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  1. Hi Tim, wouldn't the range 50 - 65 lbs.ft allow the hole to align. Roger
  2. Hi Christine, I believe that Frost sell those. I prefer either the Avdel skin pin Avdel or these ones https://www.lasaero.com/products/article/X01A0QWGL But these don;t like being welded due to their plastic foot. Roger
  3. Hi Eli, whatever rust you can see multiply this by X. X can be any value between 'bloody heel' and 'aaarrrgggghhhhh' As for access - dream on. Roger
  4. Cheap and cheerful. But!!! where were the airbubbles coming from. If it was from the bleed nipple threads then fine but how would you know that it is not air in the system. I think the Mrs. has still got a job to look forward to. Roger
  5. Hi Pete, What I have posted can happen. Ask yourself - why did the rudders keep falling off the Concorde. Atmospheric water moisture being sucked into what was supposedly a totally closed bonded honeycomb structure. Clearly is was not 100% closed but not far off. OK, the pressure differential is rather higher in this example but is goes to show what can happen. Simple atmospheric pressure variation - day/night - will do something. You are fortunate in not having water in your system but do not rule it out. Roger
  6. Hi Steve, here is a basic wiring diagram with the relay http://www.advanceautowire.com/tr2506.pdf The horn button earths the winding of the relay W2. 12V is supplied direct from the battery. With the button pushed the relay should energise, the contacts C2 & C1 will close and the horn will sound. So, with the ignition OFF have you got 12V n C1 and W1 (purple wires) - it sunds like oyu have. With the ignition ON have you got 12V at C1 & W1. If not is there 12V at the purple wred fuse If not trace the wire back and see where it is connected. It shoul
  7. Hi Jerry, the seals supplied for the Girling brakes are designed for DoT3/4 . Thankfully this is OK for SBF Dot5 . Mineral oil (as used in Cirtroen, Rolls etc) will kill these seals quite quickly. As an apprentice with BEA back in the 60's I came across the hydraulic fluid for Viscounts and Comets (DTD585) it had quite a nice smell about it. We soon learnt that it was no good for the car brakes as it was a mineral oil. Damn. Roger
  8. Hi Darren, I have some 5/16unf Heli-coils and the kit and jig to do the TA hubs. You may borrow it. Just the Postage and coils to pay for, PM me your address and I'll get it to you. Roger
  9. The US military used it for long term storage with the belief that the SBF would not take in water to affect the fuid. And this is true. However the brake system is not sealed. There is a vent hole in the MC lid. Through this very small hole water vapour will be taken into the system due to varying air pressure. Firstly the MC will be contaminated and after many applications of the brakes water may/will be pushed into the pipework So it is not a miracle fluid. Do not rely on a 10 or 20 year change period if you are using your brakes enthusiastically. Roger
  10. Hi Oliver, normally the open vent (Snorkel) does not cause concern regarding passing oil. How much oil do you normally have in the crankcase. If it is near the full mark then you will use oil somewhere. Consider having the oil up to the 1/2 way point. Roger
  11. Hi Chris, they tend to need quite a bit of encouragement to get into position but nothing brutal. Have you tried to fit the H with the tunnel removed - was it easier. It could be the tunnel that is the problem. If it is the gap between floor and dash that is tight then you could use a scissor jack to help spread it. Don't go cutting the H frame - that is the right shape. Do you have the carpet under the H legs - it shouldn't be there. Roger
  12. Hi Peter, here they are (I had the wrong spelling in the above post - Pasque Flowers) Roger
  13. Not the weather to have no roof Roger
  14. My only issue of the 4A attachment was way back in the 70's. I was down in Cornwall will a chum of mine. He was in the passenger and never wore the seat belt (far too sissy like) Drove back from the beach to the pub fr lunchtime session. Screamed into the car park and slammed the brakes on (some things you have to do) My friend Dave, at an unknown number og G's, left the seat and head butted the top the windscreen frame, just where the roof buckle is. For a number of days afterwards head had a shield shaped impression in his forehead - much like Rimmer's 'H' What joll
  15. Had a nice run out today in the 4A. Started off Heathrow to Thersfield on the A505 to see this years crop of Pasque flowers - quite stunning in their colour and simplicity. Then off to Blakeney on the North Norfolk coast. The Sail barge Juno was moored up and look quite smart https://sailingbargejuno.co.uk/ Then down to Norwich and back home on the A11 360 miles in all at apprx 30mpg and lots of MPH for a considerable distance. Roger
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