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  1. Don't think so Roger.
  2. Garry488

    Soft top

    Hi All. Finding it hard to attach the last two poppers near the doors. Any tips other than brute force. Thanks
  3. Hi all Any ideas on wind deflectors for tr4a. Thanks
  4. What make are they please
  5. Hi Could I get some advise with fitting the rubber seal into the channel of soft top front please Any special tools ?
  6. Already been painted off the car and fitted by the shop unfortunately
  7. They are pushed to the highest point which in places leaves 1-2mm gaps. Could leave it as it is decorative.
  8. Unfortunately the panels where fitted with seam sealer but the two surfaces don't touch perfectly by the odd mm so wanted to avoid any water standing where there maybe movement in the future. Thanks Stuart.
  9. Hi All. Regarding the top trims on the front and rear wings, because these trims must be susceptible to water ingress, would you recommend clear sealant wiped into either side of the trims. Thanks again. Garry
  10. Thank you once again boys
  11. Hi All Could someone tell me are the boot hinges handed please.
  12. I've noticed rimmer sell them but not sure what holds them to the trim ?
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