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  1. Here’s a good newspaper article on what went wrong with privatisation of the water companies
  2. We went to English Heritage's site Belsay Hall & Castle in Northumberland today for the NECPWA's classic car show. There were a few TR owners there and the weather was fantastic. Here's a few photographs of the day.
  3. We went for a trip out to Corbridge in Northumberland and found when we got back that we'd lost the letter "i" from the Triumph name on the bonnet. I'll have to buy a replacement letter Please wait while image is uploading...
  4. You might also find some interesting comments on this much older post and its own links or this one ( am getting strange duplicates of links so hope that works. As posted in another link I purchased a system from eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/235022478156?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=gnvCGhCvRzm&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=4URzF6V3RUK&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY it’s basically a switch, relay and two diodes, pre-wired. Paul
  5. if you got it from the ice cream shop on the harbour side of the road then its the former public toilet. Hasnt stopped us enjoying a few ice creams there. It’s very nice, my partner liking the black cherry or mango yogurt versions, strawberry or raspberry traditional ices for me.
  6. A terrible idea, palm oil production is terrible for the planet https://www.wwf.org.uk/updates/8-things-know-about-palm-oil
  7. I suspect that is either very out of date ( efficiency improves every year) or anti solar rhetoric. Is it not like the lies told about EV’s e.g. here . A friend recently had a heat pump installed along with solar PV and battery storage to power it. He’s almost electricity bill free and while it’s quite new he still sometimes even gets an income from selling electricity to the grid. His system also charges his electric car which gives him free mileage. It’s just a standard system on a 80’s three bedroom semi. The heat pump was largely paid for by a government grant, installed by Octopus
  8. John, Don't install solar storage batteries in the loft, put them outside instead. There’s lots of information on that including this YouTube video by eFixx. Paul
  9. I agree that this needs looking at but add that some modern rear lights can also cause glare to following traffic, especially on those modern cars with full width LED light bars across the back. When they brake as well it’s just blinding. I similarly find the quantity, brightness and frequency of parked police vehicles to be an issue. Yes they’re there to get noticed and make you slow down but with so many lamps flashing they’re far too blinding. That MSN link of Keith mentions Specsavers anti glare driving glasses. While browsing in M&S a couple of weeks ago I noted that thei
  10. I’m reading this on my iPad and out of curiosity typed Bari into the Apple Maps app to see where it is. I was surprised to see that it offers a Flyover view option, not something I’d seen before. Separately, while I usually avoid all other things Google, and still having to remove their cookies on a daily basis, I occasionally look at possible destinations on Google maps Streetview option. It gives an appreciation of street level views of unfamiliar locations, which may be useful for driving or sometimes just to help decide whether it’s worth going Paul
  11. I used to have trips onto Bute when holidaying nearby with my family almost 50 years ago and couldn’t remember much of it so wanted to revisit. We still only had a couple of days there so didn’t see much, arriving from the Colintraive ferry at the north end and leaving by the islands capital Rothesay to Wemyss bay ferry. The historic house Mount Stuart was magnificent and well worth visiting. See their web site here. We also visited the historic Victorian public toilets in Rothesay. The island is definitely worth a visit in my opinion but with so many lovely places in Scotland to see it
  12. My most similar photograph, on the ferry to Isle of Bute while on the return path from the NC500 in 2017
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