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  1. RogerH

    Tonneau (again)

    Hi Graham, have a look here https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr5-6/weather-equipment/tonneau-covers-fittings/tonneau-hood-stowage-covers-tr5-6.html Roger
  2. Hi Phil, you could also contact Mike Ellis (TRR registrat for TR2/3) https://www.tr-register.co.uk/contact If it has been near the club he may know. Roger
  3. Hi Jog, firstly, check that all the wires are going to the switch. Roger
  4. RogerH

    PVC 123 TR2

    Hi Mark, contact Mike Ellis (TR2/3 registrar). Roger
  5. Hi Andy, excellent moral fibre for owning up. A number of plugs, typically, NGK, do not like getting wet. Even after drying they may still not work. Did your Super Diesel have a black handle? Roger
  6. There is no reason why a solid state controller should not work. If it works then it would be consistent and reliable as there are no moving parts/arc etc etc. Having said that there are always gremlins lurking. But it may well be worth a punt if you have persistent problems. Roger
  7. Isn't the bulb require to initially excite (ooer!!) the alternator. Usually the regulator/diode pack are quite cheap(ish) Roger
  8. Hi Pierre, welcome to the forum. I understand that it is 3/8 BSP. Roger
  9. Hi Jim, not a disaster. The remaining stop will have some effect. Try not to go lock to lock. In the future if you ever need to strip the suspension down you can then drill out the stub from the TRunnion. Shouldn't be too difficult. Steel in Bronze. Roger
  10. Hi Hamish, too many amps will usually affect the size of the alternator. If they are not needed they do not get used. Roger
  11. Hi John, the question must be asked - " why does your friend want to fit the Dynamator". If he needs more current to run things then why not 'think out of the box' - just another thread that I've been thinking about. If he changes all his lights to LED's then he will save himself nigh on 10 amps from his potential 22amp dynamo. This will leave more than enough for a cold, dark, wet winters night. On ebay there are headlamp H4 Led's for £20 a pair that work very well. All the small lights are well established and Bob L can sort out the rear lights for not a lot. Roger
  12. HI Rod, back in the early 70's my department at BEA had a large Bedford van (something like a horse box but not as good) It was our mobile Xray film processing lab. I never experienced it being used in anger. I iunderstand that it had an extra dynamo that could be moved into action to supply heating lighting etc. There was a hand knob for raising the revs for prolonged periods. On one occasion the driver, whilst driving along the airport apron, increased the revs an dthen got out of the van whilst doing about 10mph. When the van went past him he saw that the passenger also had got out. We now have a very large van heading off towards the runways. 10mph is quite fast for out off condition non-athletes to catch. PM on its way Roger
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