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  1. Hi Everyone, regarding this recent email, please ignore the emails, the wrong button was clicked in the system creating the notification which is related to last year's tickets. Apologies for this but as you can imagine the office is under tremendous pressure trying to issue everyone's refunds.
  2. Hi Everyone, The tickets are for sale, the website for ticketing is to cater for members of the four clubs who want to attend the event, when you press 'Buy Tickets', at the top of the page are the links for the TSSC & Stag Owners club who want purchases via their own shop, scroll further down the page and you will see the ticket selection for the TR Register & MG Car Club, click on the ticket(s) you want, go to Cart and you will be asked to select your Club and the car model you are taking see below: Then go to payment, and that's it, you'll get a confirmation and your
  3. Hi Everyone, Our apologies for the situation, as you are aware, Jo the Office Manager has been off work for some time and the inevitable backlog has built up, I have been in this role circa 6 weeks and tried to get a handle on this backlog but due to not having access to certain systems or processes, my assistance has been limited. Jo is now back in the office and focusing on the priorities of membership renewal and new members, merchandise sales etc.. We will get to you eventually and your continued patience is appreciated. Keep TR'ing Phil
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