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  1. Hi Rob, I have the same catalogue. I wonder if RS HQ would like it. At BEA one of the electronics genius's would make instrumentation for our NDT inspections and used Electrovalue to get his ferrite rids and cups. They stocked a huge selection. Roger
  2. Electrovalue - in Englefield Green were very good in the late 60's early 70's and were bigger than RS Comps for quite some time. They then dwindled. Still around but on-line only. Roger
  3. Hi Steve, Welcome to the forum if you can see the clutch actuator lever on the left side of the GB then you should be able to see the GB serial number. A TR4 would be CT xxxxx like this GB Number Roger
  4. Didn't Tandy go the same way. Roger PS - it looks like they are still out there but 'On-line' only
  5. Their prices are so high you will easily spend £30
  6. Hi Andy, Have a look here https://uk.rs-online.com/web/c/?searchTerm=Multicore+solder Not the cheapest but they do free next working day delivery Roger
  7. Hi Niels, when are you planning to be here. I live 7 miles from Moss at Hanworth (near Heathrow airport) It could be possible to collect from there and move them closer to Dover or possibly get them all the way down and make a day TRip of it. That coastal area is stunning. Roger
  8. RogerH


    Hi Tony, the Moss webcat HERE shows the rocker arms with the oil holes you describe. It also shows that the shaft end cap has a split pin to hold it all together (I think) Something is not right somewhere Roger
  9. Hi Niels, as Rob mentions there are only two choices - TRShop and Moss TRshop are inside the emission Zone so will cost you money and their is no parking. Moss have plenty of parking but it is a long way form Dover etc. It is at the north end of the M3. 2 hours up the road. Whatever you want and wherever you go you will need to organise/phone in your order BEFORE you get there. Roger
  10. Hi Nick, essentially it is an easy job - but!! Awkward position. You will need a replacement gasket and some goo. Be careful when aligning the reverse gear Unscrew the plugs so they are flush.
  11. Hi Nick, tacking the gear stick off is easy - just a couple of screws items #40,42, 44 HERE. Fitting the plunger can be fun but a plastic cable tie can hold it in place while sliding back into place The stiffness in the selection is probably due to the items #75, 83, 96it screwed down too tight. These are located on the underside of the top cover. Roger
  12. You could leave as per the TR4 -just painted. Or get the wooden ones. Roger
  13. Hi Ernest, if you go on YT you will find numerous attempts to recover dead batteries You may get some life back but it will always be low on capacity. See how far you can throw it down the garden then bin it. Roger
  14. Hi Richard, remove the brake drum and measure ALL 8 studs. They should ALL be the same. Roger
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