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  1. If anyone is interested I've noted that there is an online talk tomorrow evening on the subject of 'The Stainmore road, its unique Roman camps, and Venutius’s war', by Mike Haken, the Roman Roads Research Association's chairman. Details can be seen on Eventbrite (click on word for link) Paul
  2. I got the price from the pricing matrix on their web site where even now it still states £380. Perhaps they need to update the web document. Paul
  3. Looking at the two individual web page descriptions, it looks very much like it. I forgot to add above, the failure of a new Moss hub on that TR6 is quite concerning as that was my item of choice if I need a new one. Paul
  4. I have a noise from the rear corner on my own TR4A, on what is a quite new hub with only a few hundred miles on it. The source has not yet been fully investigated but a hub problem is a possibility. It's a rotational noise when moving under load (and changes on left or right hand turns) but not when the back wheel is jacked up. I did some research on hubs and their suppliers before it was replaced and have just updated my list based upon this thread in case it's of any help to others. TR GB currently has Part Number: TKC853/CV – ‘pair of half shafts with constant velocity jo
  5. As Tony indicated, is it not the blanking plate on backwards. See this previous Post it’s an easy mistake I made myself some years ago Paul
  6. Possibly some useful comment on this Posting Paul
  7. If anyone is interested in Roman military equipment then I’d suggest that a good place to go is Corbridge Roman site where you can see the best preserved Roman armour in their excellent museum as part of the Hoard discovered there. Corbridge isn’t on the wall itself but rather guards the Dere Street Roman road crossing of the river Tyne just south of the wall. The first Time Capsule video on that page is informative on the armour. I personally like the Lanx tray as seen on the third video. I’ve seen the original now held in the British museum. Paul
  8. Waldi, When we travel to the west coast of Scotland from the Newcastle area we typically stay in Callander, west of Stirling. Then north west via Crianlarich and Tyndrum and north over the fabulous Rannoch Moor before entering the equally fabulous Glencoe. If you're going to Oban you would turn west at Tyndrum. The last time we went all of our favourite B&B's in Callander were full so we stayed at Springfield Lodge Bed and Breakfast (springfieldlodgebandb.co.uk) in Stirling and it was lovely, with views over the William Wallace Memorial. We've also stayed at Alloa in Garvally H
  9. Hi Waldi, We communicated by PM in 2019 and 2020 over routes and accommodation with me suggesting that places along the official route accepting one night’s stay only might be challenging to find, though some obviously do provide that service. It can be popular so booking ahead is advisable. If you’re arriving in the UK to the east of Newcastle then you’re in the heart of the Northumbria Group area. Unless you want to see Newcastle with it’s beautiful streets https://flic.kr/p/2mZRhci and riverside https://flic.kr/p/236crLt and https://flic.kr/p/cNe7Cy https://mailchi.mp/n
  10. Remember when prodding in the tap opening to have the radiator cap off, to allow air into the system to replace the water and crud that you want out. If you don’t not a lot will come out. Paul
  11. All sorts of expletives…… that’s both amazing and terrifying. Looks quite hazardous for the photographers. Paul
  12. I suppose it may also depend upon the manufacturer of the mild steel system. I can’t speak from experience for the TR as it’s always been stainless but I’ve had an manufacturers exhaust in my modern last ten years but in my partners car a non OEM replacement can last only two or three years. Interesting that a battery can be the same as I’ve had three original batteries last more than ten years - don’t believe in changing cars regularly. My TR’s exhaust has been fine but the central box ( twin pipe system) has been replaced twice due to grounding. welcome back Roger. Paul
  13. John, you have a biker friendly cafe a bit closer to home, in Keswick. See The Filling Station. Having said that, there’s other cafe’s with nicer views in the Lake District. Paul
  14. In case readers are not aware Racestorations sell a split gearbox cover in fibreglass. It’s Here or with additional access holes Here Paul
  15. I knew I'd contributed to forum posts on this in the past so here's a few links as a starting point. One discusses how to search for other posts on the subject. REPLACEMENT SEATS - TR4/4A Forum post 1 low level seats TR4a - TR4/4A Forum Post 2 MX5 seats - Alec's Inn - Post 3 I'm tall and have had MX5 seats in mine for a few years, the ones with the separate headrest. That's largely for my partner as she wanted recliners. They're definitely higher than standard 4A seats even when mounted as low as they can go. I finally had them re-trimmed in the correct midnight blue
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