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    Now - 1962 TR4, 1956 TR3, 1954 TR2. Gone but not forgotten - Morris Mini, Lotus Elan+2S, MG Midget, Austin Healey Frog eye Sprite, Triumph Herald 13/60 Convertible

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  1. Happy birthday Roger Jonathan and Caroline
  2. Thanks everyone for the birthday messages. I had a great day yesterday out in the TR2 with Caroline and fellow classic car enthusiasts on a charity run to raise money for new Christie’s hospital. A great day with great company and beautiful weather. What more could you want on your birthday. Hopefully there will be more days like this for all of us next year
  3. Hi Today’s lockdown job has been refurbishment of Lucas electronic washer bottle for our TR2 to replace the plastic Tudor bottle and hand pump Any pictures showing the correct location / position of the washer bottle would be appreciated
  4. I’ll confess to having taken the TR2 and 4 out. Before you judge me it was to drop off food for a few elderly self isolating couples and my mother. Seeing the geranium TR2 dropping off there shopping made there day and we have had requests for return deliveries in what must be the oldest and best looking home deliver vehicle in our area. The only problem is with the roof down footwell, rear bulkhead and front seat loaded up with shopping wind does tend to blow the bangs around a bit. Already looking forward to next weeks delivery run. Jonathan
  5. Hi Mike looks like you were right. All sorted now and old wiring has been tidied up and look a lot better
  6. Thanks Stuart. Much appreciated, taking the opportunity to tidy up bits and pieces on the TR’s while we’re grounded Another job off the list
  7. Hi can anyone confirm the correct location for the overdrive relay on a TR4 I have an ex USA 1962 TR4 which had an overdrive conversion some time ago and I’ve recently re wired and replaced the relay and I’m not sure of the correct location for the relay Previous position was in the passenger footwell under the bulkhead Any help or pictures would be appreciated Jonathan
  8. Hi lights are the originals with glass lenses although rubber gaskets perished a long time ago and keeping my eye out for replacements or reproduction gaskets stainless steel beading is a replacement for the original and considering replacement - there a lot of info on forum re replacement beads to match the original I’ll double check the bracket set up
  9. Hopefully photos may be of some use. TR2 TS349 with early rear lights and original wings.
  10. Hi TR shop sell MWS wire in paint or chrome although guarantee is limited for painted wires I do think there is any difference between TR shop MWS wheel and other outlets selling MWS wheels at a similar price chrome wire 3 year structural and 2 year cosmetic guarantee painted 1 year structural and cosmetic warrantee all chrome wheels have stainless steel spokes and nipples wheels are all tubeless I’ve got 5.5 rims with 165 but you will be ok with smaller 4.5 rim and 165s I would go for the 72 spokes if I was you Had no problem with delivery (£25
  11. Hi Pinky What a terrible tail. Best wishes to both of you jonathan and Caroline
  12. I had suggested this and also removing the ground floor bay window as the front living room would make a great second garage. Unfortunately neither suggestion was well received. I don’t know why it seemed like a. more than reasonable proposals to me with swallows not coming up for sale that often
  13. 54 Swallow for sale at Anglia Car Auctions April classic car auction Could be an interesting and worthwhile project as there can’t be many left in this condition https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/saturday-4th-april-2020/1954-swallow-doretti/ Estimate 18 - 22k if only I had the space and more importantly the money
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