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  1. Rob, The alternator on my car is presently ( fingers crossed for saying it) working. I have a non working one and have just bought a rebuild kit to rebuild it as a spare. I do not want to rebuild it, take the one off my car and then fit the rebuilt one as the one on my car is a new old stock Lucas. Could you please explain how to test the rebuilt unit off the car with a >30 ammeter. Thanks Graham
  2. Hi Ron, On both my 4 and 4A the heater valve screws directly into the black iron 45 degree bend which is screwed into the cylinder head. No idea what the thread form is though. Graham
  3. Gentlemen, Following Ian’s steer I have bought a used Mercedes one off EBay. Graham
  4. Gentlemen, Can anyone recommend an electric tyre inflator please? I bought a £30.00 Michelin one last week and it took 45 minutes to inflate the tyres on my modern car which were a bit low on pressure, it went back to Halfords for a refund. I want to replace it with an effective one. Thanks Graham
  5. It has been said many times that the majority of members do not use the website for various reasons, why is it thought that they will all rush to use the “App.” when it is available? Graham
  6. Hi Colin, I have a 4 which I am about to commence to restore. The bonnet and boot badges have been removed. I do not know if the letter spacing on a four is the same as a 4A but if you want I will do a “brass rubbing of the letter spacing, bonnet and boot. Graham
  7. Hi Gary, Try Worcester Classic Cars, ask for Simon, the owner. Graham
  8. Andrew, I fitted it with the short end( after the bend) at the bottom, was this wrong? Graham
  9. Gentlemen, After the demise of the Kenlowe fan controller I decided to fit the stainless steel water return pipe with a welded on boss for a Thermo switch. I installed the new water return pipe with the thermo switch installed in it using new silicone hoses and the electrical wires installed. Now it is installed the boss/ thermo switch sit very close to the rack mount which means that it will be impossible in the future to remove the wires or change the switch without removing pipe and hoses from the car. My question is was the boss on my return pipe welded in the “ normal” posi
  10. Gentlemen, I keep receiving spam emails purporting to come from Tony Sheach, am I alone in this? Graham
  11. Hi Dave, You should be aware that if you buy one of the knobs shown above by Roger that it does not come with the fixing screw. Graham
  12. Hi Russell, A quick Google gave this answer. https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-301466 Graham
  13. Welcome back Roger, we have all missed you. Seasons greetings. Graham
  14. We are missing Roger and , what has happened to Fireman? Graham
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