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  1. Hi Kev, Chinese take away plastic boxes Jacob cracker boxes Metal chocolate crissy tins All come in handy - but do put labels on so you know what is inside. Roger
  2. wicked witches walk west with withering wrinkles whereupon wallop - the answer The was easy Woger
  3. RogerH


    Hi Phil, start off with it in standard config. if it works - and it should - then stay as is. If there is a problem (mine was drinking oil by the bucket load) then ask the same question. On the catch tank one hose goes to thew rocker cover outlet. The other pipe hangs down just below body level. Nothing should come out Or fit a purpose built filter to the outlet of the tank. You will need to blank off the hole in the inlet manifold. Also consider using a TR4 snorkel breather pipe fitted to the blanked off hole just below the mechanical petrol pump - easier to fit with engine out of body off. Roger
  4. It must be Port-Out-Starboard-Home as it is sung in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Lionel Jeffries so it must be true. Roger
  5. Hi Rich, have you tried it in a dish washer. Roger
  6. The old Ford slogan - you can have any colour as long as it is Black. Is all to do with the production line. It traveled at a constant speed. Black paint dries quicker than any other colour and fitted into the production line speed. Roger
  7. No it's not !!! It is an oblate spheroid. And that is why the OD disengages between gear changes. Roger
  8. Hi Malcolm, welcome to the forum. The OD is quite a simple device and once the operating is understood it is a great addition to the car. As mentioned above with the control lever in the on position the OD drops out between changes but will re-engage when in a suitable gear. Remember to dis engage OD between gear changes. When you do engage OD ensure that the revs are slightly raised. This will allow a smooth engagement. If you allow the revs to drop the engagement will be quite rough. Some users depress the clutch but this is cheating. Roger
  9. Just to cheer you up here is the sound of a GWR Manor drive train Roger (here to help in these TRoubled times).
  10. Hi Deggers, you can keep the Orympic Lings for next year Loger
  11. I've never seen Bertie Russell - Does he really exist. Roger
  12. Having just read another post that contained Unicorns. Are Unicorns real. Quite simply yes. The ancient Greeks (that includes up to date) had two serious books One book contained all the Mythological beasts The other book contained ALL the natural beast Guess which book it is in. The Encyclopaedia of Natural Beasts contains all that needs to be known about Unicorns. The Greeks had heard about them from TRavellers from the far East. Now you are doubting me. Have you ever seen a field of white horses/ponies. Many of these are juvenile Unicorn. It is only when they grow elderly that they develope the horn. The fact the you have not seen one with a typical unicorn horn does not prove they do not exist. Roger
  13. Back in the late 70's at Whipsnade soo (Dunstable) I saw this for the forst tie and it stunned me. The hippo stood in the water about 1.2 submerged. Water up to its bum 'ole. The tail started to spin arcing the water from its pond across the visitor walkway. And then the water got thicker - much thicker. Apparently they do this under water normally and the tail spinning quicly disperses the poo into the river. Don;t swim down stream from the blighters. Roger
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