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    Now - 1962 TR4, 1954 TR2. Gone but not forgotten - Morris Mini, Lotus Elan+2S, MG Midget, Austin Healey Frog eye Sprite, Triumph Herald 13/60 Convertible

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  1. We’ll done, its surprising how tricky it can be getting gearbox out. If need some help when its time to refit give us a ring
  2. That a good mornings work, interior stripped and diff out. Take it easy with the gearbox tomorrow there heavier than you think.
  3. Sorry the two didn’t make it to Spa. I take it that it’s now going to be sporting a fresh coat of red paint some time in the future.
  4. Similar experience with Moss Paris and French TR Groupe a few years ago. At least you can count on the uk suppliers. Enjoy the wine and hopefully car will sorted soon and can get back to enjoying the french roads
  5. Today’s run in the TR2 120 mile round trip Hawkstone Follies, Shrewsbury. If you don’t mind a three hour walk up and down hills, through woods and down caves and steep paths it’s well worth visiting !
  6. John picture of the webbing fixing on my long door 2 TS349 Hope this is of some help Jonathan
  7. Have you been down the gorge yet. More Cheddar cheese Grommit
  8. Hi Ken looking forward to updates on the 2 and hopefully will see you soon. Enjoy Spa and don’t forget to post some photos Jonathan
  9. New Jaguar D type and XKSS at Jaguar Heritage Trust workshop in Banbury. Visited the workshop this year with a private tour of the workshop and new XKSS production plus Jaguars private Heritage collection. Don’t know how much The new D Types and XKSS are but restored E Types started at 275k. Fabulous experience talking to mechanics and seeing the cars being assembled.
  10. The museum at Gaydon is great and it’s a good venue for a single day event but I would too have some concerns as to how it would work for a three day event. You won’t beat Malvern for layout and overall facilities and with connections the club has had at the venue and the 2020 anniversary it shouldn’t be discounted if the committee can make the numbers work for us and the TSSC
  11. Met up with Jeff and Sheila Mansfield and ther jaguar Cougar at Boness. Jeff asked us to pass on his regards and he is looking forward to seeing you and your 3 next meeting
  12. Today’s run - 150 miles in the TR2 on the Bo’ness revival run with some great cars to the Jim Clark museum at Duns. Well worth a visit if your in the area
  13. Great video. Hoping to see some similar action at Bo’ness tomorrow Jonathan
  14. Ran cold at quarter mark up to Preston than started to creep over half mark so we pulled into a Range Rover dealership and hid the tiny TR2 behind line of new Range Rovers while I checked and topped up the radiator. Touch wood it’s been ok for rest of the run and only hit 185c while we were in half hour traffic jamb. Done 275 miles today on some great roads with roof off in sunshine, wind, rain and even more rain. 140 miles tomorrow to Duns hopefully as good as today’s run and a little drier. Fingers crossed the little TR 2 will plod along for another day
  15. Bo’ness in our long door TR2 from Liverpool via Kendal, Penrith, Gretna, Moffat A701, A702 and finally Queensferry south of the Fourth Bridge for a curry in preparation for Saturdays road tour to the Jim Clarke museum in Duns
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