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  1. RogerH

    Spring is in the air

    Hi Roy, we spotted a red TR6 leaving a roundabout as we entered Southend. Reg was CAU xxxx We went by TRain to the end of the pier and walked back. Roger
  2. RogerH

    Angle drive

    One of the big problems with these AD's is the meshing of the gears. Because of slack/play in the assembly they can feel very lumpy - as if about to get jammed. Use shims etc to get the gears in very good alignment. so they rotate smoothly. Roger
  3. RogerH

    Angle drive

    Hi, are you saying that the square drive i9s spinning in the gear shaft? Many years ago this happened to me. I drilled out the broken drive cable and pushed in the end of a Spitfire drive cable. Not sure why I didn't use a TR cable. Check out the rest of the drive cable as something made that break. Is the long drive cable free to rotate.? Roger
  4. RogerH

    Front Overrider

    Hi Richard, a good number of plating shops are also metal refinishers and could remove the dent in your over rider. The guys at Colonnade metal refinishing have straightened my front bumper a few times. http://www.colonnademetal.com/ no connection with them other than a happy customer Roger
  5. RogerH

    charging up a mobile

    Hi Elbanna, welcome to the forum. Your TR3 would normally be positive earth. Not sure if any modern parts would align with that. However if you get a 12V accessory socket https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR1.TRC0.A0.H0.Xin-car+usb+charger+socket.TRS0&_nkw=in-car+usb+charger+socket&_sacat=0 Made with plastic components then the earth polairty shouldn't matter. Then you can plug in a USB charging socket. Roger
  6. RogerH

    Spring is in the air

    Today is wet and chilly - nothing like Graham's above, thankfully. Yesterday me and Sue shot off to Sarf End in the 4A. Rather than take the easy route around the M25 we took the North Circular (A406) a little shorter and perhaps a tad quicker. South End was looking good (I'm surprised I said that) in warm sunshine. The drive back was on the A13 into the city and out onto the A40. Most of the day was in good sunshine, just the last part on the West of London brought ion the clouds. The end of the week is also looking good weatherwise. Roger
  7. RogerH

    Advice on fitting rear springs please

    Which CV shaft do you have? Looking at the CDD CV shaft the hub is attached in the same way as the ST unit. The inner attachment to the diff has nyloc nuts to undo. Why can't the hub and diff attachment be undone and pulled out as usual? https://www.classicdrivingdevelopment.co.uk/cats.asp?cID=4&carID=3&page=TR6+CV+DRIVESHAFTS Roger
  8. RogerH

    Advice on fitting rear springs please

    At the beginning of this thread I had considered undoing the T/A bracket bolts. No problem in undoing the bolts BUT will the CV shaft restrict its rearward movement in order to get the bolts out of the chassis. Once out of course the T/A will be able to drop forward, allowing the spring to come out Roger
  9. RogerH

    Tightening Cylinder Head Studs

    Hi Pete, very good question. I do not have the perfect answer but I simply wipe dry. And then - what about the deep holes - How dry are they !!!!! Roger
  10. RogerH

    Tightening Cylinder Head Studs

    Hi Ian, ;looking at Mick's explanation that lubricating the threads increase the torque value then your 110lbs ft with grease will be well over the torque for the block threads. The bolts may well survive such a value but will a corroded 50 year old block. I know what I would do and it would not involve the ARP bolts. Roger
  11. RogerH

    Advice on fitting rear springs please

    Can you see if the CV Shaft is touching the chassis. Roger
  12. RogerH

    Advice on fitting rear springs please

    Hi Mick, I have not played with the CV shaft but can't see how it can drop too far. Roger
  13. RogerH

    Advice on fitting rear springs please

    Hi Mick, wouldn't the chassis member stop the CV drive shaft from going too low. It does when using the standard drive shafts. Roger
  14. RogerH

    New Seat Belts

    Hi Hamish, most bolts have their tensile strength quoted. There are very few, if any, specific shear bolts on cars. Aerospace have them and have specific uses. Generally on our cars tensile bolts are fitted and 60% of the tensile strength is quoted for shear strength. However on thin(ish) gauge material once the seat belt comes into use any shear forces on the attaching structure turn into tensile loads as the structure starts to bend and deform. Roger
  15. RogerH

    New Seat Belts

    When bonding metal to metal joints the key issue is the preparation. Even the very best aerospace adhesives have extremely fine quality preparation - this will not be achieved on any old car. Aerospace Araldite is unbelievably strong BUT only after the prep!!!!!!! Stainless rivets are not really the way to go. Consider the joint ! the rivet is simply holding the plate insutu - and replacing the rivet diameter of mild steel with the rivet diameter of stainless - a very small improvement (assuming that you actually do the riveting correctly). Monel rivets are the better option but no added strength etc. PLUS - the rivets require holes in the mild steel sheet. These are stress raisers and any benefit the rivet gave would be removed tenfold by the extra holes. If there was a need to use the seat belt then the mild steel sheet would come under a sudden tensile load - holes are bad news. I would still recommend an unsupported plate to spread the load Roger

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