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  1. Hi Alan, what are the black boots for over the orange wires. I am looking for something to go over the Lucas bullet connectors (single and double) Hi Mike, I would be amazed if you got near 40amps charge after a difficult start. 30 amps probably for a few seconds then reducing to 20, 10, 5 over a few minutes and staying 5 until it is happy. Roger
  2. Hi Cas, if the brass is an issue then why no consider brazing a support plate on the inside. and fill the crack with braze then flatten. The crack can still be stopped with a 1/8" hole. Obviously the surrounding paint will be damaged but is not impossible to rectify. There are too many choices do the one that works for you. Roger
  3. Hi Ian, if the corrosion blistering is very light then a decent metal finisher can polish out the pits and then re-chrome (usually copper/nickel/chrome) If the corrosion pits are deep then polishing is no god as it will reduce the wall thickness to paper thin. The Pits will need building up with copper and then polishing back until it is all flush. The quality is often better than new but!!! it may cost more than a new unit. TRShop in London do them for £120. A quality re-chrome may be nearer £150. Roger
  4. Hi Cas, to perform a carbon fibre repair you would need to remove the paint. Mild steel is very reactive in air in that it will rust quite quickly. Even with a coating a of carbon resin it may well carry on rusting. In aerospace you would need to apply a stable surface coating to enable it to stay in place for any reasonable time. Roger
  5. Hi Cas, you can stop the crack in it's tracks (probably) by drilling a 1/8" hole at the end of the crack. You could then fill the hole and locally tidy up the paint. However I would go for the proper repair - local paint strip, remove the rust, prepare the crack for welding, mig weld. You could consider a backing plate spot welded on to support the cracked material. TRying to get carbon fibre to stick to rusty mild steel is a hopeless task Roger
  6. Brilliant - 19 minutes to establish a mystery. Roger
  7. If you can fashion a new carbon contact then a silver loaded adhesive (Araldite do one), Or drill a hole in the brass where the carbon fits against. Shape the carbon so that a similar raise bit sits in the hole the use an Araldite adhesive on the back. Roger
  8. Hi Harry, there has been a great deal of chat on here about LED's as headlights. The consensus is that there is no reason NOT to fit them. Somebody contacted their insurance and the Insu co. was happy. Our age of car do not need E marked bulbs. The MOT tester is NOT allowed to remove anything to check if they are LED or not. Classic Car LED's website is almost certainly getting out of liability because they can't control what is going on. MOT testers (unlike LED bulbs) are not the brightest of engineers. You can't fit HID bulbs because you need self leveling headlights but LED simply replicate the filament bulb. Roger
  9. Hi Roger, a couple of years back one of the forum group produced a very tidy beeper and LED that fitted inside the existing alarm light lens. I have one of these going spare. I'll PM you later in the day. Roger
  10. It is interesting how different manufacturers attack the problem in different ways, The Cheapo NightEye that I have and posted by Andy have all the clever bits in the lump at the back f the bulb. So no separate power pack. My only difficulty was the size of the hole in the dust shield. Thus needed to be opened up to allow the bulb body to fit in. otherwise they are still going strong. I have got used to the very different light colour (almost colourless). The filament yellow (even with the best Xenon bulbs) had quite a homely feel to them. You knew where they were. The LED simply illuminates the road without being there !!!! Roger
  11. That looks Okay. Glad to be of service Roger
  12. I have something similar but fabricated from square tubing. It is a three point attachment - utilising the down bump stop as its third pick-up. Roger
  13. I have two friends that started life as apprentice trained aircraft technicians. As a side line they both (unknown to each other) went into plumbing. There is a fair bit of commonality between aircraft and plumbing. Eventually the side line got so big both abandoned the aircraft and did the plumbing full time. There must be some money in plumbing. Roger
  14. Hi Steve, give these people a call. They are local to you https://www.trgb.co.uk/ Roger
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