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    Now - 1962 TR4, 1954 TR2. Gone but not forgotten - Morris Mini, Lotus Elan+2S, MG Midget, Austin Healey Frog eye Sprite, Triumph Herald 13/60 Convertible

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  1. I’m looking for an A type overdrive TR4 or 4A gearbox and would appreciate if any one could help with how I can check the gearbox to ensure it’s a TR gearbox - gearbox and overdrive serial numbers or any other visible notification marks or things to look out for Jonathan
  2. Hi John hope the photos of my early TR2 are of some use All of the rear cappings extend over the trim All the best Jonathan
  3. It’s now back on eBay for 8k or best offer
  4. Hi Fantastic photos. Mile Ellis sorted out a copy of the factory records for my early 2 (TS349) earlier this year but unfortunately records for the early cars is vary basic but understand more information was kept for the later TR2’s as the production line became more established. Good luck and hope you manage to find out some more information on what is a great looking car
  5. It was busy but I thought it wasn’t as busy as previous years although there was a lot on interest around the auction and cars for sale. 40k TR4 sold on Saturday afternoon which must be top pice for a 4
  6. Lot No. 411 - 1955 Triumph TR2 - PKV 374 - The ex-Works Le Mans 24-hours Sold for: £258,750
  7. Hi Hamish think we just missed you on the TR Register Stand. I take it the birthday money didn’t quit stretch to replacing your 3 with the Le Manns TR2. Will catch up soon
  8. Great day at the NEC today. Met up with some old and new friends. Lots of interesting cars and good turn out on the TR register stand. Few over priced TR’s in the dealers hall 32k average TR6 40k modified TR4 and 75k TR5 former Register concourse car. Looking forward to seeing how The le Manns TR 2 does in tomorrow’s auction
  9. Our Geranium TR2 long-door at Bo'ness hill climb September 1954, Scottish RAC Rally 1954 and this years IWE
  10. Well done Hamish. With such close times second is as good as a win in my book. Keep up the good work and hope to see you in action next year
  11. Racetorations had a TR2 long door restoration on there stand at the IWE this year with coloured beading in ice blue. It may be worth giving them a ring as they may be able to point you in the right direction. I’ve a similar problem - geranium TR2 long door with stainless steel beading and thinking of changing but at moment can’t face the hassle and the prospect of locating original spec in geranium is highly unlikely
  12. Good idea - mid day for free coffee and biscuits
  13. Driving down early Saturday morning and meeting up with Tim Davies
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