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    Many TR’s over the years but including the ultimate rally TR4 BST82B (Beastie) for 30 years and ex Works TR4 5VC since it’s discovery in 2008 and currently being restored to its former glory at home
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  1. John the works TR4’s had a stalk type momentary switch in the dash for use with the horn. I fitted a similar switch on BST82B as an ‘all beams max light’ flash and it works very well. These were both on a steel dash back, but I’m sure you could fit to a wooden dash with minimal countersinking, or by drilling and oversize hole and countersinking / painting as per the battery / indicator warning light perhaps ? regards Tony
  2. Thanks Peter ! Took my TR7 there today, so I’ll let you know how I get on.
  3. Alastair Ive used ‘www.themarket.com’ online auction a few times and find it a good experience. 5% commission, sensible valuation for reserve and good coverage for a good price. They do a concierge service too. regards Tony
  4. Hi Pinky I think the switch body is fairly common and LUCAS a basically changed the stalk / end and the number / colour of the wires to suit a wide variety of applications. Of all the current repro switches I’ve found this to be one of the better as it’s fairly simple so if you can’t make it work maybe try a new one. A fat soldering iron sometimes melts the gubbins inside a little. FYI changing the stalk is a pain but bending one to another setting and swapping the end to a TR one can be done if you’re careful. regards Tony
  5. As above, please pm me if you have one you’d like to sell to me. Thanks.
  6. CP5 is quietly for sale. PM me if you are seriously interested and I’ll put you in touch with the owner (not me I should add). regards Tony
  7. Folks i have a 5 speed axle and gearbox plus prop etc that needs a new home. I’ll also be selling my early FHC. let me know if you’re interested before I need to put it all on eBay. regards Tony
  8. I have round ‘ital’ type mirrors on BST82B and they are very good. Very sturdy unlike the thin brass and alloy bullet mirrors. Try either SVC or Marelli for them online. regards Tony
  9. Interesting, makes sense I suppose. looks like TR7 values are rocketing again
  10. Just a thought, but do you have the original type canister filter on the car ? And have you changed the element lately ? If so, you might find that the o ring between the alloy housing and the steel canister case isn’t seated properly. If this is the case, even if it’s only slightly displaced from the groove in the alloy housing, you’ll get a steady dribble down the canister onto the centre bolt. On a decent run at motorway speeds (3000 rpm upwards) you will lose a good deal of oil. regards Tony
  11. Is it real ? Or a made up thing ?
  12. The BW35 certainly was ok in the Triumph 2000 I had, but it was a 1998cc so I’d assume the BW65 would be a better bet fir a TR?
  13. Hi John a Triumph 2000 / stag auto box will bolt straight on ... regularly for sale on eBay together with all the bits. I went the reverse direction and it’s all fully interchangeable. regards Tony
  14. You should just be able to do this on a good pair of single piston DAS9 shocks. If you can do it easily the seals need to replaced and new oil as a minimum. Worth also bearing in mind that if they are too stiff, the piston could be partially seized. Take the tops off and see what colour the oil is. If it’s not clear or opaque brown or greyish, you need to have them properly reconditioned. regards Tony
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