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  1. Hi Rich, Cod liver oil contains about (according to Wiki) 3 tea spoons contains about 1300IU but it does have other good things. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cod_liver_oil (refer to Theraputic uses) so you would need about 6 or 9 teaspoonful to get to apprx 4000IU Roger
  2. ..and possibly not the fairies you are thinking of. Roger
  3. Hi Matt, I do not know about conspiracy theories but it does puzzle me that when the whole world is sinking beneath the waves of the dead and dying that someone does not grasp the straw. Possibly a straw that is useless. But it is a straw that has anecdotal possibility, is cheap and generally harmless up to quite large doses Take the UK it could easily be used in various areas/counties as a precursor to a more widespread trial. Stay safe Roger
  4. Nice one Hamish. That looks good. Roger
  5. Hi Richard, have a look here Seals Roger
  6. RogerH


    .................oh no you don't...........................
  7. RogerH


    We didn't have bats in our house and Holly tree when we moved in in 1976. Although we didnt have them they moved away for about 10 years and then didn;t come back 10 years or so later. And then the bats we didn't have were gone. Very fickle things - even the ones you don;t have I like them but sadly too many nerds with too many demands make it tiresome. Roger
  8. RogerH


    Hi Graham do NOT tell anybody that you have Bats. If you can give them to your neighbour. As you say they are protected and they have more rights than you. Roger
  9. They are available at Moss https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr5-6/electrical-system/gauges-instruments/instruments-switches-tr5-tr250-tr6-to-c-cr1-cf1-1967-72.html Roger
  10. If it is an unknown quantity how can it be common sense to deny something and not common sense to accept something. There is no common sense in your statement - just simple ignorance. Roger
  11. Hi Richard, I feel that a gasket will not stop moisture getting as there are too many little gaps/holes. The problem is the cold glass on the gauge compared to the temperature of the moisture. When the car is driven the 'fogging' will soon go. Roger
  12. I like the idea of doing some sort of ritual dance for 90 days. Perhaps the Crocodile rock for 60 days may be quicker. Roger
  13. Hi Andy, the SDF were talking to Ben quite a while ago about help needed. He has taken his time to investigate the best way to go forward. His first creation was hand made sheet fabricated and it was certainly excellent. I can only imagine his cast item will also be top quality. Roger
  14. Again we have more confusion. The first main paragraph from the link legislation.gov.uk (section 4 & 5) states that dipped beam and main beam headlights are required to have an approval mark (usually E mark) or a British Standard mark. For nearly every other application on your vehicle, an approval mark is also required. But aren't our cars predating all this nonsense Roger
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