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  1. I think you are referring to the support stay. Check the Moss catalogue. Graham
  2. Grahamgl


    I thought that was only if they found it offensive.
  3. Berry, According to Tracy Tools website 9/16” uns can be purchased in eight TPI’s Graham
  4. Gentlemen, Thanks for your help. Graham
  5. Bob, Here is the product code :471591190 Graham
  6. Gentlemen, Are these the correct Valeo headlamps for a TR4 please? Thanks Graham https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/basket
  7. Roger, Perhaps your Surgeon left some tools inside? Graham
  8. Roger, It is the under dashboard side that I am asking about, for pipes 55 and 58. Graham
  9. Gentlemen, I am about to fit the Adapter fitting, item 51 in the Moss illustration, but which way up is correct? On the under dash side of it one pipe is straight and the other has a bend. When fitted should the straight pipe be at the top or the bottom? https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr2-4a/heating-ventilation/heaters-vents-fittings/heater-system-tr4-4a-1961-67.html Thanks Graham
  10. Acaie, When I came to move on my V70 I used their online valuation. I went to Evans Halshaw, their price was higher for it and it was a pleasant pan free experience. Graham
  11. Grahamgl


    The instructions on the Deox container say to degrease the panel after rust removal and before applying the Deox. Would panel wipe be a suitable way to remove grease? If not what should one use please? Thanks Graham
  12. Ralph, As you say that the new nuts are a bit loose don’t forget to put a spring washer under each nut to prevent the becoming loose due to vibration. Graham
  13. Nigel, If you look at your picture there appears to be a “pimple” on the right hand side of your brake pedal. I have looked at my pedal and the spring hole appears to be where your pimple is. Graham
  14. Here is a Black water ‘otter.
  15. Stuart, Thanks for the advice, absolutely spot on. Disconnected the starter end of the battery cable, liberal spraying of contact cleaner, clean end of battery cable with abrasive paper, applied Copper Slip to terminal post, reconnected battery cable, did the same to the push button solenoid end of the battery cable. Sat in the car with fingers crossed, choke out, turned the ignition key and Bingo, the car started. Great relief. Thanks again Stuart for the diagnosis. Now on to replacing the fuel pump. This forum and its members are great. Graham
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