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  1. I would echo John’s sentiments about the hopeful return of Roger. It is a shame that he was not more thoughtful when he originally removed Roger’s thread on the Channel drownings which caused all ensuing reactions.. Graham
  2. Happy Birthday Roger!!! Missing you already. Graham
  3. The following is from today’s Guardian: At least 688 people died while homeless in England and Wales in 2020, according the latest official statistics, a slight fall attributed to the introduction of emergency accommodation for thousands of homeless people during lockdown. All the heart searching over the tragic deaths in the Chanel but little is said about all our homeless people. How is it that we shall have to find homes for all those immigrants that have entered the UK this year and in previous years yet we cannot home the UK’s homeless?
  4. Rob and Roger, Thanks for the advice, parts were ordered yesterday and the pipe and switch were delivered today. Graham
  5. Hi Chris, I have used Worcester Classic Cars for my 4A since I bought it sixteen years ago, Simon even came with me to Dorset to assess the car before I did the deed. He is a genuinely nice chap, always helpful and his charges reasonable. He recently replaced the clutch and had the gearbox and overdrive rebuilt by Pete Cox and he told me to pay for that direct to save me having to pay a “mark up”. Can’t recommend him highly enough. Graham
  6. Gentlemen, I found a new old stock Kenlowe thermostatic switch on EBay as a replacement for the non-operational unit on my car. When I removed the capillary tube from my car I found that the bulb was 3” long whereas the bulb on the replacement unit was 6” long and would have reached to the outlet from the car’s thermostat housing. This in my view would have made fitting the top hose impossible without dismantling the housing. The replacement unit has now been returned. I plan to fit the stainless steel down pipe with the boss for an electronic switch. My first question is what is t
  7. Gentlemen, I need a new top hose for my car. I seem to remember that someone was selling a much more flexible one, the spare I have is totally inflexible and only fit for the bin . Can someone recommend a supplier. Thanks Graham
  8. Gentlemen, I do not know how or why but the cap retaining spring clip has disappeared off my PCV, the cap is currently being held in place by a couple of zip ties. Does anyone have spare clip that they could sell me? Thanks Graham
  9. Gentlemen, The thermo fan switch on my 4A has given up the ghost. Has anyone got one that they are willing to sell or, can anyone recommend a replacement for it. Thanks Graham
  10. We have a club member that matches that name and also someone of that name who pays a trade fee for their classified adverts online. At present that is as far as the association with TR Register goes - for the avoidance of doubt. A quote from Wayne’s above post. Yet the actual advert clearly states that it is “Private”. I emailed the office a couple of days ago pointing this out.
  11. Has anyone bought a razor with them?
  12. I bought a new adaptor recently from one of the main Triumph suppliers. When I came to fit it, it was the wrong thread, ended up buying an old used item which fitted perfectly.
  13. Make sure that you push the pipe in as far as it will go and keep pressing it in whilst you tighten the nut. Graham
  14. Richard, Thanks for your reply and pictures. Relief that is an ordinary pin, had a feeling it may have been a Roll Pin. Graham
  15. Gentlemen, A question please. The barrel in my boot lock has decided not to lock the boot. Before I buy a complete assembly can someone advise me on how to remove the old barrel please? Thanks in advance Graham
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