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    Many TR’s over the years but including the ultimate rally TR4 BST82B (Beastie) for 30 years and ex Works TR4 5VC since it’s discovery in 2008 and currently being restored to its former glory at home
    Former member of the 3VC Trust and past owner of 3VC

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  1. Thanks all …. Been in touch ! I’m not here very often. regards Tony
  2. Hi all Just to add to the mix, the works TR4’s didn’t run any anti roll bars and having rallied 3VC quite and enjoyed its fabulous handling, it seems clear to me that it’s not needed. The front suspension is basically the same. By comparison, I’ve tried front anti roll bars between 1inch and 9/16th inch on my other TR4 and with the fattest front tyres and the ‘stickiest’ set up, the 9/16th gives slightly better precision in steering when really cornering hard - so long as the rear is loose and baggy and can slide round. Understeer is worse, but with a compliant rear end it can be man
  3. TIGASEAL also works well and is flexible, but effectively glues the panel together so has to be cut out if you want to remove it. Easy to apply with a caulking gun and can be trimmed with a knife. I repaired and secured 5VC’s bonnet with this stuff - it has an aluminium skin and steel internal reinforcement panels so prone to vibration damage if not supported, much more so than a bonnet with a steel skin. Regards Tony
  4. I think so Malcolm. I had a 63 Morgan that had all the Lawrencetune bits on it and the carbs were 42’s and the manifolds to suit. It also had a weird SAH ish manifold, so that was probably bespoke to the TR engined Morgan too. Another car I wish I’d kept but full of woodworm ! So as well not. regards Tony
  5. No, that’s not true - the VC cars used 45 DCOE 09’s … similar to those specified for Astons AFAIK the DCOE 42 was specified later as a fitment to the 2138cc engine, but not a factory option or a ‘works’ homologised part. regards Tony
  6. Hi Stuart That was how I read it, fee up front to either find you a car or sell you a car. No guarantees or comebacks I presume ? Ive no problem with bona fide dealers advertising in club media because they are exactly that (and they presumably pay for and support the club in doing so) or fellow members buying cars, sorting them out and selling them later, but this feels fairly surreptitious at least and seems like someone mining the classifieds. It also feels misrepresentative but I’ll be guided by someone who knows more about that aspect and what permissions our Cha
  7. Hi all Copied below is an email I received just before 8am on 31st August after I enquired about a wanted advert placed in the classified section of this website, - nothing is edited: the email address of the sender was demahoney4@googlemail.com and the title ‘Nickplays’ came up on the header; ”Good Morning Tony, The person I placed the advert for as a favour has found his own example now, so I really should take that advert down, so sorry about that. I wonder if you may be interested in using my service though, as I match TRs with enthusiasts, and enthusiasts wit
  8. Hi all I got a fantastically detailed letter from TfL advising me of all sorts including that 5VC was liable to ULEZ charges - it’s a 1962 car obviously, so that’s nonsense. Quite why I got this letter given that the car is still on a SORN and hasn’t been through London since 1963 I don’t know. It’s also been registered in the uk for a number of years ! I would have thought that basic arithmetic might indicate that the car is over 40 years old and therefore exempt ? What’s going on ? regards Tony
  9. John the works TR4’s had a stalk type momentary switch in the dash for use with the horn. I fitted a similar switch on BST82B as an ‘all beams max light’ flash and it works very well. These were both on a steel dash back, but I’m sure you could fit to a wooden dash with minimal countersinking, or by drilling and oversize hole and countersinking / painting as per the battery / indicator warning light perhaps ? regards Tony
  10. Thanks Peter ! Took my TR7 there today, so I’ll let you know how I get on.
  11. Alastair Ive used ‘www.themarket.com’ online auction a few times and find it a good experience. 5% commission, sensible valuation for reserve and good coverage for a good price. They do a concierge service too. regards Tony
  12. Hi Pinky I think the switch body is fairly common and LUCAS a basically changed the stalk / end and the number / colour of the wires to suit a wide variety of applications. Of all the current repro switches I’ve found this to be one of the better as it’s fairly simple so if you can’t make it work maybe try a new one. A fat soldering iron sometimes melts the gubbins inside a little. FYI changing the stalk is a pain but bending one to another setting and swapping the end to a TR one can be done if you’re careful. regards Tony
  13. As above, please pm me if you have one you’d like to sell to me. Thanks.
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