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  1. Hi Roger, Could you make one for me as well please? Graham
  2. Can someone please give me the RHP bearing number? Thanks Graham
  3. Hi Roger, Are these any good? https://www.powertoolsdirect.com/clarke-pd3-115mm-plasma-metal-cutting-discs-single Graham
  4. Hi Stuart, I have checked the part numbers on each cable and they are the ones shown by Rimmers as being for a TR4. Graham
  5. Gentlemen, I have just spent three days applying heat and penetrating fluid to remove the threaded stub end of one of the handbrake cross cables from the screw on Clevis fork. This morning it gave up resisting and unscrewed. I tried to fit it to the new cable only to find that the threaded end of the cable is 1/4” UNF whereas the Clevis fork is 5/16” UNF. Has anyone else had this problem please? Thanks Graham
  6. Gentlemen, I received the Superpro poly bushes for the inner and lower front suspension this morning and I have a query about them. The original rubber bushes had metal sleeves which went inside them. The Superpro bushes packs did not come with metal sleeves. My question is do the new bushes fit directly to the fulcrum pins or should there also be metal sleeves? Thanks Graham
  7. The chassis has been worked on by Revington TR and holes have already been drilled for cavity wax injection at a later date. Need to get some plugs for the holes. Another question, should I do the wax injection before the shell is painted and mounted or after to minimise the risk that the wax will effect the painting of the shell? Access would of course be easier before painting but I do not want risk the wax affecting the paint finish.
  8. Gentlemen, I have started the restoration of my TR 4 chassis and have had the peripheral parts painted in Black gloss. I have been reading that the chassis were painted in Satin Black . The chassis is due to go to the painters today and could someone please tell me whether if the finish should be gloss, satin or? Thanks Graham
  9. Gentlemen, I have recently started a body off restoration of my TR4 and have started to have parts painted ready for reinstallation at the appropriate time. Would someone please confirm, or otherwise, that the H frame and the “ radio” plate are finished in a Black crackle paint. Thanks Graham.
  10. Gentlemen, In the light of the above DVLA proposed changes to the registration process would it be advisable for me to seek the first UK registration of my USA imported TR4 now in advance of any changes to the registration process? Currently the car is totally dismantled and the parts are presently being restored by specialists. Can it be registered as it is or do I have to wait until it has been re-assembled and the restoration completed? Thanks for any advice as how to proceed.My thoughts are to seek to register it now as the conditions attached to the process are known. Thank
  11. Gentlemen, Could someone please tell me a supplier of a genuine Mad Marks uprated oil seal kit? Thanks Graham
  12. Keith, Try Groves Batteries in Cheltenham. Graham
  13. Steven, You need to use an appropriately sized centre drill to start the hole off before you use the twist drill. There is less risk of the drill slipping with a centre drill. Graham
  14. Gentlemen, I recall seeing on here sometime ago a recommendation for using a steering u/ j that was for a Ford ( Escort?). I have carried out several Google searches starting “ TR Register …..” and cannot find any reference to the subject. Could someone please let me have the information concerning the alternative steering u/j? Thanks Graham
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