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  1. Hi Richard, I haven't measured it yet but the lay shaft looks good. There is no obvious wear - no marks. Roger
  2. RogerH

    TR4 Rebuild

    Hi Folks, well that was quite prophetic !!!!!! Lockdown on March 23rd certainly threw a spanner in the works, So after 8 months sleep the Blue Racer has risen and having risdid is now at home to be played with. However it did put up a fight. When I went to start it I could keep it going at 2000 + rpm but any lower and it cut out. A bit of head scratching, popped some oil in the dash pots and bingo. Amazing what affect empty dash pots have. So next week-end I shall look over the car and see what I can do to perhaps finish it off (good and proper). The GB has a really good oil leak and I'm not sure of the internals quality so I'm toying with removing the GB and get it sort. I know the near side front wing needs attention and the near side door needs touching up So that should sort the summer out. Roger
  3. Hi Dennis, welcome to the forum. Firstly you will need to remove the nearside wiper arm. Remove the motor and driving rack as one. Remove the speedo and tacho and steering wheel. There is a little square panel to be removed then you will see where the wheel box should be. Do both wheel boxes. The plastic truncated piece underneath is often found to be broken. item# 68 TRuncated piece Not a difficult job but tedious. Roger
  4. Hi Pearmund, welcome to the forum. I agree with Rod. Double nut the rear stud to allow it to swivel. I had the same p[problem many moons ago. To stop this happening again I made some washers that had flanges on that blanked off the pin so it could not migrate out Roger
  5. Are we allowed to use the terms Master and slave cylinder !!! Roger
  6. Hi Bob, no, not yet. I have not really bothered with keeping the parts in order. I'll find where they go by using the 'jigsaw' method The small reverse gear cluster have seen some serious gear changing - the edges of the teeth on one side are quite badly worn as it the gear it links with. However there is still plenty of teeth remaining so would probably do a job. Should be fun assembling it after it is completely clean and I have recovered from an op next week. Roger
  7. With the body off puts a different perspective on the question/answer Roger
  8. Hi Charlie, I have kept the main gear cluster on its shaft but other pieces are on a big tray in no order. Most things only go in one place and hopefully the WSM exploded diagram and the Moss pars diagram will assist where other bits go. As I mentioned above the 'dry' will be to see where parts go rather than have a working GB. Roger
  9. Hi Richard, the rear one came out quite easily followed by the gear cluster. The rear mainshaft bearing was a devil to pull off but it came off eventually. It should be interesting putting it all back. I will do a 'dry' run to make sure I can do it then I'll do it again measuring and fitting the correct gaps etc. I will not buy the two big bearings as they can fitted at any time afterwards - and they are expensive for a whim. Roger
  10. Hi Mike, make the new threaded section with a good bit of plain shank. Put a decent chamfer on both parts and when screwed up tight weld the chamfered area and file back smooth. No need for Loktite. Put nuts on the threaded area while welding to stop spatter Roger
  11. RogerH


    I can't take the praise for this wonder of wonders. When I asked for help a couple of years back Robin Powell (TRR forum contributor) Came to the rescue. The forum works a treat. when in need Roger
  12. Hi Richard, I didn't know there were other things in there. Removing them may well give the clearance required. item #61 by the look of it. Thrust Washer Roger
  13. Hi Pete, Graham found this conundrum. The straight route is TR5 and the angle strut is 4/4A Roger
  14. Hi Mike, if the longer nuts do not work then it may be possible to apply weld material to the stud and re-tap it. Leave some original thread at the bottom (or the top) so the die can take hold. File to apprx OD to give the die a chance. Roger
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