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  1. Andy, Currently there is a set of TR6 rack tubes on EBay with a Buy it Now price of £38.95, I can’t find the item number but the seller is “948s”. Graham
  2. Tom, If you feel the need for professional help Worcester Classics are not far from you. Simon is the chap to ask for. No connection just a happy customer. Graham
  3. Hi Roger, The dash will be painted with an epoxy primer and then Spa White cellulose. I am moving towards fibre glass to back the holes then a cellulose filler skim on the face. I do not have welding facilities. Graham
  4. Gentlemen, I am restoring an early TR4 and I am currently working on the dashboard. A previous owner had fitted a wooden fascia and has drilled holes in the dashboard for the fixing screws, In addition there are several other small holes which shouldn't be there, original purpose(s) unknown. My initial thoughts were to silver braze small plates at the back of the holes and then skim the front with filler. However, one of the holes has another part of the dash behind it so there is no direct access to braze. My second thought is to put fiber glass patches at the back of the holes and then skim the front and also fill from the front the hole that does not have direct access to it. Has anyone else had this problem and how was it resolved. Thanks in advance Graham
  5. Gentlemen, I am in the process of restoring the metal dashboard for my 4. The two sponge rubber seals for the duct to dashboard are, unsurprisingly, crumbling. They are not available new from the usual suppliers. I would think that a modern sponge rubber extrusion could be used but my searches have not revealed any suitable profiles. What have other members used for this purpose? Thanks Graham
  6. Ian, Neither is he a great responder to emails. I have queries concerning my imported Arizona 4. I sent him two emails neither of which were answered, I then gave up. Graham
  7. Hi, Not a 7 owner but I would check that the earth connection on the battery is clean and tight. Graham
  8. Gentlemen, Was the H frame on an early (1962), which I believe was Black, in a Gloss,Semi gloss, Matt or Crackle finish? Thanks Graham
  9. Grahamgl

    Wiper motor

    Mike, All as above but before you can withdraw the rack you will either need to pull it out whilst still attached to the motor or remove the cover off the motor to disconnect the rack from it. Graham
  10. Tom, Thanks for the reply. I have looked at Holden, VWP, Polevolt and several others, all to no avail. The light units are new old items that came with the car but the wire seem to have aged and I would like to replace them with new wiring. Graham
  11. Gentlemen, I am trying to source a supply of the small contacts that are slotted into a paxolin(?) circular disc inside the light unit bulb holders to which the wiring is soldered to. Can someone tell me who supply some please? Thanks. Graham
  12. The Isofix system has to be fitted to the body of the vehicle, not its seat. I can’t see how it would work in a TR. Graham
  13. Gentlemen, Bob’s suggested website is just what I need. Thanks Graham
  14. Whilst browsing the traders’ stalls at Stratford, one of them was selling an angle drive that was cubed shape. Can’t remember which trader though. Graham
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