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  1. The same car featured in the Autocar review of the TR4a as below. all the best David
  2. Thank you Stuart Indeed, it is an absolute certainty that the doors have been repaired, probably more than once. I might take the card off and check to see if there are any remnants of the oval holes visible from the inside to show where they should be and then I can (carefully) drill them from the outside inwards to restore the drainage. Another voyage of discovery! Cheers David
  3. Hi all, Are there supposed to be drainage holes in the bottom of the doors because mine don’t have any? If that is correct, where does any water drain to that might enter the inner door via the window rubber gaps? Many thanks David
  4. Thank you all for the helpful guidance and advice. I shall be checking tomorrow David
  5. Thank you all. I need to poke around to check that the tube is clear of blockages (assuming the tube is actually there of course - I am finding this to be a voyage of discovery as I check into things) Would a length of stiffish wire inserted via the scuttle lid do the job? I am guessing that there will be leaves etc that will need to be cleared from the plenum before I get to the tube opening David
  6. Hi Ian, Thank you very much for the photo and information. I shall search to find the posts. it is all learning for me at present! All the best David
  7. Hi, I am a new owner of a TR4A and am finding my way around it. Would someone please tell me where the water would drain to if the Scuttle Vent Lid is left open and water gets in? Should it drain to the exterior somewhere or will it come into the cockpit? Many thanks David F
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