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  1. Hi DEon, I TRust your move to NM will be all that you want. It sounds wonderful. I would be expecting John Wayne at al to be next door. Good luck Roger
  2. Hi John have a look here https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p4432023.m570.l1313&_nkw=Trico+washer+pump&_sacat=0 Roger
  3. What value of Radiator thermostat do you have in the cylinder head housing. TRy a lower value. As for the pipe get a proper one. Roger
  4. Hi Andrew welcome to the forum. Do you really need the oil cooler. Unless you are doing things in a fast fashion - Racing. Rallying in the desert - then you shouldn't need it. Why the pusher fan? Is you mechanical fan still connected? Pullers work better. Roger
  5. Hi kelly, thanks for the info. There are plenty of TR owners down there have a look here for the local groups https://www.tr-register.co.uk/groups TR7's need to be kept alive. Roger
  6. Hi Richard, on the TR4/4A the -Ve battery post went to the body. The chassis went to the engine (at the nearside front mount) But no specific body (battery terminal) to engine. So I fit an extra earth strap from -Ve battery terminal to engine block (redundant coil attachment screw) I wouldn't simply rely on the body and chassis shorting together. Roger
  7. Hi Alan, I have no serious technical reason for it to keep running after shut down but it keeps me happy. There must be some degree of cooling going on. The block will have 'cooling' air flowing over it. And the carbs will have less block heat wafting over them. Of course with the mechanical fan all cooling stops when the Ignition is off - and you can get hot carbs with associated problems. Roger
  8. Thanks John, I eventually spotted that but I am pining for the yellow bottle. I'm sure that is the stuff. Roger
  9. I wanted to buy a small bottle of Jenolite the other day. So I googled Halfords but they had nothing. I looked on Ebay and also nothing. I then realised that I am looking for a yellow bottle. It would appear that things have changed it is now Gel or thick n' gloopy, giant buckets etc. What happened !!!!! Roger
  10. Hi Jim, to echo Ian's comments All these extra circuits MUST go through their own relay. The relay will take 100mA or so whereas the item may take 5, 10, 20 amps (including the horn). Roger
  11. Hi Paul, disconnect the TRack rod end on the RH side and try the steering wheel . If it is still stiff then disconnect the left TRack rod end and check again. If it is still stiff then it is the steering rack (may be) If it is free then it is something to do with the left joints. The TRunions can get very stiff if not looked after. Roger
  12. very belated Birthday greetings. I TRust you had a few sherbets Roger
  13. BT Recently updated their email screen. Nothing improved but plenty of chaos. TRy sorting it out 0 but they are not too helpful. Roger
  14. Hi Kelly, welcome to the forum Where about's in East Sussex? Are you a macho man or a young lady? What car do you have? So many questions. Roger.
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