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  1. Hi Chris, I fitted the PH1 a couple of years ago and it was a straight fit. If you go for the Newman PH1 speak to them about followers. They some very nice chilled iron followers. Roger
  2. Hi Tim, don't give up on your bent bumper. Have a word with a Metal Finishers. You may be surprised what they can do. I use these people in West London http://colonnademetal.com/ and they do some very decent repair work Roger
  3. Hi Len, that hard top came up well. Nice car. Roger
  4. Hi Conrad, I tried many proprietary cleaners with no luck on the bad stains. The best I have found is cellulose thinners I use a 1/2" brush with the bristles cut down . Scrub the thinners into the plastic then wipe off with a damp rag - do this quickly as I think the thinners will eat the vinyl. This actually removes the surface of the vinyl and you end up seeing under the surface. Roger
  5. Hi Tom, are you concerned about the beveled edge to the teeth? The original starter motor pulled in from the rear so the above looks OK. The HT motors push in from the front. Si the bevel would not be used. However many people fit the HT SMotor with the bevel fitted as original with no problem Roger
  6. Hi Tim, we will never convince them. Roger
  7. Hi Rob, the magnet has a good effect on the hall Effect sensor. So much so it would be noce to reduce the field somewhat. I know Mumetal is used to screen coils etc but is not easily come by. Would copper or steel reduce it Roger
  8. Hi Folks, back to the wiper park switch. I have spent ages trawling the interweb for ideas about slowing things down around the Mosfets. Sadly I had no luck. However due to my lack of training in all things electronics very little puts me off and there is one heck of a lot of smoke to release. The problem I had a few weeks ago was a schoolboy error. I have two transistors connect side by side between 12V + and ground. One is turned off and the other turned one - sadly not at the same time. There was a very small overlap in time and this causes a short circuit albeit for a very short time. One of the good characteristics of a MOSFET is that it has almost no resistance when turn on - 5 or so MilliOhms (0.005Ohms) - this equates to a dead short (almost) Did you notice your house lights dimming the other week - that could have been me. Any way after a great deal of head scratching (and other parts of my body) I had a brainwave. So between the two transistors I have inserted a resistor. Not a big one, just 5 Ohms but this is enough to limit the National grid draining short (should it happen). So the two transistors each have a job. The first one (we will call it #1) drives the motor to get the gear wheel around to the park position. This handles the motor current - apprx 2amps. The second transistor (yes that's it - #2) applies the regenerative braking of the armature.. If you short the slow speed motor wire (Red/Green) to earth when the motor is spinning with no power it will stop dead - very very dead. The problem I have is that I have put a resistor (10 Ohms) between the motor and earth. It stopped quite quickly but not dead stop. I reduced this to 5 Ohms and it stops much much better. Tomorrow I shall put a 1 Ohms resistor in the circuit - this should be pretty stoppy. A 1 ohm resistor will allow 12 amps to flow during a short - but !!! it will be for just a few milliseconds and the TRansistor will easily handle 30+ amps. So did it work. Yes. Even with the 5 ohm resistor in place it works very well. So tomorrow I will try the 1 Ohm resistor and then consider how it all mounts on the motor. I know most of you will not have a clue what I am rambling on about but there are a few here that will have a good smirk at my disasters. I tend to do minimal with my circuits and this can be a recipe for a disaster. But a good sense of achievement can be had when you confound the experts. When I finished I post the circuit diagram - just for a laugh. Roger
  9. Hi Ralph, if you can post a decent dimensioned drawing I would give it a go for you. Roger
  10. HI Ralph, I suspect they only come with the 'A' post. The turn over for a shop would make them uneconomical to stock. Get out to that garage and make some. You know you want to. Roger
  11. Hi Willie, the standard steel TR4 fuel tank has vent pipe. So this would not cause any vacuum. The TR4A has a drill hole in the filler cap amd should not cause a problem. It maybe that your fuel pipe drain was greater than normal usage and the drill hole could not cope. So !!!! have you got a drill hole vent anywhere near the filler cap.?? If you drive the car a good distance. Stop and quickly lift the fuel cap - does it give a sucking sound. it should not. Roger
  12. RogerH

    Peter P

    Hi Mathew, welcome to the forum. This running on can happen. Causes and solution not always obvious.. Is your tickover higher than normal. Have you changed your fuel. Shell and most f the 'Super' works OK. Simple fix is to leave in gear when parking and gently lift the clutch as you switch the ignition off. Roger
  13. Hi Mick, I think you will find that the BoD stated that they would not renew their membership WHEN it expires not because it has expired.. Subtly different. Why where they not expelled. Roger
  14. RogerH


    Hi Andrew, don't be sparing with the Welseal. Once applied and a little air on the surface it will stay intact. The coolant will not wash it away. It serves as a very decent surface protector. When I fit my liners I tend to dribble more Welseal down into the base so that the F08's are Welcovered. Roger
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