outdoors, including a short movie though you may have to click on the link to my Flickr page for it to work, or maybe not, Paul
  14. Isn’t that why the forthcoming Tesla truck is so angular and hence hideous to look at. Paul
  15. Oaties / Hob knobs are really lovely ( chocolate free) and quite addictive but are beaten by M&S pastacio and almond cookies. Simply the best. when I visited my parents a couple of months ago I was offered and tried Cadbury’s chocolate fingers. Haven’t had one in 20 years and was surprised how nice it was. I could see the suffering in my dads face when I had a few more as he wanted them all himself. He’s quite a chocoholic. Paul
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