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  1. Thanks for everyone’s help on this. All your comments have been a great help. After much though the final discussion has been to stick with the standard 22.5% overdrive based on roads and we tend to most frequently use, these being mostly B and A roads which after readings everyone’s comments the standard set up sounds like it will suit us best. Off to the garage now to start pulling out the old gearbox Any recommendations for best supplier / manufacturer for new TR4 clutch plate as I’ll have to replace the smaller diameter saloon clutch plate to suit the new A type gearbox. I’ve read a few posts / reviews re quality of clutch plates and ideally don’t want to be pulling gearbox out again for a few years at least Will report on the outcome next month once new gear box is in Many thanks Jonathan
  2. Looking good. Nearly there now!
  3. Hi David I’ve a similar set up on my TR4 and tend to use if every year or so to check or replace the angle drive. I cut a section out of the tunnel retaining the bottom tunnel flange and a small lip. I then used some light gage plate ( similar to your diagram) screwed tight to the face of the tunnel with spire clips. I also used a compressible self adhesive foam strip fixed to the cover plate and once screwed down tight there should be no water ingress. Well worth the effort and a real time saver in the long run. I’ve also cut a hole in my tunnel opposite the gearbox filler plug and sealed this with a large grommet. Also worth doing as you can check and fill the gearbox without jacking the car up
  4. Hi I'm after some advice / opinions on the the merit of increasing overdrive from standard 22% to 28% At the moment I have standard TR4 with 3.7 diff and J type saloon overdrive gearbox I am in the process of replacing the J type saloon overdrive with a rebuilt TR4A overdrive unit and have the option of increasing the overdrive from 22% to 28% Question is - Does anyone have an experience of running a standard 4 cylinder engine with the increased overdrive reduction and does it make much difference? Does the 4 cylinder have sufficient torque to cope with the increase to 28% What is the driving experience like? eg am I likely to be constantly changing gear and flicking between overdrive in the lower gears particularly when accelerating and passing other cars Is the car going to run out of steam in 4th with the overdrive engaged? I cover about 7,000 to 8,000 mile a year mostly on UK roads typically A and B roads, there are inevitable occasions when motorways are used, there is at least one long distance european holiday each year on a variety of roads and car doesnt go over 70mph very often usually cruising at around 60 to 65 mph. Any feedback / comments would be greatly appreciated as I've a decision to make and at the moment I'm torn between staying standard with 22% and the potential benefit of reduced engine revs when touring Jonathan
  5. It’s Liverpool, we don’t do pate up north but could be salmon paste
  6. Liverpool Albert Dock / Pier Head and run home along the Mersey via some very quiet news years day roads. If only the roads were as quiet every day.
  7. Back from a refreshing run in the TR2.Sunny but a little cold. Liver Bird is a clue to were we ended up.
  8. Last run in the TR4 yesterday on a Beatles themed run to Strawberry Field, John Lennon and Paul Macartney’s Childhood homes and Eleanor Rigby’s grave First run of the new year in the TR2 today. Weathers looking great and the roofs off to just need to decide we’re to go! All the best for new year Jonathan and Caroline
  9. I’m looking for an A type overdrive TR4 or 4A gearbox and would appreciate if any one could help with how I can check the gearbox to ensure it’s a TR gearbox - gearbox and overdrive serial numbers or any other visible notification marks or things to look out for Jonathan
  10. Hi John hope the photos of my early TR2 are of some use All of the rear cappings extend over the trim All the best Jonathan
  11. It’s now back on eBay for 8k or best offer
  12. Hi Fantastic photos. Mile Ellis sorted out a copy of the factory records for my early 2 (TS349) earlier this year but unfortunately records for the early cars is vary basic but understand more information was kept for the later TR2’s as the production line became more established. Good luck and hope you manage to find out some more information on what is a great looking car
  13. It was busy but I thought it wasn’t as busy as previous years although there was a lot on interest around the auction and cars for sale. 40k TR4 sold on Saturday afternoon which must be top pice for a 4
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