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  1. RogerH

    Flasher Unit

    Hi Phil, yellow or yellow/+other colour is over drive. Could be interesting what they find. Roger
  2. RogerH

    Flasher Unit

    Hi Phil, that is quite impressive. You wait till the big brown wire in the loom behind the dash goes 'pop' Roger
  3. RogerH

    Brake pads

    The anti squeal shims do only sit on haf the piston in order to cock it over slightly. The squeal is caused by an edge of the pad touching the disc this causes the other side of the pad to hit the disc and it self lifting. This opposite side touching repeats until the whole pad is touching - hence the squeal. So shims work better than others. The EBC Teflon stick on pad between the brake pad and piston works very well. Roger
  4. Hi JLuc i think that hole is on the top surface of the extension section - compare to the attachment lugs. Have a look at item #22 on the Moss WebCat https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr5-6/clutch-transmission-drivetrain/gearboxes-components/external-gearbox-tr5-6-1967-76.html Roger
  5. RogerH

    Flasher Unit

    Hi Phil, if you really need an auto leccy then these people are very good. https://www.yell.com/biz/dbj-auto-electrical-uxbridge-310525/ I've had starters and wiper motors sorted by them. Roger
  6. Although the Gravitex is usually sprayed on it will also brush on very well. Quite quick drying and easily top coated. Roger
  7. That rear seat floor panel is truly a thing of beauty. Roger
  8. The very best panel that I have seen was made by one of our forum posters about 5 years ago. He could not get hold of the rear seat panel over the diff for his TR6. So he made the press tools (massive great lumps of steel) and knocked out a dozen or so. I spotted it when I was at Alec P's house the other year - a work of art and spot on. So if a budding DIY'er can do it why not the Pro's. Roger
  9. Hi Ian, many thanks for that. I see at the bottom Revingtons description that the 4A chassis can not be used on a 5 or 6 NOTE 2: Be aware that there are slight differences between the differential mountings to TR4AIRS cars and Tlater cars. The differential support pins protrude downwards 157mm on TR4A cars and 162mm on later cars, as the rear mounting arrangement is different between TR4AIRS and later cars. Therefore a TR4A chassis cannot be used for a TR250, 5 or 6 or visa versa unless the engine and differential mounts are changed. Is this tru/facte. As I'm sure I have a TR6 chassis on my 4A for the last 20 odd years. Roger
  10. RogerH

    Brake pads

    Hi Nigel, TR Revington do them as do Burton Engineering (https://www.burtonpower.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?p=3&q=Mintex+1144) Burton's are slightly cheaper Roger
  11. Hi Graham, absolutely spot on. When a press tool starts to wear out, do the manufacturers stop and sort it out in order to maintain quality - no. They push out poor quality until they can go no further. Getting panels made that fit is available but, as you say, at a cost and a queue. Roger
  12. .....and also WaxOyl and all the other squirty things will keep your eyeballs rust free. Don't go there. Remember PPE is your friend. Roger
  13. +1 for the in-line fan. haven't got a clue if it works but I do have a rather pretty green LED to indicate it is on and and I can also watch the ammeter needle move slightly when turning it on to keep me amused. Seriously, if the engine is in otherwise good order then supplying slightly cooler fresh air direct at the carbs must be helpful. Roger
  14. Hi Adam, there are a number of manufacturers of panels, some better than others but they all tend to have one or other problem. on the 4/4A floors are pretty good but not perfect for the 4. Sills appear OK until you look at the creases where the wings fit. Wings have every combination of issues. Bastuck wings look quite reasonable If you can get a repairable StanPart panel then you may have better fortune. However, look on the bright side. Somebody produces the rubbish that you can, with some hard work, get to fit. If it wasn't there in the first place you would then have a much bigger problem. I am not excusing the suppliers but we have what we have for whatever reasons. Roger
  15. Ha ha ha, absolutely. if you are going to all that trouble to drill a hole why not put it in the right place. So frustrating. Roger
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