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  1. Hi Pete/Kev thanks for that. Something to work on. Roger
  2. Hi Folks, has anybody dabbled with casting aluminium. I want to make some small items - apprx 2" x1" x 1" and I think If i cast the basic shape it would reduce the machining time and effort. What is used for the mould etc etc etc Roger
  3. Hi Folks, when will the tickets be sent out to those that have already paid? Roger
  4. Hi Marco, to get the best prices you need to navigate the back streets of Uxbridge (mind the pot holes and foot pads. Roger
  5. ...................is it an oil change for the engine; no they will keep the oil and change the engine,,,....................................and there is Mini Juice everywhere Ace commentary Roger
  6. Hi Folks, you may remember a year or so back that I have found a shop that is giving their stock away. I had to go there today and the Genie in the lamp is still working there. Today I bought - 50 steel M6 Rivnut 50 M6 repair washers (20mm) 50 M6 round head pozidrive screws x 20mm long 24 3.2mm x 8mm ali pop rivets And the total was -------- £5 for cash Roger
  7. Hi Adam, TRicky. You need to decide what approach you take to this - can you rebuild it - with no skills could take a great deal of time. Can you sell it in the short term - you will lose money but that is life. Buying a running, MOT'd car is the obvious answer. I'm In Hayes near Heathrow and have a rent garage that will be vacant till mid November. If you want to borrow that you can. But the problem will still be there unless an action plan works. Contacting your local group is a very good idea - South Bucks could be the North London Group or Chiltern
  8. Hi Ali, that looks as if it has selected 1st gear !! IT could be the interlock that in theory safe guards the selector rods from selecting more than one gear. Two small ball bearings and a short rod. I can;t see how this would come adrift in normal use but if somebody has been at the GB before you then it may have been assembled badly.. You need to take the top cover off and strip it all down. Wait for other reasons before diving in. Roger
  9. Hi Colin, welcome to the forum. If you want to stay with the points and condensor then why not fit one of Martin Jay's (aka The Dizzy Doc) quality products. His are really the bees knees. http://www.distributordoctor.com/ Roger
  10. The electronic Tacho should be more accurate. The little stepper motors and control circuits are very good. Whereas the drag coupling may have losses. Roger
  11. Hi Marco, I use LandRover round mounts on my 4A from these people www.johnrichardssurplus.co.uk Part # NRC2054 The studs are M8 They have been insitu for a number of years now and surviving well. Roger
  12. Indeed, TRiumph were a bit mean just having the two earth cables (chassis to block and battery to body) The extra Battery to block cable is essential in my opinion. Hi Pete, that is a very nice photo. I have a soft spot for the Argosy. It was built at a time when anything could or would be built - just because they could. I believe it was designed with the help of apprentices. It always amused me when the front loading door fell off - as it did. roger
  13. Hi Hamish, I assume Pete & Tom have spares. If they haven't I may have some used ones(but with their teeth) Roger
  14. Hi Stuart, it isn't just the forum that it is not on but the whole website is lacking in birthday wishes for TS2. Roger
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