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  1. Pete, AOL is totally free. Graham
  2. Stuart, The Distance Selling Regulations were replaced on13 June 2014 by the Consumer Contracts Regulations. The DSR’s gave seven days to return, the CCR’s give fourteen days to return. Graham
  3. Jon, Under the Consumer Contract Regulations you have fourteen days from the day you receive the goods in which you can return an them, no need to give a reason and the seller has to refund the basic cost of delivery to you. There is also a time limit within which the Seller has to refund the payment you made for the goods. You could also raise an EBay case if the Seller proves difficult. Graham
  4. John, Contact Longstone Tyres and ask their advice. Do you need to replace the rim bands as well. Graham
  5. John, If your group member will accept a used panel he/she should contact Mark Johnson, “Flying Englishmen” on EBay. Graham
  6. John, Sometime ago there was an article in TR Action which showed how to use a left hand drive overdrive switch, fitted in the steering wheel cowel as a headlight dip switch on a 4A with the addition of a relay. As said earlier the 4A light switch includes a headlight flash function. Graham
  7. Gentlemen, I have an early TR4 which is an import from the USA. Yesterday I decided to strip and restore the wiper motor. I found that it is a DR2 model with a 130 degree gear wheel. I wonder if this is correct because my 4A has a DR3A wiper with a 120 degree gear wheel. Thanks Graham
  8. Hi Alan, Try Marco on here. He makes a much better option. Graham
  9. Gentlemen, Can someone please tell me the thread form of the studs which hold the screen vent outlets in place? Thanks Graham
  10. Gentlemen, Would any of the above change if LED indicator bulbs are fitted? In the Lucas unit referred to there is a relay, does this have to be changed? Graham
  11. Grahamgl


    If you are up for making your own overdrive controller go to www.worldphaco.net. You will find instructions how to make one and how it is wired into the overdrive circuit. I have made one for each of my TRs, both have A type overdrives and they work very well. Each one cost me less than a tenner. Thoroughly recommended. Graham
  12. Grahamgl

    surrey top

    Hi Chris, Try the Flyingenglishmen on EBay. The last time I was up at his workshop he had a couple of Surrey’s in his store and he may well have a TR6 rad shield as well. His email address is Flyingenglishmen @hotmail.com. Graham
  13. Mark, Do nothing until you have heard back from Harrington. Graham
  14. Vital parts, Google is your friend. Graham
  15. Gentlemen, A couple of questions please. What size and thread is the 45’ elbow that comes out of the cylinder head to the heater valve. A few years ago there was an article in TR Action showing how a stainless steel bush with a plug was used to replace the gearbox filler plug. Can someone tell me what size and thread the original type gearbox filler plug is please. Thanks Graham
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