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  1. Iain, Just a thought, is the bleed valve on the slave cylinder uppermost? Graham
  2. I do not think that Skinners sell the bracketry. Graham
  3. Richard, Until Roger H comes along, I would suggest that you run a 2BA tap through one of your wing nuts. This is the size on my 4. Graham
  4. I think the more you look at the car the more you can find things “ not quite correct”.
  5. Do any other companies offer suspension modifications other than Revingtons?
  6. Gentlemen, The following is an extract from today’s Guardian on line. The idea that vitamin D supplements can reduce susceptibility to, and the severity of, Covid-19 is seductive – it offers a simple, elegant solution to a very complex and lethal problem. But analyses encompassing large European datasets suggest the enthusiasm for the sunshine vitamin may be misplaced. Two still to be peer-reviewed papers looked at the link between vitamin D levels and Covid-19 and both reached the same conclusion: evidence for a direct link between vitamin D deficiency and Covid outcomes is lac
  7. The TR4A driver’s Handbook shows, for a Right hand drive car, that the indicator switch is located on the right hand side of the steering column and, if the car has overdrive, the switch for it is located on the right hand side as well. The light switch is located on the left hand side of the steering column. The switch in most upward position- lights off, first position down - side lights and bottom position is headlights. JPMF whilst the switch positions would be reversed, it would still be push for flash and the form of the end would still be same as if the switch had been loca
  8. Great news that the MGCC are to be at Malvern and, that possibly , other Clubs will also be there. I am looking forward to the event. On the assumption that the MGCC, and potentially other Clubs, will be contributing to the costs of putting on the event, will the TRR’s cost saving be passed on to the membership?
  9. Gentlemen, I have searched the Forum but cannot find an answer. I needed to fit an adaptor in the inlet manifold of my 4A and ordered one from a TR specialist. Unfortunately when I tried to screw it in it turned a couple of times and then bound. Could someone please tell me the thread type in the manifold? Thanks Graham
  10. I read somewhere that the “new” handles have the fixing stud, that is adjacent to the push button, in the wrong place and the door skin has to be drilled to form a fixing hole. Graham
  11. The “poppers” on the Surrey(soft) top are one on each of the four corners and one on each side ( the two middle ones snap onto the ones on the top frame. There are also poppers on the widthways flap on the underside of the top which goes around the centre rail of the frame to hold the top down to it. Graham
  12. These look like a bargain unless there are a lot of late bids. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR4A-sunvisor-brackets-/184598214385?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Graham
  13. Hi John, The belt I have on my car is a PIX xt’ra BX36/x 17x914 L1 and it is a toothed belt. I am using the old Dynamo pulley, the belt has been on my car for something over three years and I have had no problems with it. Graham
  14. Pete, Phone “the Office” and ask them to send you a CD. Graham
  15. Hi John, I have the same set up. I used a slightly narrower “wide belt”, it is also a tad longer. I will Post the belt reference tomorrow. Graham
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