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  1. Hi John, the 4.1 diff is not standard. I would have thought this would make the speedo over read (more input for given output) JDO do a very fast turn round Roger
  2. Hi Ian, I did it on my 4A. The drive flange comes out OK once you have cracked the nut. Roger
  3. I was thinking of doing something like to on my 4A in order to install a fix sat nav. However having spent rather a lot on a new top pad I couldn't do it. Maybe one day. Roger
  4. It was certainly cold and windy - in fact very cold and windy. Thankfully inside the many buildings it was warm and pleasant. The organisers did a very good job at parking and control. It was too early in the morning for drunk driving. Roger
  5. Hi Iain, I found John's opening line also insulting. So does that make everybody even. Roger
  6. Hi Rich, My 4A also has a spacer but mine is wedge shaped. Roger
  7. Hi John, if you do not like what a learned friend has to say then do not read it. But, do not sway others by your stupidity. Perhaps logging onto the NICE site might cheer you up as they don't get it either. Yesterday I posted on a local forum in Hayes about the possible good that D3 may have with our significant black community. Some snide little sh*t immediately posted that he was geting a bit cheesed off with people posting what I posted on social media. So I replied apologising for possibly saving somebodies life. I then contacted the site moderators and asked to be re
  8. 'Otis' is that so you can give people a lift. Roger
  9. Hi Barry, if the crack is contained within the seats then consider getting hardened seat inserts fitted. If you leave the crack as is it will continue to grow and then fail. Roger
  10. Wow - £33 However, if they work then fair game. Roger
  11. ......and yes, one left a mighty puddle of oil Roger
  12. Hi Mike, it's a TRiumph. Anything will rust near it. Roger
  13. Hi Mick, last summer a number of Berkeley's turned up at a small village (Bibury) in Oxfordshire. There were two T60's in theor midst. They brought back memories of my older brothers T60. It was almost identical to the E type if your glasses were not adjusted properly. I still have the mega tome that is the maintenance book - all four pages and rusty staples. Roger
  14. Hi Peter, I have a bucket of sand going spare for these people to stick their heads in. However I would suggest that there is no overwhelming evidence that a bucket of sand would be of any use. Roger
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