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  1. Good to see you back Pete. Graham
  2. What about Stratford Racecourse? Graham
  3. Gentlemen, As part of filling my days I am restoring the heater box on my 4 and want to replace the small screws that hold the casing together. Can someone please tell me what size they are. I am also rebuilding the windscreen wiper unit and I am in need of two of the screws that hold the top on to the casing, what size/ thread they are? Thanks Graham
  4. Rich, Try Triumph Spares and Restoration 24 Jan 2020 · CheckTriumph Spares & Restorationin Egdon, Evesham Rd on Cylex and find ☎ 01905 345595, contact info, ⌚ opening hours. I have bought spares off him in the past, his name is Dave, and he specialises in small chassis Triumphs. Graham
  5. Will Halfords fit a battery they have not supplied? Graham
  6. It is relatively easy to repair the switch, I am no electrician but I have repaired several of them. First thing is to carefully drill out the rivet that holds the indicator arm to the switch case. Use a small centre point drill to start the process and then use a normal metal drill. Be careful when removing the arm from the case as there are small parts being held in place by the arm. Once you have dismantled carefully clean the circular contact ring, re-solder the wires. You will need a 3mm cap head screw and a 3mm nylock nut and washers to re-assemble the switch. Graham
  7. John, When I removed mine a few years ago I removed the glove box and took the heater box out sideways. Seem to remember that there was an article on Triumph World that concerned the removal of a heater from TR5. Graham
  8. Would your problem be anything to do with the bulbs being advertised as motorcycle bulbs? Graham
  9. +1, Darren was treated appallingly.
  10. Even if they are barred from being Directors there is nothing to stop them running a company and having "puppet" directors such as there parents.
  11. Hi Lisa, Try contacting this company. Graham https://shop.autopaintsbrighton.co.uk/triumph-classic--vintage-car-paint-cellulose-codes--colours-596-p.asp
  12. Paul, If there is enough length to the stud why not just use a couple of extra washers under the fixing nut. Graham
  13. James, Not the tonneau, unless the lift the dot pegs on the door are not being used. Graham
  14. Phil, It may be that the steering column shaft(s) are slipping in the splines, number 66 in the Moss illustration. If this is the case Roger has a fix for the problem. Graham
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